Alteration of the circular saw in the end. Recommendations for the choice of ending saw for metal end from a disk saw

On the basis of the management, circular saw Pile saw, which perfectly showed itself in the carvings of the series.

The design of such a machine transformer is very simple. The cover is connected to one of its ropes. It rises freely, which facilitates access to the tool during maintenance or dismantling. Sockets for connecting the saw and plane are installed on the inner surface. Of course, the system of turning on and off the power tools requires some improvement, but there are no special difficulties, since the saw and plane buttons can be recorded in a state of turning on (the simplest solution is the wrap and a handle with an electric tape), and also switch the new switches of each tool on the outer surface of the table. The photo shows how practical this design is.

Diskeep saw

Pile saw. the same disk detective saw on the basis of a conventional circular. It allows you to cut with great accuracy at the required angle almost all materials. from plastic to metal. There is such a tool from the manufacturer, that is, in a finished form, is not cheap, and it is not so difficult to assemble it yourself. Therefore, if you have an acute need for the end saw, and your hands grow from the right place, further information will be very helpful.

The end saw consists of several mandatory elements

We proceed to the essence of the question: you have a circular, and you collect a home.made end saw. The first three points are already present in the circular itself, and the fourth may not be needed if you skillfully collect the guide tire for the saw.

How to make a handle from a manual circular at home

Hello Dear Readers and Subscribers of the Blog Andrei Noac. In this article I will tell you how to make a end device from a manual circular for their homework, while spending a minimum of money for manufacturing. Handwriter. A good assistant in your household, with which you can do “very big things”!

I consider it inappropriate to focus on the term “circular”, since everyone is no longer in handy what kind of device it is, and thematic materials in my blog are enough. I will try to tell you what the end of the end (end) is and convey as much useful information as possible for a visual presentation.

The pendulum end is the following design. The basis of any machine is the bed. The table is fixed on it, which in turn is made on a rotary mechanism with a ruler. This device allows the task to set the cut angle with its adjustment.

The cut angle can be adjusted by moving the desktop relative to the plane of the bed. The saw element is strengthened by a lever and is springy is springy with a hinge. With the help of the pendulum, the saw is moved in the vertical direction.

As for the option of a combined model, the cut angle can be changed if necessary in two directions. The device is the same as that of a pendulum saw, only an additional hinge is added to the design. As for changing the angle of cut in a horizontal plane, it can be changed in the horizontal direction, which in turn is the opposite of the mounted drive.

A saw with a stretch makes it possible to move the cutting element both around the axis of the hinge mechanism and in the direct direction along the cut. This is achieved thanks to the established guide (in the photo from below).

For convenience on the end machine, operators use a special device for ending on the circular, which is called the stamp. An uncomplicated design, which consists of a tray for boards, a clamping sheet of plywood or other material, clamping fixing elements (clamps and other.). How does this device work? I will try to answer this banal question simply and clearly.

The board is laid in the tray and pressed with a sheet of the wood-based slab. Fixed with a clamp and a hand saw, circular, corner grinding, workpieces are cut through special side slots. Often the knock is used to carry out the sawing of the material at an angle of 45-90 degrees in home workshops on circular. Using this device, you can quickly cut the board onto the pallet or shield.

After all the information, you have an idea of ​​what the end is and why it is needed. Next, I will tell you how to make a manual circular from improvised materials with your own hands.

The base of the structure was a box made of woody stove. Has a “p” form. Closed and fastened with confirmers. To prevent the displacement of this shelf, with clamps is attached to the desktop (workbench).

The base under the saw is screwed onto the shelf from above. Fasteners are also carried out by confirmers. We observe the perpendicularity of the planes, since the sole of the saw will go along the edge.

The saw sole is equal to the edge. This will prevent displacement and fidgets. On the sides, fasten the strips from the wood-mounted plate with screws with screws. Thus, the positioning of the sole is achieved.

The saw is fixed with clamps and clamps. You can make lamb clamps. Here is such a device for ending to the circular in this version. Call such a device among the people “foremen”.

Near the base to the table, we fix the base “table”. The only drawback is to reduce the depth of the cut by 15 mm. Therefore, you have to place the profile to saws as close as possible.

