Adjusting the carburetor on the Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw

Adjusting the carburetor on an Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw. How to properly adjust your chainsaw carburetor. Unpacking and review by an Oleo-Mac owner

It’s not unusual for some of these problems to occur after a chainsaw has been idle for a long time. In order to restore performance it is necessary to perform a complete unit service and pre-startup work.

Used properly, the STIHL 100 eighty chainsaw (or any other) should give you long and excellent service. But things happen

  • The fixing screws are loose
  • Worn out engine (in this case, the adjustment of the chainsaw, as well as Goodluska or Sturm help only temporarily, in the standard better immediately take to the repair)
  • The carburetor is clogged (in this case, it will also have to be cleaned).

Step by step adjustment

An example of carburetor adjustment let’s examine the example of the Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw. The option principle of other saws is virtually no different, so this method is applicable to the following models: 941c, 936. With other, less popular models (for example, Oleo-Mac 32 or Oleo-Mac 35) similarity was not inspected, but most likely there are no major differences.

adjusting, carburetor, oleo-mac, chainsaw

Before adjusting the carburetor chainsaw Oleo-Mac should perform a number of criteria:

  • Clean air and fuel filter;
  • Check the condition of nozzles, make sure they are good and clean;
  • Evaluate the integrity of the membranes: no damage, no cracks;
  • Check that there is sufficient fuel in the carburettor chamber.

There is no need to disassemble the carburetor for standard carburetor adjustment. On the outside there are screws to perform all the options you want:

Even though the manufacturer advises to adjust the S screw only, in practice this does not seem to be enough. Before carrying out the adjustment, all three screws must be turned in as far as they will go and then backed out 1.5-2 times.

  • Start the engine, warm it up for 3 to 5 minutes at medium RPM.
  • Tachometer is connected.
  • Setting the operation at low speed with the L screw. Must reach 1-1,5 thous. rpm. The engine is not cranked and the rpm does not drop when the gas pedal is depressed. If you notice a failure, remove the screw until the effect is eliminated.
  • Adjust the highest speed of the engine with the screw H. When you press the gas pedal to the maximum, watching for an increase in speed, it is important that they do not exceed a very good value. It is recommended to set it 5-10% lower than the maximum rpm so as not to provoke excessive wear of the internal combustion engine.
  • The carburetor is fine tuned with the S screw. When moving the chain when idling, the screw should be turned counterclockwise until it stops. If the engine stalls, turn the screw clockwise until a smooth operation is obtained.
  • After this test the saw is tested under actual working conditions. Readjustment is done again as needed.
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When buying the Oleo-Mac 936 chain saw the customer receives a standard kit that comes with any saw.

It should be noted that with all of the above, the customer receives a warranty on the chainsaw for 3 years.

Carburetor adjustments

For clarity, the adjustment of the carburetor chainsaw can be seen in the example below. After viewing it, no questions about adjustment should not appear, even for beginners.

Adjusting the Ural

It is little different in that it should not be made at high revolutions, but make sure that the chain picks them up quickly, but smoothly, without moving on the bar.

In any case it is necessary to take adjustment seriously, after all if it will be carried out incorrectly, the saw will not stay with you for a long time. Take care of your own tools and if you’re not convinced of your abilities, contact a professional.

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No matter which one of them, even a strong friendship, requires attention and care. Then the chainsaw will also be your faithful assistant for long and long years.

When you buy the chainsaw HUS365 you have to be prepared that after a month of its use you will not want to deal with a single saw other than this brand. This is explained by its reliability, accessibility, and, most importantly, ease of operation.


Proper adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor should take place using a special tool. a tachometer. It allows you to most accurately determine the maximum engine speed and adjust it according to the manufacturer’s requirements. A small slotted screwdriver is needed for adjustment. For some models of chainsaws a special adjustment key is needed, without which the work can’t be done.

