Basopiles flowing gasoline from the gas tank Partner. Gasoline in a chainsaw flows?…

The chainsaw oil flows out when it lies

If everything is in order with the ignition system, then we go further and check the fuel supply system of the chainsaw.

Disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and look, flows out of it fuel or not. Eliminate oil leaks on a chainsaw | Video on. As a rule, a refusal to find a defect in a chainsaw can be eliminated with a leak with. Oil pump repair on a chainsaw: how can you eliminate the oil leaks for repairs in. If the fuel flows with a free stream, then everything is in order. the cover and the filter work properly. If the fuel mixture does not flows or flows very weakly, then the hole of the cover (saepun) is cleaned with a needle.

2-Stroke BOG DOWN- Why the Fuel Tank can cause it. Power Loss/Won’t Start/Cuts Out/Two-Stroke Cycle

Oil pump for chainsaws: malfunctions and repair

As we said earlier, the principle of operation of the chain lubrication system is the same for benzo- and electric saw. Therefore, it is clear that the malfunctions associated with the oil pump, as well as their causes, will be the same. The malfunction of the oil pump of the chainsaw can manifest itself in only two versions. the oil comes in insufficient quantities or follows where it is not necessary. Let us dwell on the symptoms of a malfunction of the oil pump for the chainsaw and talk to the possible causes of their occurrence. At the same time and mention ways to solve problems.

Insufficient flow of oil on the chain. Insufficient lubrication leads to overheating and pulling the chain. This can lead to jamming and, more dangerous, jumping the chain during the operation of the saw. Reasons why the pump does not give the right amount of oil can be several.

  • The easiest and easily eliminating the reason is the clogged channels through which oil is supplied to the chain. Sawdust and other garbage clog them and do not allow them to lubricate the chain normally. Therefore, it is important to clean the output channel and channels on the tire where the oil passes.
  • Another reason is a malfunction in the operation of the Plunger of the oil pump of the chainsaw. The plunger rotating captures a certain amount of oil and sends it to the chain. The plunger speed directly depends on the number of engine speeds, that is, the faster the circuit is spinning, the more oil should come to it. The failed plunger must be replaced.

Oil leakage. It must be understood that a slight leakage of oil is acceptable. However, if you find your chainsaw every time in a puddle of oil, it is time to repair.

  • First of all, check the tightness of the tubes and fittings of the oil pump. Over time, the tubes can crack. It is best in this case to replace them with new ones, but you can try to close up with a special sealing material.
  • If the cause of the malfunction in the crack crack, you will have to buy an oil pump for a chainsaw. such defects are not subject to repair.

Unsuality to the incorrect operation of the oil pump for a chainsaw cannot. However, there may be several options for solving the problem. Proper diagnosis and clarification of the cause of the malfunction is a guarantee of an early solution to the problem.


In order to disassemble the Partner 350, several specific tools are required:

  • Clutch key (you can buy or make yourself from the head of the right size).
  • Stop the piston.
  • A set of Torx hexagons.
  • Groove.

For the convenience of disassembling Partner 350, you will need tweezers and a medical clamp. From ordinary tools, you must have screwdrivers or a battery drill with a set of nozzles, hammer.

Algorithm and description of the disassembly process

If it is necessary to completely disassemble the Partner 350 chainsaw, the first where the disassembly begins, this is the cleaning of the saw using the compressor. Further, the nodes of the chainsaw are removed in the following order:

After the first stage of disassembly is over, we re.clean the chainsaw using the compressor, t. to. There are already access to air ducts, which in most cases are very contaminated with wood dust.

At the next stage, it is convenient to remove the air filter housing and Partner 350 carburetor.

After removing the carburetor, the intake window of the cylinder must be plugged with a rag, this will protect from the entry of foreign objects into the engine crankcase.

The silencer can be removed either immediately after the carburetor is removed, or after the engine is removed. Graduation window is also closed by a rag.

To do this, you need to apply the piston stoppage by installing it in the candle hole.

