A kit for converting a power tiller into a mini-tractor

Minitractor from a “Zubr” motoblock. step by step instructions

Today almost everyone has his own plot with a large vegetable garden, and many in our country are engaged in farming. However, everyone knows how hard it is to work with their own hands, and the body sooner or later will say “thank you” for the heavy loads. But we live in the age of technical progress, and there is a wide range of various equipment available for sale, which can significantly simplify our lives and help us take care of the garden.

You can find power tillers, cultivators and mini-tractors on sale. The first ones are universal and multifunctional, which is why they are in great demand. But don’t assume that power tillers will do all the hard work. You will still have to put a lot of effort. Of course, you can buy a minitractor, if you have extra, and also a lot of money. But there is a way that everyone without exception will love. it is to make a mini-tractor from a power tiller “Zubr”.

Immediately we should clarify the fact that there is no universal scheme or drawing for the redesign of a motoblock. But there are general rules and recommendations that will help you easily cope with this work for units of any manufacturer. Including them are suitable for the alteration of their own hands in the tractor “Zubr” minitractor.


Garden Scout brand. Small-sized agricultural equipment, which has many advantages over its competitors. The enormous popularity among farmers, landowners and gardeners is very simply due to several basic points. Quality-price ratio, versatility and reliability in the most demanding applications. The plants that are supplying agricultural machinery Garden Scout as in Russia and in many other countries (including European countries, Ukraine, China and the United States) are constantly improving and improving their products, using and listening to the experience of professionals who use different agricultural and other techniques constantly, for absolutely different works.

Overall dimensions, mm 2400 x 900 x 1350
Ground clearance 210 mm
Construction weight of the tractor (without attachments) 401 kg (when adapting with R195ANE engine)
Set weight (not including power tiller) 108 kg
Wheels 6,00.12, rear (GB1192-82) chevron tread pattern / varying front
Tire pressure, field conditions 80. 120 (0,8. 1.2 kg lb/cm2)
Tire pressure, transport 140. 200 (1,40. 2.00 lbs/cm2)
PTO rotation speed 1176 rpm. / min.
Engine drive Requires pair of B2000 V-belts in constant tension (when using R195 engine). Attention! belts are not included
Drive on Rear wheels, 4×2
Nominal loading weight for trailer 1,300 lbs
Ballast weight of drive wheel 60
Clutch Single disc, dry type, permanent clutch, friction type
Transmission Combined type (3 1) 2, spur gear drive
Final drive Single-stage spur gear
Steering gear Lockable, with pivot collar
Brake Ring type with inner pads
Volume of lubricating oil in gearbox (l) 5

Conversion kit

The above-mentioned differences slightly complicate the transformation of a Moto-Block into a mini-tractor. A special conversion module comes to the rescue. Using it, you don’t need to look for individual parts and don’t have to think how to make separate elements of the tractor.

Using the “KIT” kit, you can get three advantages such as:

KIT” feature is the connection of the rudder via a worm-type reduction unit. And also for steering are used steering rods with standard tips.

The kit includes a drum-format braking system operated by hydraulic fluid. The gas pedal is controlled manually, and the brake/clutch complex is coordinated by the pedals. The designers of the retrofit module made sure that the gearbox is oriented towards the driver’s side and is placed on the frame.

Hitch-mounted and trailed implements are attached by means of a separate attachment. The kit “KIT” includes a mount that allows you to install the lawnmower and shovel (snow blade). And it also includes the front Gigul wheels.

Other parts that should be mentioned are:

  • frame;
  • seat base;
  • the seat itself;
  • driver’s protection;
  • backrest;
  • the fenders of the mini-tractor;
  • The levers that lock and unlock one of the half axles;
  • brake cylinder;
  • hydraulic tank;
  • drum and support disc.

Rear axle and auxiliary attachments as well as front wheels are not included in “KIT”. As for tools, they are selected individually.

But in any case, you need the following:

  • hammers;
  • electric drills;
  • wrenches;
  • welding machine and electrodes to it;
  • angle grinder;
  • fasteners;
  • clamps;
  • angle piece;
  • drills for machining steel;
  • metal discs.

The choice of wheels is made at one’s discretion. You can also use car wheels, and the wheels mounted on a similar format motor-block.

