Angle grinder for wood which is better

What is the best angle grinder for sanding wood?

angle grinder refers to the universal equipment, demanded in the construction market. For angular grinding and polishing wood, replaceable discs are mounted on the tool axis. Grinding and polishing discs are available in many varieties and are divided by the type of abrasive surface.

What it is?

Angle grinder or angle grinder. it is a tool often used in construction and during repair work. If you need a small repair in the house, it does not make sense to buy powerful and expensive construction equipment. But such a machine will be useful and relatively inexpensive to buy. The versatility of a modern tool is its main advantage: angle grinders are used to cut and saw, grind and smooth surfaces. The principle of operation of the angle grinder is simple: operations are performed by rotating nozzles.

Discs are divided into three types. sharpening, cutting or grinding (roughing). Operations are different in purpose and complexity, sometimes one machine has to handle different hardness of materials, as a rule, it is stone and steel joints, as well as wood. Sanding is performed on renewable and machinable wooden parts, windows, floors and furniture.

The attachment to the angle grinder to grind wood is a replaceable wheel, similar to that of a circular saw. Deburring cutter for primary grinding is made of durable metal, has teeth and is selected by diameter for each angle grinder. The size of the teeth is determined by the thickness of the wood layer. The shape of the tooth also matters. The variable ones are suitable for all types of wood, but the trapezoidal ones are only for the soft types. Even straight-toothed blades can be used for roughing.

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To saw the wood before processing it is necessary to use other file cutters. They are monolithic, made of high-strength sheet steel. Some of our raw wood types are made with a toothing pattern.

Expensive types of wood are cut both lengthwise and crosswise with special discs marked “thin. High-precision cutting is needed for furniture making and serious woodworking.


Grinding. the basic purpose of the angle grinder. In the case of wood, it is a complex process that requires the craftsman’s attention and skill. Natural wood of different textures can be upgraded to a perfect look with high quality and durable discs. Ordinary diamond cutters are not suitable here. For the woodworking industry, there are special sanding discs.

The brushing and sanding takes place in two stages: rough and fine.

There are several types of angle grinder wheels. First of all, the initial cleaning of surfaces is carried out. Several discs in different shapes and sizes do the same job.

  • Roughing. They are designed to remove old paint and varnish from wood. Usually, the residues of previous coatings that cannot be cleaned manually are removed from windows, window sills and floor surfaces. The steel wire bristles are mounted on the disc for roughing. The resilient filaments are placed either all around the wheel, i.e. lengthwise, or at an angle in a segmented pattern as with an ordinary brush. This depends on the intended use of the grinding head.
  • Cord brushes with wire or spikes. They allow any material surface to be leveled and smoothed. A wire brush can easily remove a layer of varnish or old paint and rust from metal. If the boards on the floor are of different heights, they can be compared to each other with a spiked wheel. They differ in shape and speed.
  • Trimmers. They work in layers, like files, with sides and edges, corners and oblique cuts. Sanding heads are used for edge sanding or beveling.

When sanding works with a sander the wood layer remains intact, only the decorative coating is removed. This characteristic of angle grinders is indispensable for restoration work. Having removed the previous colorful decoration, it is possible to apply another on a fresh and smooth panel. In doing so, the furniture will change its appearance and look like new. The brush is used for brushing or artificial aging. To do this, the soft fibers are removed, and the natural wood reveals rings and texture. A stain provides relief effects in the transition area.

The next processing step is making the surface smooth. Here experts advise to use polishing wheels. They are available in sponge, felt and coarse cloth, with replaceable sandpaper. The fabric and felt are fastened for work with Velcro. Nozzles are sold in sets of five for easy replacement. Sandpaper of medium or fine grit size is chosen. The type designation is usually found on the packaging.

Even old paint can be removed with coarse grit, medium grit is good for cleaning small damages and removing minor paint coatings. Fine-grained material gives absolute smoothness to the surface.