The clutch on all the Partner 350 chainsaws is unscrewed in the direction of the chain, this is done so that it does not spin during operation. The flywheel nut has a standard thread and is unscrewed with a 13.head, counterclockwise.

After lifting the clutch, access to the oil pump appears, it also needs to be removed.

At the last stage, you need to spin the engine screws and remove it from the body.

Instructions for removing a flywheel from the crankshaft

To remove the flywheel, you will need to use a special puller, but most masters use a soft metal gap, t. to. With its help, the removal process is significantly accelerated.

The bottom line lies in the fact that the flywheel nut is removed until the moment is damaged with the plane of the shaft, after which with the help of a hammer and a gap installed on a nut, with a sharp blow, the flywheel is removed from the shaft.

The method is a little barbaric, but time.tested by many masters, as the most practical and reliable.


In most cases, the following problems are found in the engine:

  • the engine stopped starting;
  • The engine starts, but after some time stalls;
  • The engine is not able to develop the necessary power;
  • The engine works extremely unstable.

How to check the crankshaft oil seals

The presence of the leaks of the oil seals can be checked only by reaching the crankshaft itself, and carefully examined it for the subject. How to do this, you can familiarize yourself with

How to check compression on a chainsaw

With a compression level below 8 atmospheres, the engine will not have enough power, which means that the chainsaws will not be able to fully function.

  • Remove the protective cover and unscrew the candle.
  • Insert the tip of the compressometer into the hole where the candle should be located.
  • Using the starting cord, betray the piston rotation and remember the maximum indications of the measurement device.

How to put a piston on a chainsaw correctly

Work to replace the piston for most models of modern chainsaws is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • The upper and side caps are removed.
  • The candle is twisted.
  • Removed from the shock absorbers of the stopper and disconnected from the hull pen.
  • The leading star and starter are removed.
  • A piston lock is installed in the candle hole and the nut, fixing the flywheel and the clutch, is untwisted.
  • The flywheel, clutch clutch, oil pump, located immediately behind the clutch mechanism is removed.
  • The screws are untwisted, fastening the carburetor and air filter, after which these nodes are removed along with the engine control lever.
  • The ignition coil is removed, as well as a muffler.
  • The saw is turned upside down and, having unscrewed the mounting screws to the body, the engine is disconnected.
  • The pallet is spinned and the piston is removed.
  • Since the piston is removed only with the crankshaft, then to disconnect it, it is necessary to extract the locking rings.
  • The old piston changes to a new, but as neatly as possible. Caused by the high fragility of compression rings.
  • Carter is put in place, and instead of laying, a sealant is used.

All subsequent actions are carried out according to the algorithm, the return of disassembly.

Fuel system

Fuel system malfunctions also quite often become the main reason that does not allow a chainsaw to work as efficiently as possible. First of all, it is necessary to check the quality of the fuel mixture.

Some owners prefer to use not recommended brand of gasoline, but alcohol.containing solutions or add more oils than that required.

Gasoline from chainsaw flows

If gasoline drops periodically appear on the chainsaw housing, then it is necessary to check the tightness of the fuel tank. Over time, it can dry out. Or the gasket “strangled” and it can no longer fulfill its direct function.

If full.fledged gasoline streams appear, it is likely that you have to change the bursting hose connecting the carburetor and fuel tank.

Gasoline does not enter the chainsaw cylinder

The reasons why the fuel mixture stopped entering the cylinder several:

  • The air filter was clogged.
  • Carburetor work settings flew off.
  • The carburetor membrane ceased to be holistic.
  • Channels through which gasoline is transported are clogged.

Basil does not hold idle speed

In this case, you should start looking for a malfunction from the filter elements. For the most part, it is precisely due to a decrease in the throughput of air and gasoline filters that the turnover at idle starts to “swim”.

If everything is in order with the filters, then it is necessary to check the components of the gas pipeline system, as well as make sure that there are no spontaneous changes in the carburetor settings.

