Adjusting the Husqvarna 137 carburetor with your hands

Chainsaw Specifications

Husqvarna 137 chain saws are no longer in production today, as they have been replaced by the new and improved 236th model. But practically every fifth household still has such a machine. And for many it is an indispensable helper in the household. The machine was so perfect that even the most nitpicky critics had trouble naming even one flaw in it.

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Adjusting and tuning the Husqvarna 137 carburetor

In the picture above you see the three screws for adjustment. Screw T is for idle speed adjustment. The L screw is for adjusting the RPM. Screw H sets the RPM.

To start with the L screw (by turning it) we are looking for the highest rpm at idle. After we have found them, it is necessary to turn this screw a quarter turn counterclockwise. If the chain keeps turning in this position, then turn the screw T to stop the chain. Then we warm up the engine at full throttle for about 10-15 seconds and turn the screw H a quarter counterclockwise. Wait 10 seconds and listen. The engine should sound like a 4-stroke. If you hear a squeal, the mixture is lean (turn the screw out), if there is a smoke, the mixture is enriched (turn the screw in).

After adjusting low and high revs we set the idle speed with the screw T. It is done in the following way: 1.Engine must run 2.Turn the screw T clockwise until the chain starts to turn. 3.Turn the screw the other way until the chain stops.

With a properly adjusted carburetor, your chain saw will quickly pick up speed and sound like a 4-stroke engine.

Remember that you need a tachometer and experience to properly adjust your chainsaw carburetor. So it’s best to call in a professional service!

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video on Husqvarna carburetor repair in English.

Хускварна 137 !Бензопила которая заглянула по регулировать свой карбюратор!)

Husqvarna 137 chain saw

For intensive use, the utility chainsaw must be reliable, durable, and of high cutting quality. All these requirements are fully met by a Husqvarna 137 chain saw. This model of the famous Swedish brand successfully copes with sawing any kind of wood regardless of its structure and condition. At the same time, the garden tool consumes a minimum of fuel and engine oil, which makes it not only productive, but also quite economical.

Chainsaw repair: checking the ignition system

Even the best quality equipment sometimes needs repair. The chainsaw “Huskvarna 240”, the specifications of which were mentioned above, is no exception. If there is a breakdown, first you need to check the spark plug, but before that the wire is disconnected, and the spark plug is taken out with a special key. If it is dry, the fuel mixture is not entering the cylinder. The problem in this case is not related to the ignition system.

If the spark plug sputters with fuel, the cause is excessive mixture or improper starting. Sometimes the wrong carburetor leads to sparking fuel. Husqvarna 240″ chainsaw, the reviews of which are often the most positive, can be repaired in this case by wiping the spark plug and turning off the fuel supply. To remove the excess, you need to turn on the starter and check the combustion chamber. In the final stage the spark plug is reinserted and the machine can be started again.

Adjusting the carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw

Why do I need to adjust the Husqvarna carburetor?

The carburetor is one of the important mechanical assemblies that make up the chainsaw. Its tasks include mixing fuel with air and feeding the resulting composition to the engine. But in the process of working on the chainsaw there are situations where adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor becomes necessary. Depending on the reasons, the adjustment of the carburetor of the model 142 chainsaw and other series is performed to prevent the following situations:

Since the carburetor affects the quality of fuel, in the first case, the need to adjust the carburetor saw 137 or other professional series like Husqvarna 240 or 260 involves influencing exactly the amount of fuel entering the carburetor to mix with the air mass. It is known that the maximum performance is possible only with a certain ratio of these substances. The second point of adjusting the carburetor mixer chainsaw caused by a lack of incoming air, which provokes underburning of injected gasoline with its output in the form of thick smoke. Timely change of parameters with your own hands to reduce the amount of injected fuel will reduce the consumption of this product much faster.

Repair with your own hands will save not only the budget, but also the time spent on transportation and the queue at the workshop. The same applies to the replacement of various spare parts in gasoline-driven tools, like chainsaw chain or universal trimmer head on brushcutter or oil for electric products.

Husqvarna 137 chain saw device

The Husqvarna 137 stands out for its excellent quality of components, making it one of the most popular on today’s market. It’s built around a proprietary engine with a forged piston that extends stroke for more torque and a chrome-plated cylinder with 36.3 cm3 of displacement. The engine can be started by pulling on the recoil starter cord. For refueling the fuel mixture in the engine device provides a fuel tank, the volume of 370 ml, and for filling the oil. a tank capacity of 190 ml.

For the enrichment of the fuel mixture and its continuous supply to the cylinder of the motor saw in its original device manufacturer provides a quality Japanese carburetor brand Walbro. For smoother start of a cold engine Husqvarna has equipped the saw with a fuel pre-charging pump.