Of course, additionally purchased devices can significantly increase this amount. Varying the set of auxiliary components, you can change the total cost.

What to pay attention to when converting

When you make a mini tractor, you should choose a tiller that weighs at least 100 kilograms. In this case it is possible to create a complete four-wheeled vehicle. It is recommended to expand the wheel track, since the equipment has a high center of gravity and can easily tip over. This is especially true for a four-wheeled mini-tractor with a moblock engine.

A too high wheelbase is not a good idea, as this creates problems with cross-country mobility and torque transmission. The use of long belts is undesirable, as they easily come off the pulleys.

Different tools and welding equipment are needed for independent work. Observe safety rules when carrying out any welding or assembling work.

It should be remembered that there is no single standard in the construction of tractors. Each author develops an individual layout scheme, borrowing solutions from similar designs.

For owners of land plots, undoubtedly, a minitractor is a more desirable acquisition than a single-axle tractor, because it is much more powerful and convenient. But, unfortunately, not everyone and not always manage to get just this unit, citing its cost, size, and a number of possible reasons.

But if you already have at your disposal such equipment as a single-axle tractor, you can easily convert it into a mini-tractor with their own hands. You will need some tools, materials and desire.

A mini tractor from a power tiller Agro

Before you start remodeling this brand of power tillers, you should stock up on materials and the necessary tools. To work you will need:

  • Stainless steel sheets and profiles;
  • The seat and steering wheel. can be removed from an old car;
  • A pair of wheels. their diameter should not exceed 15 ”;
  • set of fasteners;
  • Angle grinder and electric drill;
  • hammer and welder.

After preparing everything you need, we advise you to study the schemes, which will tell you the right order of action when installing the elements of the tractor. Also we advise to look at the photos, which will certainly help you in the manufacture of an agricultural unit. Unlike power tillers of the above manufacturers, the equipment of the Agro brand has one significant disadvantage, which must necessarily be taken into account when converting a power tiller into a mini-tractor. It lies in the fact that the axle of the power tiller has very weak indicators of fracture strength. This kind of remodeling will certainly affect if you exceed the maximum permissible load on the frame of the mini-tractor. To avoid further malfunction, the mini-tractor will need to be equipped with wheel reducers.

The procedure for assembling the machine is as follows:

  • The first step is to weld a strong frame for the tractor. Use steel profiles and tubing to do this. Be sure to note that the heavier the frame you make, the better the tractor’s grip on the ground will be. At the rear of the supporting structure, weld a towbar, which will be needed to hitch the trailer to the machine;
  • Then proceed to the construction and arrangement of the running gear of the mini-tractor. You can buy a pair of prefabricated front wheels, as well as hubs equipped with brakes. After purchasing the parts, attach the hubs to the steel tube, and drill holes in the front of the frame, which will be needed to mount the hubs on the mini-tractor. Next, install the steering rods, using a worm gear for this. Follow the tie rods to secure the steering column and rear axle. When installing the latter, press bearings into the sleeves used for mounting. Put a pulley on the rear axle and fasten the wheels securely;
  • After that, mount the motor to the front of the frame. We advise to do this by means of an additional frame, placed on special shock absorbers. this will avoid strong vibrations at high loads on the motor;
  • Next, install the driver’s seat on the mini-tractor, connecting it to the frame through the springs. it will be much more convenient to work with the mini-tractor.

If desired, made with their own hands a compact tractor can be equipped with a canopy, which will protect you from rain and sun. To make it, 4 steel pipes must be welded to the frame next to the seat and steering column, to which a steel plate must be attached by means of spot welding. As a result, you will get a reliable unit for dacha, which will quickly cope with all the tasks assigned to it.

Mini tractor from a power tiller with his hands video

Despite the fact that the processing of land with the help of a power tiller is fast enough, it is more effective to use a mini-tractor. But factory models are quite expensive, so many plot owners create such designs independently. To do this, make a mini-tractor from a power tiller with your own hands.

How to choose a power tiller

Unlike a power tiller, a mini-tractor allows you to work a large area. At the same time this mechanism allows you to work the area with more comfort than using a cultivator.

