Alteration of a rotary mower for a walk -behind tractor for a mini -tractor. How to make a tractor…

DIY mower: chain and disk for MTZ. Rotor Homemade Senukilka with your own hands

To date, the variety of technology, which belongs to the agricultural direction, does not cease to surprise each of us. Undoubtedly, the main area of ​​activity of each of them is the relief of human labor regarding the works of agricultural nature. After all, we all know how difficult it was our ancestors who, in order to simply feed themselves and their families, spent all day in the fields in order to bring their land into proper form and therefore gather a good harvest, and a lot of effort was spent on it, because they worked with using manual homemade tools.

Fortunately, we are much easier for us now, because technologies are developing daily and raised to sufficiently large heights. All that is required of us is to sit comfortable behind the wheel and simply manage the management that will do all the work for a person. Undoubtedly, there are a great many units who are ready to help us in this difficult matter and what kind of lawnical mower to choose to decide only for you.

Homemade 90 Degree Gearbox

Therefore, it can be said without a share of exaggeration that the progress of the technical direction fully complies with all the requirements regarding the tools.

Actually, we will talk about one of them in this article, namely about a rotary mower, which today is very popular among landowners. You can learn about the principle of its work and about the aspects of its device.

over, given that such a tool is enough, let’s say, not cheap, we will tell you how to make this unit with your own hands. So, let’s actually start considering this topic.

Principle of operation

First of all, it is worth noting that this kind of mechanism is intended for work, which are performed in meadows and fields, namely, relating to the mowing. over, these can be not only cultures that are grown in the agricultural area, but the device is also quite easily and simply capable of cope with weeds, which in fact also overwhelm our fields.

Using a detailed repair instructions, Khuskvarna 137, you easily eliminate the malfunctions in the work of the saw.

There are a huge number of nozzles for a chainsaw, here // MachinSpec.COM/Lesozagotovitelnaya/Benzopila/Nasadki.html you will find the one that is suitable for your work.

On this site you will find an introductory video about the Stihl 180 chainsaw, which will tell you about the proper operation of the tool.

It is precisely this kind of activity that is the main direction of the functionality of a rotary mowel, which are peculiar trailers to the tractor that moves them.

It is worth noting that this mower has three types of peculiar accession to transport, namely: a hinged, trailed and semi.wainted way.

over, this cutting device has the possibility of a kind of separation, which consists in the fact that the tool can be installed as from the side of the braid, in the front, as well as in the rear area of ​​the device.

As for the start of the operation of the mowing of this kind of direction, it actually can be carried out both from the transmission of the tractor itself and by moving the wheels of this vehicle. On the frame made of metal, the support wheel is attached, it is it that has an element with the cutting.

Actually producing its movement, it, let’s say, provokes a cutting system to move, it is thanks to this kind of process that the mowing itself is produced.

over, this kind of mitch can have the presence of three peculiar knives. In fact, their number directly depends on the model of the device itself.

It is worth noting that such a number of these elements is the most optimal and effective, as the productivity level of the tool itself increases. And in general, rotary mowers have quite significant indicators relatively safe and quality.

Homemade rotary mower for a mini-tractor: how to make?

In the photo you can see a home-made mower for a mini-tractor. This device is a frame, a set of knives installed on the disks, and the casing. This design works thanks to the shaft of the tractor drive shaft. Movement on the Earth is carried out using the lower disks.

The process of installing a homemade rotary mower for a mini-tractor:

  • We take the scrap metal collected and build a welded frame from it, which should consist of angles 40 cm each. We cook knives for the future device.
  • We make two metal disks, the thickness of which should be 4 mm and diameter 39 cm. In this case, the best option would be to use the lower part of the unnecessary iron trunk.
  • Attach the knives to the finished disks. The most important. Ensure their free rotation. To do this, you will need discs that were previously used for a hoe. Their diameter should be about 45 cm. The axis will require an old iron pipe with a diameter of 30 mm. Bearings should also be installed: one for a pulley, the other for the pipe.
  • Then fix the knives on the shaft axis. You will need to install pulleys on the pipe using welding.

