Adjustment trimmer for grass gasoline Ryobi RBC. Top models of the Ryobi brand

Trimmer for grass gasoline Ryobi RBC42FSBO

You can check the information on this product by phone:

  • Powerful 2-stroke engine POWR XT 42 cm³
  • Environmentally friendly engine technology
  • Speasing width with fishing line 43 cm and 26 cm disk.
  • Two in one: Tri-ARC blade and Reel-Easy Spool
  • Inexhaustible rod with hard shaft
  • Vertebrae belts
  • A bicycle handle rotating along the axis for convenience during transportation and storage


Dimensions, mm 1840 x 295 x 295
Fishing diameter, mm 2.four
power, kWt one.3
Power, l.With. one.7
The volume of the fuel tank, l
Fishing line Semi.automatic
Engine volume, cm³ 42
Handle, type D-shaped handle
Type of gasoline
engine’s type 2-stroke Powr XT
Type of a knife TRI-ARC 3 blades
The number of idle speeds, rpm 0-7370
Capture width, see 43
Rush, type Direct (stiff)
Weight, kg eight.95
RBC42FSBO gasoline trimmer. 1 PC.
Two.stroke oil. 1 PC.
Realeasy Spool with 6 m fishing line. 1 PC.
Tri-ARC disc. 1 PC.
D-shaped handle. 1 PC.
Vertebrae belts. 1 PC.
User manual. 1 PC.
It comes in the box

Which is better to choose?

To buy a lawn mower in Krasnoyarsk with free delivery in the city, order equipment in our store. The catalog presents trimmers for grass and lawn mowers of various modifications at affordable prices:

  • gasoline and electric;
  • wheeled and portable;
  • with adjustable height;
  • with adjustable height;
  • with a folding handle;
  • With a grass collector.

You will easily process a large section with a mowing width up to 60 cm. To care for the curbs, paths and small gardens are enough device with a mowing width 18-20 cm.

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Operating instructions, maintenance

Proper operation and maintenance of equipment for the garden will extend the life of the device and will allow you to do without breakdowns and the need to repair for a long time. Included to the trimmer or mower ryobi, operating instructions are delivered. It indicates the main points.

Oil and fuel for ryobi

Depending on the type of engine and trimmer for the grass, different oil should be used. The engine can be a two.stroke or four.stroke. In powerful devices, a 4-stroke is usually installed in devices with low power-a 2-stroke engine.

Oil can be any manufacturer, but in compliance with the standards for viscosity. You can not pour the same oil into the crankcases of engines of different applications! This will lead to a quick breakdown and wear of the key parts of the mechanism.

For four.stroke engines, semi.synthetics are recommended, for example, 10W30. For two.stroke. 2T standard oil oil. Such oils are usually painted and added to gasoline if we are talking about a gasoline trimmer. The mixing ratio can be different, but in general the standard proportion is applied from 1:20 to 1:50.

Rules for the operation of trimmers/mowels Ryobi

  • The first and basic rule of safe work. the technique must be working and seasoned with fuel;
  • Since the owner usually performs the assembly of small devices after the purchase, you should make sure that all spare parts are assembled correctly and the device can work;
  • Do not use gasoline or poor quality oil, this will accelerate the wear of the motor;
  • Units operating from the network should be operated carefully, without twisting the cord and without pulling the wire fork;
  • Pull out the cord from the outlet should be carefully, without jerks;
  • It is unacceptable to work with a twisted cable;
  • repair, replacement or installation of cutting elements (knife, fishing line) should be carried out with de.energization of the device or with the engine turned off;
  • In the rain or immediately after the rain, work is prohibited;
  • move on the slopes, controlling the mowing, you need to diagonally;
  • Timely clean the grass collector and the body of the work machine from the grass;
  • If the grass enters the air intake, clean it;
  • Do not carry out complex technical work yourself until the unit is under warranty, such work is usually carried out by employees of the service center;
  • Store the equipment in a room with a normal level of humidity, far from the sources of fire;
  • It is necessary to work with a mower/trimmer in closed shoes, trousers, a shirt;
  • To protect the eyes, use a plastic mask or glasses;
  • To protect the hearing, put on soundproofing headphones;
  • Do not store a gasoline lawn mower with fuel remnants for a long time, be sure to drain the fuel during storage or produce to zero.