But it is worth remembering that the unit must meet certain characteristics. If they are not taken into account, the mini-tractor will not be able to perform all the working functions. During the choice of the mechanism, attention is paid to the following characteristics:

  • Power of the product. The larger the area that needs to be processed by the mini-tractor, the greater the power of the purchased product should be.
  • Type of fuel used. It is better to buy devices that run on diesel fuel. This is due to the fact that the engines of such motoblocs more easily cope with the processing of the ground on large plots. It is worth noting that they consume less fuel.
  • Weight. If a single-axle tractor is purchased for use as a stand-alone device, it is worth giving preference to models that have less weight. But when choosing a mechanism to create a mini-tractor, you need to look closely at models with a lot of weight, because if the machine is light, it will not be able to qualitatively process hard ground.
  • Cost. It makes no sense to choose the most expensive single axle tractor, because this mechanism is purchased to save money. Many inexpensive models are suitable for creating a quality mini-tractor.

Under all these parameters fit a few common motoblocks:

If desired, it is possible to find a kit for converting a power tiller into a mini-tractor. This will allow you to assemble a reliable design, without having to search for materials and create the frame yourself.

It is worth noting that the single-axle tractor “Agro” has a disadvantage, which is the lack of strength of the axle to the fracture.

To prevent mini tractor breakage when using this tractor, it is necessary to reinforce the problem area. This can be done by installing wheeled gears.

Before you make a mini tractor from a power tiller, it is worth learning about the most common products, which are remade by plot owners.

Centaur single axle tractor

This machine belongs to the professional tools, so it can be turned into a tractor, which will be distinguished by high productivity. Such tractors are equipped with engines with a capacity of 9 horsepower.

To make a mini tractor with your own hands, you only need to make a metal frame, on which will be fixed the second pair of wheels. These products can be equipped with a trailer for transporting various loads.

single axle tractor “Zubr”

Like the previous mentioned single axle tractor, this unit is equipped with a diesel engine. Retrofitting a power tiller into a mini-tractor will require the use of the following elements:

  • Braking system.
  • Steering column. These systems are available at many stores that sell spare parts for machinery.
  • Wheels. These parts can be removed from an old car.
  • Hydraulic system. It is installed for the normal operation of a tractor with an attachment.


For the listed units, the process of assembling homemade mini-tractors from a power tiller is the same, so the owners of such units can follow the same rules.

Before you start, it is worth preparing all the tools in advance and thinking about what parts will be needed to create a tractor. The easiest way is to buy a kit for such devices. The conversion of a power tiller into a mini-tractor is carried out with the following tools:

Assembling the frame

First, it is necessary to complement the single-axle tractor with a second pair of wheels. Parts such as metal profile pipe and angles are needed for this. The cross-section of the products should be selected taking into account the loads the tractor will be designed for. When selecting pipes, you should buy products with greater wall thickness, since the tractor is more efficient at higher weight.

converting, power, tiller, mini-tractor

After making a drawing of a homemade mini-tractor from a power tiller, all the elements are cut with an angle grinder, and then connected by welding. Either weld or bolt the parts together.

Important! To strengthen the structure, additional stiffening ribs can be installed in the form of cross-beams on the frame.

During the creation of the frame, it is necessary to immediately create a mount that allows you to work with the attachment. The mounting can be attached to either the rear or the front part of the frame.

Tractor undercarriage

The front wheel set is fastened as follows:

  • First a part of the metal pipe is cut off.
  • Then mount wheel hubs on this piece.
  • After performing the described actions, it is necessary to drill a hole in the center. It is necessary to fix the frame.

When creating the rear wheelset, a pulley is mounted on the axle, which is necessary for the transmission of force from the engine.

Important! Wheels that have a 13-inch radius are best. Smaller wheels can cause the machine to dig into the ground while you ride. Installing too big wheels will reduce steering ability of the machine.

Tractor engine and accessories

Most often the engine is on the front of the frame, and the seat is on the back. On the place where the engine will be installed, a system of metal pipe mounts is created in advance.

Only when the engine is mounted and secured to the frame is the braking system and hydraulic valve mounted. The second is needed to secure attachments. If the tractor is to be driven on the road, it is necessary to install clearance lights and headlights on the structure.

