Air conditioner compressor clutch replacement golf 4

Volkswagen Bora, Jetta 4, 5, Caddy 2, 3, Golf 3, 4, 5, 6, Passat B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, CC, Polo 3, Sharan 1, 2, Tiguan, Touran, Transporter (Caravelle, Multivan) T4, T5, Touareg, Phaeton

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Failure Recommended repair The cost of the unit Repair cost Note
Volkswagen Bora, Jetta 4, Caddy 2, Golf 3, 4, Polo 3
1. Air conditioner radiator leakage Argon welding 160-180 bel.
2. Disruption of the splines of the pressure plate on the compressor Clutch replacement 80 BD. 40-80 bel. To exclude runout and consequent new breakage of splines the seat should be sealed with a tin strip (foil).
3. Leaking connections on the air conditioner receiver Cleaning, replacement of rings 50 Bel. You need to loosen and put down the receiver for cleaning.
4. Breakage of electromagnetic clutch of compressor Change 90 Bel. 80 sunshine. On the removed compressor. 40 Bel. It is better to use a rewound coupling. There is a factory defect in the original one!
5. Air conditioner bearing is humming. Replacement 30-50 white. 90 bele. With the compressor removed. 40 Bel.
Volkswagen Caddy 3, Golf 5, 6, Passat B6, B7, CC, Tiguan, Touran
6. Radiator at the bottom is leaking Pressure plate replacement 160-180 white. As a rule, it is rubbed on TV (defects of factory assembling). Be sure to check that there is no water in the radiator! If there is water. Make sure to dry the radiator in the oven at 150-200 C. Otherwise you will kill the compressor.
7. No compressor pumps. Damper plate fixing bolts tear off Replace screws 50-60 white. Applies to Sanden compressors. Factory defect. Too weak bolts. Need to replace with stronger stainless steel ones.
8. The compressor is not pumping. Damper plate breakage Replace 120-160 bel. 50-60 white. Applies to Denso compressors. If the center screw does not turn. Compressor Replacement.
9. Air conditioner sensor is leaking or broken Replacement 100-160 bel. 10-20 white. New sensors are expensive. Better to look for a used one. over 30 Bel. Suitable for many Audi, VW, Skoda cars.
Volkswagen Sharan 1, 2
see. Ford Galaxy 1, 2 Except compressor leaks for gasoline engines
Volkswagen Transporter (Caravelle, Multivan) T 4
10. Condenser wears out with fasteners Welding, fixing fasteners 120-140 bel.
11. A/C compressor clutch burned out see. п. 4
12. Air conditioner compressor bearing is humming see. п. 5
13. Leakage in the rear circuit А. Cut out the damaged parts and weld in new ones 50 Bel. 70-240 Bel. Recommended the least. There is a high probability of leakage elsewhere.
Б. Replace the damaged tube with a hose 70-120 Bel. 170 Bel. Slightly preferable, but does not eliminate possibility of leakage at evaporator inlet. Rubber hose element is not reliable.
В. Plug 100 Bel. The most reliable and cheapest option,
Volkswagen Transporter (Caravelle, Multivan) T 5
14. Air conditioner radiator bulb leakage А. Clean the connection and change sealing rings if necessary 40-70 Bel. Flawed condenser design. O-rings are mounted on top and not lubricated with oil. This repair can be done on the machine. After 2 or 3 years, the leakage may resume.
B Welding 220 beige. Reliable, but you need to remove the radiator and weld a special way in order not to burn the plastic parts of the dryer
15. The compressor is not pumping. Damper ring breakage Change 100-140 bel. 100 Bel. Burst all the time. design flaw of the beltless actuator.
16. Leak on the back circuit. Plug 100 bel. It is impractical to rebuild the circuit. Even if you replace it with hoses. There will be problems with nipples at the entrance to the rear evaporator (they are constantly flooded with mud from the rear wheel). In addition, the cost of rebuilding. from 500 Bel.
17. Compressor sensor leaking or broken see. п. 9
Volkswagen Passat B3, B4
18. Air conditioner radiator leakage А. Argon welding 30-70 Bel. 140-170 Bel. It is not always possible to weld. depends on the condition of the radiator.
Б. Replacement 70 bel. Buy small silver condenser. it is more reliable. You need to put polyethylene in the fixing points and spray-paint the condenser itself. 400 grams less to fill with this radiator.
19. Receiver clogging Replacement 70-90 bel. 50-80 bel. Receiver is better to remove and install with hoses. Exercise extreme caution when unscrewing nuts (warm up well, WD).
20. Breakage of electromagnetic clutch of compressor see. п. 4 .
21. Compressor bearing wear see. п. 5
Volkswagen Passat B5
22. Compressor hose rubbing on air reservoir Crimping, welding new 160 Bel. Hose is rubbing on compressed air reservoir by factory. bend a little during installation.
23. Overlapping of receiver Argon welding 90 Bel. Difficult welding. Can overheat receiver. Welding with cooling.
24. 21 Compressor tube breakage same 80-120 white. Mechanical defect. the pipes run below the crankcase. For correct angle setting when welding, it is better to remove the compressor.
25. Corrosion of compressor tubes under clamps Remove damaged parts and weld in new ones 180 bel. For V6 engines.
26. Leaking receiver connections Cleaning, replacement. o-rings 90 whites.
27. The bearing is humming see. п. 5
Volkswagen Touareg
28. Rear circuit leakage А. Weld new pipes 500 white. Very hard to remove. High probability of leakage elsewhere.
Б. Shut off 160 Bel. Cheaper and more reliable.
29. Leak on tubes near front left wheel under clamps Weld in new pipes 380-440 white. Both pipes need to be rewelded at once. Do not put any clamps and carefully paint the welded segments. Do not lift cars with air suspension without locking.
Volkswagen Phaeton
30. Knocking from compressor when air conditioner is off Rubber buffers replacement 90 Bel. 280 Bel. Very hard to remove.