Why gasoline from chainsaw flows

Repair of chainsaws as in any technically complex tool, when using chainsaws, various problems may occur associated with a malfunction of its individual nodes or their inconsistency during operation. In most cases, the problems can be eliminated independently if you know their main features and learn how to find the source of the problem.

Fuel mixture problems

Starting to find a malfunction, first of all, you should check the quality of the fuel mixture and its level. The fact is that the serviceability of the cylinder-piston system depends on the quality of the fuel, which makes up the lion’s share of the cost of the entire chainsaw.

Therefore, you should not save and refuel the chainsaw with fuel and additives of dubious reputation. During the preparation of the fuel mixture, you should clearly follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

To refuel the saw, only fresh mixtures prepared no more than two weeks before work start.

Sapun check

Specifically, the sapun plays a severe role in the establishment of a chainsaw, finding such a part is an option near the gas tank cover, and more precisely in the area of ​​the air hole.

The sapun makes an ordinary role, however, it does not allow the fuel to flow out and sets the correct air pressure.

Thanks to this air, the fuel enters the carburetor, and the malfunction of this element is a frequent prerequisite when the fuel does not enter the chainsaw.

In service centers, carburetor adjustment is made on special equipment. For each saw, the values ​​of the rotation angles of the adjusting screws are different (they are indicated in the operating instructions).

The need to adjust the carburetor does not arise very often, especially if the saw was bought from a proven seller.

All our Husqvarna saws are sent to the service center before selling, where experts set up revolutions.

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However, a violation of fixation of adjusting screws sometimes happens.

  • Strong wear of the engine (piston). In this case, it is necessary to take a greater extent to fix the engine, however, the carburetor adjustment can improve the functionality of the saw for a certain amount of time.
  • Blockage in the carburetor due to damage to the air filter, the use of poor quality gasoline and the formation of scale. In such a situation, in addition to adjusting the carburetor, it will also be needed to flush.
  • Strong vibration of saw or damage to the protective cover. This is extremely rare, but there are still cases.

Signs that indicate the need to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw:

  • The engine either does not start, or starts up and immediately stalls. This is due to the use of poor fuel mixture.
  • A significant increase in fuel consumption and an increase in exhaust volume. the amount of exhaust gases suggests that the fuel does not completely burn out. The reason for this can be oversatuity of the fuel.

The carburetor adjustment scheme for different models of the chainsaws is different and described in the operating instructions. However, the general principle remains the same: it is necessary to change the quantity and quality of the fuel mixture supplied to the engine cylinder.

  • “L”. LOW, to configure low speeds
  • “H”. High, to configure the upper revolutions
  • “T” (“LA”, “S”). to configure the idle stroke (the models that have only one screw have exactly the “T” screw)

When adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw, the following rules should be followed:

  • Make sure that the cutting chain of saws is directed in the opposite side of you
  • Put the saw on a stable even surface, the cutting part should not touch any objects.

Please note: the instructions indicate the exact angles of rotation of the adjusting screws. Accurate compliance with the instructions of the instructions will avoid engine damage.

The process of adjusting the carburetor itself includes two points: basic (with a non.working engine) and final (with a heated engine).

Do not underestimate the breakdown of this node of the chainsaw. If the muffler closes, the saw will lose power and of course it will not start. If the muffler is collapsible, then we disassemble it, conduct an inspection and remove the entire pile. In some models, the muffler will have to be unscrewed, after washing the unlimited muffler should be dried with a hairdryer.

Please note: the carcass contains carcinogens that are dangerous to human health, dry cleaning is unacceptable, since it can lead to inhalation of these harmful substances.

When we remove the silencer, the outlet of the motor is plugged with a clean rag. The reasons why the muffler might clog is:

  • Using improper fuel mixture (too much oil)
  • The use of improper oil (oil, not for two.stroke engines or low.quality oil)

Problems with internal chainsaw mechanisms

If the fuel mixture does not cause complaints, then you should proceed to checking the starting mechanism. If there are no complaints here, check the service of the candle. The device should be twisted and check the width of the clearance, which should be 0.5 mm for the perfect operation of the chainsaw engine. Pay attention. the candle is dry or wet.