Read how to assemble a rotary mowing of a fox

This design will have the following characteristics:

Homemade segment mower for a mini-tractor

To create a segmented lawn mower with your own hands, you will need much more effort and time. The segment mower is based on a crooked-shaped mechanism.

The knives of the device in this case resemble connecting saws that work on the principle of scissors. Detailed instructions for creating such a design are presented in the video.

To make a segmented lawn mower for a mini.tractor, you will need to do work in a certain sequence, namely:

  • You can choose the width of each segment yourself, but in this case the value of 7.2 cm is used. First you need to install the angular gearbox on the base, that is, on the beam. This part has a shaft, we attach a hub to it. The displacement in this case will be about 32 cm.
  • For the main finger, put on the bowl for which we will later make a hole in the knife.
  • Reductor shaft and shaft must be connected.
  • Install the pulley on the shaft.
  • You can use the wheels from the old junk to make the rear axle. Their goal will be to prevent clogging of the device and adjust the height for mowing.

The main point in the answer to the question of how to install a lawn mower on a mini.tractor is to ensure a high level of safety, since such a device can be very dangerous for both the user and others. That is why you need to carefully prepare for such work, study all the nuances, and then install a segment mowing on a mini.tractor or its analogue. Turning. It will not be difficult for you and will not cause any problems with it. Operation.

Types of mowers for a walk.behind tractor

Several types of mowers are distinguished, a detailed description of which will be given below:


Rotor lawn mower. ideal for a summer cottage. In its functioning, the principle of braids for grass is laid: thanks to the rotation of the integrated legs, a rather powerful air flow forms at a huge speed that draws the grass inside the structure or throws it back in the other direction. There are 2 types of rotary lawn mowers:

  • Electric. The advantage of such a device is noiselessness, environmental friendliness. The mechanism is quite light, has a low cost, easy to operate. The downside of the instrument is its binding to the outlet or other power source. As a rule, such mowers have small power. The electric device may suit the owners of small lawns.
  • Gasoline. With such an unit, no thickets and territories are afraid of you. The braid has high power, it has no binding to the power source. The disadvantages of the model include great weight, noise when working and, of course, exhaust gases.

Did you know? The simplest mower. a trimmer for grass, was invented in 1971 in the USA, Texas.

Also on the site you will come in handy a lawn mower. With it, you can mulch the lawn, and in cases of breakdown, the lawn mower can be repaired with your own hands.


If you need to get rid of high grass, you should use this particular type of haying. Thanks to the segmented knives and the features of the apparatus, the cutting of the grass occurs smoothly, which allows it to evenly lay it on the surface. The power level of this type of device ranges from 3 to 6 horsepower. A similar technique has a capture width up to 120 cm. Separate models can be equipped with special mechanisms that allow you to work at 7 speeds.

The device is able to overcome weeds, the thickness of the stems of which is up to 3 cm. Due to the availability of adjustments, you can set a mowing height parameter. Several types of adjustments are distinguished:

  • stepped: it is necessary to set a specific height of the proposed;
  • smooth: it is possible to choose a height included in the limits established by the manufacturer.

Important! Protise yourself before using the mower: check whether the bolts on which knives and discs are fixed are well tightened.


This type is the most interesting. It can be safely called universal, since the characteristics allow you to use the tool in summer and winter. In the winter season, the mower will easily cope with the functions of the snowman. Using such a tool, you can mow hard grass and remove the ice crust.

How to make a tractor from a motor block with your own hands drawings. The advantages of the mini.vector

Among the main advantages of a home.made technical means, one should first note the lower cost in comparison with ready.made analogues. In addition, such an unit will not require a lot of storage space. Now it is clear why most owners of personal plots want to know how to make a mini.tractor from a walk.behind tractor with their own hands.

At the same time, do not forget about the efficiency of a home.made device, because it does not need a lot of fuel

for spare parts also have a pretty attractive cost, and they are easy to purchase. If you install a tire of tire with a deep tread on a home.made tractor, then the unit will receive good cross. No less important characteristic of the device is its small dimensions.

To make a minister with your own hands from a walk.behind tractor, you need to have a certain set of knowledge and make friends with tools.

Before starting work to create this technical means, it is worth studying several drawings and read the relevant literature. Units from various manufacturers have unique technical characteristics. which affects the list of necessary work on modernization.

