Aveo t250 air conditioner compressor bearing replacement

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Noise when you turn on air conditioner. what can be caused by?

In recent years, abnormal heat has been coming to our area with the summer. Temperatures up to 40C and rising humidity have become standard and forced drivers to use the services of the indispensable helper in the car more and more often. air conditioner. And in case of its absence, such weather conditions have forced motorists to think about its installation. Though, nowadays, such a phenomenon is extremely seldom met.

Earlier an air conditioner was a peculiar attribute of luxury. Now even budget cars are equipped with it. Nevertheless, there are cars (mainly used ones), which do not have and never had air conditioner.

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Well, if we are speaking about those motorists, who uses this “miracle of technics”, they should be ready that conditioner is not working forever and it also has the ability to break down. An attentive driver will always notice that something goes wrong, will identify a problem of malfunction and react properly. Though, it is difficult not to notice that there is something wrong with air conditioner, especially, when you hear an obtrusive, sometimes even very sharp and strong sound when you switch on air ventilating. About them we will talk in our article.

Noise when you switch on air conditioner: where it comes from?

In some cases a broken air conditioner compressor can continue to execute the functions, and at that to work silently and even not to malfunction, but at the same time it does not pump freon. It happens that device is characterized by good working capacity, but has no air tightness. Sometimes problems occur with the bypass valve as well. So if you hear a sound in the compressor area, don’t doubt, it’s about. Now you have to consider all possible reasons why the air conditioner makes such noises and how to fight it.

The main reasons of strong noise of air conditioner

Sounds, which indicate compressor breakage, can be divided into two types. Probability of the first takes place when the noise is heard during operation of the engine and when the air conditioner is switched off. Such “heart-breaking” sounds indicate that the bearing of air conditioner compressor pulley is finished. In this case, you need to replace it immediately, because at best, in one inconvenient moment for you, it just glitch and can break the drive belt. And if this belt is already common, it threatens to stay at the scene of the incident, waiting for help, because you can not go anywhere. But that’s not the worst case. The worst thing is if you hear noises when the air conditioner is on. They indicate that the compressor is at the stage of “dying out”.

There are also cases where, when you turn on the compressor, you don’t hear any clicking sound, and the compressor muff doesn’t engage the rotor. That has nothing to do with the compressor. And the matter may be in the lack of gas in the system, or the inclusion of the compressor is blocked by a pressure sensor. Much more seldom it is possible to meet troubles of electric type: burnt winding of muff, glitches of climate-control, the contact of sensor or compressor became damp. In any case, you need to get help from a professional. One, also an important point is the noise of a compressor clutch. It may also be warm and smell foul. In that case you can be sure that you have a collapsed clutch bearing. Also, one of the causes of a sharp “hiss” of the air conditioner when you turn it on or off is a lack of freon. Most often these noises are caused by refrigerant leakage.

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Ways to eliminate the noise

If you have defined for yourself a reason of noise of the conditioner you can proceed to problem solution. So, if you have noticed the sounds from where there is an air conditioner compressor, do not be lazy and give the car to professionals. It will help you save both time and money. And here’s why. As it was already mentioned, the harsh sounds and noisy rumbling, which appear when you turn on air conditioner, says that the compressor “died”, or is already on its way. You can, of course, pour oil in it, thus delaying its death, but the fact is still a fact. In the worst case, if it nonetheless passes away with life, the costs for renewal of the system vitality could easily exceed 1000.е. Service station workers will have to disassemble the compressor, wash it from the inside, change the oil and the receiver-drier.

And very often happens that the chips chips that have been swept from the compressor cylinders can block tightly in the expansion valve and it also should be replaced. So, if not to replace a compressor, it is possible to lead to increase of backlash because of which aluminum from compression chambers will start to be ground and will lead to ingress in system of graphite. He that is subject to cleaning. flush the system when backlash becomes too big. In such case the system is dismantled and flushed under pressure. Then the receiver-drier is replaced with a new one. Consider another case. when the clutch is humming, warm and smells “fried” when the air conditioner is off.

In this case, if the belt on the compressor “lives a separate life”, it is recommended to remove it or, at worst, cut. And then it‘s time to go to the service.If the belt on the compressor was common, you can install a short belt from such a car. just like yours, but without air conditioning. If this solution does not suit you, then you need to call for reinforcements and pull the vehicle with a rope.

Also, you need to pay attention to such a phenomenon as a leaky compressor, the standard cause of which is the packing, which requires replacement. Most of the time. In order to replace it, you need to remove the entire compressor. But to get to it with tools you need a lot of patience and dexterity. You should know that in addition to the splined joints of the compressor shaft and the fixation plate, there is also a keyed joint. In this situation you need a hydraulic press. In addition to everything else, immediately after the installation of “fresh” oil seal. using adjusting washers, you need to make an adjustment of the clearances in the middle of the pulley and the fixation plate.

To perform this operation directly on the car is practically “mission impossible. That’s why many car-care centers don’t want to do the replacement of the compressor packing without taking it out of the mount. On compressors, as a rule, the oil seal is pressed inside and only the front part needs to be removed in order to get it out.

It is possible that freon is leaking at the connection of two halves of the compressor. The seals in these places are of two types. It is a standard O-Ring with a large diameter, or a thin reinforced gasket. In order to replace the gasket and eliminate the problem of sealing, the compressor of the car air conditioner should be removed and disassembled. This operation is not easy and especially meticulous and can only be performed by specialists.

If you are still sure that it’s not the compressor, but something else, you can also try to take out the cabin filter and turn on the air conditioner without it. If the hiss disappears, then that’s what it was all about. In extreme case, one can check whether the tension of a belt of conditioner is good Check it very easily, by pressing a finger on the belt between pulleys of crankshaft and compressor. At a pressing force of 10 kgf, the deflection should reach 8 mm.

In the end, we can make one general conclusion: if you hear a sound when you turn on the air conditioner, you can be sure that it is quite a serious problem and you urgently need to seek help from people who are experienced in repairing air conditioners.

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