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Air conditioner compressor Volkswagen Golf 4 SKVOL

A nut is unscrewed and a front disk is removed. Then a locking compressor air conditioner Volkswagen Golf 4, which holds a compressor pulley, is removed, and then the pulley itself is pulled off. Under the pulley and is located electromagnetic clutch compressor to which there are two wires.

It too is secured with a retaining ring. After reading different forums, found information that on Opel a similar compressor was installed and in the place where wires enter into the clutch is a fuse that can cause fatalities. Finally upset by the price I saw, I decided to break down the old one.

I wanted to find out why it malfunctioned and just to see what’s inside. Took a chisel, a hammer and began to chop the sealant from the back side.

I started with the side where the wire enters and it turned out not to be in vain, because later I met the winding wire. I think that this type of repair will fit everything, as inside the winding can not burn out because everything is very well After the compressor air conditioner Volkswagen Golf 4 bearings, there is another retaining ring which keeps the clutch, after removing the last need to unscrew the two screws that hold the wire and here is the clutch in your hands.

We gently tap off the protective layer, making sure it’s 45 degrees so as not to cut the wire if we hit it under 90 degrees. After the ends are exposed, check the integrity of the winding inside by means of multimiter probing from the connector to the end of the winding.

If both ends are ringing, all is well and all is intact inside. We cut both ends with copper wire. I found only the same wire, I didn’t want to go somewhere in the store, that’s why I found it at home.

After soldering, check the resistance, I had about 60 ohms, I put ohms on the multimiter and it showed I thought it would be better to cool down The cause of overheating, in my opinion, became air compressor Volkswagen Golf 4 channels of air which are on the metal part.

Air conditioner compressor clutch on the Volkswagen Golf

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You can buy air conditioner compressor clutch on Volkswagen Golf 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 with engine size: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.3, 2.5, 2.8, 2.9, 3.2 л., get professional consultation about choosing this part for a certain modification of your car, and also order the delivery of selected goods in Kiev, and also in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Lvov, Kharkiv, Vinnitsa, Poltava and other cities of Ukraine. To display a parts catalog with photos and prices, select your vehicle in the form above.

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In our catalog you can see the main characteristics and how the Volkswagen Golf air conditioner compressor clutch looks like on the photo, as well as how much the part costs. Our specialists know what clutch of the compressor air conditioner suitable for the Volkswagen Golf, depending on the year of manufacture and modification of the car, so before you replace the clutch of the compressor air conditioner, and in order to install the part occurred without problems, please contact us, and we will help you choose the right part and organize the sale with delivery to your address or on terms of self-delivery from our office.

Alternative product names: air conditioner compressor clutch.