Possible malfunctions

The main types of malfunctions that the owner of a lawn mower or a trimmer for Ryobi grass may encounter.

Clean the grass collector and air intakes from the remnants of mowed grass.

Adjust the mowing mode (first mow at a higher cut level, then go to the minimum).

Check the condition of the knife, it may be required to replace the fishing line or the entire coil, check the knife for defects and chips.

“I have long been a fan of Ryobi technology, I trust the manufacturer and is extremely impressed by the assortment of goods for the garden and cottage. I want to praise separately for a large selection of spare parts, components and various accessories. I really want the firms to work like that, too. No offense guys, but the Japanese are out of competition.

As for the technique: I have a model of mowing RLM 46175so. Gasoline, with a slight start. Her start is really light, there is no torment with the twisting of the cord! It always has been launched the first time, and I have it for three years, and maybe more, I don’t remember exactly. Switches from mode to mode with one raising the lever, you do not need to disassemble so that the mowing height is adjusted.

I did not find shortcomings, although I am a picky buyer and I like to twist my nose! I recommend this mower if you have a large site. In this case, electric ones are simply not an option “.

Ryobi RLM36X40H40 lawn mower

The Ryobi battery lawnies is supplemented by patronage from random launch in the form of a protective key. The case is made of heat.resistant plastic, which facilitates the weight of the object and gives maximum strength. The handles are folded and guarantee compact storage in pantries or other households.

Two operating modes are relevant: grass collection and mulching. Thanks to the grass collector (55 l), you can actively work with the device for more than an hour. That is, one charge is able to provide energy for processing 600 kV. m.

Together with the lawn mower itself, the equipment includes:

  • Grass collector;
  • A plug for mulching;
  • 1 battery 36V x 4.0 Ah Lithium;
  • Charger BCL3620S;
  • Packaging.

Easyedge side captures guarantee the cleanest cut of the edge of the lawn.


  • Building material: polypropylene;
  • Battery voltage: 36 V;
  • Bevel width: 40 cm;
  • Duration of battery charging: 150 min;
  • Number of revolutions: 3500 rpm.

Speasing height is based from 20 to 70 cm. The available side and front bumpers act as protection against damage. Each model of the Ryobi mowel has its own distinctive features, so these options managed to demonstrate excellent productivity and bypass the popularity of the product of a similar plan of other, better known brands.

Trimmers for grass

In addition to lawnmands, Ruobi also relied on manual motorcycles, that is, trimmers for grass.

They are 4 types: gasoline, battery, hybrid and electric.

The advantages of this type of equipment are as follows:


Technique for mowing grass is represented by a large group of benzosos. They differ from each other with a belt attachment system, motors power, telescopic or collapsible rods and some differences in the configuration.

Among their advantages, a powerful engine is up to 1.9 liters. With. and capture when mowing grass up to 46 cm. As for the shortcomings, it is noisiness and high cost in maintenance.

Topa Bennical Migrant Migrant Mill in this line. Ryobi RBC52SB. Her characteristics:


This group of tools is not able to connect to an electric network and works only on batteries.

Leading positions hold such a model as OLT1832. She received magnificent reviews and conquered her owners with excellent quality of mowing grass, small dimensions and easy control.

  • a large capacity battery, with the possibility of monitoring individual sections;
  • controlled size of the width of the mowing of grass;
  • the possibility of trimming the edge of the lawn;
  • sliding bar.

The advantages and disadvantages of this type of machine corresponds to the battery lawn mowers, the only difference is the size. Trimmer for grass has much more compact dimensions.


Such equipment for haircuts of grass will delight with its small size, practicality, modern and ergonomic design.

This group has a fairly large number of models, while the ruler is constantly expanding.

The leader in this category is the Ryobi RBC 12261 electrician with the following parameters:

  • engine power 1.2 kW;
  • scope for mowing from 26 to 38 cm;
  • Mass 5.2 kg;
  • straight, detachable bar;
  • The number of shaft revolutions is up to 8000 per min.