Husqvarna 137 chain saw has an innovative vibration and noise reduction system. Six evenly spaced dampers dampen vibrations of the running motor and a thick-walled muffler reduces noise during operation of the garden tool. This feature produces an acoustic impact of only 108 dB when the engine is running at maximum capacity.

The chainsaw is equipped with a high-quality brand-name clutch, all parts of which are made of lighter yet highly wear-resistant aluminum alloy, to link the engine with the working parts.

The Husqvarna brand’s 137th model has a chain saw that features a self-lubricating oil pump for efficient and safe operation. The garden tool’s original 38 cm guide bar is made of corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant hardened steel. The chainsaw chain has a standard pitch of 0.325 and when the throttle trigger is pulled, it rotates on the bar at 16 m/s. If the chain hits a nail, wire or any other hard foreign object, an inertia brake is activated in the saw unit to protect the operator from being struck back.

In order to perform repair of faulty parts of the saw head and its lubrication system the manufacturer has provided in the device of the saw free access to expendable elements of the mechanism. That sprocket and other parts can be changed without using any hand tools.

All Husqvarna chain saw parts and mechanisms are protected by a protective shell of impact-resistant plastic. It has all the buttons and switches in the back, making it very easy to use the tool in confined spaces.

How to start your chainsaw

The Husqvarna 137 chain saw, like other models of this brand, is equipped with an automatic inertia chain brake. Engineers at Husqvarna invented this detail. Nowadays most of the producers still make chain saws with a contact brake. That is, the brake is activated by the interaction of the hand on the blowback. In practice the contact brake may not work at all. Don’t forget to take care of the engine, to learn how to dilute gasoline and chain saw oil read this article.

The autovibration system of this model works on the principle of “two masses”. Other systems are not available from the manufacturer.

“The Husqvarna 137 is equipped with a high-profile professional chain (like the STIHL chainsaw). That’s another difference from low-profile chain saws. High-profile chainsaws have forty percent more chain. This is especially noticeable with large quantities of work. They also offer high uptime. even with soiled wood.

One of the most common mistakes made when starting the Husqvarna 137. closing the choke without turning on the ignition.

So the fuel mixture goes into the cylinder. No spark, no ignition. After that it is necessary to unscrew the spark plug, wipe it and screw it back in. So it is worth remembering that all Husqvarna chain saws have a combination choke, and the ignition in them will turn on automatically the moment the choke lever is pulled. No mistake should be made.

The design of the simplest chainsaw

The first U.S. patent 80,476 for an “endless chainsaw” was granted to Samuel J. Bens in San Francisco on January 17, 1905. Bens of San Francisco on January 17, 1905. It was a huge static wood saw. Bens basically developed the principle of the saw’s operation, but the new invention did not specify its power source. The saw could be powered by any external source. a steam or gas engine. Only 16 years later, in 1921, he filed another patent, No. 1617565, for a portable chainsaw with an autonomous power supply.

The design and internal structure of a chainsaw has not changed much since then. It has two main parts: a cutting disk embedded in a chain wrapped around a long metal guide rod, and a small gasoline engine with one cylinder (sometimes it is an electric motor powered by the mains or a battery). The chain is a bit like a bicycle chain, running around the sprockets, a pinion designed to turn the chain, only with 30 sharp teeth (made of hardened steel alloy) placed at intervals.

The way a chainsaw works is that it converts the chemical energy of gasoline into mechanical energy, which drives the chain. The gasoline tank usually only holds 0.5 liters. Gasoline is fed through the carburetor, where it mixes with air. The air-gasoline mixture goes into the cylinder, which works the same way as in a car engine, but with a simple two-stroke cycle instead of the more complex four-stroke cycle used in a car.

Inside the cylinder the air-fuel mixture is ignited by a spark plug, the gasoline releases its energy and pushes the piston forward. The piston in a chainsaw usually has a diameter of about 45 mm and a stroke of about 33 mm. The crank mechanism converts the reciprocating motion of the piston to a rotating motion of the sprocket with the chain attached to it.

Centrifugal clutch connects engine and chain. The mechanisms carry power from the clutch to the sprocket that holds the chain. The chain should rotate around the edge of a long plate called a guide bar.

How to know if all was done correctly

After adjustment, it is necessary to start the chainsaw. Check stability when idling. The chain must not move. When pressing the gas pedal, the chainsaw should accelerate and stop without hesitation.

At minimum and maximum RPM the Husqvarna 350 should run steadily, without extraneous noise. There should be no sudden loss of power or shutdown during operation.

Husqvarna 365 is the Swedish company’s popular chainsaw in Russia. Equipped with a carburetor Japanese company Walbro. In this article we will talk about the peculiarities of its adjustment, construction and repair.

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