After performing a trial cut, we get a fishing line for a cutting trimmer based on an stop. Thus, it was possible to design with their own hands ending from the circular. This design of the device copes with the assigned task one hundred percent. If all the same, you can’t design this type of equipment or there is simply no time to do this, you can use the services of renting circular with ends at affordable prices, in specialized workshops.

Another good device for working with wood can be attributed to a flight. What is it? It can be divided into two types. manual and in the form of a full.fledged flight machine. As a rule, a manual version is needed only for transferring data from the drawing to real material and workpiece.

As for the flight machine, it, in turn, is more functional. In addition to transferring information, you can carry out full processing of workpieces. Such equipment is purchased by furniture factories, you can find in everyday life during the construction of private facilities. This is how the flight with a circular and a trout looks like, I attach a photo below:

As for the usual adaptation of the flight, it consists of three details. A supporting stand with a dimensional ruler, a clamping device and a device for applying segments to a part. Usually made of solid wood material.

Professional equipment

Now let’s talk about professional equipment. Consider the circular end of the ZPTP-255-1800 bison. The tool is used for cutting wooden parts and thin.walled metal. Why combined? All because you can either handle the workpieces on it and work as a circular machine.

This machine combines the end and circular at the same time. Setting the adjustable head allows you to carry out high quality cuts. The machine allows you to perform the cuts longitudinally at any given angle. The equipment is equipped with a mechanism for blocking the inclusion of the drive and raising a protective casing. This model is able to connect an industrial vacuum cleaner to maintain cleanliness at the workplace.

You can buy a end circular machine in the region of 15. 20 thousand.

Another good option from the entire gray mass of equipment can be distinguished by the Makita MLT100 desktop end.

It is used both in everyday life and in professional production in workshops, workshops. The design of the machine allows you to move it on a special trolley and is easily mounted in the designated place on the workbench. Sliding table allows you to work with overall blanks. The table of the table is carried out both to the side and forward. The long service life of this equipment was increased due to the high quality of parts and materials using when assembling.

Allows you to cut both vertically and under a given inclination. The high accuracy of the cut of details is due to the presence of fixers, guides, scales with degrees and ruler. Equipment combines the end and circular at the same time.

A separate plus can highlight the presence of a stabilization system of engine speed, which in turn plays an important role in the starting start of equipment.

The kit includes an electric brake. There is a connector for connecting a dusting device, relevant with large volumes of work.

Varieties of end saw

These simple devices allow you to perform even incisions at a straight and arbitrary angle. Before you make a trim with your own hands from a manual circular saw or corner grinder, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of structures.


Small size of the machine where the cutting disk is fixed on the pendulum. The blade moves back and forth, and the processed canvas can rise up and down and rotate. Thus, it is possible to adjust the cut angle.


The design of the equipment includes an additional table for sawing the material. There is an opportunity to change the angle of sawing in the process of work. Used simultaneously in the form of a end saw and circular.

For reference! Combined devices at home are rare, basically these are carpentry workshops.

With a length

Designed for a complex sawing angle of high accuracy. It is easy to use them, diagonal cutting is impeccable. A feature of the tool is a rotary module that simplifies the work. guide

The modern market offers the buyer a large range of products, among which there are quality goods and inexpensive analogues. But, sometimes, the cost of a specialized tool is greatly overestimated. As for the offices, the end saw from a hand circular with your own hands can really be made at home.

How exactly the end of the end is created in detail below.

  • plywood sheet;
  • galvanizing;
  • two furniture guides or pipe;
  • connecting elements;
  • electric drill;
  • wood jigsaw;
  • sawing disk;
  • pliers;
  • knife, roulette;
  • glue.

A window or door loop can be used as an stop for a shelf.

For reference! Some craftsmen install the engine from the washing machine. Such machines are used to cut.

Preparation of the base

It is necessary to take a sheet of thick plywood and make it drank in it for the movement of the disk. The base should be massive to hold the shelf with a saw. The size of the base depends on the purpose of the future design.

alteration, circular, recommendations, choice

It is better to perform work according to a pre.drawn up drawing, scheme. A special groove is prepared at the base, according to which the saw disk will move.

