Adjusting the carburetor of the STIHL grass trimmer fs 55

Lawn mower design

The STIHL FS 55 lawnmower must be easy to understand if you plan to operate, let alone repair, the machine. The internal combustion engine in this machine is essentially the same as in a chainsaw. But the guide bar is attached to the engine gearbox with a long tubular bar.

On the boom of the machine is fixed handle, it can move the end of the rod with the work tool. The “STIHL FS 55” lawnmower, the repair manual for which is presented in the article, has a protective shield on the human side, in the form of a guard, which excludes injuries during operation.

The tool itself is a round drum, on both sides of which a thick fishing line comes out of the holes. Adjusting the carburetor and chainsaw repair STIHL fs55 fs 38 carburetor lawnmower.

When the drum unwinds, the line is pulled taut by the centrifugal force and hits the grass, cutting it.

The STIHL FS 55 lawnmower, whose technical features will be presented to you below, has a wear-resistant nylon line. Features of the STIHL fs 38 brushcutter, STIHL fs 38 mower carburetor adjustment. It is occasionally updated by the unwinding method of the coil, which is located inside the drum.

Stihl fs 55r carburetor adjustment tune up

Model description

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The above machine is available at a premium price of 13,490. The STIHL fs 38 Series lawnmower combines the strengths of the STIHL model with the features of the STIHL carburettor for larger lawns in a single unit. Young and ancient grass, reeds and weeds, young growth of bushes can be treated.

The STIHL FS 55 lawnmower, the reviews of which you can read below, has the most powerful 1 liter engine. с. The device is great for use in the suburban area or cottage. You can mow a width of grass of 420 mm in one pass.

This device is suitable for the hardware treatment of the lawn, mowing grass and allows you to pass even along fences, process narrow areas and areas near the beds.

The tank holds 0.33 l of fuel, which is enough for the uninterrupted work of half an hour.

Lawnmower “STIHL FS 55”, reviews of which are very, very good, works due to the two-stroke motor. Working volume is 27.2 cm3. It is quite easy to work with the equipment by controlling it with the bike handle. The manufacturer has taken care of the availability of easy starting function. A fishing line and knife are used as cutting tools.

If you still do not understand which model of the described equipment to choose, it is worth to read the reviews about the STIHL FS 55 chain saw. Having acquainted with them, you can realize that consumers allocate a huge number of circumstances that forced them to lean towards the described model. So, for example, instead of the strap, the manufacturer provided the device with a strap.

Buyers also like the bicycle handle, which increases the ease of operation. Your hands will be spread wide apart when working, so it’s easier to operate the machine. It is very maneuverable. Buyers like the fact that the handle and belt can be adjusted to the operator’s needs.

The tool can be easily set up for comfortable use. Controls are on the same handle. No need to reach anywhere, everything fits under the palm of your hand.

Lawn mower “STIHL FS 55”, in the opinion of consumers, is comfortable in addition to the fact that it has a pair of guards, one of which is set for the blade, while the other. for fishing line.

The shroud for the latter is tapered at the boom.

Grass trimmer has a head that is perfectly visible and allows you to work in tight places. The pebbles flying out from under the knife will be excluded thanks to the special hood. This protects the operator. With the available primer you can pump fuel into the carburetor.

According to customer reports, the lawnmower is easy to start even after a long period of standstill. Special soft-start system makes starting the engine easy.

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At a long pull of the cord, as emphasized by home masters, now do not have to waste effort, because this will need to make two jerks.

STIHL FS 55 lawn trimmer does not rev, throttles, rebuild carburettor Thank you for watching

Adjusting the carburetor grass trimmer STIHL FS 55 in the video is performed to adjust the idle speed

The equipment described above should be used wearing special clothing and using the equipment. The clothes should not interfere with the work. It is necessary to choose the one that perfectly fits the body. Do not use wide hoses which could catch on bushes, woody debris, or moving machine parts.

It’s important to remove the ties and sha. This also applies to the ornaments. Before starting the STIHL FS 55, you have to put on the STIHL safety boots, which have a scuffed sole. It is essential to use a special safety helmet and glasses that do not damage eyesight.

Starting the motor

The engine can be started at a distance of 3 m or more from where the unit is refueled. It is not possible to work in an enclosed space. Before you need to take a stable, secure position. The machine is held very firmly in place. Cutting tool must not be in contact with the ground or other objects because it starts up and can rotate.

The machine is operated by one person only and must be free of third persons within a radius of 15 m. If not, you can get hurt because of thrown objects.

The STIHL FS 55 lawnmower, the characteristics of which are presented in this article, must not be started by hand. The cutting attachment moves for a while after the throttle trigger is released.

Flammable materials must be kept away from the hot gas stream and the surface of the hot muffler, because it can become a fire hazard.

