Air filter for brushcutter with your own hands

How to repair a lawn mower?

of the homestead or yard area is not without the help of a lawn mower. This tool gets the most work during the warm season. Before you start using your brushcutter it should be properly prepared. It is also important to monitor the serviceability of the tool and fix the breakdowns on time. The most common faults can be repaired yourself by learning a bit more about lawn mowers.

The lack of oil mixed with petrol leads to increased wear on the piston/cylinder group. Over-oil in the mix, although not as fatal, is also detrimental. Piston rings might get caked, there might be rapid formation of soot in the combustion chamber and engine output might drop. The muffler mesh screen also becomes clogged. Therefore, some users (after the end of the warranty period on the grass trimmer for grass) recommend dismantling it.

Gasoline used in brushcutters AI 92. The brand of gasoline is specified precisely in the instruction manual. Do not try to force the engine by filling it with gasoline of 95. This can lead to overheating, unstable operation of the grass trimmer for grass and breakage.

It is not recommended to leave fuel in the grass trimmer’s tank during a long break in operation. It is best to finish the day’s work after you’ve used up all the gasoline. If it is not done, then, because overnight the gasoline from the engine will evaporate, but a thin film of oil remains, the carburetor jets may be clogged. This will cause difficulty the next time you start the engine.

You should also be careful when storing fuel. Many people put gasoline in a plastic water bottle. Is it worth to do so?

Why is there oil in the air filter in the trimmer?

Greetings friends on the site of repair your own hands. In practice, there are very few motorists who estimate a condition of air filter. As a rule, the turn comes to it only when there is a clear malfunction of the engine or when changing the oil. Lawnmower repair is performed in the oil if the air filter is removed and. And in vain.

The condition of this element can tell you a lot about the power unit and some of its problems.

In particular, oil in the air filter appears when piston rings are worn, the drain of the central oil slinger is clogged and other problems. The Oil in the Air Filter. Causes and Cures. But about all in detail.

What is the function of the air filter?

Why do you need an air filter? ? It is through this assembly that air is drawn in, which then mixes with the fuel and enters the combustion chamber. The filter, in turn, cleans the incoming air flow of dust and dirt.

If this is not done, the parts will wear out much faster, and the issue of engine failure will become a matter of a few months. Many motorists underestimate the importance of a clean filter. It is a mistake.

Defect of this unit or its pollution in the best case can lead to higher fuel consumption and car characteristics deterioration, and in the worst case. to the failure of expensive units of the fuel system or the engine itself.

What to pay attention to when you see oil?

So, it is time to change the filter element. You examine a unit and find particles of oil on it.

Do not ignore this problem, because it may indicate the beginning of destructive processes inside the power unit.

So what causes oil in the air filter? Sometimes even experienced car owners can’t give an answer to this question.

Of course, it may seem that there is no connection between the air filter and the crankcase. But that is not the case.

filter, brushcutter, your, hands

In addition to the main flow, which goes through the main opening, there is an additional. Crankcase gases are directly involved in the formation of the latter.

In some cases, they may well go with oil particles in the air path, that is, through the filter.

After the combustion of the fuel-air mixture, the gases end up in the engine crankcase. But how?

How to clean a brushcutter air filter ?

Disassembling the engine of a lawn mower that has been sitting for more than two years after breaking down. What were the first faults.

Air filter of a Chinese lawnmower

How to wash or clean the air filter on a lawn trimmer, chainsaw, test subject: Izhmash Industrial Line GT 4350.

If everything is normal, then the products of combustion of fuel are completely out of the cylinders to the outside.

In case of an engine malfunction, some of the gases may remain inside. As a consequence, there is excessive pressure, which leads to damage to the glands

The motor begins to eat oil, and then what happens is what we mentioned above.

What is the cause of oil in the air filter?

Let’s find out why oil in the air filter appears most often in used cars.

