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The best tile cut in 2021

The rating of the best devices of such an appointment in 2021 was compiled by several signs, and the price component in the TOP-10, which determines the best tiles of 2021, plays an important, but not the main role.

Those who are engaged in construction, repair or finishing work are well aware that to join the top rating you need an important complex of components that determine suitability for professional or homework.

Types of discs for cutting porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles

Many go to the store and try to buy a disc for cutting tiles or porcelain tiles, believing that these are two different circles. In fact, the disk is selected not so much based on the type of cutting material, but also taking into account the volume of cutting and the tool itself, which will be cut. All available samples can be divided into three main types, then we will consider each of them in detail.

Circles for wet cutting

The photo shows a diamond disk for porcelain tiles for wet cutting, it is also called continuous. The same discs can be used for cutting tiles in small quantities. The product is intended for wet cutting, that is, in the presence of coolant. It is used for electrical tiles and, thanks to a continuous cutting edge, can make a perfectly even cut almost without chips.

In the presence of cooling with water, cutting time is practically not limited, which is ideal for cutting large tiles of porcelain tiles or floor tiles, as well as for working with large volumes.

roller, tile, cutter, which, better, high

Note. Such circles can be used when working with a corner grinder, but only for small sections and only on tiles. In this case, the duration of the circle should not exceed 10-15 seconds, after which it needs to work at idle 20-30 seconds for cooling.

Diamond baby is applied to the cutting surface of the disk using a silver solder, which when heated loses strength and spraying quickly wear out.

Important. Many often make an error when immediately after cutting the tiles with a corner grinder, lowered a continuous disk into a bath of water for cooling. Sharp cooling leads to the appearance of microcracks on the spraying and the product itself. The result of such actions are chips on the body of a circle, which often fly away during cut and can damage equipment, tiles and injure a person.

Details about how the cutting of porcelain tiles of corner grinding.

Circles for dry cutting or dry cutter

Dry cutting of porcelain tiles or tiles is called a segmented disk or dry cutter. The product does not need water cooling, since it has constructive cutouts from the edge to the center. These cutouts divide the edge of the circle into segments, serve to cool the product during operation and compensate for the expansion of the metal when heated.

Designed to work at small speeds, ideal for corner grinding or circular saw. It is recommended to use dry cutter for a cut of porcelain border or floor tiles of large thickness. Suitable for small and medium volumes of work, but leaves chips on the glossy or glazed surface of the tile.

The photo below clearly demonstrated the result. The top slab is the result of the cut with a dry segmented disk, the lower plates are cut off continuous with the supply of coolant. Such chips are permissible if the joint places are hidden, but in a prominent section of the floor, such a quality of the saw is not acceptable and they can only be hidden by a plain grout to the color of the material.

Note. Like a disk for wet cutting, dry cutter also needs to cool. The cutting time is about 1 minute, after which the circle is cooled in idle for 20-30 seconds and again you can start the saw.

Important! It is dry cutters that cause injuries in case of non.Compliance with safety precautions. Disk segments can capture the thread of a knitted glove, so it is recommended to use mittens from dense fabric. It is necessary to clearly monitor the position of the circle during the cut, its slight displacement leads to damage to the disk and the working surface.


Combined circles are a combination of a continuous disk and dry cutter. This universal product is an ideal choice for domestic use, since it can work both in dry and in the mode with coolant. The advantages of the universality of the product are simultaneously its disadvantage. The disk cannot make such a clean cut as a continuous analogue and cannot work for a long time without cooling as a typical dry cutter.

Advice! For irregular use in an apartment or private house, when laying tiles or porcelain tiles in small rooms with a minimum number of cuts, we recommend choosing a combined disk.

Important! Combined models suffer more than others from the clogging effect, when small grains of tiles are clogged in grooves and soldered into diamond spraying. On other types of discs, this problem can be solved by turning the disk and changing the direction of rotation on the axis. Reverse rotation cleanses the prying and restores the cutting ability. Combined models usually have a given direction of rotation and you can’t turn it to the other side, it simply will not cut it. In this case, use ordinary silicate brick or concrete, make several cuts and spraying will be cleaned.