Deformed sheets with impaired integrity in the work are not allowed to take.

Determining the height of the shelf for transverse movement

The location of the structure element can be on the right or left side of the table. You should choose the height of the shelf so that the tooth disk does not cut the base.

Designing a shelf

A fragment of thick plywood or wood-bruise, which is installed along the cut under the toothed disk. Fastening is carried out on the corners with self.tapping screws to a certain height. The shelf can be strengthened with a second layer of plywood sheet.

Setting limiters

After fixing the shelf, you should start installing a saw. It must be fixed in such a way that it enters into a drink and does not catch anything. To do this, use limiters. The material is the same plywood. Fasten the limiters with glue.

Setting guides for blanks

It is made from a piece of plywood or wood-piece plate with a width of at least 10 centimeters. Its length is more than a table by 15-20 %. The strip is attached with clamps in two places. The guide changes the position at the right angle.

Step-by-step instruction

The process of manufacturing a circular from a corner grinder with your own hands includes a number of stages:

  • First of all, you need to make a table-rest;
  • install the corner grinding and disk itself;
  • attach a stubborn bar;
  • bring electricity;
  • Conduct a test launch.

We will talk about how to remake a corner grinder to a miniature circular. With its help, you can saw bars, small boards, rails used in repair or in a private household.

The table looks in the form of a workbench, the base of which is most often made of lumber.

  • First, the sheets are taken by the wood-brown slab and the miniature table is made from them, the legs of which are performed at such a height that an angular grinder is placed under the bed. They attach them to the ribs of stiffness. Those, in turn, are made of small boards and fixed along the edge of the countertop at a distance of 7-10 cm from its lower side using self-tapping screws.
  • It is advisable to make the upper working surface from laminated plywood. When the countertop (bed) is ready, it is turned down the face and mark the installation of a corner grinder and sawpack disk. The basis is the element from the corner grinder is taken, they are measured for a slot for a new disk on it. At its ends with a pencil, the extreme boundaries of the future opening (slots) are marked. Then take a drill and drill the formed points.
  • After that, using the ruler, the edges of the formed holes are connected, having two parallel lines on their width. Part of the countertop inside such lines is cut out using a corner grinder. The slot for the disk is ready.
  • Then you should purchase a new disk in the store. The best option would be to buy a sample for wood work with a size of 125 mm with carbide teeth. they can be 24, 36, 48.
  • Under the working surface of the table, the bar is screwed, to which the corner grinder is attached using clamps. It can be fixed with the help of clamps made independently, and delaying nuts. Simultaneously in the table (in the cut opening), the installation of the disk itself is installed. It should be located so that most of it is on the surface. It is advisable to fasten the protective visor. It is sold in any construction store, so you can buy such an element without difficulty. It is usually attached to the hinges, giving the visor the visual imprisonment.
  • From a metal corner or from plastic pruning of an old skirting board, a stubborn bar is made. You can fix it on a plywood or a wood-piece plate. In length, this bar should be the same as the working surface of the table. Flow the bar (limiter) at a distance of at least 2 cm from the teeth of the saw disk. At the ends of the rails, two holes are made and fixed in the table using bolts or ordinary self.tapping screws.
  • The processed board or bar should be completely placed on the countertop, since when the disk moves at high speed, the lumber is subjected to vibration. It is impossible to hold the lumber on weight. there is a chance to get serious injuries.
  • At the next stage of work on the inside of the mini-steel, the electric outlet is mounted through which the wire is allowed and then installed the switch. Usually its fixation is carried out on the outside of one of the ribs of stiffness. The wire from the switch is directed to the power source. thus electricity is brought to the circular.

Folk craftsmen, so as not to make a table for circular, use a grip as a support frame. At the very beginning, a clamp of the corner grinder with a disk on the edge of the usual table is made, removing the protection and unscrewing the handle of the corner grinder. Then take a plywood or a wood-piece plate for the formation of a bed, in which a hole is made under the disk. Fix it by drilling holes, a bolt is inserted into it. It should coincide with the hole on the corner grinder, where the handle is attached. The bolt is tightened all the way using the key.