In the auto store DOK there is a clutch of a compressor of Golf, depending on modification of your car with engine capacity 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.3, 2.5, 2.8, 2.9, 3.2 л. of the following generations and their modifications convertible, hatchback, station wagon, van/hatchback:

Air conditioner compressor clutch

As a rule, a noise that has appeared from a pulley of an air conditioner compressor, indicates that a bearing of a pulley has gone out, but usually this noise is not so strong and frightening that can cause a panic of people traveling in a car.

However, in the case, about which we will speak about, a sudden noise from the engine compartment, which interrupted the peaceful course of driving, was really so unusual, that the driver considered it better to stop the car and tow it to a service station.

The service station determined that the hissing and whistling still comes from the air conditioner compressor pulley.

To understand what could rattle, let’s dig deep into the theory and see, how a clutch of air conditioner switching is organized, which includes a pulley. In addition to it in a clutch electromagnet and the slave disk which is attached to a shaft of the compressor are provided.

conditioner, compressor, clutch, replacement

When air conditioner is switched off, there is a gap between a pulley and a drive disk marked in the figure with letter “A”. When the air conditioner is turned on, voltage is applied to the solenoid coil. Under the action of appeared magnetic field the driven disk is pulled to the pulley and then both these parts start to rotate together. Thus the drive of the compressor which provides operation of climatic installation of the automobile is carried out. When the air conditioner is off, power to the electromagnetic coil is cut off, the magnetic field disappears and stops holding the clutch drive disc and the gap between it and the pulley reappears. The pulley driven by the belt from the engine crankshaft continues to rotate, but the drive shaft of air conditioner compressor stops.

Now let us go from consideration of air conditioner switching clutch construction to practice. After the clutch has been removed from the compressor in our case, it was found out that its disk consists of two parts, separately a hub, separately a peripheral part.

Simply speaking, because the rubber plate that unites the hub and peripheral part into one whole and at the same time functionally plays the role of a flat spring which diverts a disk from a pulley after switching off an air conditioner has been cut in a circle, the slave disk has broken into components. It is the reason of appearance of a grinding and wild whistling while driving the car.

But why was the rubber destroyed?? The clearance “A”, mentioned above, should have a certain value, which is set with the help of an adjusting washer placed between the ends of the hub of the electromagnetic clutch drive disc and the compressor drive shaft. In our case, instead of one such washer, someone put under the disk as much as three!

As a result, the idler disc was moved further away from the pulley, the gap between them became larger than the maximum allowable value, the rubber plate after turning on the air conditioner began to bend harder, the resulting stresses exceeded the calculated ones, which eventually led to the destruction of the plate material in the section where the load reached its maximum.

conditioner, compressor, clutch, replacement

The question arises. why was it necessary to install not one but three distance washers between a driving disk and a drive shaft?? There can be several answers, including the most fantastic. For example, let us not exclude that it has happened as a result of extraneous tampering with the unit and misunderstanding of the principle of work of a clutch of air conditioner switching on by the person who has disassembled the unit. But the most probable course of events seems to be different.

Let’s have a closer look at the compressor’s pulley. It is the same whether the conditioner is switched on or not, the pulley always rotates, as soon as you start the engine. It is clear that in this situation the weak point is the pulley bearing, which should fail sooner or later, depending on the intensity of car use.

Interference in the assembly was. The evidence of it. the marks of a core, as the signs of the fact that the bearing of a pulley was changed. At first glance, the replacement of the bearing does not involve great difficulty, so often this repair is carried out by their own forces. However, when dismantling the old bearing, there is a problem that fans of self-repair are not aware of.

The most effective disassembly can be carried out in garages using a heavy hammer or even a sledge hammer, which is used to hit with all its might against the bearing.

However, the pulley is not rigid. it is relatively thin and has special slots in it. The result of the effectiveness of the sledgehammer is deformation of the disc. By the way, it may not be visible to the eye, but the acquired distortion is enough for the disc in some places began to rub against the pulley. And this problem is solved by installing additional washers, which allow you to move the disk further away from the pulley and thus provide the necessary clearance “A” where they contact.

The owner, who came to pick up the car from repair, admitted that indeed the bearing in the pulley had recently been replaced with a rusty one. It is true that he did not do it himself, but a neighbor in a garage, who repairs not only his car, but also helps to eliminate all the emerging failures of all the neighborhood acquaintances. How the old bearing was pressed out of the pulley, the owner was unaware.