Critical wear of the piston rings. Such a malfunction is common with severe engine wear.Consequently, insufficient collection of oil from the cylinder into the crankcase.

Then excessive pressure builds up, which literally squeezes the lubricant out through the vent valve and oil slinger. You know the way forward.

Occurrence of clogs in the drain of the main oil deflector. This type of failure prevents excess oil from returning to the crankcase.

There is no other way for it to go with the crankcase gases. Consequently, excess lubricant ends up on the filter.

Blockages in the paths through which the crankcase gases are redirected behind the throttle. For example, one of the ducts or hoses may be clogged. 2.look for why the spark plug was not in the air filter. In this case, the flow of crankcase gases drives oil into the air filter. You can see the result.

Dirty filter element. Such problems can be caused by untimely filter change. In this situation, the air has a hard time getting into the engine.

The latter starts to pressurize and draw air from other places (the crankcase becomes one of the sources). So changing the filter element on time is very important.

What to do if there is oil in the air filter?

If such unpleasant symptoms occur, proceed as follows:

Check the compression in all cylinders of the engine. The normal value is 11 to 15. In this case it is allowed a small deviation of compression in cylinders (by 1-2).

If the pressure in one or more cylinders is less, then we can talk about an apparent malfunction of the engine. wear of the rings or insufficient adherence or burnout of the valves.

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If after checking the compression is normal, then there is no serious reason to worry about oil in the air filter.

As a rule, this phenomenon can be caused by clogged filter element or clogged hoses (we have already mentioned this). You can solve the problem by cleaning the ducts or replacing the hoses.

Now you know where the oil in the air filter comes from, and what to do in such a situation.

The main thing. do not ignore the problem in any case. Otherwise you can bring the case to overhaul, and it is already a completely different level of costs.

If you detect and correct the problem in time, you will save the engine and money in your wallet. Good luck on the roads and of course without breakages.

Repair of the lawnmower with their own hands: malfunctions and their elimination

One of the basic garden tools in the garden or in the cottage is a lawn mower or grass trimmer. Gardeners use this tool for mowing grass, fighting weeds, mowing the lawn. Like any other tool, the grass trimmer for grass requires careful maintenance and routine repair of lawnmowers with their own hands.

What to do if the engine won’t start?

If you can not start the lawnmower, then the first thing to do is to check the presence of fuel in the tank and its quality. For refueling it is recommended to use high-quality gasoline, bought at gas stations, which brand should not be lower than АI-92. Saving on cheap fuel can cause damage to the cylinder and piston assembly, which can cost one third of the value of the brushcutter. It is equally important to prepare a proper fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. The proportion of these components in the mixture is given by the manufacturer in the manual. It is not recommended to mix large quantities of gasoline, because its properties will be lost during long storage. It is better to use a freshly prepared mixture.

When preparing the fuel mixture, add oil to petrol with a medical syringe so that the correct proportions of ingredients can be achieved

The fuel filter in the tank may also obstruct the lawn mower engine. So if you have problems with starting the engine check the filter. If necessary, replace the filter. Do not leave the fuel filter on the inlet hose.

The air filter also needs to be checked. If dirty, remove the part, wash it in gasoline in the field and put it back. In the country house or at home the filter can be washed in water, using a detergent. After that the filter is rinsed, squeezed and dried. The dried filter is moistened with a little oil that is used to make the fuel mixture. Remove excess oil by squeezing the filter with your hands. Then the part is installed in place. The cover is put back on after removing and secured with screws.

The air filter, washed in fuel mixture, squeezed and dried, is installed in place in the plastic housing and closed with a cover

How to do this procedure in more detail you can see at

If all the above procedures are carried out, and the engine does not start, then adjust its idle speed by twisting the carburetor screw. In the video, placed at the beginning of the article, attention is paid to this issue.

Repair of brushcutter bar. Initial diagnosis of the grass trimmer.