A feature of such electric cosmos is the presence of SmartTool technology by a patented Ryobi company, which allows you to turn a trimmer for grass into another device using certain nozzles, in accordance with the tasks of the tasks.

With a mixed power circuit

For those who do not like to inhale the smell of exhaust gases, but want to have a manual mower that works equally well from batteries and from the network, Ryobi has developed a special innovative fishing line for a trimmer of devices with a hybrid connection.

This allows you to work an unlimited period from a network connection, and if there is no possibility of such an opportunity, then the trimmer for the grass copes with its tasks, using power from the battery.

The entire series of models showed itself perfectly, but RLT1831H25PK is especially distinguished, having the following features:

  • Powerful hybrid engine. 18 V;
  • innovative battery suitable for all Ryobi tools with a wireless connection;
  • Speasing size from 25 to 35 cm;
  • the modernized mechanism of the drawer;
  • improved protecting casing.

Review: trimmer for grass Ryobi RBC-1000EX. It copes with any grass and small trees perfectly

So the mowing season has come. Hot weather and periodic showers contribute to the active germination of grass and various kinds of shoots.

My site is small, but no matter how much I mowed every year. high grass is constantly growing, sometimes a height of a meter high. Before that, I tried various trimmers for the grass. I used a trimmer with a fishing line for a very long time, but it broke about any small plant with a durable barrel, and sometimes about various decorative fences. Therefore, once in Leroy Merlen about six years ago I bought such an electric miracle for myself.

Perhaps someone will say that gasoline is much better, but they confuse me with weight, smell during mowing (gasoline), the need for refueling (you must always have gasoline), but they have an undeniable advantage. mobility.

The appearance of the electric ships looks stylish.

The basis of good mowing. A metal disk that easily copes with any interference in its path, the maximum number of revolutions per minute. 1000. In height, using a special screw, you can adjust to a convenient level.

Small advice on modernization: if you sharpen the spinning blades of the disk, then this scythe can destroy everything in its path without exception. When you are too lazy to get the saw, then with a few beats on a small tree you can easily cut it to the very root.

Of course, you need to mow only with a protective casing (black plastic nozzle), which will protect both from stones and simply allow your legs clean after mowing).

The level of overgrowing of my lawn looks something like this every summer. After the passage of a scythe, he acquires a more well.groomed look:

It is very important to correctly configure the belt and mow strictly with it, otherwise the back pain will be precisely provided. The motor in hot weather is certainly heated decently, but it does not affect work at work. Kosha is about 3-4 hours a day with small fifteen minute breaks (drink a seagull).

The disadvantages can include strong vibration. After the mowing, fingers always vibrate for some time.

In terms of reliability. Great braid braid. I passed it for repair only once. unsuccessfully put her on the wire and he broke, so he had to replace him. In the repair workshop, it was replaced by the wire from the microwave. generally excellent and indestructive.

I can recommend this electric trimmer for the grass, it copes with its task, while the device is reliable.

Review: trimmer for grass Ryobi RBC1020. Do not try to buy a trimmer for Ryobi grass! or what random purchases lead to.

Inexpensive but powerful. Good technical characteristics, knife in the kit, light, pleasant appearance.

The prevailing number of reviews about technology in my profile. positive. The reason for this is my habit of preparing for more or less large purchases. Collect information, compare the technical characteristics of various models, read the reviews of the owners.Nevertheless, unplanned and impulse purchases in our family rarely, but still happen. Today I want to tell you what they lead to.

Can your line trimmer do this? Ryobi trimmer & expand-it attachments review

We have a large store in Belgorod. Stroydepo, where you can buy almost everything for construction and surgery. On the next visit to this store, we drew attention to a large number of yellow boxes exhibited in the center of the trading floor. Competent merchandising did his job, and we became interested in what kind of trimmer for the grass is such. Ryobi.