Disassembling Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf. page 4

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Audi / Volkswagen / Skoda Repairing batch

Audi / Volkswagen / Skoda Air Conditioner Repair. Air conditioner compressor clutch for Volkswagen Golf. Compressor VW GOLF III 1H1 1991-1997 buy price. Skoda Octavia Tour air conditioner compressor in Ukraine. How to repair air conditioner compressor. Volkswagen Golf IV Air Conditioning Compressor Bearing. Volkswagen Golf VII Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch. Parts for Volkswagen Golf. Air conditioner compressor bearing for Volkswagen GOLF III. Air conditioner compressor bearing Volkswagen Golf Parts Drom. Air Conditioner Compressor Bearing Replacement Drive2. Auto parts page 420 buy parts for cars. Compressor Auto Parts and Accessories. page 13. UkrGo Lviv Ads Auto Parts Category. VW Passat B5 B6 Golf V Skoda Superb Turn signal light. Alternators and accessories VAG in Khmelnitsky. Air conditioner clutch bearing replacement in VW Passat B4. Repair of air conditioner compressor Volkswagen. Air conditioner compressor clutch Volkswagen FORD Ford. Air conditioner compressor bearing replacement Volkswagen. Caddy Car Parts and Accessories in Chernigov. Transmission gears for Volkswagen in Zhytomyr Spare parts. Volkswagen Golf V Air Conditioning System Compressor. Volkswagen Golf VI in Zhitomir compare buy. Compressor air conditioner Volkswagen Golf b / y new buy in. Auto parts store Kiev Eshop. Repair Air Conditioner Compressor Kiev 2019 Price. Replacing the bearings of the air conditioning compressor DENSO not the clutch. Volkswagen Golf IV Air Conditioning System Compressor. Auto parts for Volkswagen Golf 1 9L Diesel from the salvage yard. Vw Bearing Auto parts and accessories. Vw Bora Volkswagen Bora parts in Ukraine Compare prices. Disassembly Volkswagen Caddy III 2KA 2KB 04-10 used parts. Buy Volkswagen Golf 1997-2018 hub bearing in. Volkswagen Golf II Air Conditioning System Compressor. Golf 2 Auto parts in Chernivtsi. Volkswagen disassembly in Chernivtsi. Volkswagen parts for Volkswagen Polo buy Volkswagen parts. Disassembly Volkswagen Caddy III 2KA 2KB 04-10 used parts. Volkswagen Golf auto parts in Ukraine Compare prices. Porsche cayenne diesel 2009 reviews Repair yourself. Repair of air conditioner compressor in Rivne found 14. Volkswagen Golf VII Air Conditioning System Compressor. Repair of air conditioner clutch Volkswagen If you have no. Best deals on air conditioner compressor Skoda. Auto parts for Volkswagen Golf 1.4L Gasoline from the salvage yard. Volkswagen Golf Spare parts for cars in Ternopil. Dismantling of Vw in Ternopil. Parts vw Passat price where to buy in Lviv region. Golf 4 Avtozapchastni in Lutsk

Repair of compressor of car air conditioner

Car air conditioner is the constant attribute of comfort during driving. But if you have been using the car for several years, then be morally prepared for the fact that in the work of your car air conditioner can have problems. This may be due to a leakage of refrigerant and many other nuances. Most often malfunctions in the air conditioner arise from the compressor. It is the most important part of the device, which is responsible for transformation of heat into cold. The compressor can be rightly called a heart of an air conditioner, because it provides the basic processes in its work. Therefore, most often when there are problems with the climate control in the cabin, it is necessary to repair the compressor of the air conditioner of the car. It helps to fix the problems with air conditioner and give it a second life.

In the majority of cases air conditioner compressor repair boils down to its topping up with working gas. The matter is that with the course of time the refrigerant is spent, and then the conditioner possibilities essentially decrease. If there is not enough gas, it can not give optimal air cooling and its efficiency goes down. In such cases, the compressor should be charged with the refrigerant to restore its former properties. The service is carried out by qualified specialists in service centers having the appropriate equipment.

Before to fill up the compressor with working gas, it is necessary to check it on presence of other malfunctions. Sometimes the problems in the operation of the air conditioner can be connected not only with the leakage of freon, but also with the violation of tightness, failure of bearing, clutch or pulley, as well as other parts. In this case, you may need to overhaul the car air conditioning compressors. It can consist of soldering, replacement of parts, as well as other complex operations. But after qualitative performed repair your conditioner will work like new again, giving you the pleasure of pleasant climate in the salon.