Husqvarna T540 Chainsaw Fuel Tank Replacement

If dry, look for a problem in a carburetor, which most likely turned out to be clogged and does not supply the fuel mixture into the combustion chamber. Remove the carburetor, carefully wash and clean it. If the carburetor properly supplies fuel, but the chainsaw engine does not stubbornly start-look for the cause in the cylinder-piston group.

You should dismantle the cylinder and inspect its inner cavity, looking for possible cracks and chips. When they are detected, the cylinder should be replaced or repaired for the bore. After that, pay attention to the condition of the sealing rings of the piston and their grooves.

They should be in such a state that the piston does not hang inside the sleeve and provide the necessary level of compression.

The final setting of the carburetor

Slowly wrap the adjusting screws of the maximum and minimum revolutions (h and l) until it stops clockwise, and then by one and a half turns in the opposite direction.

Partner 350 chainsaw instructions

“Partner 350” is a rather complicated tool. Therefore, it is necessary to study the existing instruction. Strictly follow the recommendations and observe safety precautions. Basopiles operate on brands of AI92 and AI95 gasoline in a ratio of 1:50 with oil for two.stroke engines.

After the engine starts, it is necessary to warm it a little.

During operation, overheating should not be allowed, it is necessary to let the chainsaw be cool. Use sharpened circuits, check the tension of the chain and its lubricant. Use high.quality fuel and oil. Do not break the proportions of gasoline and oil. Compliance with these requirements will allow the “partner” to work for a long time.

Partner 350 saw review

It is allowed to use saw tires 45 cm long, but for this length the saw, nevertheless, is weak.

basopiles, gasoline, tank, partner

The saw is equipped with a manual brake of the chain, a light start system, a primer for pumping fuel, a carburetor air damner regulator, has chrome cylinder walls and a cyclotron air ducting system. It was collected quite qualitatively and, yielding in the class to more eminent classmates from Khuskvarna and Stiel, surpasses almost all other chainsaws of the household segment in its consumer characteristics.

Checking the ignition system

The first thing to do when breaking the chainsaws is to inspect the spark plug, disconnecting the wire and gently twisting it with a special key.

The components of the ignition system of the chainsaw: 1. flywheel with magnets, 2. ignition module, 3. candle, 4. high voltage wire

The spark plug is unscrewed to check its condition

  • Dry. Most likely, the fuel mixture does not get into the cylinder. It’s not about the ignition system, so the candle is twisted back.
  • Strongly sprayed with fuel. The reason for the excess of the fuel mixture lies either in violation of the launch rules or in improper carburetor adjustment. The candle is thoroughly wiped, the fuel supply is blocked and the starter is turned on. to remove the excess fuel and ventilate the combustion chamber. Then the candle is placed in place and the mechanism is launched again.
  • It was covered with a black soil. This may indicate the use of poor.quality oil, an incorrectly adjusted carburetor or an incorrectly calculated ratio of gasoline and oil. The candle should be washed, cleaned of a sharp object (awl or needle), wipe the electrodes with a skin and place in place.

When checking the candle, it is necessary to pay attention to the gap between the electrodes: it is considered normal from 0.5 to 0.65 mm. Damaged or worn gasket should be replaced.

A large amount of black haze on the spark plug indicates engine disorders

For complete confidence, you should check the presence of a spark. To do this, put the ignition cable on the candle, the glossy candles and cylinder are connected by the pliers, the starter is turned and the sparks are monitored. If it is absent, the candle needs to be replaced. If a new candle also does not give sparks, the problem is in a high.voltage wire or in violation of the connection with the candle.

