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Choosing an angle grinder

Angle grinder (angle grinder) is better known as “angle grinder. When choosing an angle grinder should be guided by its purpose, to understand the conditions in which the tool will be used and with what materials. The scope of application of the angle grinder is large: cutting, grinding, polishing work. The tool is suitable for processing metal, stone, tile and wood. However, the main area of application is cutting metal and bricks.

This article tells about what you need to know to buy an angle grinder that is suitable for your tasks.

The principle of operation of the angle grinder

To use the working tool correctly and maximize the life of the machine, you need to know how it works.

Such a device as an angle grinder, works on an electric motor. It is he who drives the torque mechanism in the machine, which mounts a special attachment. It is worth noting that depending on the type of machine, its technical characteristics (namely, power and speed of rotation of the nozzle) different nozzles of different diameter and purpose are suitable. For example, a machine with a low-power motor and a large-diameter nozzle for metal cutting will not be possible to use for a long time. The nozzle can jam in the material, and with great pressure on it, the torque mechanism can freeze. The motor is capable of overheating and falling into disrepair.

Therefore, when choosing a nozzle, it is necessary to proceed from the technical characteristics of a particular machine.

It is also worth noting the nuances that can lead to a breakdown of the angle grinder.

  • When cutting metal with an angle grinder, the motor drives the mechanism at high speed. Therefore, when cutting hard heterogeneous material, uneven wear of the wheel across its diameter can occur. As a result, the mechanism works unevenly, which leads to the appearance of vibration of the machine. This, in turn, will cause the mechanism to break from the inside. To avoid this, the bearings on the motor and the torque unit itself should be replaced in good time.
  • When sanding and polishing products, angle grinder failure can also occur. It is often caused by the wrong position of the machine in the hand of the worker and in relation to the surface to be treated. That’s why some machines are equipped with a possibility to change the position of the handle. This possibility depends on the type of angle grinder.

Given the fact that the machine works at very high speed, the worker must adhere to all safety rules when working with it. Because working with the wrong position of the hand or the angle grinder itself can lead to occupational injury to the worker. Therefore, it is necessary to read the instructions before using the tool. This will help safe operation and long life of this machine.

Professional or household angle grinder

In this section you will learn which angle grinder is better for home, and which tool is more suitable for permanent work. All angle grinders belong to the household or professional class. This division has no clear boundaries, and sometimes a tool from the professional range has the characteristics of a household.

Designed for home repair. The main difference from the professional ones is a short period of work without interruption. Such angle grinders can fully operate for up to 10 minutes with breaks for 15 minutes, and a total of 2-3 hours per day. The power of household models is in the range of 500-1200 W. The advantages of this option are low cost and low weight.

These units are needed for intensive work over long periods of time, such as on construction sites, because they have an extended working life. Power of 1300 W and above, as a rule, they are equipped with discs of the biggest circumference (from 180 mm and above). Spare parts for such grinders are stronger and more durable than for household grinders, because they are designed for prolonged use at high RPM.

Power, rpm and tool diameter

Given the significant difference in parameters between different models of angle grinders, the question arises what is better to buy an angle grinder for home or work? Decide for yourself what kind of operation you need it and what is the intended scope of work.

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Bosch Small Angle Grinder Product Video

Speed of rotation

One of the main parameters of the angle grinder is the linear speed of the wheel, which depends on the diameter of the wheel. The optimal value for this indicator. 80 m/s, a significant deviation in the frequency of rotation in the direction of increasing will lead to the destruction of the circle. Lower RPMs cause the disc to wear out more quickly. There are five types of angle grinders, which differ in the size of the cutting discs used.

The dependence of spindle speed on the diameter of the working disc is as follows:

The permissible cutting wheel speeds for each specific model are always indicated on a special plate attached to the housing. The torque must be sufficient to overcome the resulting frictional forces and maintain the required cutting speed. This characteristic is determined by the rated power of the angle grinder‘s electric motor.

