Basil gas station gasoline. The risks of the use of fuel and oil surrogates

How to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw: types of oils, selection of gasoline, proportions and mixing procedure

The owners of country houses acquire a variety of brands of chainsaws. Miracle technology is indispensable for harvesting firewood and erecting out households. Those who have long been using this tool know all the subtleties of its maintenance. But beginners definitely need to find out how to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw. This will be discussed in the article.

Characterization of household chainsaws

In specialized technology stores, a wide selection of both domestic and foreign chainsaws is presented. For household purposes, there is a light tool that does not have high performance. Its main element is a chain with cutting teeth. Its rotation is provided by a 2-stroke gasoline engine, which does not provide a separate lubricant system for rubbing parts. To do this, not pure gasoline is poured into the gas tank, but its mixture with butter, which not only provides engine operation, but also grease. When preparing the mixture, each owner should know how to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw.

The speed of rotation of the circuit depends on the number of engine speeds, which is cooled by air. A separate oil tank is provided for lubrication and cooling. With an increase in the frequency of its rotation, the automatic oil supply increases. For the normal operation of the chainsaw, it is necessary to control the contents of the two tanks. for the engine and circuit.

Gas and oil proportions

For the normal operation of the oil engine, very little is required. Its number is always determined in percentage ratio, since the gas tank in saws can have different containers. In addition, many operators prepare a mixture with a small margin, especially if serious work is ahead. After all, one tank for modern tools, for all economicality, is rarely enough more than 1 cubic meter of firewood.

This is a standard due to the high quality of the manufacture of modern engines. Characteristic of most modern saws of German, Swiss, American, Japanese, Italian production. In a word, all saws released no more than 10 years ago by world famous brands-Husqvarna, Stihl, Oleo-Mac, Makita, Echo and others-will require just such a proportion.You can find out about this from the instructions.

However, many purely chinese saws are also influenced by advanced processing and assembly technologies. So, many saws of domestic brands collected in the Middle Kingdom also work on mixtures 1:50. For example, on the recently released bison models, the proportion label appeared in the form of a cardboard flag right on the handle of the starter cord, apparently for those who do not like to look in the instructions.

This ratio is often called “rocker”. This means that after buying a new saw, it will be necessary to pour a mixture more enriched with oil in the gas tank. At this time, the moving parts of the cylinder-piston group are rubbed, in the process a large proportion is required compared to the usual. After burning a pair of three tanks in a sparing mode, you can switch to the ratio recommended by the manufacturer.

Also, 1/40 proportion is generally accepted by some manufacturers, for example, in Partner chainsaws. Given that the oils here are slightly more than in the previous version, a slight excess of the norm will not damage any engine. When using high.quality fuel and lubrication, another question arises. the price of fairly expensive consumables.

To date, it is considered obsolete. Widely used in domestic chainsaws of the old structure like friendship or Urals. Today, it is still a monk to meet her in some Chinese Nunemo chainsaws or branded retail chains. However, every year the number of such goods is reduced and amounts to the most budgetary and low.quality niche of a benzo.tool. In addition, for such products, it is not important how expensive and high.quality oil is flooded into the gas tank. the engine resource is still shamelessly small in any case.

The consequences of improper dosage

Many chainsaw users do not pay due attention to the proportion. 50 grams more or less. is it all the same? And in vain: often the cause of the malfunctions of the saw is operation with an incorrectly prepared fuel mixture. over, you can make a mistake or intentionally violate the ratio both in large and less.

If there are a lot of oils.

Among the owners of the chainsaws there is an opinion “the engine cannot spoil the oil”. But it is not in vain that they come up with the necessary parameters of the finished mixture. An excess of oil can also harm and cause inconvenience. After all, despite the improved indicators of combustion without a trace, part of the hydrocarbons still turns into soot and soot. With a low concentration, there are few of them, but if you enrich the mixture with oil twice as against the norm, then the clinic will turn out. This is especially dangerous for cheap mineral oils that do not have a “flushing” effect.

Also, with a high degree of probability, you will find oil in an air filter during a carburetor overflow. The candle will also be in Nagar. it will need to be cleaned, washed and dried. Also, pairs of unfinished oil will settle in a muffler, and with intensive work they will burn out, forming a cable of soot and sparks.

