Benzotrimmer what power to choose for home.

On the market, gasoline trimmers for grass are represented by the richest assortment. However, given the cost of technology of this class, I do not want to make mistakes with the choice. After the analysis of a number of various models, our editorship compiled a rating of the best gasoline trimmers for cottage and garden work based on users’ experience. As practice shows, the opinion that “quality is worth a lot of money” is just a myth. Modern production technologies and the experience of engineers allow you to develop and make excellent tools of all price categories. Thus, everyone will be able to choose a good benzotrimer for seasonal work, taking into account all their wishes.

  • The best manufacturers of benzotrimers
  • The best inexpensive gasoline trimmers for grass (up to 10,000)
  • one. Champion T433-2
  • 2. Patriot Pt 443 The One
  • 3. Champion T523
  • four. Daewoo Power Products Dabc 520
  • The best gasoline trimmers for grass in price and quality
  • one. Oleo-Mac Sparta 25
  • 2. STIHL FS 55
  • 3. Echo SRM-22GES
  • four. Husqvarna 128r
  • The best professional gasoline trimmers for grass
  • one. STIHL FS 250
  • 2. Husqvarna 143r-II
  • 3. Echo SRM-350ES
  • four. Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium
  • Which trimmer for grass to buy for a summer residence

Almost every manufacturer of tools and small construction equipment is engaged in the production of gasoline trimmers: from world leaders of the industry to nameless brands from China. The variety of proposals gives rise to a lot of questions about the correct choice of the manufacturer of the gasoline trimmer for the grass, not to mention the layout, assembly, ergonomics. Ideal when all the advantages of a trimmer for grass are combined in a single building. Despite the fact that each manufacturer positions its equipment as the best in the market, the first lines of the rating of the best benzotrimers remain almost unchanged:

Buying a gasoline trimmer for household grass will help to solve many problems on a garden plot, cottage, and equipment is often used to maintain a household. The braids for herbs of this class do not differ in increased power and performance, because they are designed for periodic, short use. The choice of a good benzotrimer from the budget segment is the most difficult. Models similar in price and appearance can differ significantly in quality and reliability. Choosing a good and inexpensive trimmer for grass, it is better to start a review not with the most popular, but with trusted representatives.

Champion T433-2

The T433-2 model from Champion is a rare example when the quality is higher than the price. A convenient and lightweight trimmer for grass is designed to cut lawns or shrubs. For work, you can use a cord with a 3 mm fishing line or a cutting knife with a diameter of 25.5 cm. Now about the main thing: the maximum maximum width is 40 cm, the power of the unit is 1.7 liters.With This is quite enough for a trimmer for the grass to easily cope with the span of lawn grass or weeds. The fuel tank contains up to 0.95 liters of the mixture. The design of the benzotrimmer is slightly massive, but quite familiar and standard: a bicycle handle with a straight bar, the upper engine location. According to users, this is one of the best models in their class, despite the unprecedented cost.

  • reliable and unpretentious in use;
  • relatively small weight of 8.3 kg;
  • low price;
  • It is possible to disassemble the bar for convenient transportation;
  • economical;
  • corresponds to the declared parameters.

Patriot Pt 443 The One

Inexpensive, while a productive and reliable trimmer for grass can easily cope with any “thickets” in a personal plot. For mowing grass, a semi.automatic coil with a 3.millimeter fishing line is used, for a shrub, complete with a benzotrimer is a cutting disk. Despite the fact that this is the cheapest model in the review, the unit is quite powerful. 2.5 liters.With.

According to users, technical specifications allow you to process significant areas, a good trimmer for grass copes with lawn grass, weeds, high weeds and small diameter branches. The Easy Start system (light start) has significantly simplified operation. the engine is started without failure. The owners also note repairs. in the case of a breakdown, you can find spare parts or consumables in almost any service center. The disadvantages include vibrations that are tangible during prolonged work. This should be taken into account and take small breaks at least once per hour.

  • high performance;
  • affordable cost;
  • ease of launch;
  • excellent equipment;
  • Reliable unreasonable bar.

Champion T523

The proven model of Champion is equipped with a two.stroke engine with the best performance indicators in its class. At a power of 1.9 liters.With. For an hour of work, only 0.62 liters of gasoline mixture will be required. For home use, a trimmer for grass can be operated with a regular fishing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm. If you need to mow more rigid grass or weed, the bobbin is replaced with a cutting knife. For the convenience of the operator, a system is provided that facilitates the cold launch, as well as a fasting belt for two shoulders. Buyers include a high level of noise and vibration that occur at a high load to the minuses of Trimer. Liberties have received extremely high power. the unit is effective for large areas and in the fight against dense thickets.