The construction of the nozzle is also important. Finishing or lapping wheels are divided into petal, hard and mobile. Using a petal disc makes it possible to achieve absolutely smooth surface. Several layers of overlapping abrasive paper, similar to fish scales, are placed on the disc. This arrangement of abrasive material reduces wear and tear. Up to an ideal condition of the product brings such a modern nozzle, as a cup wheel. Bowl performs slight texturing, easily penetrates joints. It is reinforced by a pile of synthetic material or corrugated wire.

Nylon brush for wood with lots of fine filaments. It is used in finish polishing. Bowl-shaped attachment lets the craftsman grind the most hard-to-reach places on a piece. The brush removes burrs and small dirt, polishes varnish. End brushes are made of polymer abrasive, cylindrical brushes are made of brass and steel wire.

On the construction market are sold modern grinding varieties of wheels with an abrasive of three components: aluminum oxide, nylon and polymer materials.

How to choose an angle grinder? Top 10 best tools

angle grinder. it is an electric tool, which is used in woodworking and metal industry, as well as during construction works, for abrasive processing, cutting and polishing products made of porcelain tiles, metal alloys, artificial or natural stone, plywood and other materials. According to the design and operating principle of the angle grinder refers to angle grinders, which, in contrast to the straight grinder, the axis of the motor and grinding part is perpendicular to each other. To choose an angle grinder for construction and finishing work or household needs, you need to pay attention not only to its cost and type of cutting wheels included, but also other important parameters, such as disk diameter, permissible speed, the availability of the speed regulator, etc.д. If you need to buy an angle grinder, do not immediately run to the store and buy the first model you see. First, we advise you to read the advice of professionals and study the rating of the best angle grinder (angle grinders), in which we will tell in detail about all the pros and cons of different manufacturers and reveal the nuances of the right choice.

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How to choose an angle grinder?

Types, purpose, features of work

There are different types of grinders, which perform the same type of work, but with different results. There is a tool for coarse (preliminary), medium (intermediate) and fine (finish) sanding. Part of the tool can even perform polishing.

Wood grinder can be different fork, size, capacity

To choose a wood grinder, first of all, you need to decide for what type of work you need it. For rough sanding leveling irregularities, differences in height one type is suitable, under the finish sanding bringing to perfection another type. And both tasks can be performed using different types of equipment.

angle grinder angle grinder

The well-known angle grinder can also be used for sanding wood. With the function of coarse grinding it copes pretty well. Of all the possible tools this is the most productive. If you need to quickly level large areas of wooden surfaces sanding floor, wall, log house is a job for the angle grinder. Minus the surface is very uneven, it takes a long time to level all the pits and humps. If on a log house it will still pass, then for any carpentry work the result is unsatisfactory. If only there is an opportunity to buy another tool, use an angle grinder to grind wood is not worth it.

For wood use red sanding discs is a special abrasive

There are special accessories for grinding wood for the angle grinder. The best option is petal or disk wheels with sandpaper of different grit sizes. When installing them, the working plane is below the guard, it is safe to work, and you can move in any direction. Carefully should be processed places with protruding heads of nails and screws. The tool is lowered from above, we gently move. A sharp movement easily breaks the grinding wheel, so be careful.

By changing the grit used grinding wheels, you can spend a rough and medium (intermediate) grinding. The work takes less time than with any other wood sander. But to bring to an even surface may take more time, because, if you lack experience, the mistakes will be more.

When sanding wood, sandpaper gets clogged, work speed is reduced. In addition to the decrease in speed, there is another sign of the smell of burning wood. There is no need to replace the disc straight away; you can restore it to working order. To do this, grind metal for a few seconds. All stuck-on resin, wood fibres and dust are burned off, the surface is cleaned and the machining speed is increased again. This Focus, by the way, can also be used with other grinders.