Repair of the fuel supply system

Fuel may not fall into the cylinder for the following reasons:

  • Fuel filter pollution. The fuel hose should be removed and check how the fuel flows. If the stream is weak, you may need to clean the filter. It is taken out through the pouring hole of the fuel tank and cleaned, in the case of severe contamination, it is replaced with a new. As a prevention, it is recommended to replace the fuel filter every three months.
  • Clogging of the saapun (holes in the lid of the fuel tank). They are also checked by disconnecting the hose, in the case of a blockage, cleaned with a needle.
  • Absence or insufficient fuel. There may be several causes of the malfunction. The first reason is the clogging of the air filter. The air stops entering the carburetor in the right amount, in this regard, due to the too enriched fuel mixture, the engine operation is disturbed. The contaminated filter is neatly removed, cleaned and washed in water, then dried and installed in place.

Another reason is the incorrect regulation of the carburetor. Adjustment is carried out by three screws.

Timely replacement of the fuel filter guarantees a full fuel supply

The fuel hose and the drive of the air damper should fit tightly to the fittings

The cable of the lever of the throttle drive should be in its place

During operation, you need to use the instructions, otherwise you can only make it worse.

Elimination of common faults

Partner 350 has popular malfunctions that the owners of these saws can independently diagnose and eliminate. Let us consider in more detail the popular malfunctions and methods of their renovation with your own hands.

Stalling when pressing gas

If the Partner 350 stalls when you press gas, then most likely the problem with the fuel system. The most common breakdown is an incorrectly adjusted carburetor or its malfunction, as well as an extraneous air leak.

Tip: if the chainsaw stalls with an increase in speed, do not immediately adjust the carburetor. Start by checking the engine for the availability of extraneous air leaks. One of the signs of air leaks is an increased idle.

Starts and stalls

If Partner 350 starts and stalls immediately, then as in the previous case there can be several, but the most common, this is a difficult supply of fuel. It is worth starting the elimination of a malfunction by checking the condition of the fuel filter and highways. If the fuel comes normally, then check the spark and try to launch a chainsaw on a new candle, t. to. the saw can stall due to interruptions with sparking.

It is also necessary to check the thrust of the air damper. If it does not open the air damper or does not open completely, then the engine can stall from excessive enrichment with fuel.

Lack of lubrication of the chain

The reasons for the lack of lubrication on the Partner 350 chainsaw are somewhat and in this case we can list them all.

How to solve the problems of the oil pump is described above.

Pouring a candle

A very common problem that has Partner 350 owners. The first where to start checking is the replacement of the candle with a deliberately serviceable. If it did not help, the spark is good, but the engine floods, then the reason is hidden in the settings of the carburetor. Instructions for the diagnosis and configure of the carburetor on Partner 350 are on our website.

Malfunction of other systems

In some cases, chainsaw users note other problems that do not significantly affect the work of the tool.

Why the chainsaw is smoking

Most often, excess smoke appears with excessive adding oil to the fuel mixture, which does not have time to burn to the end. You should also check whether the carburetor settings are lost.

basopiles, gasoline, tank, partner

Distance when starting a chainsaw

For the most part, the return at the time of launch signals the clamp of the decompressor. If the tool is not equipped with a decompressor, then the ignition system most likely lost.

Malfunctions of the Chinese chainsaw: review of popular and ways to solve them

Buy cheap chainsaw of China’s production is not particularly difficult: in the markets, construction hypermarkets and online stores, a huge number of gas-tools from the Middle Kingdom are presented. However, at a low price, poor quality is almost always hidden.

The most popular malfunctions of Chinese chainsaws should be attributed:

  • Poor lubrication system. Clogged oil channels are cleaned, and if the oil pump is out of order, then replacement is necessary.
  • The starter cable is torn.
  • Basement of the plastic axis of the starter. An ordinary metal bolt is suitable for replacing it.

In the case of the slightest suspicion of incorrect operation of the chainsaw, it is worth immediately making a full diagnosis of the tool. Only with proper operation and timely maintenance can one count on a long time for using the chainsaw.

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