After such a refueling, almost all the insides of the saw will have to be thoroughly cleaned and washed. The most fun “surprise” will be the “dying” of piston rings. but this is in the case of systematic abuse of oil overflows and work under a large load.

or little

“Greed” in the preparation of the fuel mixture ruined more than one piston. This is where it is really better to “overdo” than “unnecessary”. After all, if in the first case you are threatened with a thorough “washing” of the unit, then in the second you will have to change the CPG, and this is generally unprofitable at many saws, and for others there is very decent money.

station, gasoline, fuel

Conclusion: saving is meaningless. In the absence of a sufficient amount of oil, the piston begins to rub hard along the cylinder, since at high temperature gasoline is too fluid to perform the lubrication function.

Sad result: bully on the piston, a diluted saw engine. In the event that the owner is in mind in time, he will find that the piston and the cylinder are cast with a beautiful blue. How much such will serve, no master will give a guarantee.

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Partner 351 chainsaw

Partner 351 chainsaw belongs to a number of Chrome models, which have a chrome cylinder coating. Thanks to this, the work of sawing equipment becomes more reliable, and the service life is much longer. The chainsaw belongs to the class of professional, it is used for harvesting firewood, sawing of dryness, trimming of branches, twigs and even during construction. Improved air purification systems, absorption of vibration and noise make the use of Partner 351 most comfortable for the operator.


stringent criteria for choosing an oil component. In the best version, this is a mineral or semi.synthetic motor oil recommended by the manufacturer, designed to work in high.speed two.stroke ICE with air cooling.

The advantage of mineral oils in their lower cost. Their more expensive semi.synthetic and synthetic analogues are favorably characterized by improved working characteristics and compliance of environmental standards.

  • retain working properties in a wide range of operating temperatures;
  • do not form a carbon fiber;
  • contain detergents, anti.oxidizing, canned and other additives useful for the work of the power unit.

Gas station refueling

The process of loading the fuel mixture into the tool gas tank itself is quite primitive. it is necessary to unscrew the neck and pour gasoline through the filter element. The main questions are about the preparation of a mixture from gasoline and oil. Here it is necessary to withstand the correct proportions on the recommendations provided by the manufacturer. It is necessary to refuel a chainsaw only with a mixture with the correct ratio of components, as this affects the life of the engine.

Gasoline and oil ratio

The normative documentation adopted in, the standard ratio of gasoline-oil mixture used for two-stroke engines is determined-this is 1/50. When calculating according to the rules of the proportion, it turns out that in 0.5 liters of gasoline it is necessary to dissolve 10 milliliters of engine oil. This is the basic value that each manufacturer changes based on the features of the design of his engine. It is recommended to use only an indication on the composition reflected in the tool passport.

There are other proportions for benzo tools that are actively used by foreign manufacturers, for example:

Independently determine the proportion of fuel depending on the type of engine. it is impossible.

How to mix the fuel mixture correctly

Initially, it is necessary to prepare containers and a measured tool with the required accuracy. All dishes should be cleaned and not contain the remains of other components, dirt or water.

A graduated canister, as well as a regular medical syringe for 10-20 mg, is suitable. Pour gasoline to the label into the canister, and then use the syringe, add the calculated amount of motor oil. After that, the canister is closed with a screwed plug and mixed with viasal movements for 3-5 minutes.

Work must be carried out in a well.ventilated room. It is forbidden to use a plastic canister due to a possible formation of a spark (with subsequent fire) due to static electricity.

Storage conditions for the finished mixture

It is impossible to store a gasoline-oil mixture for a long time due to the possibility of decomposition of components and deterioration of quality. The optimal shelf life is no more than 90 days.

It is necessary to use opaque canists for storage, it is advisable to maintain a temperature of 15-20 degrees in the room and do not have a mixture near heating devices (or other heating surfaces). It is required to provide conditions in which direct sunlight does not fall on the mixture.

Option of alternative fuel

As an alternative, many are offered to refuel gasoline AI95, but the question remains controversial. In theory, the characteristics of such fuel are better, but in practice it is better not to risk and refuel a chainsaw with ordinary, Soviet ai92.

The main nuance is that the AI95 is introduced, individually selected by the fuel manufacturer. In some cases, such additives can negatively affect the operation of a two.tint engine.