The proper operation of the engine and the lawnmower as a whole is affected by a myriad of factors that are usually interrelated. If you can’t determine the problem. contact a trusted service center.

I would like to note, before proceeding to disassembly and serious repair, you should check the elementary consumables. These “little things” often affect the work and, perhaps, the grass trimmer repair for grass will do so to say “small blood.

Spark plug. no fouling, no electrode gap (0.5-0.6mm. either as per manual), good spark

Fuel filter. no dirt, no mechanical damage, good flow. Periodic replacement according to the maintenance schedule in the instruction manual

Air filter. no chips and contaminants. Periodic cleaning in soapy water and high-pressure blowing. Replace the air element according to the owner’s manual

Let’s take a look at other possible malfunctions:

It is worth noting that many owners confuse air suction with carburetor malfunction. Symptoms of air suction in the engine. a strong overspeed, both short-term and permanent. Or the grasshopper simply refuses to start.

The main causes of air leakage on the Chinese trimmer:

  • the crankshaft oil seal (12227mm small) is leaking. at the side of the starter
  • the crankshaft oil seal (15307mm large) is leaking on the flywheel side
  • the carburetor gaskets are worn
  • crack on the carburetor adapter

Actually, to understand what exactly causes air drainage on a gasoline mower is possible only through a detailed inspection. It is necessary to unscrew, remove and take pains in any case.

Changing the seals of the Chinese grass trimmer.

One of the main causes of air leakage in the engine are the crankshaft oil seals. In general, this problem is the most common on the Chinese trimmers and in some cases, seals start leaking air in the first year of service. The problem is caused by poor-quality rubber products in these mowers, and natural wear and tear, too.

The two sides of the crankshaft have different sized oil seals (12227mm small and 15307mm large). You can safely blame the stuffing box if it begins to “leak. Another indicator of their failure. it floats when running hot. The following is a detailed review of the replacement process.

Replacing the oil seal of the Chinese grass trimmer for grass on the starter side:

Unscrew the spark plug, block the piston movement with the stopper. Remove the starter (n.31). With a 13 mm screwdriver unscrew the starter ratchet (n.35). Traces of gasoline mixture on the oil seal, indicates its replacement. Use a thin flathead screwdriver (or an awl, or whatever you have on hand) to remove the old stuffing box packing (p.36), pick it up with a screwdriver from the crankshaft and remove it.

On the inner surface of the new stuffing box before installing a small amount of oil (you can oil that we use for cooking gasoline mixture)

Blow and degrease the seating place for the gland, evenly install a new gland.

Replace the gasoline grass trimmer oil seal on the flywheel side:

Unscrew the spark plug, blocking the movement of the piston with a stopper.

For convenience remove crankcase cover (n.58) by removing 4 screws (n.61)

Remove the 2 clutch mounting screws (n.57) and washers (nr.56) and remove the complete clutch and washers underneath (n.53)

We unscrew the nut (n.52) replace the flywheel (step 5) by removing the four screws on the thumbwheel (step 6).51) but not all the way out. Slightly tap the nut to “knock it off the crankshaft”. Unscrew the nut, remove the flywheel and the key. Let’s look at the surface of the oil seal. any signs of moisture or dampness, abrasions or other damages on it are a signal to its replacement.

Use a thin flathead screwdriver (or an awl or whatever you have on hand) to remove the old stuffing box packing (n.50), undermine it with a screwdriver from the crankshaft side and remove it.

Before installing the new oil seal, apply a small amount of oil to the inside surface of the seal (you can use the oil you use in your gasoline mixture).

Replacement of the gaskets and carburetor adapter on the Chinese trimmer:

Another cause of air leakage can be a carburetor adapter.

