Adjusting carburetor on my Honda 135 tiller

Adjusting the carburetor on the Honda 135 power tiller

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Specifications: Size interaxle mount 53mm diffuser diameter 27mm.

Complete set: metal body of carburetor-cock-separator-speed regulator-screw-two nozzles-hose-throttle valve

Technique: power tillers gasoline generators vibratory plates vibrotrambovki concrete mixers, motor pumps snow blowers

Fits MTZ UD25 Vityaz (TATA) HT135A, YX1050C, TT-1100D-ZX, Weima (Weima) WM1100C-G, WM1100C, Zirka (Zirka) LX2090G, LX2092G, GT90G01, Pentavr 2090B, 2091B, Fote (Forte) 135G, Zubr Z-16, Aurora 135G, Neva MB-23S-9.0

Types of engine problems related to the carburetor: does not start, glows, uneven idle, no idle, high engine revolutions at idle, oil drips from the sump of the carburetor.

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All technical inventions of mankind are not eternal and one day they break. power tillers are no exception to this rule. Therefore, spare parts for power tillers, one of the important components for a longer life of this kind of equipment. Even diesel power tillers, which are considered the most reliable, from time to time malfunction. This fact is affected by both normal wear and tear of resources, as well as improper operation. Thanks to the availability of spare parts and timely maintenance of the equipment you can extend its life for a long time.Despite the fact that the single-axle tractor itself is a fairly uncomplicated device, motor-block spare parts for it there is a huge variety of the most common to very specific.

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single axle tractor. It is an excellent assistant on any farm or homestead, it effectively helps to perform very heavy works and tasks. Having an unsightly appearance, a single axle tractor is a multifunctional equipment and depending on how it is equipped with various functions, it can plow, mow, dip, weed, remove snow, sweep and much more.

Honda GCV135 GC135 G150 GC160 GCV160 GCV190 GGP P18D 1P64 16100-ZM0-803 16100-Z0L-023 HRB216 HRT216


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Honda GCV135, G150, GCV160, GCV190, HRB216, HRR216, HRS216, HRT216, HRZ216 carburetor

Fits Honda GCV 160, G150, GCV190 engine and its analogues GCV135 GCV160 GC135 GC160

Premium Series. production at the best factories.

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Manufacturer’s description

The company today is a global brand, it has become known not only for the cars, but also for the power units that it constructs itself. The history of this brand began in 1917, when only airplanes were made under this brand.

After the war, the factories began to produce scooters, which were designed with an engine of 135 cubic meters. The brand name was invented by one of the first founders, since then no one has dared to change it, because Subaru is a cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus.

The initiative to produce the machines came after, when this market began to gain momentum. Even later, the factories began to produce brand-name engines, which were used in the construction of small appliances used in agriculture.

Modern power units, which are used in the construction of motor blocks, are characterized by high productivity, convenience and reliability.

  • sharp drop in power of the power tiller;
  • increase in the amount of produced exhaust gases;
  • starting the motoblock motor with subsequent spontaneous shutdown;
  • unstable operation of the machine’s engine at idle;
  • rapid increase in the amount of fuel consumed.

There can be several reasons for all of these malfunctions. Among them. the use of a motoblock at excessive loads on its mechanisms, as well as long downtime of the unit without practical use. In any case, to solve these problems will help timely adjustment of the carburetor of the agricultural machine used.

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It’s easy to adjust the carburetor on the farm machine yourself. Before adjusting, you must start the engine and let it run for 5 minutes. After that, it is necessary to directly adjust the carburetor on the tiller.

The main metering system

Designed for preparation of the necessary amount of fuel mixture at medium and high engine speed. When the throttle plate is fully or partially open, air rushes into the combustion chamber. At the small nozzle (atomizer size 16) air velocity increases and vacuum is created. Gasoline is sucked in through the nozzle (11). The hole sizes in the nozzles and turbine jets are matched to give the best possible fuel mixture. As the engine rpm increases, the mixture should be somewhat thinner. The emulsion tube (13) in the well under the air nozzle (12) does this.

