Adapter under the electric electric screwdriver for the ice drill with their own hands

Choice of material

In most cases p18 steel is used, although it has analogues. The first thing to pay attention to is how hard the material is, what shape it is in, and what is the quality of sharpening.

There are also blades coated with titanium nitride. These blades last a very long time. Their value of 75 indicates that they are very durable.

Fishermen use both for this tool. The use of an electric screwdriver allows to increase the performance capabilities of the ice pick, at the expense of drilling speed.

Ice Drill Adapter for Electric Electric Screwdriver

At the end of last winter season I bought an ice pick adapter for an electric electric screwdriver in an online store. On several trips out on the ice, I experimented and tried drilling holes. It turned out quite effective.

Earlier in the article about how to make holes, I have already stopped on this way of drilling. And if at the time of writing I have not bought a special adapter, then later I was able to try it out with joy.

I used the 18-volt screwdriver that I had on hand. The batteries were 1.3 Ah, which allowed me to drill 10 to 15 holes in March. And in the meantime, the ice is thick and wet, requiring maximum effort. But it was also enough to check out this way of drilling holes.

Now I use a Mastercraft screwdriver I bought at a nearby Canadian Tire store for simple construction work. It’s 20 volts, but again, it came with low-capacity batteries. I had to buy a 3 Ah battery specifically for winter fishing, so I don’t have to lug around several weak batteries.

After a few trips to the ice convinced that the holes can be effectively drilled with an electric screwdriver with an adapter. The main thing is to stop worrying about dry back. Usually after using a hand-held ice drill, sweat runs down the hole. Drilling speed has increased dramatically, zap. and the hole is ready.

Another thing I liked about my adapter model is that it has a rim that prevents the auger from falling out of the holder. If even the holder gets a little loose, it won’t fall out, it takes a full opening of the holder.

I also made a round disc attachment to the auger larger in diameter than the hole being drilled, to further prevent the auger from falling through the hole. So far this has never happened, so I am not worried about the ice auger.

The diameter of my ice drill is 12.5 centimeters. I drill with one hand and put a little pressure on the screwdriver with the other. Saw local fishermen using a 20cm auger, but the screwdriver had an extra handle for a holder. That way it’s easier to hold it when drilling a big hole.

When choosing a screwdriver for fishing and for small domestic construction work, you should pay attention to the following: expensive professional tools already have a good battery capacity, but the price is at least twice as much. I would recommend to buy a screwdriver firm DeWALT, because these tools can be bought in almost every local hardware store or online, and it is possible to buy batteries of different capacities, up to 5 Ah inclusive. For other screwdriver models the choice of batteries is more limited.

Ice drill adapter in English. electric ice drill adapter, in French. adaptateur à tarière pour perceuse.

I started to see different models of screwdriver adapter for ice drills on sale, as well as different devices to facilitate drilling. But even the simplest screwdriver with an adapter greatly facilitates drilling holes and saves effort, which makes it more comfortable to look for and catch fish in winter.

How good is an ice drill knife sharpening machine

Whether an angler wants to or not, the blades eventually begin to dull. There are several factors to this: the density of the ice, sand, small stones and other abrasive particles. During fishing, it is possible to touch up the edges with a common tool or even a nail file, but a more thorough sharpening is needed under different conditions.

For this purpose, you can construct a machine for sharpening ice pick knives with your own hands, or you can make an ordinary angular stand that allows you to put knives at a certain angle. The advantage of the stand is to avoid beveling of the bevel edge.

  • Use a nail file or an abrasive stone to remove small chips that occur during the drilling of the hole.
  • the long end of the blade is fixed in the stand at an angle of 30 degrees. Straightened to the required condition.
  • Turning the knife the other way around. The angle between the two edges should be nearly straight, to reduce the risk of jamming while drilling.
  • While sharpening, the blade must be constantly cooled by dipping it into a container with water.
  • After sharpening it is necessary to polish the surface carefully, not forgetting about the cutting edge.

When transporting knives should be hidden in a special case to avoid defects and not injure others. It does not hurt to have a case for an ice drill with your own hands. Experienced anglers use old jeans as the material, since this fabric is durable.

Advantages of Ice Drill Automation by Using an Electric Electric Screwdriver.

Comparing different designs of ice drills, fishermen stop at the choice of an ice drill from an electric screwdriver.

Icefishers note the following advantages:

adapter, electric, screwdriver, drill, their, hands
  • Affordability of gear assembly. Does not require much time, professional knowledge.
  • Cost-effectiveness in upgrading the ice drill with an adapter.
  • Self-satisfaction from making an ice fishing accessory with their own hands.

Ice Drill from an Electric Electric Screwdriver.

It is difficult to imagine winter fishing without a quality ice drill. Making it easier to drill holes has long been tried by the best minds in the fishing fraternity. Today the market offers many kinds of automated ice drills, but not everyone can afford them. Using a cordless drill or electric electric screwdriver. a real way out, especially since many people already have this power tool, and there is no need to spend money to buy it.

Is it possible to make an ice drill from the rod?

Gasoline power drill is quite a complex and strong unit. Represents an auger part connected to the motor drive. As a rule, such devices are equipped with a two-stroke engine, but modifications are possible, which differ from each other in the speed of rotation.

Cordless Drill Ice Auger Adapter In Action

One- or two-speed drills drill holes not only in ice, but also in the ground. However, along with professional power drills, fishermen create their own models, perfectly coping with their tasks. First calculate the compatibility of the motor and gear system.