Filling up with fuel

The lawnmower works with petrol that simply ignites. For this reason, you should not smoke near the machine when refueling. The engine is turned off before refueling. Do not perform such operations before the engine has cooled down because fuel can overflow and become a fire hazard.

Take special care when opening the fuel filler cap. excessive pressure can cause fuel to splash out.

STIHL FS 55 lawn mower, the user manual for which should be translated before use, is filled in a well ventilated area.

If fuel has been spilled, immediately clean up and do not spill it on your clothes.

After refueling you should tighten the threaded lock of the fuel tank. This will reduce the possibility of its unscrewing due to engine vibration. If this is not foreseen, there is a risk of fuel leakage.

STIHL fs 38 lawn mower price. Incorrect carburetor adjustment. It is important to pay attention to leakage.

If the fuel was spilled, the engine should not run, otherwise there may be a risk of burns.

The STIHL FS 55 lawnmower, for which the instruction manual is included and which you should check before starting work, is high-tech equipment that is not difficult to operate. You can make repairs and adjustments without the help of others. As for the carburetor, it takes five minutes.

Correct Way To Adjust Or Tune The Carburetor On A Weedeater / Grass Trimmer

The major disadvantages of a faulty carburetor can be breakdowns and clogging. To find out the reason unscrew the fuel filter lid and take out the mesh filter. If there is dirt accumulated on it, blowing out or flushing in petrol will help. If you find visible configurations on the filter, it should be replaced with a new one.

You may also find that the fuel supply pipe fittings are damaged. The failure of the carburetor starter may be due to the gap. For flushing, use gasoline or acetone. The carburetor can be blown with compressed air, for this you can use a comfortable repair practice.

If you are faced with the aforementioned failure, you can verify it with a soap solution that is applied to the appropriate area.

The latter controls the fuel mixture for low revs. For you need to find the greatest revolutions at idle speed. To do this the right screw is turned to both sides. To make the adjustment, turn the screw counterclockwise by a quarter of a turn.

When adjusting the mower “STIHL FS 55”, you must also use the bottom screw, which is responsible for adjusting the motor. If you turn it clockwise, you can achieve an increase.

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The correct idle speed setting is characterized by a regular speed for the hot motor, stable operation for the cool motor and plenty of reserve for the trimmer head.

The engine continues to run steadily even when the position is changed.

Stihl fs55 carburetor adjustment trimmer weedeater gas trimmer tune up

The STIHL FS 55 lawnmower carburetor adjustment includes the left-hand screw. It regulates the mix at high revs. This screw should be the last to be engaged, because it determines the adjustment of the maximum speed, gasoline consumption and temperature, as well as the power of the engine.

Adjusting the carburetor of the STIHL FS 38 brushcutter

Just before you start adjusting the carburetor on your STIHL grass trimmer, you will need to troubleshoot the model. The engine and the rest of the brushcutter must be in working order. You will also need to clean or replace the air felt filter. To do this, you need to remove the element from its original housing, rinse it with clean gasoline and put it back in place.

Further procedure for adjusting the STIHL FS 38 carburetor is as follows:

  • First, the regular bolt L, which is responsible for regulating the engine speed in idle mode, will need to turn in a clockwise direction until the stop, then move it to 1.5 turns in the opposite direction;
  • Then you need to start the grass trimmer engine and give it time to warm up;
  • Once the motor cylinder is warmed up, you will need to pull the throttle trigger several times. If after reducing the number of revolutions the mowing head and the line continue to rotate, you need to start turning the bolt LA in turn until the cutting head is at a standstill.

Then you should test the STIHL grass trimmer in different modes. If the carburetor is set up correctly, the lawnmower motor will quickly pick up speed when the throttle trigger is pulled and lose speed just as quickly when it is released.

How it works

The throttle valve determines the amount of air to feed, and the power of the engine depends directly on it.

The pump (its diaphragm) sucks fuel into the carburetor system. Then passes through the nozzle in the carburetor. The fluid then flows through the inlet and outlet valves of the pump. Filtered by the mesh. The needle valve moves into the diaphragm chamber.

  • Air flow into the tube with an air baffle (damper). The baffle plate controls the intensity of the air flow.
  • The fuel system is necessarily narrowed by a diffuser to increase the flow rate.
  • Gasoline flows through the float chamber and nozzle tube with a constriction. A chamber with a float regulates the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral, but in the tube with constriction, the pressure level is already low. The differential pressure causes the fuel to flow through the nozzle.
  • Acceleration of air flow promotes fuel (gasoline) transfer and atomization. As a result, an air-fuel mixture of the desired proportion or density is formed.
  • The air-fuel mixture enters the engine cylinder through a fuel pipe.

Simply put, the adjustment of the carburetor on the chainsaw is to create an optimal fuel mixture through the correct air supply.