Creation of a mini-tractor on the basis of the “MTZ” power tiller

This single-axle tractor differs slightly from the previously described products in that it is equipped with a two-cylinder engine that runs on diesel fuel. This shifts the center of gravity during work forward. Fixing the problem is done in several stages:

Diagrams for the construction of a mini-tractor

At the very beginning of the work you need to understand the schematics of your planned mini-tractor. You can create drawings and calculate the dimensions yourself, it does not require any special skills, just a pen, pencil and logical thinking. The main thing in this is to keep a clear balance, so that in further work there are no emergencies.

Mintractor from the Zubr motorblock

Chinese Zubr motor blocks are equipped with gasoline and diesel engines of different capacities. For the construction of the tractor is recommended diesel heavy motobloks, which are equipped with liquid cooling system. Due to this tractor can operate for a long time in conditions of high ambient temperatures.

To make a tractor from a power tiller with your own hands, you need to make a frame of steel angle of 50 mm. Crossbars for engine installation are located on the front side of frame. Frame is additionally reinforced with crossbars and bracing, which increases torsional rigidity.

The engine is rigidly fixed to the frame, so there may be fatigue cracks under the mounting points. A pair of belts transmits the torque from the engine to the gearbox above the rear axle. Belt operating area is covered with metal guard (to protect operator’s left leg) and crossbars (to protect hand against injuries).

Steering wheel from “classic” VAZ models is installed on a bracket next to the pedal unit. For the steering mechanism are used serial parts of steering mechanisms of domestic and imported cars.

To stop the tractor, mechanical band brakes are used. Drums are made of cylindrical steel billets (e.g. old gas cylinders). Installation of levers and pedals is done on sleeves placed on the frame. Brake actuators are adjustable in length to compensate for pad wear and change the braking intensity.

How to assemble a mini-tractor with their own hands

After preparing the diagrams and drawings, you need to find the appropriate parts. At a minimum, you will need the engine, transmission, chassis and steering. Finding the right parts at home is very problematic, so you can wander through the flea market and go to sites where they sell parts. You can literally buy the parts you need for pennies on the dollar here.

The fracture is usually made or n. 9. The structure of this material has a sufficient margin of bending strength. Two subframes are welded together with a hinged joint. PTO shafts from commercial vehicles can be used for this purpose.

If you are not satisfied with the fracture, you can make a mini-tractor on an all-metal frame. This design typically consists of four elements: right and left side members, front and rear cross members.

Longitudinal beams can be made of channel n. 10, rear and front jumpers from channel no. 16 and n. 12 respectively. A metal bar can be used as a cross-beam.


To work with the mini-tractor with their own hands can be equipped with any engine of suitable capacity. Optimal option. power plant with 40 horsepower.

Most often, engines M-67, MT-9, UD-2 and UD-4 are installed on homemade units. There are models equipped with engines from domestic “Zhiguli” or “Moskvich” series cars.

If the domestic product is made on the 4×4 formula, it will be necessary to increase the transmission ratio for the M-67 unit, otherwise the power unit will not have enough power to provide the necessary strength to the wheelsets

Note that the transmission may require additional cooling system


The gearbox and PTO can be removed from the GAZ-53 car. The clutch will fit the old GAZ-52. These assemblies will not work as ready-made; further adjustments will be needed.

To synchronize the clutch with the engine you will need to weld a new clutch basket and fit it to the required size. At the flywheel you will need to shorten the back plane and drill an additional hole in the center. These steps can be done on a lathe.

Assembling the mini-tractor


This unit should include hydraulic cylinders, it will provide better controllability of the minitractor. It is impossible to make the plumbing with your own hands at home. Therefore, it is necessary to remove prefabricated plumbing from any farm machinery. Please note that for the circulation of oil in the hydraulic system requires a pump.

Rear axle

You can take a suitable assembly from a car and truck and install it on a homemade structure. It is necessary to shorten the drive shafts on a lathe beforehand.

If you do not have a ready-made axle, a composite construction from different machines is allowed. The front axle is not the driving one, so any appropriately sized one will do.


The radius of the wheels depends on how you will operate the mini-tractor. For transporting loads, the wheels are best suited with a radius of 13 to 16 inches. For farm work, you’ll need wheels with a radius of 18-24.

To make a mini-tractor at home, you do not need to turn to professionals. Just choose a diagram and drawing, buy the necessary spare parts and get to work. Also now you can find instructions, where each step is captured on the photo.

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