Lawn mower breakdowns. What malfunctions to expect from a chainsaw

The most common breakdowns of chain saws

Many Russians from among the owners of private homes are acquiring chainsaws, helping to quickly put in order the lawn on the lawn. During the operation of the grass trimmer for grass, its mechanisms and assemblies are subjected to intensive loads that can lead to a breakdown of garden equipment. Consumers who need to repair the unit can buy an engine, carburetor adapter or starter for grass trimmers for grass at our company. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of the relevant spare part, owners of garden equipment need to determine the nature of the fault. The most common breakdowns of chain saws will be listed below.

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One of the most common faults of trimmers is the lack of a correct motor response to an attempt to start it. If the lawn mower engine stops immediately after actuating the starter, it is necessary in a certain sequence to make a diagnosis of the power unit. The first step is to check the presence of fuel in the tank, the lack of which is the most harmless cause of problems with starting the motor for grass mowers.

If there is no shortage of gasoline, it is necessary to examine the condition of the spark plug. It is working, if it gives a spark when in contact with the body. In this case the part needs to be cleaned. It is also necessary to dry the spark plug duct. The recommended duration of this procedure is about half an hour.

If the problem with starting the lawnmower engine is not the spark plug, the next step is to check the air filter capacity. In a situation in which, after dismantling the device, the garden equipment began to work, it is necessary to clean or replace the clogged element. Also the reason of problems with starting the lawnmower engine is the exhausted service life of the fuel filter. Its replacement should be performed with the utmost caution. After completing the installation of a new device it is necessary to clean the outlet channel.

If, as a result of the above manipulations, the lawnmower engine still does not want to start, the cause of the failure definitely lies in a faulty carburetor. The device is characterized by a large number of small parts, the displacement of which can lead to a more critical failure. Thus, the independent repair of the carburetor garden equipment in the absence of the necessary skills definitely should not be engaged.

Grass trimmer cutting mechanism does not pick up speed

Another common problem with chain saws is the loss of the ability to accelerate to high speeds. A failure of this nature is usually caused by a deterioration in the transmission of the gearbox, the gears of which are contaminated. Cleaning of gears and their subsequent lubrication will help to eliminate the problem. Successful completion of the procedure will require unscrewing the gear cap, first freeing it from clumps of soil and grass. Then it is necessary to apply the lubricant evenly on gear teeth, turning the blade of the cutting mechanism manually. After the procedure is complete, the unit will operate correctly again.

Common trimmer failures include a significant increase in the temperature of the torque device. High gearbox heating is caused by insufficient or excessive lubrication of the gears. Adjustment can be performed manually based on the results of visual inspection.

Unusual grinding noise is heard during operation of the lawnmower

Gardening equipment that has been in operation for a long time can begin to rattle. Occurrence of an unusual knocking noise during operation of the lawnmower is usually caused by critical wear and tear of the bearing, which must be replaced with a new one. Less often the cause of the rattling sound is loosening of the gearbox, which can be fixed on the tube with a clamp. With this information in hand, lawn mower owners are sure to find the right parts in our store, which also carries starter blades for.

Gasoline trimmers repair.

Gasoline grass trimmer for grass, has in common parlance such names as gasoline trimmer, lawn mower, and is a very common tool in the garden and vegetable plot. Quickly tidies up spontaneously growing grass. Lawn in perfect order, unfortunately, this is not about gasoline trimmers. On the lawn, you can only mow areas where the lawnmower is not suitable.

Before the start of the season the tool is brought into working order. If this is the case after the season is over, the mower is serviced, the cutting line is checked or the cutting blades are resharpened. The fuel mixture is added to the tank immediately before use.

It often happens after the winter, if the tool has not been serviced engine does not start, or stalls, does not pick up revolutions. It is a question of troubleshooting and repair. To do the lawnmower repair yourself, you need to know about its construction and how its major components work.

How to clean an air filter on your brushcutter?

How a domestic lawnmower works.