Preparation of the fuel mixture: proportion of oil and gasoline for chainsaw

The chainsaw engine is the “heart” of the tool, so it is very important to use a properly prepared fuel mixture.

The fuel mixture for the chainsaw is prepared from two components. oil and gasoline. The chainsaws are equipped with two.stroke engines, so the oil is added not to the lubricant (like in a four.stroke engine), but directly to gasoline. At the same time, it is very important to observe the correct proportions of the ingredients and, of course, in no case do not try to work on clean gasoline, because in this way you will very quickly “kill” the chain saw.

The oil must be intended for two-stroke engines of garden technology (that is, in no case can you use oil for boat motors or scooters). As practice shows, such oil can be bought at any store or service center where there are chainsaws on sale or their maintenance is carried out.

station, gasoline, fuel

If we talk about which gasoline is poured into a chainsaw, it will be optimal to use a fuel with an octane number of A-95, in this case, saving on a fuel can turn out to be deplorable. Often European manufacturers indicate that you can use A-90 or A-92 gasoline, but in post-Soviet countries, the quality of gasoline is inferior to European, so in our realities it is better to use better gasoline.

As for the proportion of the gas-oil mixture itself, then everything is simple: you need to clearly follow the instructions for the tool. All manufacturers of chainsaws indicate the necessary ratio in the operating manual or in the tool passport, in addition, the proportions for refueling the chainsaws may vary depending on the model of the chain saw. As a rule, the proportion of oil and gasoline to the chainsaw of eminent manufacturers is a ratio of 1:40 or 1:50, which means 1 part of the oil on, for example, 40 parts of gasoline.

Now arithmetic. 1 l of gasoline = 1000 ml of gasoline, divide by 40 and get 25 ml of oil. If you perform the same actions to a ratio of 1:50, then we get 20 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline.

As for the budget chainsaws of Chinese production, the situation is slightly different. The ratio of gasoline and oil for chainsaw Made in China 1:25, that is, 1000 ml of gasoline is divided by 25, we get 40 ml of oil. The thing is that in branded chainsaws a solid assembly and the distance between pistons and cylinders in the engine is much less than Chinese chainsaws, therefore, the required amount of oil differs almost twice.

In order to measure the right portion of oil, use the usual medical syringe sufficient volume.

Еще одна тонкость — в сухую канистру для бензина сначала заливайте бензин, а потом масло. Процедура наоборот чревата топливной смесью низкого качества, ведь масло более плотное, прилипнет ко дну канистры. Поэтому о хорошем смешивания речь никак не может идти.

Обязательно готовьте топливную смесь в канистре и заливайте в бензобак уже готовое спецгорючее! Никогда не готовьте и не смешивайте ее непосредственно в топливном баке бензопилы!

Если с вопросом как разводить бензин для бензопилы разобрались, то и об условиях хранения и сроках годности топливной смеси стоит сказать несколько слов. Лучше всего и проще готовить бензомасленую смесь на 1 л бензина, делать это рекомендуется непосредственно перед работой с инструментом. Топливные баки бензопил имеют объем от 0,3 до 1 л. В условиях бытового использования за один сеанс редко используется весь объем приготовленной горючей смеси, поэтому остаток можно сохранить до следующего сеанса работы. Хранить топливную смесь необходимо в специальной канистре для бензина, в сухом темном месте. Оптимально рассчитывать, что срок хранения готовой смеси составит 7-10 дней

The fact is that the oil presented now on the market is not synthetic, but organic, that is, natural. After 10 days, all lubricants are lost, gasoline simply “eats” oil. Naturally, it is no longer possible to use such fuel, it can cause a breakdown and failure of a chainsaw.

At the end of the work, it is necessary to drain the fuel mixture and start a chainsaw. the tool will stall (so that the saw has a dry carburetor) and now you can leave it until the next operation session.

The ratio of the amount of oil and gasoline for the fuel mixture

The proportion of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw is usually compiled according to two recipes:

Fuel mix-up at Lizton’s only gas station leaves drivers with costly repairs

If the chainsaws have been recently acquired and has not yet been operated, then the lubricant is increased by a quarter. The same amount is poured into fuel, conducting sawing at temperatures below 2 degrees.