How the tiles of manual with mechanical emphasis works

If electric tiles are cut completely into two parts of the tile, then with manual models everything happens differently. The workpiece remains a whole after passing the cutting element. First, tiles are laid on the bed. The handle with a carriage is moved along the guides, while pressing the lever so that the video is firmly crashed into the workpiece. Когда на плитке появится глубокая борозда, ее просто переламывают на две части.

Cheap cutters are quickly dulled. If they are made of thin metal, vibration is formed during operation. All these shortcomings lead to a large amount of marriage. For example, a dull video will subbide a small furrow and leave passes. During pressure, the tiles will crack not on the section, but in another place. The same goes for vibration. A fishing line for a cutting cut will turn out to be uneven. After the fault of the edge of the tiles, you will have to trim the corner grinder.

Which is better manual tile cutter for porcelain tile

The usual tile is not particularly durable. It can be cut even with a cheap tile cutter. It is more difficult to do with porcelain tiles. Here not every hand tool can cope with work. It is optimal to start viewing the rating of manual tile cutters for porcelain tiles and choose this particular model. The tool can come in handy in the future, and in any case it will easily reveal the tile.

Testing the Cheapest Tile Cutter on AMAZON

Rating of the best inexpensive tiles

Budget manual instruments do not differ in good performance. However, if desired, you can find a suitable model to perform a small amount of work. It is important to check it for performance before buying, make sure that the bed does not vibrate.

10 bison 33193-80

The brand known in the domestic market is represented by many varieties of models. Many of them have a lot in common and only a few differences in the device. A manual tool is compact of compact dimensions, suitable for home use. The tiles will cope with tiles and porcelain tiles up to 16 mm thick. Cut it is even without chips. A hand tool is sold in a cover that is convenient to use during transportation.

A light bed is sometimes not able to ensure stability during operation

Rubi Star-61

The model rightfully won the title of good budget tile cutter, as it is used even by professionals. The cutter will easily reveal mosaic, porcelain tiles, ordinary tiles. You can use cutting videos of different diameters. The basis is shock absorbing. The maximum thickness of the processed material is 11 mm.

The tile cutter has a simplicity of design, convenient in work

Bars 87590

Hand tool is in greater customer demand. Especially in demand by home masters who independently carry out repairs. The length of the cut in one pass is 600 mm. Copes with tiles up to 14 mm thick. Weighs the tool 10 kg. During work, he stands reliably on the table. If necessary, it is easy to transfer to another place.

Without fear, you can cut expensive tiles and porcelain tiles

TOP-5 of the best manual tile cutters for porcelain tiles

When there is a goal to purchase the best tool, here you already need to look not at the price, but its parameters. The cost of some manual high.Quality tiles can be equal to electric machines.

Bison expert 33193-50 _Z01

Opens the top of manual tile cutters model on ball bearings. The lever is equipped with a comfortable handle under cover. The course of the monorails is smooth. There is a line for marking tiles on the bed. By performance refers to a manual instrument of the middle class. Cut it is even, without chips.

The novelty from the popular manufacturer managed to win the respect of the masters

Stayer 3310-48

The brand is registered in Germany, but the assembly is carried out by the Chinese. The tool allows you to make a cut 420 mm long. The maximum allowable tile thickness is 16 mm. The presence of a ballerina is considered a plus. The device allows you to cut circles with a diameter of 30 to 80 mm in tiles.

The workplace is equipped with a rubberized coating, a ruler

Rubi Star-60-n

One of the best manual tiles belongs to the Spanish brand, but the release is similarly established in China. The plus is a strong hard bed. At a time you can make a cut 610 mm long. The kit includes interchangeable winning cutting nozzles. The bed allows you to cut the workpieces in size 430×430 mm diagonally.

The cutter will cope with tiles or porcelain stoneware up to 10 mm thick

Rubi TP-66-S

Convenient and multifunctional manual tool. The manufacturer has provided an accurate line that helps to take measurements. If necessary, it is easy to remove it by unscrewing the clamping screw mechanism.

The plus is considered perfectly high.Quality cut, but for a good tool you will have to lay out a decent bag

Battipav Super Pro 900

The elongated platform allows you to make a cut 900 mm long at once. Diagonal emphasis is provided on the bed. Diagonally can cut tiles in size 630×630 mm.

Due to a powerful bed, the weight is increased to 22 kg

Simple home models

Numerous reviews about manual tile cutters have made the presented models for home use popular. The tool should have every owner who independently engaged in repair.