The throttle valve determines the amount of air to flow, and this directly affects the power of the engine.

Fuel is sucked into carburetor system by pump (its diaphragm). Then flows through the nozzle in the carburetor. Then liquid flows through inlet and outlet valves of the pump. Is filtered by the grid. The needle valve moves into the diaphragm chamber.

  • Air flows into the tube with an air baffle (flap). A baffle plate controls the intensity of the air flow.
  • The fuel supply system is necessarily narrowed by the mixer to accelerate the flow.
  • The gasoline flows through the float chamber and nozzle tube with a constriction. The float chamber regulates the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral, but in the tube with constriction, it is already small. Because of the pressure drop, the fuel flows through the nozzle.
  • The acceleration of the airflow promotes the transfer of the fuel (gasoline) and its atomization. The result is an air-fuel mixture of the right mixture ratio or density.
  • The air-fuel mixture seeps into the engine cylinder through the fuel tube.

The area of the open air damper depends on the level of air density in the system. The wider the choke is open, the higher is the fuel consumption and power.

Simply put, the adjustment of the carburetor on a chainsaw is to create a good fuel consistency through the correct air supply.

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STIHL FS 55 in detail. Which brushcutter for your home?

buy for the house. We compare 4 most popular grass cutters in Ukraine: 1)

mechanical. to defend and store gasoline for work not in a metal container and not longer than 1 (one) month, otherwise it oxidizes and loses its properties; chemical. impurities and additives should not be present (they have different speed, degree and temperature of combustion). Old gasoline turns yellow or red, and the impurities have strong odors of bitterness (for example, creosote) or acid (for example, methyl alcohol).Fuel mix ratio 1:50 (2%) or 20 ml/cm3 oil to 1 litre of petrol. For example, pour half a measure of gasoline into a clear plastic bottle (1 liter), then use a syringe (20 ml/cm3) to mix the two-stroke oil, then add the gasoline and mix well. If the quality of gasoline is questionable or working conditions are difficult, the amount of oil can be increased to 22-25 ml/cm3. Shake the fuel mix before each filling! Store the resulting fuel for no more than two weeks! If the mixture has changed color (turned from sea-wave color to brown, for example) it is not recommended to use!

Which is better. STIHL or Husqvarna?

If you objectively analyze the reviews of STIHL and Husqvarna lawn mower owners on different forums, the general conclusion is that the reliability of these models is approximately on the same technical level. But if we compare mowers according to safety and comfort some consumers prefer the Husqvarna brand.

Husqvarna 545Rx lawnmower

The visor on Husqvarna brushcutters is larger, the engine is fully covered with plastic, the machine starts more smoothly and gently picks up the speed. All parts are optimally easy and fast to repair.

STIHL starts worse, its sound is sharper, and the plastic color gets dirty. At the same time, STIHL chain saws have maintenance-free gearboxes that do not require additional lubrication. Lubricate the Husqvarna one, and you are bound to get a long service life. STIHL piston group can withstand a low-quality fuel mixture without breaking.

Husqvarna 325Rx lawnmower

STIHL trimmers have the great advantage of ergonomic vibration damping pads that can be used for extended periods of time without discomfort. STIHL lawnmowers use 20% less fuel and release 70% fewer emissions. It has been noted that the ignition on the Husqvarna is actually a serious disadvantage when it comes to safety.

Major carburetor problems and malfunctions.

Strainer Filter. There are only two problems with this element:

To find out the cause of the failure, unscrew the fuel filter cap to remove the filter. If it’s just accumulating dirt, flushing with gasoline or blowing it out will help.

If there is visible damage on the strainer, a new one must be placed. In addition, there may be damage to the fuel connection (in the repair practice of checking this element).

The carburetor starter does not work in most cases due to clogs. Use acetone or the same gasoline for flushing.

Blowing out carburetor parts with compressed air is an acceptable and convenient repair practice.

Throttle body, carburetor fittings, intake or exhaust pipe. All of the parts listed are subject to leakage. It is possible to check for sure in a primitive form. Problem site to put soapy foam on.

Lawnmower design

The design of the STIHL FS 55 lawnmower you must know if you plan to operate the equipment, let alone repair it. The internal combustion engine in this unit is almost the same as in a chainsaw. However, the bar of the latter is secured to the motor gearbox with a long tubular rod. There is a shaft inside that transmits the torque from the motor to the power tool. This design is suspended on a strap that slings over your shoulder

This holds the tool in place, which is important if the chainsaw is very heavy

The handle is fixed to the machine’s boom and can be used to move the end of the boom with the working tool. STIHL FS 55″ lawnmower, repair manual of which is presented in the article, has a protective cover on the human side, which excludes operating injuries. The machine itself is a round drum, on both sides of which a thick cord extends from openings. When the cylinder unwinds, the line is pulled tensely by the centrifugal force and hits the grass, cutting it.

