At what speed to drill an electric screwdriver. Tips when working with a drill with an electric screwdriver

At what speed to drill an electric screwdriver

Drill-electrical screwdriver-an indispensable tool in the household. But not everyone knows how to use it. And a large number of different settings can confuse the beginner. This article will help to overcome the drift.

There is a button that passes through the drill, peering out to the right and left. This is the switch of the rotation of the drill. Clockwise we drill or screw the screws and screws. Counterclockwise. Help the drill out of the hole or unscrew the screws. When the switch is in the middle, the drill is blocked. Therefore, if the battery is charged, and the drill does not work, make sure that the switch is shifted to the left or right.

Selection of the electric screwdriver mode

Most of the models of screwdrivers have 2 modes of operation:

The main difference between them is that when drilling, the speed of rotation of the cartridge with a drill is much higher than when screwing. This is due to the use of a two.Speed gearbox in the tool. In addition, in the drilling mode, there is no torque limiter, referred to as a “rattle”.

Sometimes in the work with a frequent change of bit and drills, you can forget to switch the operating mode of the scorchway. And if, starting to drill in the screwing mode, the error will be immediately detected without any consequences, then in the opposite case everything is not so rosy.

In particular, by starting work by bats in drilling mode, high turns will lead to an unexpectedly rapidly tightening screw and further attaching excessive effort. The negative consequences of this can be as follows:

  • Too deep screwing the methyse.
  • Thrust breakdown when working with soft material (fasteners will not hold on).
  • In solid material, a bat can “lick” the slots on a self.Tapping hat or on a bit.

Battery charging procedure

It is necessary to insert the battery into the device, while observing the polarity (the corresponding signs of “” and “-” are affixed both on the battery and the device), t.E. Plus combined with a plus, and minus. With a minus.

Luminous red diode on the device panel shows that the charging process is going on. This procedure lasts from 3 to 5 hours.

The battery has protection against reloading, so it can be left in the device for more time, but not more than 24 hours.

In the process of recharging the battery and the device itself can heat up, which is not a malfunction indicator.

Icons “drill” and “hammer

If your drill is shocking, then on its case you can see the icons “drill” and “hammer”. If you just drill, for example, wood. Choose a “drill”. This will eliminate the scrolling of the cartridge with any effort. If you need to drill a concrete wall, put on a “hammer” to run the shock mechanism.

ATTENTION. When twisting screws, these modes are not used! Because with a lot of resistance the cartridge will stuck. And the drill itself will spin, taking your hand. And this is fraught with serious injuries.

Security measures

There is a list of tips on the safe operation of the screwdriver, observing which it will be possible to extend his life and prevent malfunctions:

  • Start work only by making all the settings, inserting the necessary nozzles;
  • It is important to avoid going inside: liquid, construction dust, chips, sand;
  • The room where the work is carried out should be well lit;
  • If the connection is carried out directly from the electricity, you must be sure that there are no voltage drops, electricity is supplied stably;
  • The cartridge must be periodically lubricated, cleaned from pollution that have fallen on it;
  • Unacceptable touching with a working tool of grounded objects;
  • For dummies that use the screwed for the first time, the information is useful, which, according to safety regulations, should be put on protective gloves and work clothes.

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Working modes of the tool

2.One. Twisting fasteners

The first thing to remember: the drill in this mode is turned on only after it is installed on the working surface. The second rule is this: the effectiveness of working with the fasteners depends on the correctly set value of torque. At the same time, remember that you can not switch the modes during the rotation of the cartridge. This leads to a breakdown of the tool. Always start with a low torque, only then switch to a higher one. This will eliminate the probability of tearing the head or eating slots. It is even better to perform a preliminary several trial twist in a closed area or on the pruning of the material to make sure that the value of the torque is selected correctly. The torque regulator not only limits the speed of rotation, but also sets rotation parameters and efforts. You can set a specific meaning so that the fasteners are screwed to the end, and instead of lingering the head into the material or breakdown of the slots, there was a safe slippage of the coupling. If you work with a tree, the fasteners of a smaller diameter drill a hole in order to further prevent the splitting of the material.

In this mode, the drill-electrical screwdriver is included before it touches the working surface. Each tool indicates restrictions on the depth of drilling. They should not neglect them. To make the holes neat, and the drilling goes quickly, keep the tool so that the drill is perpendicular to the plane. In this case, the load will be distributed evenly. In order not to drill the material through, it is necessary to drill the front of the hole in a neatly way and minimize the pressure on the tool. In general, the safety precautions during operation of the battery-electrical screwdriver cannot be pressed on it: excessive effort will not accelerate the process, but will damage the equipment itself and the tool itself. To ensure the optimal operating mode, press the tool with constant effort. The drill from the hole should be removed only when the engine is running to avoid its jamming and breakdown.