Obtaining such a mixture is not difficult. Almost every modern saw is equipped with a special two.section capacity. Oil is poured into a smaller part, and in most of the gasoline. The covers of both parts are tightly twisted and the container is turned over, thoroughly shaken. This achieve complete and homogeneous mixing of both components.

If there is no such special container, then you can use any plastic container with a plastic capacity with a capacity of one liter and a disposable syringe for 5-10 cubes. The tank for gasoline must be previously cleaned of all kinds of pollutants and water. After that, one liter 92-95 gasoline is poured into it.

In parallel in the syringe, 20 ml of oil is gained. If the refueling is made in cold weather, then it needs to be taken 24-30 ml. Gently pour it into a container with gasoline. It tightly closes with a lid and thoroughly shakes up until the components are completely mixed.

All operations for the preparation of the fuel mixture should be carried out outdoors outside the residential premises. In addition, it is important to strictly observe fire safety measures!

Recommended brands of combustible materials for power chainsaws

A specific brand of gasoline for saw is always given in the instructions from the manufacturer. It is recommended to strictly follow her.

The octane number can often be slightly lower than the declared. it is recommended to use gasoline of a higher brand. For example, if the instructions write to use 92nd gasoline, then it is worth buying at the gas station and tucked in the tank only the 95th.

Do not confuse and do not use them for not their purpose. This is guaranteed to break the tool. Repair it can cost almost like a new saw.

Do not try to use automatic vehicles. The engine will be damaged very quickly. Car lubricants are designed for a different power plant and for other temperatures.

The most popular lubricants for chainsaws are the following brands:

Each container with proprietary oil always indicates the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw (Stihl, Husqvarna, Partner, Ural), which must be adhere to the mixture.

How to prepare a mixture?

In order for the technique to serve for a long time and regularly cope with its functions, it is necessary to know exactly how much oil in gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw must be added. Earlier we found out that it is better to use a lubricant from the STIHL manufacturer and unhealthy gasoline AI92 or AI95 as components. Ethyl fuel brands adversely affect the work of the unit and disable it. With such components, 20 ml of oil is added to a liter of gasoline. Any violation of the proportions leads to the appearance of soot on candles and pistons, as well as the formation of bullying. The oils used can be green, blue or red.

By painting the mixture, their presence is easily determined. To dilute the fuel, often complete with equipment, a special canister is attached. There are measured divisions on these containers and there are two holes. The user remains to fill the tank with the components of the mixture to the required marks, close the lids and mix. Some use plastic bottles and syringes for these purposes for oil measuring. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that foreign particles or water do not get into the container, all this will worsen the operation of the engine.

What will happen if the manufacturer’s recommendations do not take into account?

In case of violation of the rules for the preparation of fuel and lubricants and non-compliance with proportions when adding oil to gasoline at the Stihl 180 chainsaw; the following problems arise:

  • With an increase in friction, the wear of the working surfaces of parts will increase.
  • Due to the insufficient amount of the lubricant, the bearings will begin to collapse.
  • The full functioning of the mechanical nodes is violated in connection with the premature wear of the parts, their service life is significantly reduced.
  • When using low.grade varieties of gasoline and oils, the performance of the unit decreases with subsequent breakdown of important nodes and parts.

Fuel is prepared before refueling the saw, avoiding excessive contacts with oxygen. After the end of work, the remaining mixture must be drained.

Gasopile refueling instructions

Please note: when filling the fuel mixture, oil is added to a special tank to lubricate the chain. They are spent evenly, so they are poured simultaneously.

After that, the saw starts and for some time works tested at idle.

Gas Stations

What will happen if you fill in the workout

Using a spent car oil for a chainsaw is strictly prohibited. After such an abuse, the engine quickly fails.

Washing is an oil that has already developed its. It is not able to further ensure high.quality sliding of the parts. This is a consumable from a four.stroke engine, which is already bad, and it will be full of metal chips removed from the pistons and cylinders during the previous use. The particles of steel make it difficult to move the mechanisms, scratch them, leave the bullying. Even mixing a pair of grams of working for suitable oil will reduce the duration of the saw and tool with a two.stroke engine.

Please note: there is no clean training. If garbage and chips are not visible, this does not mean that they are absent in oil.

Only competently mixed fuel using high.quality materials provides stable gas tools for its working function.

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