Today on the market you can find models equipped with seats adapters. As a result, the process of creating a home.made minitator from the walk.behind tractor will be even simpler. However, if the adapter is absent, then making it with your own hands will not be so difficult. Many owners of personal plots prefer the units “Salyut”, “Neva” and some Chinese models. To make a tractor from a walk.behind tractor with your own hands, except for the base device, you will need:

How to make a tractor from a walk.behind tractor with your hands. We make a homemade mini.tractor from the walk.behind tractor with our own hands. instructions, video minister from a walk.behind tractor.

The mechanization of work in your country or personal plot allows you to turn routine responsibilities into fairly light and even pleasant activities, since in this case the main load falls on various technical means, and the owner can only control them. Such a universal assistant is deservedly considered a single tractor. However, many mistakenly believe that its acquisition will solve almost all the problems of processing the land, but this is not always the case. Nevertheless, the same.based tractor, for example, “Neva”, can be used to create a more complex and effective unit. a home.made mini.tractor.

Reliable assistant in a personal plot. a mini.tractor from a walk.behind tractor.

The advantages of ministers collected on their own should be primarily attributed to their price, which is much lower than the cost of a finished adapter for a walk.behind tractor. In addition, such an unit does not take up much space, so you will not have to build a separate garage for it. A homemade mini.tractor, in addition, is quite economical, works on a pair of liters inexpensive fuel and develops speed up to 30 km/h. And spare parts for such an unit can be bought almost everywhere and quite cheap.

The mini.tractor assembled on its own, when installing tires with a deep tread, has high ability and excellent clutch with soil. And rather compact dimensions make it possible to work even in personal plots, densely planted with trees, and the adjacent territory without causing damage to asphalt or paving slabs.

In principle, any master who is friends with equipment and tools can do a powerful and reliable unit with your own hands for households. However, before constructing a mini.tractor, you will need to study a large number of different drawings and schemes, read a lot of useful literature and watch a video. It is worth saying that there is no universal scheme and drawings in order to assemble a home-made minitator from the motorcycle unit. The fact is that units of different manufacturers are distinguished by their design, power and many others.

Manufacturers produce ready.made sites with seat, allowing you to convert some motoblock models into a mini.tractor with their own hands. Such units include Neva, Zzur, Argo and most Chinese models. If such an adapter is not provided for a walk.behind tractor, then you have to make it yourself. This method will take more time than installing an adapter, but less financial costs.

In addition to Neva or Salute, the Neva or Salute

  • pair of suitable wheels;
  • metal pipes and corners, as well as a sheet of stainless steel;
  • drill and welding machine;
  • comfortable armchair;
  • set of tools;
  • Non.mounted equipment.

The choice of the appropriate walk.behind tractor

Union tractor “Neva” is a great choice for remaking

First of all, for a mini.vector, select a suitable model of a walk.behind tractor. It is necessary to take into account all important parameters:

Now consider each of these characteristics in more detail.

Power. This parameter directly depends on the area that is supposed to be processed. Respectively, the larger the site, the higher the power of the walk.behind.

The weight of the unit depends on the type of processed soil. In the event that for solid soil, select a light plow, then the future mini.tractor is unlikely to cope with its purpose. That is, the more complicated the soil in processing, the harder you need a single tractor, and vice versa.

The gasoline engine works quieter than diesel, and besides, thanks to low compression, even in severe cold, it starts from the half.turn. However, the diesel is more economical, has a stronger craving and stability. Also, the diesel engine copes better with heavy soils and large areas.

To decide on the size of the plow, you should take into account the depth of future processing, your patience and readiness for physical activity. It is best to choose a collapsible model with the ability to adjust the width. This will allow you to configure the plow with your own hands in accordance with a specific situation.

Step-by-step instruction

First of all, you should develop a kinematic scheme of the future mini.tractor. If there is a certain experience, then you can make such a scheme yourself or find ready.made options on the Internet. It is possible that it will be lucky to find the drawings of the alteration of the mini.vector from the walk.behind tractor for a particular model. This will greatly facilitate further work. In addition, you can find a lot of video materials on the Internet, which shows the assembly and modernization of such units.