A stubborn bar or limiter is made from improvised materials. It is attached to it with bolts at the ends of the bed using ordinary screws. Under the weight, the corner grinder can lean forward and cling to the disk the countertop itself. In this case, you need a pen. It can be twisted from the old sealing key and screwed into a corner grinder, making a support for the engine.

Such a miniature home.made design works clearly, cuts and bars produces qualitatively.

What will be needed for manufacturing?

The working body of the factory ending (engine, case, cutting disk) is similar to a conventional manual circular. Therefore, a manual saw easily adapts to the end. The first thing you need is a manual saw itself. It remains to add a bed for attaching the electric saw and placement of workpieces.

A variety of design options are possible, from the simplest sites for direct sawing to complex devices: sawing at the corners, with a length for large blanks. Therefore, different material and details can be used.

For the bed, plywood 10-20 mm thick is best suited. Its advantages over other materials:

  • Not fragile, like a woody stove, does not bend like a wood-fiber slab.
  • Does not warp like a tree.
  • Easily processed and attached in conditions of any home workshop, unlike metal.
  • Under the roof, without moisture, serves quite a long time.
  • Fasteners for connecting the details of the bed (screws, studs, bolts, nuts).
  • Wooden bars or metal corners for connections, hinge node.
  • Axing hinges (hairpin, long bolt, washers, nuts).

From the tool, be sure to be required and may be required:

  • Drinking tool (hacksaw, jigsaw, circular saw).
  • Drill or screwdriver (we also recommend reading how to make a circular from a drill).
  • Drill of the desired diameter.

The dimensions of the workpieces for the bed will depend on which design the master will choose and on the dimensions of the very circular saw itself, on the basis of which the end is made. For example, for the ending of the fabric picket fence, you will need a lane length (1.2-2 m). For small details, a more compact bed is suitable.

The photo shows an example of the so.called monkey. a cut.out circular with an abrasive disk for metal, but it quite serves as an example of which small bed can be used in this design.


When the tool (and even more so the machine) is made independently, then its design, as a rule, takes into account the needs and standing tasks that are supposed to be solved with its help:

  • So that the epaulettes during cutting do not have burrs and creases, it is necessary that the circular saw should have adjustable speeds of the relatively cut plane (so that the burrs are removed by the cutting edges of sawing teeth);
  • Suppose you need to do not ordinary transverse ending of epaulets, but at a certain angle. At the same time, it is necessary that the workpiece is recorded in the game of backlash during the cut;

All these features are inherent in the home.made constructions of the end machines, which makes their production on their own justified and profitable.

Disks for end saw

When choosing a festive mechanism suitable for home conditions, special attention must be paid to the dimensions of the saw disk, the diameter of which should not be less than 20 cm. Also, one should not forget about such important characteristics of the acquired device as the width and depth of saw cut

We should not forget that a large disk size is considered good from the point of view of optimal working conditions, using which it will be possible to operate it for quite some time and efficiently.

Focusing on all these indicators, it is possible to choose the required model of the cutting tool, the level of performance of which will meet the requirements for it.

Which tool to choose?

Manual circular circus are used, which the owner already has. The peculiarity of home.made endings is that on most designs they can easily be removed and used for its intended purpose, like a manual saw. Therefore, the need to buy a second circular does not always arise. But in the following cases, it is better to buy a new or second circular:

  • The old one drank, the service life is expired, it makes no sense to make the bed under it, because the new saw may not come up.
  • The design is such that shoot and put a saw for a long time.
  • Operations are constantly alternating, and in turn you have to work either with a end or a manual saw. Frequent installation/dismantling inconvenient.
  • Two work, one at the end, the second hand saw.

The selection criteria are the same as for a manual circular. When ending, the circular engine experiences almost the same, and even smaller loads, as with a manual saw when working. Therefore, increased power on a simple end is not required. The power will not be superfluous at the end with the length, as it saws the overall blanks.

For example, Makita HS7601, its technical characteristics:

  • Power 1200 watts
  • The depth of drank 66 mm, at an angle of 46 mm.
  • Disc revs 5 200 rpm.
  • Disc diameter 190 mm, landing diameter 30 mm.
  • Price about 10 thousand. 2021.