Our farm already has an electric trimmer for Bosch Art 23 Easytrim. It is light and comfortable and perfect for mowing small areas. However, we had long had the idea to begin to ennoble a huge clearing behind our estate. And then we are caught in the eyes of an electric trimmer for Ryobi grass, and for very little money. Only 4 thousand. Asked the consultant’s opinion about the Ryobi trimmer. Naturally, the recommendations were only positive (who would doubt).

In the end, we brought home such a box.

The trimmer itself for Ryobi grass in the assembled working state looked like this:

But let’s go about everything in order. To begin with, we will carefully look at the factory box and see what useful information about the trimmer for Ryobi grass was provided to us by the manufacturer.

I didn’t like it right away that there is practically no text in Russian in the box.

The second thing I did not like at the stage of visual analysis that this trimmer for the grass is all the time in different ways: in the box office check. Ryobi Elekhokos,

Well, at least the technical characteristics are depicted in the form of icons, this allows you to understand the information even without translation into Russian.

Germany is indicated as the manufacturer (although a trimmer for Ryobi grass in China is produced).

A weighty instruction was attached to the Ryobi trimmer.

A large number of pages in the instructions are explained not at all details of the presentation of the material, but by the fact that it is written in as much as 23 languages. For the text in Russian, only two turns were allocated exclusively to the safety rules.

As you can see from the photos given, there is not a trimmer assembly scheme for Ryobi grass, nor descriptions of its device.

We had to assemble an electric trimmer for Ryobi grass. In principle, it was not difficult, for one small, but significant nuance. When installing the coil, it turned out that it was not twisted clockwise, as we are used to, but against the direction of its movement.

The design of a trimmer for the grass turned out to be standard for electric trimmers, therefore, in the end, we coped with its assembly and without instructions.

I will describe the main parts of the trimmer for Ryobi grass. First and most important. This is an engine. It is enclosed in a plastic case of bright yellow color.

There is a trimmer control handle right there. It is convenient for capture and has an anti.slip relief.

As can be seen in the photo above, the Ryobi trimmer control buttons, they are made of light gray plastic. The first (small) is responsible for the safety of operation. It must be pressed before you plan to include a trimmer for grass (large key). That is, first we remove the lock with a small key, and then turn on the trimmer for the grass large.

At the bottom on the case there is a protruding part in the form of a hook.

Probably, it can be used as a suspension for a trimmer for grass, but my husband had to consolidate the extension cord on it. Thus, when randomly pulling the wire of separation of the fork and socket does not occur.

The wire of the trimmer for the grass is very short, literally 35 cm long.

There is a sticker on the wire from which we learned that the Ryobi trimmer is equipped with a system of automatic protection against overload.

A trimmer rod for grass can be adjusted to a length convenient for your growth, for which there is a special fasteners on it.Also, thanks to this element in the design, a trimmer for Ryobi grass can be easily and quickly disassembled for subsequent storage or transportation.

adjustment, trimmer, grass, gasoline

Ryobi trimmers repair cost

The final cost of the required repair of Ryobi trimmers largely depends on the for spare parts and is agreed with the customer by phone, after the diagnostician conducted by the master.

Name of the repair of gasoline trimmers Ryobi services,
Carburetor adjustment 1900
Replacement of the starter 700
Starter repair 900-1300
Replacing the spark plug 100
Clutch replacement assembly 1200
Replacing the carburetor 1700
Replacing the ignition coil 900
Replacing the gearbox 400
Replacing the cutting head 400
Ignition adjustment 700
Replacing the air filter 100
Replacing the drive shaft 900
Replacing the flywheel 1100
Complex maintenance of Ryobi gasoline trimmers (work) from 1500 (from the model)
Name of the repair work of electric trimmers Ryobist cost of services,
Replacing the gearbox 400
Replacing the cutting head 400
Replacing the drive shaft 900
Replacing graphite brushes 500
Replacing the adapter 700
Replacing the power cable 400
Engine replacement 1300
Replacement of a trimmer casing for grass 300
Complex maintenance of Ryobi electric trimmers (work) from 1100 (from the model)

In our service center you can order \ purchase spare parts and accessories for Ryobi trimmers. We work as a pre-distribution of spare parts. The most common positions are always in our warehouse! We order unique spare parts and accessories directly from the manufacturers without margins, the delivery time of their delivery varies in the range from 5 to 30 working days.