Frame and body

Metal corners and pipes can serve as a material for the manufacture of frames. To fasten various elements, it is better to apply a bolted connection, which means that the presence of a drill, as well as a welding machine, is required, since you can’t do without welding. It is advisable to achieve the optimal ratio of the weight of the frame and strength.

Making a body or not is already a matter of taste. However, with the body, a mini.tractor, for example, on the basis of Neva, looks more presentable, and besides, additional protection is created from the dirt of the driver and various nodes. For the body it is best to use stainless steel. guide for the manufacture of various types of mowers and their components

In this section, we will talk about the manufacture of both individual blocks and completely completed units. Many actions applicable to one block or device can also be applicable to others, because it all depends on the available materials and the design of the mower. For example, the drive of a floating mechanism of a rotary mower can be applied to a segmented device with a variable angle of inclination.

Rotor mower made of car semi.shafts

For the manufacture of such a mechanism, you will need:

  • the old from the old “Lada” or “Volga”;
  • Peninsula bearings (2 pcs);
  • semi.shaft plates (2 pcs);
  • pulp of a generator or air conditioner;
  • a steel stocking or a bridge case from the same car as the semi.axis;
  • a stamped disk suitable for the hub of this car;
  • sheet steel 2–4 mm thick;
  • fingers for agricultural machinery with a thickness of 8-10 mm;
  • washers with an outer diameter of 12–16 mm; cords;
  • Unnecessary sickle.

You will also need the following tools:

  • corner grinder;
  • welding inverter;
  • semi-automatic welding;
  • taps and dies;
  • drill;
  • set of wrenches;
  • vise;
  • Steel workbench.
  • Measure the required height of the stocking and cut it with a corner grinder.
  • Choose a bearing, the inner diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the shaft of the half.axle.
  • Pick up a steel pipe, the inner diameter of which is equal to the outer diameter of the bearing, and cut a piece of 5 cm long from it, this will be the upper support of the shaft.
  • Put on the second bearing on the half.shaft so that it plays beyond the edge of the stocking 1 cm and weld it to the shaft with a semiautomatic device. If there are a pair of rings for such a semi.shaft, then fix the bearing with their help.
  • Insert the half.axes into the stocking and fasten the plate with bolts.
  • Put on the upper bearing of the trumpet of the pipe and grab it in several places with welding, then make sure that the semi.shaft is easily rotated. If it is jammed or spinning tightly, it means that the second bearing is installed with a distort, cut the poet with a corner grinding grinder and properly place the trumpets of the pipe on the cut of the stocking. Fix it with your hand and scroll the half.axle again, if everything is fine, then in several places grab it with welding to the stocking.
  • Unscrew the bolts and pull out the half.shaft, then weld the upper support of the shaft to the stocking.
  • Inspect the pulley, if it is made of steel, then cut the half.suction so that it protrudes over the upper support of 2 cm, then weld the pulley strictly in the center at an angle of 90 degrees. If it is cast.iron or brass, then set the shaft of the half.shaft so that it enters the pulley with a slight interference. If you fasten the pulley using a key and nut, then cut the shaft so that after twisting the nut it protrudes 0.5 cm above it and cut the thread, then cut the place for the gap for the corner with a corner with a corner. If the pulley is fixed with a bolt screwed into the side, then set the shaft of the half.shaft so that it enters the pulley with force, then drill a hole for a fixing bolt with a depth of 2-3 mm. Remember, the height of the pulp of the braid should not differ from the height of the pulmonary pulmonary pulley more than 1 cm, otherwise the likelihood of a belt jumping sharply increases.
  • Weld the fasteners to the stocking, which will connect the unoic tractor and a hinged device.
  • Install the lever with the roller that will connect the mower to the pulmonary puller pulley.
  • Install the attachment equipment on a single tractor, then, by starting it, check the clutch operation.
  • If everything is fine, remove the mounting device on the workbench.
  • Cut the stamped disk so that only the part on which the fasteners are located remains. Also cut the rim from it, which fixes the tire.
  • Screw this wrapping to the assembled semi.shaft, then fix the device so that the trim of the wheel rotates parallel to the edge of the workbench. Wrap the rope on the pulley and with its help, spin the semi.axle, if there is no vibration, then everything is done correctly, if at least a small vibration is felt, inject the wheel disk.
  • Cut the ring from the leaf steel, on which the knives will be installed and, carefully assent, weld it to the trimmed wheel disk. Some masters advise brewing a whole disk in the shape of a plate there, but this design greatly complicates the dismantling of the wheel disk and the maintenance of the mowing.
  • Make a plate that will protect the knives from contact with the ground. It can be made of metal with a thickness of 1-2 mm, and its shape does not have much significance, the main thing is that it moves the knives from the ground by 1-3 cm, then weld it to the disk from the bottom.
  • Balance the finished disk and, if everything is fine, drill 4 holes under the cutting knives. The diameter of the holes is equal to the diameter of the fingers.
  • From the old sickle, cut 4 knives with a triangular or rectangular shape of the same size, then drill a hole for the finger in them.
  • Collect the entire structure with fingers and shplints, but without knives, then admit it.
  • After making sure that everything is fine, install the knives, then put the mower on the same.based tractor and start the engine. Tilt the one.axle tractor so that the cutting disc rises above the ground, then add revolutions to 2/3 of the maximum and turn on the clutch. If you did everything right, then the vibration will not become stronger, if some detail is not embarrassed, then the one-axine tractor will begin to tremble hard.
  • Carry out a trial mowing, then drown out the engine, then carefully check the mitch, if everything is fine, then the device is ready to use.