If you have to clean and change circles often, the angle grinder is installed on the head with Velcro. Changing the sanding pad is much easier and faster peel / stick it is a matter of seconds. But it is more dangerous to work with the nozzle. Due to its height, the sanding area is above the level of the protective hood, it does not perform its functions. During the start, sometimes the disc or even the nozzle itself flies off unreliably. They have a low weight, injuries are not serious, but they are still injuries. Reduce the risks helps angle grinder with a soft start, but still have to work with gloves, protective clothing with tightly buttoned sleeves, boots that cover your feet, safety glasses.

Belt sander

It is so called because the sandpaper is shaped like a belt, continuously moving with the help of rollers. That’s why such a wood sander is also called endless.

Wood belt sander is designed for rough and intermediate leveling of the surface. By installing sandpaper with a finer grain, you can achieve medium-sized finishing. It is good enough for joinery that is not to be painted. A different type of wood sander is needed to achieve an ideal condition. And to eliminate longitudinal scratches you have to sand in steps, changing the grit several times the scratches remain deep.

angle, grinder, wood, which

A belt sander is good if you need to remove old paint and varnish

What is good about a belt sander for wood? It has a good capacity. The belt on it is set so that one side is able to sand down close to the wall. What are the disadvantages?? Not all places can be reached because of the design. E.g. corners, chamfered notches, grooves and other small parts. It is not always possible to reach between two parts (when working on a railing, for example). Another drawback most of the belt sander has a solid weight, to work them on the weight, sanding vertical surfaces, it is difficult. But on the horizontal plane they are the most productive.

The following disadvantages high noise level, not the largest sanding spot. It is so noisy that it is extremely uncomfortable to work without headphones. Why a small sanding spot, because it looks big enough? Even though the belt is wide, it only grinds in the center, the front and back areas are not used because it is lifted to feed the rollers.

It can be turned into a sanding machine

Is the belt sander for wood peculiarities in operation. To minimize the depth of the furrows it leaves, guide it along the fibers. Then the finish sanding takes less time. And if you get stuck and leave the machine in one place for a long time, it creates a big pit. Despite this, it is the most productive wood sander that is often used.

Orbital (eccentric)

The orbital wood sander has a round sole with Velcro, on which the sanding paper discs are attached. The discs are the same as those for the angle grinder, so they are interchangeable. The sole of the machine has holes for dust removal. Dust is collected in a bag, cassette-type container, almost all models allow you to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Eccentric sander allows you to handle curved surfaces

The operation of the eccentric wood sander is based on a simultaneous rotation and back-and-forth motion (reciprocating motion). It achieves sufficiently good speed for intermediate and finish woodworking. When working with this type of sander platform commits motion in a spiral or orbit. Therefore they are also called orbital sanders.

Eccentric grinders are good when processing curved or profiled surfaces machine is small in weight, little noise, it is easy to control, the angle of the disk can reach the recesses, notches, etc.п. With all that, it also handles large planes at a good pace. If coarse-grit sandpaper is installed, it can also be used for rough and intermediate sanding. Speed is less than a belt sander, but also quite acceptable. There are such machines with different radius of motion (eccentricity) from 3 to 8 mm. Picking up this parameter and identify the main purpose (about this below).

How to use Your Angle Grinder on Wood

There are small and compact, there are powerful, decent-sized

The disadvantage of this type of machines is the impossibility of working in the corners. The round platform simply does not fit there. Even on the edges there is an area of uncertainty sanding close to the wall or vertical surfaces can not grind.


Vibratory sander foot can be rectangular or triangular. When working, it makes a circular motion with a small amplitude vibrates, which gave the name to this type of equipment. This wood sander is used for finishing before painting or varnishing, but is low productivity.

Vibratory sander for wood with a rectangular surface allows you to process large areas, but it can not grind wood near vertical planes and walls it starts to hit the obstacle. The triangular one is more suitable for corners and hard-to-reach places, but you can’t move it tightly to the wall anyway.

