Angle grinder with adjustable speed

DeWALT DWE4357-QS angle grinder (angle grinder), 1700 W, speed adjustable

Brushless angle grinder DeWALT DWE4357-QS is used for cutting and grinding work. Equipped with brushless motor for higher productivity and long service life.

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Brand: DeWALT

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Disc speed 2200. 10500 rpm.

Overload protection prevents motor overheating and burning.

angle, grinder, adjustable, speed

Constant electronic control keeps RPM constant even under load.

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Electronic speed adjustment allows you to choose the best operating mode depending on the characteristics of the material.

angle, grinder, adjustable, speed
  • Cutting, sanding, polishing of metal, stone, wood; brushless motor. With high efficiency;
  • Soft start (reduces tool jerk) and speed control (2200-10500 rpm);
  • LED indication of machine status;
  • Electronic spindle brake when the angle grinder is switched off;
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Electronic clutch, Disk jam protection;
  • RPM support under load;
  • No-volt protection ,
  • Prevents unintentional start-up;
  • Comes with quick-clamp nut;
  • Fixed guard position with easy switching;
  • Manufacturer’s official guarantee. 3 years;

Brushless angle grinder DeWALT DWE4357-QS is used for cutting and grinding work.

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Brushless motor for higher performance and longer life. Also easy to hold in the hand!

  • Overload protection prevents the motor from overheating and burning.
  • Constant electronic speed even under load.
  • Electronic speed adjustment allows you to choose the optimal working mode depending on the characteristics of the material.
  • Brushless motor. with high efficiency.
  • Soft start (reduces tool jerk).
  • LED status indication.
  • Electronic spindle brake when turning off angle grinder.
  • Built-in overload protection.
  • Electronic Clutch, Disk Jam Alarm.
  • Speed support under load.
  • Zero-Volt protection.

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  • Versatile tool with plenty of power and versatility
  • Compact, versatile machine for a wide range of applications
  • Speed range adjustable from 3000-11000 rpm for increased versatility
  • Ergonomic main handle with optimum grip and angle to the body
  • Advanced dust protection of main components:. Dust-proof switch (degree of protection IP5X).Labyrinth bearing seal
  • Special brush holder design to prevent damage to the collector when brushes are completely worn out
  • Set-up with additional 3-position handle
  • Handy spindle lock for quick disc changes
  • Aluminum alloy gearbox housing dissipates heat better
  • 90° swivel head allows for left-handed or cutting applications
  • Wide, ergonomic switch with dust protection, unintentional switch-on lock, and latching in the on position
  • Flanges made of different materials prevent the disc from becoming too tight during operation

Handy, powerful machine in a compact design for cutting, grinding, snagging and sanding at home, in the garage, in the workshop. Two-handed grip allows you to hold it securely, the speed control is located directly under your finger and a wide switch for easy operation. Dust prevention solutions (dust switch and labyrinth bearing seals) guarantee many years of reliable service

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For deburring, grinding and cutting of metals, concrete and stone processing with the appropriate grinding, cutting and diamond wheels

ZUBR power and gasoline technology is covered by an extended 5-year warranty. Quality assurance service monitors the production process at every step.

Craft CAG 180/1900E angle grinder with adjustable speed

Craft CAG 180/1900E angle grinder with variable speed adjustment. the tool for household purposes, designed for grinding and polishing various surfaces, and for sawing metal, concrete, bricks, tiles and other similar hard materials, removal of rust, old layer of paint coatings. This model of angle grinder has a powerful quality motor, 1900 W, which allows you to develop a sufficient number of revolutions in the 0-8500 rpm for fast and high-quality work. Thanks to the possibility to adjust the number of revolutions of the working tool of the angle grinder in combination with additional accessories and appliances for grinding, stripping and polishing, the scope of application of the tool in comparison with the usual angle grinder is greatly expanded. As a cutting element, diamond wheels and discs with a diameter of 180 mm are used. Thanks to the locking of the spindle, it is possible to change the tool quickly so that you do not have to be away from your work for too long. Quick start, avoids jerking when switching on and greatly extends the life of the tool windings. Slim handle provides a firm grip for comfortable operation and good tool control. Three handle positions allow for precise positioning to suit your needs. body of electrical part is made of high quality shockproof plastic, and gear case is made of magnesium alloy, which provides high strength and sufficient heat dissipation of the mechanism. The blade guard protects the operator from thrown debris, sparks, and jolts. Ventilation openings for natural cooling of tool during long working hours.

angle, grinder, adjustable, speed

Three-position knob RPM control function Spindle lock Soft-start function Adjustable guard

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