The STIHL FS 55 mower, whose technical data you will find below, has a nylon blade that wears out quickly. It is periodically renewed by uncoiling the reel, which is located inside the drum.

Features and best models

Special mention should be made of the mower firm “STIHL”, distinguished by its versatility, reliability and ease of operation. The specialists of the company have developed many varieties of braids, with different characteristics and applications.

For example, the range of lawn mowers is designed for mowing grass over large areas. A self-propelled wheeled system was developed for this purpose, making it possible to care for large areas without spending a lot of time and effort. For decorating bushes, giving them a certain artistic image and texture, perfectly suited lawn mower. And if you need a lawn mower for tall grass and uneven areas, then follow this link and get complete information on the selection of this type of equipment.

If you need a more delicate approach to the cleaning of the grass, for example near the flowerbeds or between the trees, the gasoline grass trimmer will perfectly cope with this task, designed for accuracy and precision performance. Specialists of the company have foreseen all the nuances and probable difficulties when working with mowers, so they have equipped them with nylon strings, which prevent mechanical damage to trees.

It also uses a special AutoCut trimmer head, which ensures the normal functionality of the string blades of the gasoline trimmer. About the of gasoline hand lawn mowers trimmers for grass will tell you this article, as it will help you make the right purchase, which you will not regret.

There are two types of these mowers: amateur and professional models, designed to solve problems of a certain complexity. The first category includes models FS 38, FS 45, FS 55, etc. The features and differences of these tools are in the power of the motor (from 0.9 to 1.2 l.с. and the volume of the tank (about 0.34 l).

The STIHL FS 130 and FS 250 ride-on grass trimmers are among the professional products. Let’s have a look at features and properties of few models, particularly FS 38, FS 70 and FS 130.

Watch the device features on video.

petrol lawnmower FS 38

First of all, the model is characterized by its simplicity and compactness, which is quite enough for the proper care of the yard. Main control keys are located on the handle of the device, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the operation.

The STIHL FS 38 mower costs around 130.

  • Engine power 0.9 liters.с;
  • Engine displacement. 27.2 cm3;
  • tank volume. 0,33 l;
  • engine type. two-stroke;
  • boom. straight;
  • D-handle;
  • equipment. 2-toothed trimmer blade for grass, goggles for protection, belt;
  • weight. 4,1 kg.

This model is one of the most popular on the market! About all the units that were included in the rating of the best gasoline mowers you will learn here.

It is a more advanced model, featuring more power and multitasking. An anti-vibration system is provided, which allows to significantly reduce the impact of the running engine on the handle.

New generation engine allows to reduce fuel consumption. The price of this model varies, but the average price is about 300.

  • engine power. 1,2 l.с;
  • engine displacement. 27.2 cm3;
  • tank volume. 0,34 l;
  • engine type. two-stroke;
  • boom. straight;
  • T-handle;
  • equipment. belt, spool with a fishing line;
  • line diameter. 2,4 mm
  • weight. 5,4 kg.

FS 130

The model belongs to the professional models, so the goals for it will be a little higher. It is designed for rough grass, tough brush and young trees.

It is equipped with the latest high-power engine, which does not emit too many harmful emissions.

The price for the STIHL FS 130 mower is about 400.

  • engine power. 1,9 l.с;
  • engine capacity. 36,3 cm3
  • Tank capacity. 0,53 l;
  • The boom is straight;
  • handle. T-shaped;
  • equipment. shoulder strap, double blade knife;
  • line diameter. 2.4 mm;
  • weight. 5,9 kg.

The variation in price of these models does not indicate any differences in quality, above all, each STIHL mower is designed for a particular type of work.

It is quite clear that there is no point in buying a more expensive and powerful model, if you have a small plot or lawn in front of the house. The simpler models do the job, but “simplicity” is not meant to be used pejoratively. Higher horsepower mowers are better suited to larger, thicker and overgrown areas, hence the price difference. If you are lost in such a variety of tools, then do not get upset, and safely click here and we will tell you how to choose a lawn mower for dacha.

However, whichever model you choose, you must follow certain rules of operation recommended by the manufacturer to avoid possible damage.

Removing the handle

Disassembly of the STIHL 180 begins with removing the handle, which is attached to the chain saw by three rubber buffers. To remove the shock absorbers, you need to remove the plastic plugs from the inside cavity of the shock absorbers, then using a strong screwdriver, first squeeze the top shock absorber, then the one closest to the rear handlebar.

At the back of the handle is the throttle trigger, which is connected to the carburetor through a wire rod, in order to disconnect the rod from the throttle trigger, you need to unscrew two screws and disassemble the handle.

When the handle remains on one shock absorber, it is necessary to unscrew the chainsaw body from the inside of the handle and, breaking to the side, remove the body from the last rubber.

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