Or Interskol DP-190/1600M with technical specifications:

  • Power 1600 watts.
  • The depth drank 63 mm at right angles.
  • Disc revs 4800 rpm.
  • Disc diameter 190 mm, landing diameter 20 mm.
  • Price from 6000, 2021.

Also, we recommend reading about the choice of a circular saw for home and about the rating of the 10 best disk saws, it gives all the most necessary information, which is necessarily useful when choosing a tool.

Interskol DP 190 is a great option for home.made ending

Advantages and disadvantages

Home.made endings have both strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, before starting the manufacture of the machine, we advise you to compare the list of advantages and disadvantages. This may make you abandon the idea of ​​independent assembly of the machine, or vice versa, be sure to try to make ends for pipes without outside help.

The strengths of home.made endings of endings include:

  • It will be necessary to invest much less money for the manufacture of the end machine than in the purchase of factory equipment for ending wood, pipes, polymers, etc. On average, the masters on re-equipment of the corner grinder in the machine spend 500-1000;
  • You can choose the working parameters for the future end machine yourself. Such characteristics include the depth of the cut, the diameter of the discs, the power of the electric motor, the size of the working surface, etc.;
  • The assembled devices have a simple design. Since you yourself collected and disassembled the tool, there will be no problems with finding faults.

But there are shortcomings, among which such.

  • For homemade machines, old, unnecessary materials, tools are usually used. This negatively affects the quality, service life.
  • They rarely have high power.
  • In some cases, the savings in the purchase of a factory machine become imaginary, since a lot of money goes to repair, modernization, and prevention of a home.made machine.
  • You risk in terms of security, working as a home.made end.

Working with a saw and a corner grinder

Before making the circular yourself, you need to try to make it from other tools. Most often, the process is organized using angular grinder, It can be redone much faster and easier than any other analogues.

The easiest option is best spoiled by the tool. For him, it will be necessary to fasten the tool to the base with the help of metal screws for metal. If desired, you can make through openings with a drill and tightened with bolts and nuts, which will be much more reliable in work, The tool will no longer tear the thread in case of strong tension. The only nuance that should be taken into account is the factory unbalancing of the tool, because of which you will have to fix it thoroughly, so that there is not even a small probability of progress.

If desired, this design can be complicated, in addition, this will protect the tool from unnecessary interventions inside. For fastening, you will need steel clamps with which the tool is wrapped at 3-4 points, and then fixed on the bolts from 2 sides

This design is very reliable, but special attention should be paid to the quality of fixation in order to avoid even small misunderstandings

For those cases when a stationary tool is made, you can use more powerful options angular grinder. The corner grinder itself is attached to a lowering gearbox using bolts or screws (it depends on the ability to make a joint without damage to the tool, because sometimes the fasteners do not match), after which they are installed together on the countertop and are screwed in the best way.

The most reliable way will be the most difficult at the same time, because the support of the firebox turner will be required. His tasks include making a special detail that would be suitable in its parameters for clutches of corner grinders and countertops. This adhesion method is the most reliable, moreover, even microscopic movements are excluded, which is not possible to achieve in every factory tool.

It should be borne in mind that in any case a protective casing is removed, and instead of it is made homemade from sheet steel. It will already be impossible to use fastening for the casing due to the fact that it is used for adhesion, and the home-made should be mounted directly to the countertop. For its manufacture, you need to cut a semicircle from leaf steel, in which the tip bends and is clamped by the pliers. This design will withstand any surprises after it can be fastened.

When choosing a corner grinder, you need to be extremely careful so that the number of revolutions is small and the power is high. If the speed exceeds 4500 about.\ min, you will have to use lowering gearboxes, Otherwise, cutters will grind very quickly.

It is very important to remember that in no case the circular made of corner grinder can not be redone For this reason, daily at all points of the world people fall into hospitals with injuries of varying severity

Even if the corner grinder is urgently needed, but there is no other option, it is better to suffer, because even factory protection will not save with a high probability.

Riding the saw

Electric saws and chainsaws are a gift from the 20th century, which fits very harmoniously into life, but there are situations when it is desirable to redo them that it is not easy enough. It should be taken into account in advance that this alteration is momentary, but if desired, you can repeat it over and over again without any damage (replacement will require some time).