For the best drilling on wood, use drill with a guide screw, which holds the equipment in the processed part from a given angle. So that the drill does not slide on the metal or smooth surface, make the coreer a small recess. The drill at the beginning of the rotation will not move from the resulting recess. When drilling a large hole in ferrous metals, a hole of smaller diameter is first drilled, and during operation, the equipment is periodically lubricated with a special composition. In general, work with different materials perform the appropriate equipment.

2.3. Working with the reversal and impact functions included

If the drill is jammed, it is necessary to turn off the tool, change the direction of rotation, turn it on again and carefully pull the tool on yourself. Be careful: with a jammed equipment, a drill-electrical screwdriver can sharply turn in the opposite direction with the entire body-hold the tool tightly in your hands. Reverse function is also used to unscrew the fasteners. The nozzle rotates in the opposite direction, while the speed and torque are preserved. The reverse switch button is usually protected from random pressing.

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The impact function makes it possible to unscrew the cloudy fasteners and drill brick, concrete and other solid material using the appropriate equipment. It is important to remember that the function is turned on only after turning off the tool. During operation it is impossible to either switch the modes or change the functions. But the most important thing is that you cannot abuse the shock function of the battery drill. If this is not a powerful professional tool, but there is a lot of drilling with a blow, use the peorater, since the operation of battery-free batteries in such intensive mode is not provided. Over, the power of its blow and amplitude is small, and the blow for constructive reasons is not as effective as the penetrator.

Tips for women on working with electric screwdriver

Not always attach or unscrew the fasteners in the house, a man can. Interest on how to use an electric screwdriver often occurs in women. First of all, experts recommend choosing an easy and compact model.

Then you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions that describe how to twist the fasteners in materials of different densities with an electric screwdriver in order to achieve the desired result. Having studied the rules for setting, installing nozzles, a woman should not forget that the use of the unit requires physical strength. When working, it is better to hold the tool with both hands and be extremely attentive.

Do not forget about the safety rules:

  • Start work only after setting up the unit and install the correct nozzle;
  • Avoid the flow of fluid, sand, building dust and shavings inside the body;
  • Perform operations in the room with good illumination;
  • Periodically clean and lubricate the cartridge;
  • Put on work clothes and protective glasses.

If a woman plans to operate the tool often, then it is better to know in advance how to promote an electric screwdriver. This will ensure the proper care of the unit, exclude numerous breakdowns.

Device and principle of operation of an electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver-manual electric or pneumatic tool for drilling holes, unscrewing and screwing fasteners with threads: bolts, nuts, screws, screws, dowel-grooves.

For work, interchangeable nozzles are used. Bits. With tips of various configurations and a hexagonal shank. Installed in a fast.And.Packed fist cartridge or a bit holder.

Before you figure out how to prepare for work and use a battery electric screwdriver, you should get acquainted with the design of the tool. It consists of:

  • Battery (only battery models).
  • Revolutions regulator.
  • Electronic components. Start.Up button, reverse.
  • Electric motor. Generates rotational mechanical movement.
  • Clusing for controlling the torque moment.
  • Quickly collapsible cartridge.
  • Planetary type gearbox for transmitting a rotational moment from the motor to the cartridge spindle.

Important! Electric screwdriver is not intended for regular drilling holes. Its modification of a drill-electrical screwdriver allows you to work with fasteners of almost any dimensions and additionally drill a lot.

How much n m is needed to wrap the screw

Before giving an accurate answer, it is necessary to clarify which screw/self.Tapping screw and where. In the latter case, the density and hardness of the material matters. The plate below will give you an idea of ​​some indicative average density and hardness of individual wood with a moisture content of 12-15%. In fact, the density of the same wood of wood can vary in relatively wide limits, therefore, some typical values ​​usually take into account:

The breed of wood Density, g/cm3 Firmness on the scale of Yanka
Siberian fir 0.39 420
Spruce 0.45 660
Aspen 0.51 420
Pine 0.52 380-1240
Linden 0.53 400
Birch 0.65 1260
Beech 0.66 1300
Larch 0.66 1200
Oak 0.69 1360
Yew 0.75 1200
Ash 0.75 1320
Plum 0.8 ~ 1200
Apple tree 0.9 ~ 1200
Sansshit 0.96 2100

This means that for working with birch, for example, you will need an effort about half as much as when working with a spruce. However, the connection here is not quite direct. Resinous wood will be easier to undergo processing.

Now let’s move on to the screws. For us, diameter, length, shape and nature of the thread are important. For example, for thin self.Tapping screws when twisting in the middle of the hardness of the tree (pine), we have the following picture:

Scurop dimensions, mm Maximum torque, n m
4×50 3.56
4×90 4,92
5×50 5.36
5×90 7.24

Looking at the table, you might think that for 5×90 screws, any of the screwdrivers available on sale is suitable. But this is not entirely what is about in the practical part of the material.

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