Daewoo Power Products Dabc 520

This one of the most powerful budget trimmers will perfectly manifest itself in large and uneven areas. Separately, it should be noted a reliable, indispensable bar and high.quality fixation of the handle. Benzotrimmer is convenient to use, compact and easily controlled, and most importantly. productive, its power 3.0 liters.With. You can purchase this unit even for the most neglected site. the performance of a trimmer for the grass is enough for any shoot, with the exception of trees from 10 cm in diameter, not to mention a small lawn grass.

  • A trimmer for grass will replace a bureau;
  • quick.disassembled bobbin;
  • backpack belt;
  • excellent equipment;
  • high power;
  • Fast access to air filter.

best benzotrimmers

Among the leaders in the production of professional garden equipment are Husqvarna, Echo, Hitachi, STIHL, whose benzotrimers are reliable, high functionality and good technical characteristics. It is also worth noting an attractive and ergonomic design of modern products. The mentioned manufacturers also produce benzotrimers of an amateur and semi.professional class at affordable prices.

All kinds of Chinese brands of varying degrees of “honesty”, mimicing “under Germany” (yes, hello huter and others like him), “under the best case, we will talk about the local prefabrication of the Chinese“ designer ”under stamps of the“ bison ”type). confidently occupy the budget segment of the market and have already settled well on average. Here you need to understand that the low price is not taken from the air: it is worth choosing among popular and common models in sale, since they have already managed to gain the experience of operating (and inevitable breakdowns) to you, and with spare parts it should be easier to be easier.

benzotrimmer, power, choose, home

Choosing the best benzotrimmer: Basic aspects

When choosing a benzotrimmer, such indicators as power and performance, which should correspond to the volume and intensity of the upcoming work, are of key importance. To serve the garden plot and the planned use of the tool 1-2 times a month, it is advisable to buy a small power of a small power that can cope with weeds and a haircut of the lawn, and more than one season will last. Although the service life also depends on the manufacturer, with a low load, this aspect is not so important. as a rule, a low.power tool is inexpensive, and the difference in the price of models from popular brands and Chinese companies is small.

For frequent use and work for 6-8 hours a day, it is better to buy a high-power and good-quality benzotrimmer, from a well-known manufacturer of professional tools (Echo, Husqvarna, Stihl, etc. The long service life and reliability in the work justify the high price of such units.

It is also necessary to consider who will be the operator. a man or woman and his physique. The weight mowers are very different in weight, and it will be difficult to work with a heavy tool for a girl or a teenager.

Many benzotrimers have a ranks. this moment is quite important when choosing a tool for prolonged continuous use. For infrequent work, units with classic straps are suitable.

The productivity of the lawn mower depends on the type of rod directly. in models with a curved rod, the movement of the cutting tool is given by a steel cable that is not designed for high loads. But the metal shaft in structures with a direct bar, due to its strength, allows you to work with greater power.

The type of cutting tool determines the possibility of using a benzotrimer in certain conditions. The fishing line for the trimmer is designed for mowing grass and weeds, and if there are a metal knife in the kit. it becomes possible to pick a hard shrub and young trees.

The best powerful gasoline trimmer for grass

The model of a gasoline trimmer for EBH253U grass from the Japanese manufacturer is designed to process large territories. Cutting system Motokos is represented by a steel four.pound knife and fishing line. The lawn mower is equipped with a membrane carburetor pumping a fuel pump and a powerful engine that releases a minimum amount of harmful exhausts into the atmosphere.


  • power. 0.71 kW;
  • motor volume. 24.5 cm 3;
  • engine type. four.stroke;
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 0.5 l;
  • gasoline consumption-408 g/kilowatt-hour;
  • rotation frequency. 8500 rpm;
  • cutting components. a fishing line for a trimmer 2.4 mm thick, a steel knife;
  • mass. 5.9 kg;
  • Dimensions. 177x62x49 cm.


  • high.quality assembly;
  • high power;
  • ergonomics;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • little weight;
  • the presence of a protective casing;
  • Running belt;
  • “Bicycle” handle with rubber anti.slip lobs;
  • the ability to regulate the position of the handle in height;
  • engine in the upper part of the bar;
  • low noise level;
  • vibrational separation of the motor;
  • start.up system of electrostart;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • warranty period from the manufacturer 36 months.