How to make a oneover mower?

Despite the fact that the procedure is largely similar to the described in the previous section, much depends on the availability of a particular material.

The general concept of mowing is the same as the one that is described earlier, that is, the bearings fixed in the tubular case, which hold the shaft equipped with a cutting tool, so the differences relate only to the use of various materials.

Reduced rotary mowel dawn a month later. We carry hay on a walk.behind tractor

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Why and how to build a hay

A place for storage in the farm of volumetric feed is far from easy to find.

microfarming permabed building, BCS walkbehind and attachments

These are large volumes of stored mass.For one cow it takes at least three tons per season, which is 12-15 rolls, and also straw, plus feeding for young animals. And therefore often try to make a special room for such feed.

But I always advise everyone to ask themselves the question- what is the economic benefit of such investments. Do you always need to build it.

Let’s see what the villagers will answer this.

First opinion: “Even if for sale. Whose roll will be more attractive for the buyer, my green hay or rotten and ice cream. Why shouldn’t we respect our work?””

The second answer: “We have great humidity and taiga grass. Without removing the rolls in time under the shelter, in winter you have to cut rolons with a chainsaw and throw a crust with a thickness of 5 cm. Even having folded them in a skin and without covering the top with banners well, you will get the lower rolls spilled and sipped.Today I shot a video about how we are tormented every winter, and this is more than 300 P-110 rolls “

Working rules

To make the grass worthy and effective, follow the following rules:

  • Carefully study the operating manual of the walk.behind tractor and mowing, as well as these documents at least 1-2 times a year.
  • Before each use of this technique, carefully check its condition.
  • Put on boots or boots to protect your legs, as well as clothes without any dangling straps or other fragments that can tighten wheels or belt drive.
  • Do not use such a technique, feeling malaise or being under the influence of drugs affecting the adequacy and reaction rate.
  • Before starting the engine of the walk.behind tractor, make sure that no one is standing in front of the mowing and its drive is disconnected.
  • Choose the right speed. At optimal speed, the attachment equipment effectively mowns any grass, and if the engine is falling, then it is slightly.
  • For any actions with plates and knives, be sure to kill the engine of the walk.behind tractor and wait for a complete stop of all details.
  • Starting to mow, make sure that there are no people or animals near the site.
  • If you need to mow grass or hay in a large area, then move around the perimeter of the territory, gradually and evenly approaching its center.
  • Do not fix the switching leverage of the walk-behind tract, as well as the adhesion of the wheel drive, otherwise you will not be able to quickly stop the device if there is some kind of unforeseen situation.

Discussions on the forums

Users of Internet forums discuss hinged rotary mowers for walkways, as well as everything related to their modernization and use. We have prepared links to the most interesting of these discussions:

We have collected several videos where the owners or operators of hinged rotary mowers installed on various motoblocks talk about their equipment and show its work.