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In order to get a circular, you only need to weld a movable wheel at the very end of the arrow, and the end is cut off. The wheel should perfectly repeat the contour of the cut element so that the circuit does not pull when moving and does not fall.

On the side of the wheel, an adapter for milling. This adapter is removable so that when sawing a chain there are no difficulties.

With high.quality refinement, the wheel will not harm the working qualities of the chainsaw in the absence of milling at this moment. In addition, the basic working speed can do without serious improvements.

Choosing a saw disk

When buying a disc for a saw, you need to be guided by three parameters:

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With the first two characteristics, everything is obvious. The drive is more than the design of the size tool in the tool cannot be installed. You can put a smaller disk, but in this case you will greatly decrease the cutting depth and you can saw only thin blanks.

The size of the landing hole should be equal or slightly more than the recommended. In the latter case, you will have to use the Ring-Little Ring.

As for the selection of a saw disk in the form of teeth, this is a topic for a separate large article. In general terms, you can focus on the following recommendations:

Disks with a small number of large teeth are designed for fast black sawing

They are relatively cheaper, but give a lot of chips. For a final cut, the disk should be with small frequent teeth. Pay attention to what material is intended for the disk (wood, plastic, aluminum). Some discs differ only in the shape of the teeth, but they are easy to confuse them in size and quantity.

What is the purpose of this tool and how it works

A device designed for cross.cutting wooden blanks at different angles is called a end (end) saw. Often such a tool is also called electric stupid, by analogy with a carpentry device in the form of a tray for cutting boards under a certain inclination. The design of such a saw allows you to perform a cut, changing both the vertical and horizontal angle of the saw disk.

You can cut off a long blank by changing the vertical and horizontal angle

The functional capabilities of the end saw allow it to be used in woodworking, where an accurate docking with the ends of the two elements of the product or structure is required. It is to ensure the accuracy of the cut and a bed is required, which can have legs or set on the table. Such work is often necessary for the following purposes:

  • manufacturing decorative frames;
  • cashing of door loves;
  • plinth devices;
  • structures of wooden building structures during the construction of houses and auxiliary buildings;
  • finishing work by lining or plastic panels, as well as laying wooden, parquet flooring or laminate.

When installing a certain type of disk on such equipment, you can cut a light metal or plastic profile and pipes. If necessary, the end of the wood can even choose the thickness of the wood, arranging grooves that are often used for the manufacture of window or door frames and lines.

Such work is often performed in the manufacture of window frames

Despite the thorough appearance, and the fact that such saws are often called machines, their weight is small (about 18 kg) and they can become an excellent tool for a home or summer cottage workshop.

Parts of the mechanism

All end saws have a simple design mainly similar to different types of this tool. Their main elements are:

The main elements of the design of the end saw

  • a bed with a round turning table (some models have a one in both directions, an extension cord on integrated supports);
  • A rotary lever attached to the bed with a special joint with a return spring, on which a saw disk and a handle with the launch and braking buttons are attached, such a lever is called a pendulum, which is why the entire tool was called a pendulum saw;
  • an electric motor located on the pendulum to the right of the saw disk (in some models, to make the best review, it is installed from behind on the pendulum;
  • the control unit of the angle of the disk, which allows you to rotate the cutting head of the tool to the left of the operator to any angle to

45O, the turn to the right is impossible due to the engine located on this side;

alteration, circular, recommendations, choice

A special insert is provided on the table of the tool at the cutting place, in the form of a depressing of a tray type, which allows the saw disk to cut out the workpiece to the end, making a neat incision. A scale is applied on the bed to turn the table in both directions to a certain angle. In the right position, the table is attached with a screw clamp. The tool disk is protected by a special transparent casing, which makes it possible for the master to see the place of saw. For convenience, many models of end saws are equipped with a laser pointer showing in which place an incision will be carried out and table lighting.

alteration, circular, recommendations, choice

Details in more detail with the design of the end saw, the purpose of its main components, and also see how they are used in the work, you can in the next video.

alteration, circular, recommendations, choice

Advantages and disadvantages of home.made endings

A few more convenient and interesting self.useings, including an excellent stationary, mobile and made in a couple of minutes from several plywood and screws:

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