Power of the angle grinder

Power rating of angle grinders ranges from 650 W to 2700 W, and depends on the diameter of the disc to be used. Angle grinders for larger disc diameters accordingly have more powerful motors. With these parameters, the electric motor provides enough force on the cutting edge of the wheel for effective impact on the material to be machined.

For normal operation, the power consumption of the 125 mm diameter angle grinder must be at least 750 W. The larger the diameter of the permitted tool, the more powerful the motor must be. So in models with a diameter of 230 mm, which are designed for intensive use on construction sites, the motor power consumption must be at least 2200 watts.

Tooling Diameter

Be sure to determine which tool diameter is sufficient for your needs. Remember that the use of wheels with a diameter greater than the allowable. You can of course do it, removing the protective cover, but such manipulation is prohibited, because it can lead to injury to the operator.

It is especially dangerous to use an angle grinder without a safety guard when working with metal disks with hardfacing, which fly off and can cause serious injury, up to and including death. If you have such a desire, just find on the Internet pictures of people who were injured while neglecting safety when working with an angle grinder and this desire will disappear forever.

The diameter of the tool is deeply related to the depth of cut. This point is especially important if you are going to use an angle grinder to cut curbstones and other materials of great thickness. The 125mm-diameter model has a cutting depth of only 30mm. 35 mm, depending on the model. All because to plunge completely into the material will not allow the dimensions of the gearbox.

Of course, it is possible to cut the curbstone by making incisions on both sides. But it is more difficult to make such a cut qualitatively, and it will take more time. Therefore, if you have to constantly cut such materials, it is worth looking at the side of “grinders” with a maximum disc diameter. 230 mm.

angle grinder with a small grinding wheel is not suitable for cutting superhard materials, and large models are inconvenient for grinding the car body.

What is an angle grinder: the device and technical characteristics of the tool

This tool was invented in the union about four decades ago. Its popular name “angle grinder” comes from the name of the country that began supplying the first models to the USSR. In fact, the angle grinder appeared much earlier. In the 40s, the German manufacturer AEG launched mass production of these power tools, and nearly 30 years later, the Bulgarian factory Elprom-Lovech established their production and supply to the Union on the basis of the acquired patent.

Today, angle grinder. an indispensable attribute not only in industry, but also in almost every garage. It can be used to cut metal, stone, concrete and other materials, to clean, grind and polish surfaces, to sharpen garden tools and tools. Such multifunctionality and caused the deserved popularity of the angle grinder.

MUST WATCH! How not to use an angle grinder

The device of angle grinders of different manufacturers on the main units does not differ significantly, except for small features. Any angle grinder consists of such basic modules:

  • Tool body. usually it has an increased resistance to damage.
  • Angle gearbox with metal housing.
  • Electric motor.
  • Control electronics. start button, spindle speed regulator, soft start module.
  • Protective cover.
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expensive and professional models may have additional modules that help protect the device from breakage. release clutches, motor protection systems for jamming the tool in the material, noise suppression filters. It is worth noting that for the production of these bolt cutters higher quality and durable materials are used, which will last longer.

The principle of operation of the angle grinder is to transfer the rotation of the motor rotor through a gearbox to the spindle with a cutting disc by pressing the start button.

Overview of the 115 mm disc saws

The main advantages of angle grinders with Ø115 disc are their low weight and compact design. Dimensions of their working part allow to work in a limited space. This is the lightest of all the grinders, so it is easy to work on the weight. The table below shows the features and of some popular models with a preponderance of positive reviews.

Product name RPMPM Capacity (W)Price (ths. р.)Soft startProtection from d/startingRegul. RPMSpeed controlVibrating handle
“Vihr” angle grinder-115/650 11 000 650 1,6 no no no no no
Black and Decker angle grinder G650 11 000 650 1,6 no no no no no
Bosch angle grinder PWS 650-115 11 000 650 2,7 no no no no yes
AEG angle grinder WS7-115S 12 000 700 4,2 available it is no no no

The Vihr has the lowest weight of the presented angle grinders. only 1.6 kg. The Bosch and AEG weigh somewhat more for the same power. 1.9 kg each.