A reducer is needed to reduce rotational speed. After preparing the calculations, you can assemble the design, which we wrote about in the article “How to make an ice drill from improvised means“. First, a frame is welded from two pipes, in which the reducer will be placed. The gasoline motor can be mounted both blindly and in a detachable version, which is preferable.

What Gearboxes are Available

There are both V-belt and worm gears, which, while having significant differences in design, are designed to perform the same role. A worm gear is best for the ice drill. True, their efficiency is somewhat lower, and they get hotter, but they can be put directly on the shaft of the original mechanism.

In this case, no coupling or mechanical transmission is needed. It is possible to buy such a reducer in a store, but the reducer device can be extracted from old and unnecessary tools.

Thus, it is possible to assemble an ice drill from the Stihl with your own hands. During operation, it is important to observe the safety rules. You should not put too much pressure on the device while drilling, it is sometimes difficult to cope, especially if the blades hit an obstacle.

Folk craftsmen even manage to put the drive on the ring ice drill with their own hands the scheme of which is posted on the Internet. Proponents of such mechanisms believe that less effort is expended in drilling. They are silent. and this is an important advantage when catching timid fish. Besides, the resulting ice cylinders clearly show the structure of ice.

Advantages and disadvantages of a cordless ice drill

Human laziness is a powerful driving force of technological progress. Anglers have long been working to mechanize the manual labor used on frozen ponds. Someone came up with interesting options with the drive of the drill from a chainsaw, and someone came up with the idea to use a cordless electric electric screwdriver to drill holes. As it turned out, it is not so difficult to modify the usual ice drill so that it can be connected to an electric electric screwdriver. It is enough to make a simple adapter, the thickness of which would be comparable with the chuck of the power tool. Some manufacturers of fishing tackles offer consumer tools, equipped with the adapter. The result is a drill with a set of useful features.

  • In the presence of a suitable technical characteristics of an electric electric screwdriver, it is possible to refine the manual ice drill by your own forces.
  • An electric tool is easier to transport and operate than their motorized counterparts. It is also easier and faster to work with.
  • Ice auger with an electric screwdriver works noiselessly, which is very important during fishing.

With all the obvious advantages of a cordless ice drill, on a frozen body of water the weaknesses are also revealed.

  • The main problem for any battery is the low temperature. This is explained by a simple law of chemistry, which states that a drop in temperature slows down the reaction between substances. And if before the mark.10°C the device copes with its mission, then in more severe frost you have to hide the battery in internal s.
  • Homemade tool, which uses a domestic ice drill with a counterclockwise rotation, does not quite work well. After several revolutions, the chuck loosens its grip and slippage in the adapter occurs.


Every self-respecting fisherman has a quality and reliable ice drill in his arsenal. This device is essential in winter fishing conditions. One day someone had the idea to add a chainsaw to this tool to make the holes easier and faster. But the progression of the ice drill did not stop there. a little later it was equipped with a special electric electric screwdriver.

To connect these parts and just need a simple adapter, which has a thickness comparable to the chuck of an electric tool.

Some manufacturers already offer customers a choice of upgraded tools, supplemented with an adapter. The result is a multifunctional drill with an impressive list of positive features.

Such a device as an electric electric ice drill screwdriver is in great demand today among fishermen. It is ideal for ice drilling, greatly simplifying this procedure, and allows you to save a lot of free time.

Before you go to a specialty store for the purchase of this device, you should understand what its pros and cons are.

Screwdrivers for the ice drill have the following advantages:

  • If you were able to find on sale suitable for all the characteristics of an electric electric screwdriver, then modify a simple hand-held ice drill can be their own hands; to carry out such work does not take much time, and special education is not required;
  • Power tools are more convenient in matters of transportation, and in operation, they win over simple mechanical and motorized devices; to break the ice with an electric ice drill wrench will be several times faster and easier, a lot of effort will not have to apply;
  • modernized ice drill will be able to deal even with very thick ice, which cannot fail to please avid fishermen;
  • Many people think that a drill with an electric electric screwdriver works with unnecessary noise, spoiling the entire fishing trip; in fact, this opinion is erroneous, because such a device does not make unpleasant and loud noises, which is very important when fishing.

Exactly because of the listed features ice picks with electric electric screwdriver are so popular and in demand. They do not interfere with fishing, do not complicate it, but only simplify it.

With this device you can achieve good results and go home with a great catch. However, this tool has not only positive, but also negative properties.

They must also be taken into account if you plan to buy it.

  • An electric electric ice drill screwdriver has a battery in its design. This detail “does not like” sub-zero temperatures, which can not be avoided during winter fishing. Batteries do not handle such conditions well, because when the temperature drops, the reaction between the individual substances noticeably slows down. If at the index.10 degrees the device will still cope with its main duties, but in a cracking cold it will need to be hidden in a closed
  • Working with an ice drill, equipped with an electric electric screwdriver, you will need to constantly monitor the reliability and tightness of the connection of components in the chuck, because in the cold can be quite easy and in a short time to put the electric electric screwdriver out of operation. After that it will either have to be fixed and spend money, or buy another tool, which will also lead to serious expenses.

It is worth noting that ice picks have slightly more pluses than minuses. Of course, a lot depends on your handling of such a tool and care. If you treat the described device carefully and accurately, do not give it a lot of load in severe frosts, then it will last for many years, and will not give you any problems.

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