Diam Proline 1200

A manual tool will cope with ordinary tiles and porcelain stoneware up to 16 mm thick. The platform allows you to perform a cut up to 1200 mm long. The carriage moves smoothly on ball bearings.

How to choose a tile cutter

Teling cutters are divided into mechanical and electric. Mechanical is pencil, nippers, traditional, patterned. Electric. Motor, battery. The main differentiation occurs according to the type of device, its dimensions or compactness, the convenience of transportation, installation.

Team Choice Expert.RU proposes to consider the device of traditional mechanical and electrical tiles in more detail.


Manual tiles are estimated by weight, convenience of the handle and area of ​​the cutting surface. They are designed to cut thin facing material: tiles, glass, ceramic tiles. Depending on the severity and material of the blade, the thickness of the tiles, you can cut in 1 or more passes. Tile breaks on the emphasis.

How to Install Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring | The Home Depot

Electric tiles cut tiles with a thickness of more than 1 cm: porcelain, earthenware, gres, natural stone in large quantities. One 2-5-minute pass is enough for such a tile. Their basis is often built in a steel disk with a titanium spray or a diamond disk. Can be a replacement of the circular saw in the presence of water cooling. Are with a removable and fixed bed; with the upper and lower location of the engine; with air and water cooling.


There are 750-1500 watts tiles, while granite and marble require a couple of kilowatts. The diameter of the diamond disk is directly related to the power: in the first case, the cut is provided with a diameter of 230–250 mm, in the second you will need a 350-mm circle. The size of the machine also depends on the power. Heavy is required only to work with a stone.

The maximum depth

3.5 cm is enough to provide a cut with a thickness of up to 1.35 cm. Typically, the cut depth varies in the range of 0.4–1.1 cm with an adjustable height.

For a cut of more than 0.1 cm, a budget electric tile cutter with a lower location of the engines is required. It is suitable for even straight cut and cut of the end side.

For cutting tiles during repairs, a tile cutter with water depth of 1.5-2 cm, depending on the thickness of the tiles, is suitable.

The length of the cut

The size of the cut tile depends on the length of the guide and the dimensions of the platform. Machines designed to cut stone have impressive formats. In fact, often the length of the cut is less than the passports indicated, usually taken with a margin.

By removing the latch, you can increase the length, but the convenience of work will decrease. In some models, due to supporting brackets and additional platforms, the table expands.

Best tile cutter: brands rating

How to choose a tile cutter. In this matter, numerous videos that are available on the Internet will help you in this matter. We hope that our article will help you decide which tile cutter to buy for home. In this regard, certain benefits can be removed from the description of the most popular models and brands, which we intend to imagine now. The rating we cited is valuable in that it is compiled on the basis of the latest users’ reviews collected in 2018.

roller, tile, cutter, which, better, high

This brand is Spanish, however, the bulk of the instruments of this brand is produced by enterprises in China. The most famous and respected models of this brand include Star-60-n-a manual tile cutting included in the category of professional. Experts especially value the highest quality of manufacture characteristic of it in this tool. The inherent excellent rigidity of the structure. Both guides and the base. Allows you to perform a perfectly even cut, produced by cutting nozzle strictly along the marking line.

The tool has a length of 610 mm and is able to work with both porcelain tiles and tiles 430 × 430 mm.

The only parameter of this tile cutter, which can be attributed to its disadvantages, is its relatively high price. However, masters who are professionally engaged in laying tiles do not scare at all, since having this tool and having good experience, they are always able to perform guaranteed high.Quality work.

As you know, the brand of the bison is a popular Russian brand, under which a large number of different construction tools are produced. Expert 33195-60 uses the greatest respect among the tiles issued within the framework of this brand. This device is capable of accurate cutting of tiles of various hardness up to porcelain tiles. The limit parameters of the products he processed are:

A 5 kg.Resistant mechanism weighing a very solid cutting video capable of maintaining their working qualities for a rather long time. With all due respect to the advantages of this tank cutter, experts are recommended when acquiring it to make sure that there is no new backlash play, which can adversely affect the quality of the cuts performed by him.

VIRA brand in the Russian market has existed since 2004. During this period, he managed to enlist a large number of fans and regular customers. Buyers value in products manufactured under this brand a very successful ratio between its quality and the price set at it.

