A woodchopper from a power tiller with his own hands

Drovokolok to a power tiller: features of operation

It is worth noting that such an attachment will perform its task qualitatively only in combination with a unit with a capacity of at least 8 liters. с., because the woodchopper mainly works with the engine from a power tiller. It is also desirable the presence of water cooling, as such a feature will contribute to low wear of the motor and greater endurance.

Eazy handy power tiller

The principle of operation is very simple. It is known that while screwing a screw into the wood, its fibers move apart, but a small screw won’t do much good. Therefore, the specialists increased it by creating a massive cone with a screw thread.

A lot of pressure will push the implement into the log, tearing it into several pieces. A person does not have to use any special physical strength. The basic advantages of working with the machine include:

  • high productivity;
  • Reliability;
  • Mobility;
  • Compactness;
  • Relatively low weight (about 20 kg);
  • The high quality of the metal alloy used.

The attachment is suitable for power tillers Neva, Kentavr, VIKING, Champion and other brands, both domestic and foreign.

The power tiller is attached to the machine and works thanks to the belt attached to the PTO. The belt itself drives the cone, which starts to rotate.

The user only needs to bring a log to the tip of the cone, which grips the wood and in a matter of seconds breaks it. Axes and saws are not involved in the whole process.

How to make a wood splitter from a power tiller with your own hands?

In principle it is not so difficult to make a mounted woodchopper on a single axle tractor, the main thing is to have the necessary elements at hand, serious skills, experience and a responsible approach to the process of design and installation. Use the specified blueprint as the basis. To get a quality homemade woodchopper, you need a steel billet and a lathe. After the cone is milled, the left-hand thrust thread should be tapped on it.

To assemble the woodchopper you need:

In the process of obtaining a complete mechanical woodchopper, the threaded cone must be securely fastened to the shaft. It is important that the bearings have the same size.

In order to see with your own eyes the assembly process of the considered attachments, you should familiarize yourself with the video, in which masters demonstrate their achievements and give all interested people useful tips.

If the cone gets stuck in the log, there is no need to panic, but to use a regular wrench. Once the damaged part has been turned out, you can try to continue working.

An important point: the design of the woodchopper also consists of a stand table, on which the logs are placed. This can be an ordinary iron board, but special attention should be paid to its stability, so that due to the strong vibration during the work it will not pop out.

What rules you need to follow while operating the woodchopper?

  • To begin with, it is necessary to carefully check the level of tension of the belt, the reliability of fastening cones and all bolts;
  • Don’t forget eye protection goggles;
  • Wear only stiff shoes that will protect your feet from falling off parts of the log;
  • Keep your hands as far away from the shaft as possible;
  • Do not try to crack by hand, it may cause injury;
  • Wear only close-fitting clothing;
  • Do not use gloves during the cutting process.

An independent attempt to build a woodchopper for a power tiller can only be successful if one has the necessary tools and experience in this endeavor. Begin the development of structural abilities from the creation of this attachment is not necessary.

Although the woodchopper itself is a very useful device that can greatly simplify life and save the owner of a country house or dacha from unnecessary hassle.

Simple and efficient

Mechanical woodchoppers work based on the effect of gravity on the tree. The distinctive feature of this device is that it does not require a motoblock engine to actuate it. To make the equipment, it is necessary to perform the following manipulations:

  • Establish a metal stand in the ground and fix it with concrete. It will act as a support. Its reliable fixation allows the device to withstand additional load when forced to change its position.
  • Install a horizontal beam. It is attached to the support, connected by a hinge and a spring, acting as a return mechanism.
  • Place on a horizontal part a cutting mechanism and a weighting element for more effective splitting. The log is split by acting on the lever, and the spring returns the device to its original state.

It is reasonable to install such equipment on a place where firewood is split.

The mechanical spring-type log splitter is simple in design and quick in fabrication. It is quite productive when not dealing with large quantities of wood.

Already by the name it is clear that its main structural element is a spring. One end of it is mounted on a special horizontal platform. the base, and the second end rests on the rail, which contains the chopper. It also includes a lever. It is used to mechanically impact the wood. In the manufacturing process it is necessary to ensure the movable connection of the arm and the horizontal beam with the cleaver.

Woodchopper for power tiller

woodchopper, power, tiller, hands

It’s no secret that power tillers are most often considered as units for working the ground. Many owners of such technical developments and do not realize that the machine can be used not only for plowing the soil, cultivation and cleaning the territory, but also for making firewood in the winter. Such an addition is very useful, because standing in the cold and trying to split firewood yourself is not particularly pleasant. With the help of a cone firewood chopper from a power tiller, you can literally get a few small logs in a few minutes.