It is often possible to define what is the malfunction, by the noise of air conditioner. It can make abnormal noises when the engine is running. If you hear something similar, you know. it is the first alarm bell, signaling that it is time to take your air conditioner in for repair. Most often, the noise is caused by a malfunction of the compressor pulley. This part is in constant rotation, so it often wears out. Sometimes it does not break down completely, but only partially. For example, in most cases, the bearings of pulleys “fly. That is what is making the noise, and that is how you can tell if it is defective. In such cases, it is necessary to replace the bearing of the air conditioner compressor pulley.

It is necessary to do it as soon as possible in order not to start the process of further breakage. Today replacement of the air conditioner bearing is a common service in the car service, so ordering it will not be a problem. If not to replace this detail in time the breakage will worsen, and then the pulley can fail, and then. the compressor of the conditioner. That is why in some cases, when the owner has not paid attention to the suspicious noise in time, to replace the bearing is not enough. Then the replacement of the pulley of the air conditioner compressor is performed to bring the device back to life again.

It is not only the pulley that can break in a compressor of an air conditioner. One more weak point is a clutch located under the pulley. If its wear is insignificant, then it is possible to repair a clutch of the conditioner compressor. You can have it repaired in any service center without any problems. But often people go there when the part is so worn out that it can no longer be repaired. Then you will have to replace it with a new one. In principle, this is even good, so you can be sure that the clutch is absolutely working. If you do not have enough money to afford a new part, it is possible to change a clutch of an air conditioner compressor for a second-hand spare part. The service center will probably find a serviceable clutch, which has a slight degree of wear.

Sometimes it is not the clutch itself that fails, but the bearing. In such cases it is better to replace it as soon as possible before the breakage spreads to the clutch and other parts. The replacement of the bearing of the clutch of the air conditioner compressor will help to prevent further breakdown. It can be performed in a service center, and advanced motorists can even do it themselves. If to change a failing part in proper time you can provide a long term service life of air conditioner. But if you start even the slightest breakdown, it can lead to serious problems in its operation.

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Sometimes it happens so that all parts of the mechanism of compressor are so worn out, that even major repairs will not save it. This usually happens when the user does not pay attention to any suspicious noise or other problems with the air conditioner. But it does not mean at all that it is necessary to buy a new air conditioner in such cases. The most important part in this unit is the compressor, so you can get out of the situation by installing a new. Replacement of a compressor of the conditioner allows breathing new life into it so that it is possible to drive with comfort again. This is the best solution for cases when the existing compressor has already served its useful life.

It is necessary to notice that any serious breakage can be avoided if one undergoes diagnostics and technical maintenance of a vehicle air conditioner timely. By keeping the entire mechanism of this unit in good condition, you will ensure that everything will work properly and for a long time. This will save you from unpleasant surprises and keep your car’s interior at an optimal temperature. As a result, air conditioner will serve you long and effectively, making your trips a real pleasure. It is better to pass diagnostics once a year, addressing to the specialized service centers.

Auto Air Conditioner Compressor Replacement Guide

Here you will find useful basic information and valuable tips about the air conditioning compressor for cars.

The compressor of air conditioner is a central element of air conditioning system, which operates under the highest load. On this page we will show you how an air conditioner compressor works and what causes it to malfunction. You’ll also learn how you can diagnose malfunctions, and what to look for when replacing an air conditioning compressor to avoid further damage.

The following information and practical tips were compiled by HELLA to help the body shop professionally. Info, provided on this website, should only be used by properly trained professionals.

How an air conditioner compressor works

Compressors without electromagnetic clutch

Removing the air conditioner compressor for a Volkswagen golf 4

Volkswagen Multivan air conditioner compressor. Defective Check. Volkswagen Golf 4 repair, fifth gear replacement, bearing replacement. Duration: repair micron mines 4 views.

Volkswagen Golf Club Technical Golf Mk 4 Model Forums. Is it possible to replace the electric clutch (pulley) of the compressor by yourself??

“Volkswagen” translates from German as “people’s car. The first batch of cars produced in the early days of the company was only 12 pieces. During the Nazis, the company logo was changed to look like a swastika.

Communities Volkswagen Club Forum Air Conditioner Compressor for a vw golf 4. Which one is it, I’m just not really into Golfs yet and how to check it and where is it located?

QUOTE xxgxx Jun 2. AM short circuit did not happen, no clutch was ringing at all. Air Conditioner Compressor for vw golf 4. The requested topic does not exist. Cooling Clutch Bearing Noise Golf MK I Forgot My Password.