Best ergonomic gasoline trimmer for grass

One of the best models in the Hammer Garden-Park Equipment line. The MTK31 lawn mower has high performance, good traction and powerful torque. The advantages of the model include a well.thought.out ergonomic structure, which provides comfort when working with a benzotrimmer. The release of fishing line with mowing can be organized both in mechanical and semi.automatic regime.


  • power. 1.2 kW;
  • type of motor-two-stroke Euro-II;
  • rotation frequency. 8500 rpm;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.5 l;
  • motor volume. 34 cm 3;
  • cutting elements. a fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 2 mm, a four.toothed knife steel;
  • the maximum width of the aisle is 43 cm;
  • weight. 6.1 kg;
  • Star length. 170 cm.


  • acceptable price;
  • simplicity of design;
  • the upper location of the engine;
  • collapsible straight bar;
  • soft shoulder belt;
  • ease;
  • air filter;
  • silent motor;
  • ergonomic T-shaped handle;
  • system of protection against unauthorized inclusion;
  • fuel pump;
  • lack of vibration;
  • acceptable price.

Criteria for choosing an electric trimmer for grass for grass (and mini-rating the best models)

Lawns haircut, weed removal, pumping the territory. This is an incomplete list of works that the owner of the personal plot constantly performs. To facilitate the task, you can use special tools, for example, a trimmer ethletric for grass. He will suck out any shoots qualitatively, can cope even with small twigs. We will figure out which electric trimmer for grass for grass is better to choose for a summer residence and garden.

All about choosing an electrimmer

The trimmer is called a motorized braid for grass, designed to cut the grass. Unlike a manual analogue, the design is maneuverable and has a high efficiency. With its help, you can easily and quickly remove unnecessary shoots in the most inaccessible places. The design of the device is very simple. The torque is transmitted from the engine to the cutting head. It is closed by a protective element and is located on a long rod. A working engine rotates a cutting block with which weeds are bought.

Mechanical braids for grass, as also called trimmers for grass, gain more and more popularity. They can work from a gasoline engine or electricity. Gardeners and summer residents more often choose the last option. This is due to the advantages of electrical models.

The pluses of the power tool

  • Compactness and lightness, since there is no roomy fuel tank.
  • Lack of toxic exhaust gases emitting during operation.
  • Low noise level. This makes it possible to mow in the morning and evening hours.
  • A long period of time between regular maintenance.
benzotrimmer, power, choose, home

The main drawback of electrical equipment is dependence on electricity. It does not function without it. In power, it most often loses to gasoline. But you need to know that for a summer cottage where it is not supposed to be baking high and dense grass or small branches and bushes are quite enough electrimmer.

Advantages of gasoline braids, their basic device

First of all, we will remove a small contradiction. Some publications on the Internet provide a very controversial classification, according to which only power tools are attributed to trimmers, completely separating this category from a motorcycle engine with a gasoline engine. In others, all types of manual mechanized braids are ranked to trimmers, both electric and ICE (pos.A), thereby highlighting their difference from wheeled lawn mowers (pos. B) and even more so. self.propelled raiders (pos.AT).

The main types of mechanized mowers: a. manual (braids for grass); B. wheeled; B. self.propelled (raiders).

How really impeccably correctly. it’s hard to say. However, the second type of classification still seems more visual and reasonable. Without claiming absolute truth, we will still adhere to the definition that a trimmer for grass is a manual instrument for mowing grass with an electric or gasoline power drive.

Despite a very wide variety of gasoline trimmers, most of them are made according to a single scheme. As a power drive, an internal combustion engine is used, from which the torque is transmitted to the working cutting head. The illustration shows the main visible elements and nodes of a standard benzo-codium-trimmer for grass:

In their device, most gasoline trimmers are approximately similar

gasoline engine, located at the top.

rod connecting the engine to the working part of the trimmer for grass. Inside the bar is always a flexible or hard shaft transmitting rotation. The bar can be solid or collapsible, consisting of two or more sections.

a handle that can be of various types, which, incidentally, determines the placement of the main controls (poses. 6).

cable connecting the control device with the engine.

corner gearbox transmitting the rotation of the shaft to the working spindle.

cutting tool. a special knife or coil (bobbin) with a cutting cord (fishing line).

a protective shield that protects the operator’s legs from injury during operation

The controls of a gas station can vary somewhat in their layout, but usually include several keywords and switches of the same in their functionality:

Typical “set” of the control elements of a gasoline trimmer for grass

button (toggle switch) ignition circuit. Allows you to instantly drown out the engine if necessary.

the main key that controls the throttle shuttle of the carburetor (Gas key).

a safety key that prevents accidental pressing for gas. Until it is drowned, it is impossible to use the main key.