As the engine rpm increases, so does the vacuum in the emulsion well and air flows in. Mixed with gasoline, it forms an emulsion and compensates the increasing rarefaction. Less petrol passes through the nozzle (11) and the mixture becomes leaner.

RPM adjustment Honda gx 160. Honda gx 160 engine RPM regulator

Honda GX-270 engine. Adjusting the control system.

Simple modification of the regulator to increase the speed of the engine LIFAN117-b (Honda GX270)

Centrifugal RPM regulator on a power block motor generator

MB-1 Luch single axle tractor. RPM regulator on the engine.

How to set the ignition of a Honda GX160 power block [ 2016 @ ]

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Repair of motorblock carburetor

Causes of damage and inaccurate carburetors can be numerous. However, the main malfunctions of the carburetor of a gasoline generator are as follows:

Lack of filter or untimely filter replacement;

Downtime of the gasoline generator for an extended period of time and, as a result, oxidation of internal parts;

Before proceeding to perform the repair of the carburetor of a motorblock, it is necessary to prepare a free and well-lighted space. After that the carburetor is dismantled from the engine.

Repair of the carburetor of an electric generator “Brigadier 2500” begins with checking the unit. The first thing to check if there is fuel in the float chamber. If there is no gasoline, you need to check the condition of the inlet filter, as well as the structure of the locking needle.

If during the repair of the carburetor gasoline generator found that the needle covers the inlet opening and prevents the flow of gasoline into the chamber, you must perform purging the inlet pipe. If the float is in the down position, the air passes easily. When the float rises gently, there comes a moment when the chamber closes and the air flow does not go further.

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Adjustment of the carburetor of a gasoline generator “Honda” may consist of adjusting the shut-off needle, if it is stuck or does not block the entrance to the chamber. In both cases the needle must be replaced with a new one. And the fuel level should be checked according to the manufacturer’s explanations. The float chamber and the needle must be necessarily cleaned, otherwise the needle will simply cease to perform its functions.

The carburetor of a gasoline generator has a particularly delicate component. jets. Before examining, the plastic valve must be removed, and then. unscrew the nozzle and emulsion tube, and if they are dirty, it is necessary to perform flushing and cleaning of the holes. Adjustment of the carburetor of a gasoline generator involves cleaning the jets and the tube with a soft copper wire or toothpick. Diameter of these auxiliary parts should be smaller than the holes in the jets. To flush the fuel system, use the special carburetor cleaner. fuel injector cleaner or gasoline.

curatare carburator Honda GCV135 GCV160 GCV190

The carburetor of a gasoline generator includes adjusting screws: 1 screw is responsible for idling and 1 screw for the quality of the air-fuel mixture.

Before adjusting the carburetor on the gasoline generator, it is necessary to adjust the position of the screws according to the instructions.

Performing the repair of the carburetor of a gasoline generator with your own hands, adhere to the following recommendations

Do not twist the screws, in the search for a breakdown this step will not contribute to success;

If in the process of gasoline generator carburetor repair you encounter the fact that the engine does not start and the spark plug is wet, the situation can change by draining and replacing fuel, which was purchased at another gas station;

to ensure that the engine runs smoothly, and if increased gasoline consumption is noticed, changing the air filter can remedy the situation.

If the repair of the carburetor on the generator firman own efforts have not brought a positive result, it is better to turn to a service center. In the workshop specialists will adjust the carburetor on Honda gx 160, carburetor parts for engine Honda 390 and spend adjustment of the carburetor motor-block qualitatively and quickly.

Repair: why a single-axle tractor stops when loaded, shoots into the muffler, runs intermittently and more

A single-axle tractor is one of the most useful farm machines. Even a simple and not particularly powerful machine can greatly facilitate the care of the vegetable garden and yard area. At the same time, a single-axle tractor is a machine that is prone to break down. Let’s look at the most common breakdowns of agricultural machinery, their causes and methods of elimination by their own forces.

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