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A key for adjusting certain carburetor models is available only at service centers authorized to repair chain saws by the manufacturer. This measure is designed to reduce failures due to improper adjustment by inexperienced users and those who repair without an official permission to do so.

If possible, your chainsaw should be set up by an authorized service center authorized by the manufacturer.

Champion chainsaw carburetor

Setting Champion is not associated with the complexities that arise when setting up cheap Chinese tools, which are designed on the example of branded expensive models. The Champion saw carburetor is simple, containing several screws with different markings.

  • The idle speed adjustment screw, which can be used to adjust the speed of the main unit at idle. If this screw is set to low RPM when idling, the saw will not start; if the RPM is set to high RPM, the chain will start to wear out.
  • Low RPM adjustment screw. This adjustment allows you to set a perfect air-fuel mixture for low-rotation tool operation. If this screw is out of adjustment, idling will not start the machine and could cause severe engine problems (could lead to malfunction).
  • High RPM adjustment screw. By adjusting this screw the operator controls the consistency of the air and fuel at high rpm. Failures do not cause saw headset wear and damage to parts of the main unit.

Oleo-Mac 925 chainsaw. garden tool kit

This popular household chainsaw has the lowest fuel consumption, moderate dimensions and great ergonomics. The comparatively high power makes this household tool for cutting small dry logs and felling fruit trees up to 25 cm wide.

The motor of this model is equipped with 2 piston rings, a shiny nickel cylinder and a manual starter with an improved return spring. For refueling and chain lubrication, the Oleo-Mac chain saw has two separate plastic tanks with wide necks for hands-free tank cleaning.

The main characteristics of this domestic model include:

  • industrial motor power. 1.2 liters. с.;
  • Fuel capacity/chain lubricant tank 230/160 ml;
  • Recommended by the brand length of the mounted bar. 25
  • Weight. 3.2 kg.

The mechanics of this chainsaw model are housed in a tough, impact-resistant housing that can withstand considerable vibration and extreme heat.

Oleo-Mac 947 chainsaw. model characteristics

The pluses of this semi-professional portable saw include low vibration, a low-mounted center of gravity, and superior performance in all weather conditions.

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The engine piston of this model is made of forged steel and equipped with 2 rings to increase the stability of the element.

The sawing elements of this semi-professional Oleo-Mac model consist of a forged chain mounted on an iron guide bar. Lubrication is automatic and controlled by an adjustable oil pump.

Features of the brand-name saw include:

  • 3.1 liter industrial motor power. с.;
  • fuel tank/chain lubricant capacity. 500/270 ml;
  • Recommended by the brand length. 45 pcs;
  • weight. 5.6 kg.

The internal components of this Oleo-Mac model are housed in an impact-resistant housing that withstands prolonged heat, vibration, and falls from height.


When buying the chainsaw Oleo-Mac 936, in addition the client receives a standard kit, which comes with any saw.

It should be noted that with all of the above, the customer receives a warranty on the chainsaw for 3 years.

carburetor settings

For an illustration of how to adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw, you can look at the example below. After reviewing it, no questions on setting up should not appear, even for beginners.

Saws comes with

The buyer of the Oleo-Mac 937 chain saw receives the following kit:

adjusting, carburetor, oleo-mac, chainsaw
  • Chainsaw completely disassembled (bar and chain disconnected from the main unit);
  • spark plug wrench;
  • Instruction manual for chainsaw repair and operation (the instruction manual is also available electronically on the Oleo-Mac website in the model profile).

The PowerSharp version is additionally equipped with a quick sharpening attachment.

You can learn how to adjust the saw’s carburetor from the video below. In this video, the master shows how to perform the step-by-step adjustment of a Chinese-made chainsaw without using a tachometer. Carries out a post-adjustment check in various modes.

Adjusting the carburetor of a chainsaw, although it looks simple enough, requires a very careful and responsible approach. The article describes the process in detail, but if you have never regulated a chainsaw, it is worth referring to professionals, it will help save time, nerves and money.

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