Stop the control key in the pressed state. Facilitates management with large volumes of work.

The switch of the air damper position is used shitty launch and rapid heating of motorcycles

Для покоса травы мотокоса триммер или коса бензотриммер #shorts

As a rule, another control element is located on the engine itself. this is a switch of the air damper position. Used to facilitate the launch of and rapidly warming up the engine at a low air temperature.

A little more about the main elements and nodes of motorcycles will be described below, when considering the parameters of the choice of tools. In the meantime, a few words about what advantages are possessed by gasoline trimmers for the grass:

  • Such an instrument is not at all attached to the source of energy. to work on the ground, it is enough to have the necessary supply of fuel with you. In addition, even when working directly at the house there is a clear advantage. there is no power supply that is constantly interfering under the feet.
  • Unlike an electric trimmer for grass, gasoline can be used after the rain and in the early morning, until plentiful dew has disappeared. The upper location of the engine completely eliminates any dependence of the safety of using the tool on the moisture content of mowing grass.
  • Gasoline trimmers for grass are always more powerful, have a higher motorsurs, capable of long.term work without pauses, cope with hard herbs and shrubs. The probability of a drive overheating is many times less than that of an electrimmer.

Inherent in gasoline trimmers and certain shortcomings:

  • Their device is more complicated than in electric counterparts. Their operation and especially regular maintenance requires certain knowledge and skills.
  • Gasoline braids are always significantly more massive, that is, working with them will require more significant physical efforts.
  • The technique of this class is very picky to the purity of fuel and the correctness of the compilation of the fuel mixture. With low.quality fuel, interruptions or refusals of the tool are possible.
  • The internal combustion engine is always the presence of an exhaust and a significant level of noise.

Nevertheless, if it is supposed to process large areas in the area, or work on a terrain where there is no way to connect to power, nothing is better than a gasoline trimmer for the grass. The advantages of such a tool significantly outweigh its shortcomings.

for gasoline trimmers for grass caliber

Find out how to choose a chainsaw, familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of the tool, in the publication on our portal.

Why will a gas station need?

Before proceeding with the choice of the optimal model of a gasoline trimmer for grass, you should very clearly outline the circle of tasks that will be entrusted to this tool. Based on this, most evaluative selection criteria will be determined.

All gasoline braids for grass are customary to conditionally divide into three main groups.

  • Professional or garden-park. This is, as a rule, a tool of employees of utilities, landscaping and ennoblement enterprises, forestry farms. Such motorcycles have an increased resource, the ability to long.term work in the daily mode. They install powerful engines and enhanced transmission mechanisms. As a rule, they are equipped with knives that are able to cope with a shrub.sized shoot, and sometimes even with young trees.

Naturally, such tools are quite massive, have roomy fuel tanks. To facilitate working with them, special belt systems are provided to remove the load from the hand of the operator as much as possible. In addition, special paramedic models have been developed, that is, a power drive worn by an employee in the form of a satchel is connected to a flexible gear shaft in the casing. This layout is less and fattened by the operator during prolonged work.

The use of a trimmer for grass of this class in a personal economy looks excessive, the acquisition is unlikely to become a profitable.

  • Motokos of the semi.professional class is very often called “farm”, which quite accurately determines their purpose. These are reliable assistants in the household, designed for regular, quite frequent use with considerable loads.

The power of their drive, the features of the transmission of torque, the equipment with cutting nozzles allow you to cope with the vegetation almost no worse than the profiles. Farm Motokos is used both for caring for a garden and for the performance of specialized agricultural work.

They are distinguished by a small mass, high maneuverability, convenience in work. The power of their engine, it would seem, is low (usually within 1000 watts), but it is quite enough to mow grass and small shrub. The main cutting tool is the cord (fishing line for trimmer), although knives may also include some models.

The permissible duration of non.stop work is small, and is usually limited by the capacity of a small fuel tank.

Type of gasoline engine

Two types of engines can be installed on gasoline braids for grass. two.stroke and four.stroke. It should be noted right away that this does not directly affect the power of the tool. there are more professional motorcycles with a two.stroke drive, and small trimmers for the grass of an “amateur” class equipped with a four.stroke ICE.

  • Two.stroke engines attract their unpretentiousness in work. They are well launched even in cold weather, simple in the device, easier to repair. The for them are relatively low, which determines very broad demand among consumers.

-First of all, to refuel a motorcycle with a gasoline engine, you will have to independently prepare a fuel mixture of gasoline A-92 and special engine oil. The operation, in principle, is simple, but requires attentiveness and accurate observance of proportions. The prepared composition cannot be stored for a long time. its properties are lost over time. That is, the work with the trimmer will have to be preceded each time by preparing the fuel mixture.