Volkswagen Golf Club Information. Volkswagen Golf Forum

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Repair Air Conditioner Compressor for Volkswagen Golf 4, d. Original air conditioner compressor repair with 1 year warranty. Denso official service dealer. Automation company.

We carry out repair of air conditioner compressor of any complexity for cars, trucks, special vehicles. Original parts, certified services, 15 years experience. Phone: 8 Replacement of front arm silent blocks Volkswagen Golf 4. Audi A4 B6 AC compressor DCP Volkswagen Golf variable capacity compressor. Air conditioner compressor bearing replacement in 3 minutes VW Polo Air conditioner bearing replacement without removing the compressor. BMW X6 3 air conditioner compressor.

AC Compressor Bearing Replacement. Repair of air conditioner compressor Opel Zafira. YouTube copyright policies restrict this video from being played at this website. Replacing the bearing in the compressor SANDEN. Repair of air conditioner compressor Volkswagen. Volkswagen Multivan air conditioner compressor. Passat b6 air conditioner compressor clutch work malfunction repair air conditioner clutch replacement. Nissan Altima.

Passat B3 Check Air Conditioner Compressor! TOYOTA CAMRY V air conditioner compressor defect repair BMW X5 e70 4. Repair auto air conditioner pipes, hoses. Vw sharan 1,9 avg Kompressor. Air Conditioner Tubing Repair. Mercedes-Benz ML Air Conditioner Compressor Repair Cleaning the Air Conditioner on a Volkswagen Golf 6. The clutch of the air conditioner does not turn on. No ground at the air conditioner compressor. Jammed air conditioner compressor Audi A4 B6 Denso.

Checking the CU compressor before installing. The compressor does not work. Steering rack, prolonging life of Golf IV. Repair of air conditioner compressor Skoda Octavia. Clutch and bearing replacement. Sanden SD7V16 Air Conditioning Compressor Running 1h. Replacing the bearing of the compressor muff.

VW MK4 AC Diagnosis and Compressor Clutch Replacement

Repair of air conditioner compressor Auto Service. Nothing beeps when opening the door with the headlight on. Rear caliper reassembly Audi, VW, Skoda Repair of jammed brake caliper LUCAS. Replacing the air conditioner clutch for Audi A6 C5. Air Conditioner Compressor Bearing Replacement. Noise from air conditioner clutch bearing Golf MK Automatics. Autoconditioners from A to Z.

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Добрый день. Решил поделиться своим опытом так, как не нашел в сети именно по этой модели. Имеется golf 4 1.8T AGU с неработающим кондиционером. Diagnosis by a tester revealed that the resistance of the electromagnetic clutch is 0 and when forcibly powered clutch does not work. The situation is that the car is not required so far and it stands. It was decided to try to resuscitate the clutch and if not, look for used ones at salvage yards. I will not describe how to remove the clutch, as many times described how to replace the bearing of the air conditioner compressor, and this is the same. I think that this type of repair will do everything, since the inside of the coil can not burn out because it’s all filled very well)))

After removing the bearing, there is another retaining ring that holds the clutch, after removing the latter need to unscrew the two tapping screws that hold the wire and here’s the clutch in your hands.

Carefully knock down a protective layer, be sure at 45 degrees that suddenly would not cut off a wire if you beat at 90 degrees.

Approximately opposite to a connector will be type of the thermistor, a steel wire of smaller section, here it and burns out.

I decided to remove the entire protective layer, but you can not remove it, but only from the beginning to the end of the wire connection. When the connections are done, check the continuity of the winding inside by probing with a multimeter from the connector to the end of the winding. If both ends are ringing then all is well and all is well inside. We save both ends with copper wire, I found only the same section, I did not want to go somewhere in the store, so I found at home.

After soldering check the resistance, I had about 6 ohms, I put on a multimeter 200 ohms and it showed 06.1. For greater certainty and understanding of the principle of this clutch connected to a power 12 and oh well, the magnetite))))

I didn’t put it back in, because it was filled with a lot of water, I just put a new wire with some momentum and that’s it. Thought it would be better to cool))))

The cause of overheating, in my version, were clogged air ducts which are on the metal part.

All these channels were clogged with some kind of slag, I do not understand what. Cleaned and washed everything. Put it back in place the clutch seizes and cranks the compressor. Все получилось. Все спасибо за внимание. Думаю кому-нибудь помогу)))

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