The above fully applies to instruments such as VIRA tiles. Thinking about which tile cutter it is better to choose, many masters give preference to instruments of this particular brand. Fortunately, for home masters VIRA offers quite a sufficient choice: using the product manufactured by this manufacturer, you can perform cuts of tiles with a size of 300 and 400 mm.


Determining which model to choose a tile strip of manual among the products of the Stayer brand, most buyers prefer the product 3310-48. The multifunctionality of this device and its very affordable price are pushing them to this solution. The length of the cut cut, like the VIRA brand tool, is about 400 mm, which in most cases is quite enough. In addition, tile cutter 3310-48 allows you to process tiles, the thickness of which can reach 16 mm.

roller, tile, cutter, which, better, high

An additional bonus for owners of tile cutters 3310-48 is the presence of a special device in them, called the ballerina and allows you to cut round holes in the blanks with a radius of 15 ÷ 40 mm.

However, when deciding which tile cutter to choose for home and leaning towards the product of the Stayer brand, you should know that they have significant complaints expressed by their owners. The main of the shortcomings noticed are:

The flaws noticed by customers can determine a significant deviation from the marking during cutting, which eventually pours into marriage and additional expenses for users. For this reason, buying a Stayer tile, the final choice should be made only after the test cut, which allows you to identify possible factory shortcomings.


Buying a tile string of manual and thinking which one is better in the framework of the Sturm brand, many home craftsmen, in the end, stop their choice on model 1072-TS-500-1. And this decision is understandable for the following reasons:

  • This model has a very affordable price;
  • The device is very compact, and its weight does not exceed half a kilogram;
  • The design of the tile cutter is very simple and at the same time quite reliable;
  • The length of the cut performed by it reaches 500 mm.

However, choosing a manual tile and deciding which of them is better, it is still better to build up from such a parameter as its cost. Of course, the 1072-Ts-500-1 Tool of Sturm brands is attractive, but having bought this product, you will have to put up with the following significant shortcomings:

The inability of the tile cutter perform a cut of thick ceramic tiles.

Tiles gradually, day after day, becomes more and more popular. Times have long passed when it was glued only in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Now the tiles are used in pools, steamers, public catering points and many other institutions. But what to say there, even on sidewalks they are increasingly laid tiles! And you paid attention to the platforms of large railway stations? Tiles can also be placed there too. But working with this material cannot be imagined without cutting it. For this, among others, tile cutters are used, which we will talk about in today’s selection.

roller, tile, cutter, which, better, high

The strength of the frame

Remember that a weak frame will not be able to cope even with the average volume of work, and will fail very quickly. Pay attention to the thickness of the metal metal. The stiffness of the base is the first sign of high.Quality tile cutter. Otherwise, vibration may occur when changing the tiles, and it will simply deteriorate. The stronger the handle, the more powerful the lever. This is especially important if you work with porcelain tiles.

The length of the tool

It would seem the length. The most harmless part. But she also has her nuances. Do not buy short tile cutter. If you take it for yourself, do not save money. Overpay a little, and you will have a universal tile, which is suitable for both wall and sex tiles. Also, a roomy tile tile will help out when laying tiles diagonally. There is another way. To cut with an angular grinder. But there will be a lot of dust in the room. If the repair is in a new building, then it’s okay, and if in a residential building? Think about it in advance.

The smoothness of the course

Almost all high.Quality tiles have special bearings that set the necessary smoothness. But if you purchase a tile cut without bearings, be careful because you can only check it in your work, or by trusting a well.Known brand.

Be sure to test the tile cutter, cut a couple of tiles. Sliding should be smooth, the tile should break only along the drawn line.

If the tile cut has proven yourself well, feel free to buy. The costs will pay off at the first work. The net profit will go further.

The main detail of manual tile cutter is a cutting video of carbide steel. When it dulls, the quality of cutting is significantly falling. The video is not hidden, it can only be replaced. Many tiles are equipped with a rotary ruler, with which you can cut the tile at an angle.

High.Quality branded tiles have additional settings that are needed to adjust the thickness of the material. Thanks to this, there is the possibility of limiting the stroke of coatings, this, in turn, prevents the edge of the edge even with diagonal cutting. However, the tank cutter of manual is very expensive, so we will not consider how much manual tile cutter of famous brands costs.