The device of the mowing handle

You can use a metal profile as a handle for a home.made mowing, the length and width of which should be calculated taking into account the growth of the user.

In the process of moving the installation, a person should not bend and experience any discomfort. For the mobility of the installation, small wheels are used, which can be taken from furniture or baby stroller.

Do not use too large details that can disrupt the function of the lawn mower.

Creation of a lawn mower from a washing machine

Making a lawn mower with a motor from a washing machine is quite simple for a beginner. To do this, take into account the algorithm during the assembly process:

  • To do this, use a motor equipped with a launch relay and a condenser;
  • After that, we will use a metal sheet, the size of which should be 35 by 55 cm. In the center we make a through hole that helps to remove the torque on the engine outside the cutting zone;
  • Gently fix the engine in the middle of the iron frame so that its active part protrudes a little under a metal sheet.

What will we make a knife from? For this purpose, we will use a steel strip, which we will grind at an acute angle. In the middle we will make a through hole that helps fix it with the driving part of the motor.

  • Now it is necessary to pull out the flange that helps fix the knife and the motor itself. Thus, in the process of starting the device, the cutting part will not be able to jump under the influence of torque.
  • Carefully put on the knife using the flange on the engine shaft itself in its lower part. We will use these goals of several bolts that we will fix on the surface of the shaft. The selection of consumables should be carried out taking into account the thickness of the cutting part and the length of the driving moment.

We fix the wheels with the help of metal corners along the perimeter of the metal sheet. The distance of the knife between the Earth should be 5 cm. Depending on the variety of grass, the position of the cutting base can be changed using bolts.

Before fastening the handle to the surface of the metal sheet, you should carefully remove the electrical wire so as not to damage it during the use of the entire installation.

We will use the island as fixers. Along the perimeter of the metal support, we make 5-6 points that help fix the power source in a stationary state.

Types of devices for various situations

Senage and Silos

For such work, a segmented mower is best suited, because it not only has the greatest performance, but takes away less engine power than any other type of cutting tool.

If you make such a tool are too difficult, make a rotary or saber mower, they are approximately the same in performance and power consumed.

Use a hinged device with a chain cutting tool only in the most extreme case, because in addition to very low performance, it negatively affects the grass, slowing its growth, which will reduce the number of mowing per season.

Cleaning the site from thickets of weeds

The areas overgrown with weeds are often cluttered with branches or stones, and the earth on the surface is covered with potholes and elevations, which complicates the use of any cutting devices, except for chain.

Since there is no task to reduce the traumatic effect on the grass, the main lack of devices of this type is automatically eliminated. And low performance is compensated by the minimum maintenance of such a mower, because the chain does not require editing or sharpening.

Haircuts of lawns

If you need to cut the lawn or any other green area with a flat surface of the soil with the help of a tractor, then a saber and segment cutting tools will cope with this.

However, the saber mowing is much easier in manufacturing and maintenance, in addition, it not only cuts, but also raises crushed grass.

The only conditions on which the effectiveness of the haircut of the saber mowing depends are:

  • A sharply.drawn knife with a wing of aerodynamic shape (you can read more about such knives here);
  • a cover that closes the knife, which increases the effectiveness of creating an air flow;
  • High speed of rotation (2700 and above revolutions per minute).

Therefore, you will have to install a raising gearbox, because the speed of rotation of VOM tractor 540 or 1000 revolutions per minute. But even with such a gearbox, the design of a saber mowing is much easier than its segment analogue.

Cleaning the territory of the tops of potatoes or other crops

If you need a mower only for such use, then choose a chain cutting tool, because it requires a minimum of costs.

However, the maximum efficiency of this device is possible only when its rotor rotates at a speed of 2500 revolutions per minute, and on the top and sides of the chain are closed by the casing.

Когда оба условия соблюдены, раскрученные цепи не только срезают, но и измельчают ботву, превращая ее в хорошую мульчу.

