BASS BASTER BASTER Self -propelled which is better to choose.

Self.propelled trimmer for grass for an uneven site

A great alternative to self.propelled lawn mower for an uneven site can be a trimmer for the Champion LMH5640 grass. In terms of its characteristics, it is not inferior, but in some aspects, even surpasses competitors. Such an unit will cost cheaper, doing work no worse.

Moving on only two wheels, the device perfectly cuts the grass even in uneven areas, which is not able to make an ordinary four.wheeled lawn mower. Width, mowing height is no less, and in some cases even more than most units operating on four wheels. And its weight is much lower.

Criteria for choosing gasoline lawn mowers

The first thing the buyer pays attention to is the technical characteristics and functionality of the device. The choice of braids also depends on its cost, the estimated operating mode, the complexity of the relief, the configuration and the size of the site.

type of drive

Gasoline units are divided into two groups according to the type of drive. In self.propelled devices, it goes to wheels. The mower moves itself, the operator only needs to set the direction. In non.self.propelled, or wheeled benzocystems, the drive is brought to the cutting deck. They have a lower power motor, they are harder and not very convenient to operate.

Gasoline units are divided into two groups according to the type of drive.


Engine type and power

Two types of engine are installed on the lawnmands. two.stroke or four.stroke. Two.stroke is used less and less. It is easier in design, lighter and cheaper, but more noisy. The four.stroke engine works quieter, it consumes less fuel. The only drawback is the large weight of the unit.

The engine power is the main indicator that affects the processing area, mowing speed, reliability and ability. Mower with a motor from 1 to 3 liters. With. continuously processes up to 1.5 acres. Power from 3 to 5 liters. With. allows you to dig up without stopping up to 10 acres.

self, propelled, which, better, choose

For self.propelled devices, the power should be greater. approximately 2 liters. With. goes to work of the wheel drive.

Speasing width

The width of the capture when mowing determines the performance of the mowing. The indicator depends on the diameter of the cutting part. spindle. The minimum size of the mowing strip is 30 cm, the maximum is 80 cm.

Important! Widely capture braids are more expensive, they have a more powerful engine, and they themselves are harder and harder to control.

The best option is models with a mowing width 40-55 cm.

Cutting mechanism

To cut the garden section, it is preferable to choose a rotary cutting mechanism. He copes with low grass and thickets of weeds safely and equally well. True, its productivity is lower than that of the drum mechanism acting like an electric breech. The latter is more suitable for cutting a lawn with low vegetation.

self, propelled, which, better, choose


The choice of gasoline mowing depends on the size, relief and landscape design of the site. The mobility of non-selfpropelled four-wheeled devices is lower due to hard fastening of the axes. It is convenient to cut a spacious lawn where you can make a wide U.turn. Such braids are not suitable for pumping narrow stripes or areas between bushes or trees.

Three.wheeled units are more maneuverable, the front drive wheel allows you to easily unfold the mower in the right direction. Four.wheeled self.propelled models with front.wheel drive are more suitable for cutting the site on the slope. They are more stable than three.wheeled analogues and easier to manage.

Three.wheeled lawn mowers are gasoline

We recommend that you also pay attention to trimmers for grass for cutting lawns. They also successfully cope with their task, and mobility will be much higher. We examined the rating of the best trimmers in the article: Rating of the best electric trimmers for grass


Additional functions

The best gasoline lawn mowers are equipped with additional devices:

  • mulching knives grinding beveled green mass;
  • a collection of grass. a removable basket or a bag where mowed grass is discarded;
  • a mowing height regulator. a regular range from 2.5 to 7.5 cm.

If you take a mower with a mulching function, it should be provided for a side emission, for apparatuses with a grass collector. rear.

The best option is a mower with an emission switch.

Not. The lawn mower is undesirable to use in stony areas. When the stones gets inside, knives dull the stones, which reduces the quality of the cut.

Manufacturers of gasoline lawn mowers

Technical characteristics are not the only criterion for evaluating benzocosyles. The reliability of the manufacturer is important, and it is determined by a long.term presence in the market, stable sales and reviews of customers. The best brands:

  • “Caliber”. in the market since 2001, garden equipment has been distinguished by the optimal ratio of price and quality.
  • Champion. leadership positions of the brand are due to reliability, high performance and acceptable cost of equipment.
  • Carver. a brand belonging to Uraloptinstroy. Garden equipment has been produced since 2007 and is implemented in the foreign market.
  • “Zubrov” is a company that has been supplying garden equipment to the market for more than 20 years. The manufacturer’s motto is “Quality and reliability at an affordable price”. Technology is characterized by performance and ergonomicity.

World market leaders. foreign brands:

  • Hyundai. the largest Korean car circulation produces electric and gasoline garden mowers. functional, reliable and compact.
  • Daewoo Power. South Korean household and garden equipment in the middle price segment is in demand all over the world thanks to excellent quality.
  • Makita. a famous Japanese brand that has a centenary experience in the professional tool market. Distributed functionality, increased power and low price are distinguished by gasoline mowers of this brand.
  • Huter. a German company operating in the market since 2000. It is popular among our customers due to high quality and the availability of a large number of service centers for warranty repair.
  • Patriot is an American company, one of the leaders of the market of professional garden technology. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for its products up to three years and provides an opportunity to undergo inspection in company service centers.
  • DDE is an American motor vehicle manufacturer working in the industrial and household equipment market since 1956. He uses innovative solutions to create durable and reliable benzocosyles.
  • Viking as part of the STIHL Corporation has a reputation as a reliable manufacturer. than 90-year history of the brand and the use of advanced engineering solutions guarantees high quality, multifunctionality and durability of garden technology.
  • Stiga. a Swedish company existing since 1934. Benzocosils of this brand is distinguished by power, high performance, convenience and multifunctionality.
  • Husqvarna. the oldest Swedish manufacturer of industrial equipment. The history of the company has several centuries. The modern assortment of the company is regularly replenished with novelties of garden equipment and tools.
  • Oleo-Mac-an Italian brand that has been supplying garden equipment to the world market since 1972. Investments in the latest development of professional technology can reduce labor intensity and simplify the care of the garden.

Ryobi RLM 13E33S

This lawn mower will not make you choose between price and capabilities. She has everything necessary to quickly and effortlessly turn a plot from overgrown into a well.groomed. There is a mulching plug and the ability to adjust the height of the mowing (5 levels), and the ability to throw the grass back.

The maneuverability and lightness of the mowal allow you to manage with her and the child and the elderly gardener.

Ryobi RLM 13e33s is small-only 35 liters, and the mowing area is small, so it is better for a large cottage to look after something more powerful.

self, propelled, which, better, choose

Makita Elm3320

The TOP of the lawn mower of 2022 heads an inexpensive model from a well.known brand. According to users, the Makita ELM3320 is of good ability, ease and ease of use.

It does not have such a powerful cutting ability as other electrical non.self.propelled models, but for a small lawn (up to 4 acres) it is best suited.

Makita ELM3320 is equipped with a soft grass collector with a volume of 30 liters with a fullness sensor, a folding handle with adjustable height and a three.stage adjustment of a mowing height. Collector engine, with belt transmission.

Due to its compactness, the lawn mower easily passes between the beds and confidently collects the grass, not throwing even with an almost completely clogged grass collector. It mows well and dry and wet grass after rain.

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