The presence, completeness and cost of the necessary spare parts can be clarified without problems by calling us by phone or leaving a request for spare parts on the site.

Trammers for Ryobi grass

Powerful 18 in Lithium with patented Intelligell technology providing individual cell control. conduct individual control of each cell. Adjustable width of mowing 2.

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi OLT1825M One

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi OLT1825M One

A powerful 18 cm li-ion battery of a li-ion 25 cm Automatic spool with a fishing line of 1 x 1.6 mm is a light transition to the ending mode of the edges of the edge of the whole-metal rod to increase the strength.

Trimmer for grass hybrid Ryobi RLT1831H20F

Trimmer for grass hybrid Ryobi RLT1831H20F

Hybrid trimmer for grass Ryobi RLT1831H20F 5133003710 Movies grass, small weeds and other vegetation. The cutting surface should be parallel to the plane of the earth during a haircut and vertical.

Trimmer for grass Brightless battery Ryobi OLT1833-0 One

adjustment, trimmer, grass, gasoline


Trimmer for grass Brightless battery Ryobi OLT1833-0 One

Powerful 18 in Lithium with patented Intelligell technology providing individual cell control. Differs with an ergonomic structure, lightweight and high power. Regulus.

Trimmer for grass electric Ryobi RBC1226i

Trimmer for grass electric Ryobi RBC1226i

Power 1200 watts. Smarttool 2-V-1 technology: TRI-ARC 2-V-1 blade: Spool with fishing line. Detailed rod allows the use of system nozzles ergonomic design.

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi OBC1820B-0

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi OBC1820B-0

With a powerful 18 in Li-ion battery, the power and higher work resource 18 in Li-Ion with a patented Intellicell technology allows you to conduct individual control of each cell.

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi RBC36x26b

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi RBC36x26b

2-in-1: Speasing grass with fishing line and weeds disk. Thanks to the use of 4.0AC LITHIUM batteries, the power and the resource of the battery with a patented Intelligell technology pos.

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi RLT183225F

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi RLT183225F

Adjustable mowing width 25-30 cm Easyedge function to trim the lawn edge. Telescopic bar and fixed front handle for comfortable work 3-position re.

Trimmer for grass electric ryobi RLT1238I

Trimmer for grass electric ryobi RLT1238I

Power 1200 W technology Smarttool Width with fishing line 38 cm Detailed rod allows the use of Expand-Sit systems Ergonomic design.

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi RBC36B26B

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi RBC36B26B

The battery trimmer for grass with fishing line and disk Ryobi RBC36B26B is used to cut the lawn and mowing grass. As a cutting element is a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife or disk. Thanks to the battery.

Trimmer for grass electric ryobi RLT3525

Trimmer for grass electric ryobi RLT3525

Light weight and powerful engine 350 W Width Width 25 CM function of trimming the Easyedge lawn Ergonomic design Vertebrae.

Trimmer for grass electric Ryobi RLT4125

Trimmer for grass electric Ryobi RLT4125

Automatic rogue with a fishing line of 1.5 mm 2-in-1 mowing and trimming the edge of the lawn new ergonomic design of handles new body design telescopic rod.

Trimmer for grass gasoline Ryobi RBC52FSBOS

Trimmer for grass gasoline Ryobi RBC52FSBOS

Powerful 2-stroke engine POWR XT 52 cm³. Electric power supply system One Easystart Ecologically clean engine technology. Speasing width with fishing line 46 cm and 26 cm disk. Three in one: l.

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi Ry36eltx33A-0

Trimmer for grass Battery Ryobi Ry36eltx33A-0

36V A powerful browned engine provides the ability to perform heavy operations of a two.position speed switch and adjusting the width of the mowing between 28 and 30cm allow you to select between the.

Trimmer for grass electric ryobi RLT2925

Trimmer for grass electric ryobi RLT2925

Easyedge function, light and equipped with a powerful 290W engine width for efficient operation, all allows you to quickly move from mowing grass to ending the edges of the Ergonomic.

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