If, in addition to cleaning the territory from the tops, she will have to do other work, then the best choice will be a rotary mower because it combines in itself:

Mowers for different tractors

When developing a mower for a specific tractor model, consider:

  • The power of the engine. the vehicle will have to not only twist the shaft of the cutting tool, but also move the tractor along not too flat land;
  • Type effort. the higher this parameter, the more heavily the tractor can drag the tractor behind him;
  • The speed of rotation of VOM. most tractors of 3 mode of operation of the REDUTOR VOM, which differ in the speed of rotation of the shaft, which must be taken into account in order to ensure the optimal rotation of the shaft of the cutting tool;
  • the place of installation of the mowing. it can be put in front, back or side, and each of the installation options requires a special design of the frame and drive.

Next, we will talk about the features of braids of various types for the most popular tractors models.

This self.propelled chassis was born in the sixties of the twentieth century, but in the nineties its production stopped. Nevertheless, this chassis is still popular due to its versatility and maintainability. Engines with a capacity of 16 liters were installed on this technique. With. (T-16) and 25 l. With. (T-16MG), and the number and location of the VOM depends on the modification.

Here are the main technical characteristics of the tractor:

Due to small weight and power, you can use only relatively small mowers of any type, for example, segmented or multi-generated with a capture width of 1.5–2.2 m, which must be taken into account when making the device with your own hands.

Chain or saber with a capture width 40-60 cm are also suitable, if a wider mowing strip is needed, it is better to install a couple of such mowers with a capture width of 25–45 cm.

Remember, the thicker and tougher the grass, the less the capture width should be, otherwise the tractor engine will operate in overload mode and quickly fail.

This tractor also comes from the sixties of the last century, but, unlike the self.propelled platform, is precisely the tractor. It is equipped with engines with a capacity of 20–40 liters. With., as well as rear.wheel drive, although modern modifications are leading wheels.

Despite the fact that the initial model, which was developed at the Kharkov Tractor Plant in 1966, has already been discontinued, the total number of cars produced exceeds 800 thousand.

Here are the characteristics of the T-25:

Due to the fact that the T-25 is harder and more powerful than the T-16, it can be installed on it larger equipment, for example, a two-scale segment mower with a total capture width of 4 m.

However, installing rotary hinged devices with more than four disks is undesirable, especially on high.power motors with low.power motors.

On T-25 with a 40 l engine. With. Even six.rope mowers are suitable, however, you can use such a combination only for low young grass, but if you need to mow coarse green, it is better to use two.rope devices.

The T-40 tractor also comes from the middle of the last century, however, they developed and produced it at the Lipetsk Tractor Plant. This model is one of the most popular, because for the entire time the original T-40 (1961–1995) was produced more than a million cars.

The T-40 is noticeably harder and more powerful than previous models, therefore, it belongs to the traction class 0.9, which allows you to add even very heavy three.bide braids weighing two tons.

Here are its main characteristics:

Due to the increased power of the power unit, it can use mowers designed both for small tractors (some of the manufacturers attribute cars similar to T-16 and T-25 to the class of mini-tractors), and medium tractors, such as MTZ 80/82.

Therefore, as a sample and technical specifications for the manufacture of a home-made mower, you can use any hinged or trailer device of this type, designed for MTZ-80/82 or mini-tractors of a mini-minute.


This legendary tractor has become a symbol of the era of the seventies, and today its modern modifications can be found in any farm or public household.

The reason for his popularity is that he was the first full.size universal tractor suitable for working in the field or on city streets.

It is equipped with an 80 liter engine. With., And its traction class 1.4 allows you to transport trailed devices weighing several tons.

Thanks to a more powerful engine, several braids can be installed on this tractor, for example, the front hinged and rear trailer, which sharply increases its performance, and a fairly large weight allows you to hang equipment weighing in a ton.

Here are the characteristics of MTZ-80/82:

  • mass 3.6 t;
  • engine power 80 liters. With.;
  • traction class 1.4;
  • rear drive (MTZ-80) or full (MTZ-82);
  • The hydraulic system is separately agent;
  • Installation of attaching equipment is possible in front, back, side.

This tractor can work with mowers of any reasonable size, so the maximum capture width is limited only by the ability and maneuverability of such a technique.

Therefore, choose the type and configuration of hinged/trailer equipment, which:

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