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The vibratory sander is used for surface finishing

Another disadvantage of vibratory sanders are the so-called drums. If a grain of sand or other hard particle falls under the surface, it leaves small circles on the wood. It is difficult to remove these marks. You have to use progressively finer grit sandpaper, gradually removing scratches. But if in the process something gets under the soleplate again, the process repeats again. The surface is therefore thoroughly cleaned before use, and usually a suction unit is connected for rapid and timely removal of foreign objects.


Strictly speaking, it is not a sander, but it can be used for grinding. places which are hard to reach with other types of machines, even sharp corners and places right next to vertical walls. For sanding, a specially shaped triangular platform is installed on the tool, on which the sandpaper is mounted on a self-adhesive base.

When working, the platform moves horizontally with very little amplitude and the triangle peaks deflect about 1.7° (which is 2.5 mm on average). This small movement is what grinds. This sander can be used for sanding into corners and close to vertical surfaces. Not only the wood, but also smeared and dried glue can be removed. In general, the oscillating machine is used for finishing sanding in hard-to-reach places because of the low performance and sanding spot, it is unrealistic to process more or less large surfaces for a long time.

What type of sander to choose

To summarize, we can say that for the work on the house and construction, ideally we need two sanding machines for rough and finish. The most frequently used pair is belt eccentric. If you plan to engage in the manufacture of furniture, then you can not do without the oscillating.

If you do not like the result of the belt sander, you can buy two orbital with different eccentricity. For rough sanding suit tool with the eccentricity of 6-8 mm, for finishing sanding and even polishing 2-4 mm. The only downside of such a solution good eccentric grinders are expensive.

If your budget is limited, but in the economy is an angle grinder (angle grinder), rough grinding can be done with her, and for the intermediate or finishing use an orbital or vibratory. Just keep in mind that the vibrating one is the least productive, even though it is the cheapest. If you can, buy an orbital one, it’s more universal and produces better results.

How and what to sand wood with an angle grinder

The article tells about how to grind wood with the angle grinder at all stages. from the preliminary preparation of the surface to the final priming. Describes the most well-known types of cutting attachments on the angle grinder for woodworking, gives recommendations on the choice of abrasive wheels and tips for safe work.

Selection criteria

Professional and amateur models

Professional angle grinder Bosch in blue

There’s a big difference between professional and amateur tools. Professional models cut, saw and grind continuously for the whole shift. Gear wheels are made of good steel, shaft supports are in brass, the solid metal housing keeps the motor cool and the grip handle is easy to grip. You have to pay for reliability and extra features.

Bosch tools are distinguished by the color of the housing. Blue Bosch Professional is for professionals, green Bosch DIY is for do-it-yourselfers.

Bosch angle grinder for home use in green

Amateur tools can’t work without breaks for more than two dozen minutes, the motor overheats. In an effort to reduce the price, the manufacturer saves on everything. the gearbox and its housing are made of duralumin, the shaft supports. of plastic, the housing and handle. of plastic. These machines have no useful additional features, not to mention the storage case. But a budget angle grinder costs about 1.5 thousand in the store. rubles.

disc diameter

angle grinder are divided according to the maximum diameter of the disc, which is attached to the spindle. Standard sizes: 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 millimetres. The diameter of the disc affects the power of the angle grinder, its weight and the materials available for its teeth.

The depth of cut for a 115 mm diameter blade will barely exceed 50 mm, it can cut a thin-walled pipe, but the motor power is not enough for the same steel bar.

For convenience, we have prepared a table of disc diameters and recommended for the angle grinder works.

Motor power

For each size of disc manufacturers produce angle grinder different power. The more powerful the motor, the easier it is to cut through hard material. Determine the tasks that will solve your angle grinder. If you are cutting thin pipes or angles, a 115 mm angle grinder with a 700 watt motor will suffice. But if you need to grind welds and cut garden tiles. it’s better to take a 1 kW motor.

Disc speed

This parameter is not decisive for the choice of angle grinder. Each manufacturer specifies the optimal speed for their machine. For grinding wood, we recommend choosing an angle grinder with a speed regulator.