A tile is a special tool that is used for cutting all types of tiles. Stone, tiles, porcelain tiles, etc.D. Using this tool, you can produce a high.Quality section of the tile, and you can get a fishing line for a cutting trimmer not, only at a right angle, but also vary the angle up to 45 degrees.

The design of modern tile cutter consists of a cutting element, an angular, floating base and one guide. The main detail in the tile cutting cutting is a cutting video, which is mainly made of carbide steel.

A distinctive feature of all tiles is the possibility of cutting both ceramic facing and floor tiles.

Agree, it is difficult to cut porcelain tiles with an ordinary corner grinder, and the quality of cutting is not always very good. A tile cutter for kerome borderline can easily cut porcelain border with qualitatively and relatively fast.

Tiles.Cutting rating of different manufacturers


Italian SIGMA tiles are considered one of the best. The carriage equipped with bearings smoothly moves along the two guide barbells. A characteristic feature of the models of this company is a shock.Absorbing bed, equipped with a system of springs. This feature allows you to qualitatively cut thin tiles. Less than 8 millimeters with thickness. The winning is another characteristic: the minimum width of the cut strip is 8 mm from the edge of the tile.

Another highlight of the manufacturer is the ability to work a carriage in two directions: from yourself and to yourself. For some people with certain habits or physiological features, this property of the tool is very important. High cutting accuracy is provided by the presence of a ruler that is installed at any required angle. Allows you to cut ceramics and porcelain tile up to 20 mm with a thickness of 1050-1200 kg. Depending on the model, it has a cutting video with a diameter of 12, 16 or 19 mm.

The most significant drawback is and reaches 65000.

The history of another Italian manufacturer of equipment for cutting tiles begins in the middle of the last century. In 1951, the Boada brothers organized the release of amateur and professional tiles, which are highly of high quality and reliability in use, which have the following characteristics:

  • A cast reinforced bed is equipped with folding shock.Absorbing stands;
  • A carriage installed on chrome guides (in some professional models they are all.Resistant) operates in the modes “on themselves” and “from themselves”;
  • Removable incisors with a diameter of 6.8 to 22 millimeters are installed;
  • The power of the moving separator is from 600 to 1500 kg;
  • The presence of lateral stops for cutting diagonally;
  • The exact rulers and anglers allow you to make a chip at any necessary angle;
  • Some professional series are monorails;
  • It is possible to adjust the cut depth from 3 to 21 mm and the height of lowering the foot;
  • The length of the cut tile can fluctuate from 30 to 155 cm, the maximum thickness is 20 mm.


Matrix tiles have a ball.Bearing carriage with a smooth, light move. A distinctive feature of this tool is the soft move of the handle. The rail tile cutters are equipped with a carriage with adjusting bolts, which allows the maximum smoothness of the course in the absence of a backlash. Strong aluminum bed makes it reliable, light and mobile.

Different models are designed to work with various facing materials with a length of 400 to 1200 mm and up to 16 mm thick.


And one more Italian brand. The rail tiles of this manufacturer have established themselves in the European and Russian markets as a reliable, functional and accurate tool.

  • The case is made of cast aluminum and nickelized steel;
  • The handle movement system along the guides is patented and is exclusive;
  • The tool allows you to cut porcelain tile and a complex, thin tile decor with a thickness of 0 to 22 mm;
  • The cutting video is made of tungsten or titanium carbide depending on the model;
  • Staining metal parts is powder, which is both protective and decorative coating;
  • The tool is equipped with line.Ups and an angle with accurate, calibrated scales that are of particular clarity and contrast;
  • The adjustment system allows you to quickly and effectively configure the device for working with any material;
  • The desktop is overruff;
  • The design provides for the presence of a closing compartment for storing removable cutting rollers.

The line of professional tile cutters of the bison, the ball-bearing carriages of which glide smoothly along the monorail, are classified as a high-quality tool designed for cutting ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware with a thickness of 5-16 millimeters. The platform is floating, and in combination with the possibility of adjusting the nodes, it allows you to accurately and efficiently perform cuts with a length of 400 to 800 mm.

The replaced cutting video has a diameter of 22 mm.

What characteristics do different classes of manual tiles have, what are their features, advantages and disadvantages. All this now you know from this brief review. It remains to decide what exactly you need. The choice is yours.

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