A long tubular rod is attached to the gearbox of the two-stroke combustion engine. The shaft inside the boom carries the torque from petrol engine to the cutter bar. The line or blades rotate at a speed of 10 000 to 13 000 rpm. Gear case has holes in the protective housing that can be greased with a grease gun. For ease of use, the manufacturer has equipped the tool with a special adjustable strap that slings over your shoulder. A cutting attachment is delivered with the brushcutters: The line, which varies in thickness from 1.6 to 3 mm, is mounted in the trimmer head. The lines are subject to wear and tear when cutting the grass. The line can be changed quickly and easily in two ways: by winding a line of the same diameter on the bobbin or by mounting a new spool with the line already wound. Fold the measured piece of line so that one end is 15 cm longer than the other. Insert the loop into the slot on the spool and wind it in the direction of the arrow. Steel blades with double-sided sharpening lawnmower for clearing the site of weeds, small bushes, tough grass. The blades differ in shape as well as the number of cutting surfaces. On the U, D or T-shaped handle attached to the shaft, there are the control levers for the brushcutter. Cutting mechanism is enclosed by a special casing.

The engine of a ride-on lawn mower is filled with a mix of gasoline and oil which is added to the fuel tank. Fuel and oil should be mixed in the proportions recommended by the brushcutter manufacturer.

What should you do if the engine will not start?

If the mower fails to start, the first thing to do is to check the fuel level in the tank and check its quality. It is recommended to use quality gasoline, purchased at gas stations, which brand should not be lower than АI-92, to fill the tool. Saving on low fuel can break the cylinder and piston assembly, the repair cost of which can be one-third of the value of the brushcutter. It is equally important to make a proper fuel mixture of petrol and oil. Proportional ratio of these components of the mixture is specified by the manufacturer in the manual. It is not a good idea to mix large quantities of fuel, because storing it for too long looses its properties. It is better to use a freshly prepared mixture. To make the fuel mixture, add oil to the gasoline with a hypodermic needle so you know the correct proportions of ingredients Contamination of the fuel filter in the tank can also prevent the lawn mower’s engine from working. If you have problems with starting the engine, check the condition of the filter. Replace the filter if necessary. Do not leave the inlet without the fuel filter.

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The air filter also needs to be checked. If dirty, remove the part, wash it in gasoline in the field and reinstall it. In the country house or at home, the filter can be washed in water using a detergent. Rinse, squeeze, and dry the filter afterward. The dried filter is moistened with a small amount of oil used to prepare the fuel mixture. remove excess oil by squeezing the filter with your hands. Then reassemble the part. Replace the cover and fasten it with the screws. An air filter that has been washed in fuel mixture, squeezed and dried is put back in its plastic housing and sealed with a lid. If you have performed all the above procedures and the engine still fails to start, check the fuel supply, the spark plug sparking and the condition of the cylinder head. These things should preferably be done in a service center.

Tips for starting the machine quickly.

So, in order: Lay the tool on its side so that the air filter is at the top. This positioning of the chainsaw ensures that the fuel mixture enters exactly at the bottom of the carburetor. The engine will start on the first try if you remove the air filter and pour a few drops of mixture into the carburetor before starting, then put the removed parts back in place. The method is proven in practice. If the first tip doesn’t work, the problem is probably the spark plug. In this case, unscrew the spark plug and check its performance, as well as dry the combustion chamber. Replace a spark plug that doesn’t show any signs of life with a new one. If the spark plug is in good condition, the filters are clean and the fuel mixture is fresh, you can use the universal method of starting the engine. Close the carburetor choke and pull the starter grip once. Then open the choke and pull the starter 2-3 more times. Repeat the procedure three to five times. The engine will definitely start. Some with such force pull the handle, that we have to make repairs of the starter lawnmower with their own hands. This is only possible if the cable is torn or the cable grip is broken. In other cases it is recommended to replace the starter. This assembly is sold as a complete unit.

How to properly replace the spark plug.