Working handles

Hold the angle grinder by the body with one hand and the handle with the other hand. The handle is screwed to the body from one side or the other, depending on where you cut material and individual convenience. Some models allow you to put the handle in a third position. along the axis of rotation of the wheel, this is convenient for grinding.

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Attention! When cutting metal, direct the flow of sparks flying off the disk away from you. The fountain on your clothes quickly turns it into gauze.

When an angle grinder polishes a surface, the machine clings to the material and pulls out of your hands. you have to hold it firmly. For reliability, a second handle is screwed in; some manufacturers make a special handle-slip.

Interchangeable discs and accessories

The variety of discs available depends on the application for which the angle grinder is intended. Metal cutting and grinding discs, concrete and stone cutting and grinding discs, flap discs for wood levelling, soft polishing discs. brushes. metal brushes with wire bristles. are available for rough work in wood, metal and stone. They are screwed onto the thread of the spindle.

Type of power supply

Manufacturers offer angle grinder powered from the electric network, as well as from a battery. We recommend an angle grinder with battery power only in a hopeless situation. to saw off a rusted gate hinge in the field. Not enough battery power for more.

Operating principle and construction of an angle grinder

angle grinder is a construction tool with many functions. They are also called angle grinders (angle grinders). The main action lies in the high-speed rotation of the disc, which makes it possible to work or cut various parts.

By changing the nozzles (discs) the tool is able to cut metal sheets and rods. If you install a disk for concrete, they can cut tiles and chisel joints in the wall. The wire nozzles allow you to remove rust and paint from car bodies and other parts. Petal discs grind wood and steel to a high degree of smoothness. Deburring abrasive circles level the shape of welding seams and make chamfers.

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Widespread use of this tool is reflected in the construction and repair work in the apartment, replacement of plumbing, production for the production of metal structures and woodworking. Often, the sound of an angle grinder can be heard at service stations or utilities to repair heating systems. No private workshop can do without it.

To maintain the work, the designers have carefully thought about the device of the angle grinder, which consists of:

two gears transmitting torque at a 90 degree connection (gearbox);

Protective goggles or face shield, construction gloves and close-fitting clothing must be worn to use the tool. The tool is gripped with both hands, brought to the place of cut, and the start button pressed.

Turning at high speed allows the disc, consisting of firmly bonded abrasive on a cord mesh, to cut through the hard structure of metal or to skim off the top layer. In the case of concrete and stone work, a steel disc with teeth is used.

Abrasive discs are available in different diameters and thicknesses, and fit common lathe sizes, which determines the capabilities of the tool. Small discs are easy to undercut or cut holes of different geometries. Large blades quickly cut pipes or cut sheet metal.

If necessary, it is possible to put small circles on the large angle grinder, provided that the dimensions of the gear unit allow you to reach the work surface. It is not permissible to install large wheels on small angle grinders.

Instructions for use and safety

Woodworking angle grinder requires a serious attitude and strict adherence to the rules of operation of the device and personal safety:

  • Never remove the guard during operation. If the work disk breaks, it will prevent injury to face and body by splinters.
  • To work on wood should give preference to medium-power models of angle grinder. In case the process fails and the tool jams, it will be much easier to hold it in your hands, compared with a more powerful.
  • Grinding discs are much safer to use than cut-off discs. When using them, it is advisable to use a mask to prevent wood dust and fine sawdust from getting into the respiratory tract. Safety glasses should also be worn.
  • When working with cutting attachments on the angle grinder for woodworking it is necessary to strictly adhere to the right angle, otherwise the cutting will be uneven and the angle grinder can jam.
  • Do not use in the work of discs that do not fit at least one of the parameters under the used model of the angle grinder.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use discs with even minimal signs of damage, especially when cutting wood.
  • Do not install instead of a disk on the angle grinder on wood circles from a circular saw or other tools. Circular discs are designed to operate at low RPM and on the angle grinder can simply warp or break and fly apart.
  • Before you sand the wood with an angle grinder, it must be well dried. Wet wood is not suitable for sanding, in addition, there is a high probability of mold and fungus infestation.