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Your choice of angle grinder

Choosing an angle grinder is to determine for what purpose, where and how often it will be used, as well as what materials will handle. It is also worth selecting additional accessories and discs if required.

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This tool will not be used frequently in the apartment. In general, angle grinder will help to cut ceramic tiles, wire or nails, peel paint from a radiator or an old headset. For home use, it is recommended to buy a low-power angle grinder with a disk with a diameter of up to 125 mm and several attachments for certain operations.

Dacha variant angle grinder can be the same on power and performance, as the option for the home. It all depends on the diligence of the owner of the dacha site. If he will be interested in himself to cut stone or metal, it is better to get a more powerful variant of angle grinder (1kW or more).

Professional use implies that the grinders are bought to do a specific job. As mentioned above, a powerful angle grinder with large-diameter discs is great for cutting to a great depth, but it will be difficult to grind. That’s why professionals often have multiple tools.

Separately, it is worth telling about battery-powered angle grinders, which have appeared in stores relatively recently. The design uses a battery of higher capacity, but it adds weight to the angle grinder. The diameter of the discs used and the rotation speed are limited. It is necessary to regularly charge the batteries and the cost of such a grinder is much higher than that of conventional grinders.

The use of such a machine is appropriate if there are no power grids near the object of processing, or it is necessary to pull the wires.

What kinds of angle grinders there are

The often used classification is based on the power supply type characteristic. Of course, in the bulk of its mass angle grinder electric, but there are other variations. There are four types.

The most varied and common type, powered by standard 220 V. Suitable for work indoors and in areas that provide the opportunity to connect to the mains. For household use, this is the most adequate option. This type of angle grinder is also preferred by specialists, such as electricians, plumbers, finishers. Professional models “grinders” have more power and fault tolerance, but are much more expensive than household. For conventional angle grinder, used by private individuals are not always such parameters are excessive.

Externally, cordless angle grinders can be distinguished from corded grinders not only by the absence of a mains cable. Part of the body of such “angle grinder” serves as a handle and, at the same time, a holder for a large-sized battery fixed in the end. Models have small power and size and are used for fast-paced work in places far from the power supply. Charge of the 18V lithium-ion battery is only sufficient for a short period of time, the equipment is not diverse: the diameter of the utilized discs ranges from 125 mm to 150 mm.

This tool of this type has absolutely different shape and big body with fuel tank and reminds more of a chainsaw, but with a disk instead of a chain on a long bar. To hold such a solid construction, the angle grinder is equipped with a grasping frame handle and auxiliary handle. Tools of this type are used in places where there is no access to electricity, but require a powerful device for cutting concrete or iron. The power and design of gasoline-powered angle grinders permits larger disc diameters.

Can be used within walking distance of a compressor or in plants equipped with a pneumatic pipeline system. The motor of such angle grinders is designed very simply and consists of a blade driven by air flow, which, in turn, rotates the shaft with a disc fixed on it. The trigger opens a valve that carries compressed air through an internal conduit to the point of force application. Elementary mechanics means no heavy parts and pneumatic angle grinder are the lightest. They work for as long as you need. as long as there is necessary pressure in the pneumatic system and the air valve is open.

Choosing an angle grinder for home use

For work at home there is no need to buy a large angle grinder. it is enough to purchase a tool designed for installation of cutting disc from 115 to 150 mm. Since, small angle grinder do not have very high power, then you should choose the most optimal model for this parameter. The best solution would be to buy a machine with a consumption of 1000-1200 watts.

It is better to choose a tool model with a speed regulator and “soft” start. the angle grinder will start smoothly, and at different revolutions you will be able to process materials better. You should also pay attention to the convenience of the handle. It is not bad if the handle will have anti-vibration properties.

And another important factor is the choice of tool manufacturer. You should not buy an angle grinder of unknown origin. we all know that the miser pays twice. There are quite a few popular brands that have proven themselves only on the positive side. It is unlikely to be a disappointment to buy an angle grinder firm Metabo, Bosch, DeWALT, Makita. And, of course, you should not buy a hand-held or used tool.

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