Band saw for wood with their own hands

The use of band saws is common at professional woodworking companies, where speed and efficiency are important. Band saw service at such sites is common. The equipment is reliable and durable, but periodically the band saw has to be repaired to restore its functionality. To do this, you buy the necessary spare parts, which can be found in a specialized store. Purchasing high-quality spare parts for band saws is a must, because then its previous effectiveness and the quality of woodworking will be restored.

Mounting the web guides

The next step is to secure the band saw guides at a 90 degree angle. This prevents uneven and irregular workpieces with crooked ends or defects.

The simplest solution is to screw 3 bearings to the bar: 1 fixes the flat side, and the others are designed to fix the band on the sides.

An important step in the installation work of the band saw with their own hands is to align the guides in relation to the point of fixation of the support. Otherwise even small deviations will lead to large defects and deformations.

As an alternative for 2 bearings you can use wood stoppers. It is also necessary to fix a row of rails under the table. It is important to attach them so that they are placed close to the workpiece, and even better. at a distance of 3-4 cm from the log.

If you want to work with different thicknesses of materials, it is recommended to provide the possibility of adjusting the height of the rails.

Tools and materials

To create the type of saw in question, the following tools and materials will be needed:

  • a piece of plywood that is approximately 1.5 centimeters thick;
  • A bar made of solid wood;
  • Tapes or nozzles that will be used for an electric electric screwdriver or grinder;
  • a pair of bearings for the drive axle;
  • studs, washers, self-tapping screws, nuts, lugs;
  • a couple of shafts;
  • Bolts, which will be used to adjust the vertical and horizontal types;
  • A pair of brass bushings with internal threads;
  • PVA glue;
  • top type axle bearings;
  • A thumbscrew for adjusting screws;
  • insulation tape.

Separately, it should be noted that for the correct creation of certain parts of the saw, it is necessary to have drawings. Also for work you will need such components:

How to make a band saw for wood and metal with your own hands

Wood is a sought-after material in construction: bar is used to build houses and outbuildings, boards are used to make floors, walls are finished with them. Band saws are often used for sawing lumber in domestic conditions. Factory models of equipment are not available to everyone because of the rather high cost. But you can save money by making a band saw with your own hands. Depending on the size and installed cutting blade with its help, it will also be possible to work with different metals and their alloys, stone, synthetic materials, such as polypropylene.

Types of machines

Band saws intended for wood processing are divided according to several important parameters. First of all all machines can be divided into horizontal and vertical. The difference between them lies in the design features and the way in which the material is processed.

In addition, the following characteristics may also be used as a basis for classification:

  • The number of products that can be effectively processed by the machine in a certain range of time;
  • angle of rotation;
  • number of speeds;
  • belt width.

An important parameter is the power of the machine tool. According to this characteristic, a distinction is made between:

  • Machines designed for individual use. These units are relatively inexpensive and relatively low-powered, and are well suited for domestic workshops. Their power rating ranges from five to seven hundred watts. For normal operation of the machines a 220 V power supply is needed. Work on such units is slowed down by the need to manually feed the material to be processed. Another feature of these machines is the width of the band. It usually does not exceed thirteen millimeters;
  • The devices intended for professional use. Their power is much higher, ranging from one thousand watts to 1500 watts. Such machines are used in a variety of woodworking enterprises. They are characterized by high accuracy and productivity. The latter is ensured, among other things, by the automatic feed of the material, which is achieved by using a vice and an electric motor. Operate on a 380 V mains supply. Band width. from nineteen millimeters;
  • Industrial band saws. A special class of devices, distinguished by their large size and power. The weight of these machines can reach several tons. Power ranges from fifteen to thirty kilowatts.

Horizontal machines are usually used in large industries. They have large dimensions and high power. Home workshops are most often equipped with vertical machines, which take up relatively less space and consume less electricity.

Classification of band saws

All tools of this type can be divided into several categories, according to their production capacity:

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  • domestic. represent the small class with power from 350 W to 1 kW, are quiet enough to work, allow you to cut blanks from soft wood, as well as to produce furniture in the home;
  • semi-professional. have a larger size than the previous ones, are able to withstand heavy loads due to the power output from 1 kW to 3 kW, successfully perform sawing at home or in small workshops;
  • professional. Such mechanisms require connection to a three-phase electrical circuit, they can qualitatively saw logs of any species, including hard or frozen, install them in large industries.

The characteristic feature that has a band tool. wood saw, is a wide arrangement of teeth, you can buy it at an affordable price on the website Thanks to this parameter, the chips have the ability to quickly escape, reducing the load on the cutting blade. This, in turn, prolongs the service life of the blade.

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Band saws

Base dimensions of band saw blades, boils down to grade of steel, dimensions and tooth pitch measured by TPI. The choice of the optimum choice depends on the application of the band saw blade and the size of the machine’s pulleys. For example, the width of the blade for straight cutting, should be many times greater than that used for curved cutting. Thickness of the blade depends on the diameter of the pulley, and is calculated from the ratio 1:1000, and if the wheels of our machine are 600 mm, then the optimum thickness of the saw blade, should be 0.6 mm. The last factor also depends on the steel grade.

Smaller tooth pitch increases the number of teeth per inch and the higher the TPI (Tooth Per Inch). Blades with high TPI, designed for slow but accurate cuts. The lower the number of teeth per inch, the faster the work, but the edges and sides of the product are less even. For general purpose work, with an optimal balance of speed and quality, a blade with a TPI of 8 is used.

The most common steel grades of saw blades, include tool alloys, bimetallic, diamond, and carbide. Each type of steel has unique properties, and is designed to work with specific materials. Blades made of tool steel, suitable for cutting wood in the domestic sense, and can work effectively on small-diameter pulleys. Bimetal saw blades are widely used for cutting metal. Diamond wheels cut marble, granite and other hard materials. Tungsten carbide blades saw blanks made of high-strength metals.

TOP 10. The best band saws for wood

A ring-welded band with teeth that moves very quickly and makes a straight cut in the material is essentially what a band saw is. That is, when choosing it, the main criteria are the power of the motor and the width of the saw blade. But in addition to these characteristics, the band saw must be convenient, stable and safe, as well as have all the necessary functions for quality work.

After a thorough analysis of the market of the specified equipment, a list of the best models has been formed. After reading the information provided, you can easily answer the question of which band saw is the best to choose.

band, wood, their, hands

To the credit of such devices it should be said that compared to any other sawing devices, they possess a mass of advantages. For example, a jigsaw can wobble, distorting the cut, and the band saw for wood does not give errors, because its blade is a closed ring. The chainsaw sometimes slips, the chain comes off, which never happens to the band. When it dulls, replacement is quick and inexpensive. A circular saw has a lower efficiency, it loses 30% of its engine power during transmission, but band saw machines transmit almost 100% of power to the cutting tool.

In general there is no more reliable tool for quality wood cutting without splintering and distortion than a band saw.

The ranking of the best models included units that:

  • are sold the most, as evidenced by the statistics for the last two years;
  • they are functional and safe in operation;
  • are of good quality, and their price is not overpriced;
  • made by a trustworthy manufacturer, who will never leave you without spare parts or service.
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