A great model of angle grinder was designed in Germany and assembled in China, like most household appliances. Among the undoubted advantages of angle grinder. the ability to adjust the number of revolutions, the wide range of applications and goodness: the bearings on the shaft, the balance of the armature and impeller, designed for the necessary product cooling. Does not come with carrying case, but has spare brush set that can be replaced without opening the tool, accessory box, second handle and blade change key. The angle grinder is mains-powered and has a 2 m mains cable. This model proves that budget angle grinders can be really good.

  • The perfect price-performance ratio;
  • The wide functionality of the product, the ability to cut metal and ceramics;
  • The perfect equipment package;
  • Easy operation and maintenance, even the beginner will be able to cope with it;
  • Low weight and compact;
  • High-quality construction;
  • Price.
Product powerDisc diameter (max)RPMPM WeightWhat jobs are suitable forHandle positionPower supplyMedium price
720 W 125 mm 11,000 per minute 1.4 kg Cutting and grinding of wood, metal and ceramic Two-stage From the mains (cable length 2.5 m) From 3300

The excellent compact universal angle grinder, which is famous for its reliability and ease of use. 100% dust proof, a feature that makes it safe to cut not only metal and tiles. The device lies well in the hand thanks to the ergonomic design, comfortable handle and narrow body, during operation vibration is minimized, and a clear trigger button will not be pressed accidentally. This power angle grinder is truly one of the best available on the market.

  • Ergonomic design;
  • Long service life of the brushes included;
  • Dual position handle (easy to change the power button position to suit any hand)
  • Reliable protection against dust and debris;
  • Vibration-free;
  • lightweight product.

Read more about this angle grinder at

Product powerDisc diameter (max)RPMPM WeightWhat kind of work is it suitable forHandle positionPower supplyMedian price
1000 W 125 mm 10500 per minute 2.1 kg Cutting and sanding wood, metal and ceramics Two-position From the mains (4 m cable length) From 6700

The best power small angle grinder for home works wide Spectra. The spindle speed can be adjusted during operation: thanks to the integrated speed regulation the changeover is smooth and does not harm the user. The rotor is fully encapsulated in resin, making the device inaccessible to the negative effects of dust and small particles flying from the surfaces to be machined.

A great feature that is rarely seen in household appliances. the overheat indicator, users note that this particular model can work much longer than others without interruption. On average, the overtemperature warning light comes on after an hour of work at maximum speed. Similar model with the same technical characteristics Makita WEV 15-150 Quick has the only difference. it is equipped with discs with a diameter of 150 mm.

  • High performance combined with compact dimensions;
  • Reliability;
  • Long time of active use;
  • The model is equipped with a soft start and speed control system;
  • A long cord that does not freeze at low temperatures;
  • Keyless nut.
Product powerDiameter of disc (max)RPMNumber of revolutionsWhat kind of work is it suitable forHandle positionPower supplyAverage price
18W 125 mm 10000 per minute 2.3 kg Cutting and sanding of wood, plastic Two-position Battery From 12000

Often there is a need for sanding work at home, away from the electricity grid. In such cases, the cordless angle grinder will unspeakably help: it is a great rarity on store shelves, but the best manufacturers try to keep up with the needs of the consumer. This model is equipped with excellent batteries, which give it a long life and long time of work away from the socket. Engine speed and overheating are controlled electronically, so it is especially convenient for home use. You won’t be able to work on metal with this tool, it’s more of a grinding model, but you can make 2-3 cuts in a non-hard material.

angle, grinder, wood, which
  • Unique model in terms of battery: possible to charge even from the cigarette lighter in the car;
  • Electronic overheat control system;
  • High revolutions;
  • Soft pads on handles that provide a comfortable grip.
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