  • Spring ones. contain a spring, which stands on a horizontal platform and the upper edge rests in the rail with the kolunom itself;
  • cone. outwardly resembling a rotating cone, which under the pressure of a person pushes into the middle of a wooden block and splits it into parts;
  • screw-type. the same cone-shaped firewood cutters, but with a thread cut. The principle of their operation is based on the fact that first the core of a log is wound around a sharpened screw, and then it is torn into firewood. Unlike mechanical and spring-loaded firewood cutters, which do not require an electric motor or internal combustion engine drive, they increase labor productivity and reduce time and effort.
  • hydraulic. in addition to the power unit, metal knives require a hydraulic cylinder and oil tank. costly than the groups discussed above. But power output is second to none: they can work with the hardest wood;
  • mobile chippers. small-sized devices, designed to perform small amounts of work;
  • stationary. stationary machines for industrial-scale firewood production;

Depending on the direction in which the billets are fed:

  • horizontal. usually contains a flat platform, on which the splitting peak is fixed. The log is fed horizontally under the pressure of human hands;

The specifics of the wood splitter

The splitter for the power tiller is an attachment that can be combined with all heavy models of the machine. It is often installed on power tillers Neva, Zubr, Agro and others. There are only two limitations to the use of this attachment:

The equipment has a standard design:

  • presence of a powerful metal cone with a screw thread and a thin sharp tip on the bed;
  • the head is driven by a power take-off shaft belt. After powering on, the shaft starts to rotate, the cone twists into the log and splits it. Getting to work, the wood should be held until the shaft is completely screwed into the wood;
  • Availability of an adjustable table under the finished firewood.

The logs are split with a special threaded cone. It easily enters the wood fibers, tearing them apart. This is how the logs split in half. The wood grinder is easy to use, mobile, reliable and fast.

The selection of material and technical base;

homemade machine | wood chopper

Hydraulic cylinders are another popular solution. The power tiller has a classic horizontal layout based on an immobilized frame.

Install Trailer Trolley for Kultivator/Hand Tractor/Mini Tiller/Rotobator 9hp Farm walking tractor

Management of such a unit is in automatic mode, so you need to provide a starter mechanism. a special button associated with the cylinder and oil tank. The moment it is pressed, the fluid is pressed into the inside of the cylinder. Expanding, it runs into the thrust heel (pusher), moving it in the right direction.

Trowel to the power tiller: a variety of designs, device and principle of their operation

Woodchopper for power tiller. a kind of active attachment.

It can only be installed on units:

  • Heavy power class. gasoline and diesel with a capacity higher than 6.5 liters.с. and above;
  • With water-cooled engine, eliminating overheating and failure;
  • With belt-driven PTO.

Firewood cutters can be classified by:

Principle of operation:

  • spring. contain a spring, which stands on a horizontal platform and the upper edge rests in the rail with the cleaver itself;
  • cone-shaped, resembling a rotating cone that plunges into the center of a wooden log under pressure and splits it into parts;
  • screw ones. the same as cone firewood cutters, but with a chopped thread. Their operating principle is based on the fact that first the core of a log is wound around a sharpened screw and then torn into firewood. Unlike mechanical and spring timber pullers which do not need an electric motor or a combustion engine to drive them, they increase productivity and save time and effort.
  • hydraulic. in addition to the power unit, metal blades, require a hydraulic cylinder and oil tank. costly than the groups discussed above. But in terms of power potential have no equal: cope with the hardest wood;

Useful tips

After assembling the construction, you need to test it. Check: how the blades entrain the snow behind them, how the wheels go, whether the skids get snagged. To ensure that the machine, assembled with their own hands, will last as long as possible, it is recommended to consider a few useful tips:

  • You should also use safety bolts during assembly, which will help to avoid the penetration of dense snow and ice inside the mechanism.
  • it is especially important to choose bearings carefully. they are the ones that ensure the reliability of the construction.
  • The belt drive is more practical, because if you hit a hard object, it will simply jam. It is also easy to disassemble and replace.
  • After each cleaning it is better to store the single-axle tractor in a room with positive temperature. Then there is no need to additionally warm up the engine, which wastes extra time.
  • The machine is easy to maintain. One of the requirements is a regular oil change in the gearbox. Only use thin, lightweight oil in the winter, because it will quickly thicken in the cold.
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