The procedure is as follows: Stop the engine and wait until it cools down. Disconnect the high-voltage wire from the spark plug. Unscrew the part using a special wrench. Inspect the spark plug for replacement. Replace the part if it is defective, heavily contaminated, or has a crack in the housing. Check the gap between the electrodes. Its value should be 0.6 mm. Use a wrench to tighten the new spark plug while it is inserted in the engine. Install the high-voltage wire on the center electrode of the spark plug. As you can see, there is nothing very complicated about this procedure. A new spark plug for the two-stroke internal combustion engine of the gasoline grass mower is installed to replace the old part that has failed

Why does the lawnmower stop after starting?

The engine may stop after starting if the carburettor is set incorrectly or if the carburettor is misaligned. By what signs you can understand that the cause is really there? Very simply, by vibrations that will be clearly felt when the lawn mower is running. You can adjust the fuel supply with your own hands, doing everything that is written in the instruction manual of the tool. The engine may be stuck because of a clogged fuel valve. The cause is eliminated by cleaning the carburettor. If the lawnmower starts and then suddenly stops, it means that the fuel supply to the carburetor is obstructed. Loosen the carburetor valves to allow enough fuel to get to the carburetor. Excessive air suction can also cause the engine to stall. Increase engine rpm to allow air bubbles to escape more quickly from the fuel system of the machine. Also be sure to check the fuel intake hose for continuity. If mechanical damage is detected (cracks, punctures, etc.).п.), replace the part.

How to clean and store the tool.

The machine is equipped with a hydraulic oil removing valve and a fuel filter. The bores in the starter housing and the cylinder fins must always be clean. If you ignore this condition and keep operating your brushcutter, it may cause the engine to overheat. Proper care of your chain saw during operation allows you to use it for several seasons in a row without the need for major repairs Before cleaning, allow the engine to cool down. Take a soft bristle brush and wipe off dirt on the outside. Clean plastic parts with solvents, including kerosene, or special detergents.

After the summer season is over the lawnmower should be prepared for long term storage. To do this, the fuel mixture is drained from the tank. Then the engine is started in order to exhaust the residual fuel in the carburetor. The entire tool is well cleaned of dirt and sent to “winter hibernation”. As you can see, you can carry out the repair of faults of the domestic lawnmower quite by your own efforts. It is worth going to the service department in case of serious breakdowns. The cost of repair must be weighed against the price of a new lawnmower. It may be more sensible to buy a new mower.

How to choose a grass trimmer air filter

It’s no secret that the presence of a functional modern grass trimmer for grass allows for minimal effort to effectively maintain the beauty of the lawns of the owners of country cottages, summer cottages or private houses. Domestic models are well suited for the treatment of small areas. Featuring compact size, excellent performance, light weight and good operating life, chainsaws of famous brands cope wonderfully with their practical functions.

Despite all the reliability of garden equipment, violation of operating rules, as well as the lack of regular maintenance, lead to the fact that grass trimmers for grass can fail.

Often the lawn trimmer air filter needs to be replaced due to natural wear and tear. Such a detail is designed to hold small mechanical particles that fall into the equipment from the outside during the work of the gasoline tool. In structural terms, this element for the gasoline trimmer is a kind of ring or a kind of plate, which can be made of the following materials:

Changing the brushcutter air filter is not a problem. Usually, the air filter is placed into the protective cover that closes the cover, which is fixed with clips or bolts, and which is attached to the side of the tool body. Easily disassemble the design, you can install new material.

Anyone can order a grass trimmer air filter by using the services of our online store “Benzo-Zip”. The virtual showcase presents a balanced, high quality range adapted for use on all models of brushcutters. In our catalog you will find original or high quality grass trimmer air filters of popular brands in Ukraine:

All components we sell are tested by the manufacturer for functional interaction with the main technical units of the grass trimmer, as evidenced by the availability of appropriate certificates.

Our brushcutter parts, whether it’s the clutch or the starter for your brushcutter, are designed to fully support the original performance of your garden tool.

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