For a two.stroke engine, it is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture in the proportions indicated by the manufacturer

  • The four.stroke engines of these three mentioned shortcomings are deprived of. They have separate containers for gas supply and engine oil. When working, they publish much less noise, the total amount of exhaust gases is significantly reduced.

Such engines usually have a higher motorsurs, capable of prolonged operation without pauses, and fuel is much more economical in them.

benzotrimmer, power, choose, home
  • Attention should be paid to the design of the fuel tank. it is very convenient if it is made of translucent plastic, as this allows you to visually monitor the amount of fuel remaining in the container.
  • Almost all motos engines (with rare exceptions) are equipped with a manual starter. with a drum, an exhaust cable and a handle. Some models, in addition, have a modern light launch system. Flash Starter. Pulling the cable, the operator does not transmit rotation directly to the crooked-shaped unit of the engine, but takes a special spring, which, in turn, will already transmit a torque pulse for launching. Thus, the operator does not have to overcome compression jerks, the launch becomes simpler and smooth, requires significantly less physical effort.
  • To facilitate the launch on the power block, the motorcycles should be the “primer” button. Several presses to it before starting will provide air residues from the gas pipeline tube and the supply of the required amount of fuel to the carburetor.

The power of the gasoline drive

The engine power can lie from 700 ÷ 800 to 2500 or more watts. The choice directly depends on the proposed load on the tool. In principle, it is power that determines the operational classification of gasoline trimmers.

This parameter is sometimes indicated in horsepower. The ratio is simple. 1 kW = 1.36 “horses”, or, conversely, 1 horse force = 0.74 kW.

Which lawnical mower to choose

To care for the yard in the country or a small garden will turn out with a trimmer with a capacity of 0.7 liters.With., a two-stroke power unit with a volume of 21 cm3, with a fishing line of 1.4 mm, a mowing width 225-250 mm, a tank capacity of 0.3 l, a flexible drive shaft and a total weight of 4 kg. Storing in the pantry will be more convenient to collapse model.

To prepare hay for animals, you need a device with a capacity of 1.8 liters.With., the possibility of setting a metal disk, mowing width 300-400 mm, tank capacity of 1 l, D-shaped handle, flexible shaft, weighing 6 kg.

A cut of high weeds among residential quarters is carried out using motorcycles weighing 5-7 kg, engine volume 30-40 cm3, two-stroke, with a fishing line by 3.0 mm, a mowing width of 350 mm, a tank capacity of 0.7 l and a U-shaped handle. The power of the device is 2.5 l.With.

Care for the side of the track with shrubs is carried out by a benzoca with a plastic knife, a cut width of 270-320 mm, a four-stroke power unit, a volume of 45-56 cm3, with a capacity of 3 liters.With., a tank with a tank 1 l, a hard drive shaft, a J-shaped handle and a total mass of 8-10 kg.

How much does a lawn mower costs

Tool for a summer residence will cost 3500-4500

Equipment for the bevel of fields and meadows for food for animals costs 5000-8000

Trimmer for grass for housing services is estimated at 7000-14000

The lawn mower to combat vegetation along the highway will cost 17000-40000

The principle of operation and the device are motorcycles

Motokos, regardless of the variety to which they belong, have a similar design.

The main elements are:

A rod with a handle, a bracket-border guard and an engine stop;

Cutting work head in a protective casing.

The engine is located in the upper part of the bar, the opposite of the working head. The principle of action of the benzotrimmer is simple: the engine rotates the shaft, and the working head equipped with the cutting element rotates with the shaft, and cuts the grass.

Types of motorcycle

Motokos with a two.stroke engine

The lawn mower is not a car, it is not required special abuse, a two.stroke engine perfectly copes with the load assigned to it. Most manufacturers are equipped with benzotrimers with a two-stroke engine, which is why the price of the tool is 1.5-2 times lower than a trimmer for grass with a four-stroke engine.

  • Lower price;
  • Smaller (15-20%) weight;
  • Have a more uniform move and react better to the “gas” key;
  • Easier in maintenance and repair, so there is no distribution shaft and a complex valve system;
  • Less parts in the design of the engine increases its reliability;
  • The need to make fuel mixture from oil and gasoline;
  • The large toxicity of exhaust gases, the exhaust includes a unbroken fuel mixture and has an unpleasant smell of burned oil;
  • Produce more noise, smoke and vibrations;
  • They have a higher fuel consumption: gasoline is needed by 20%, it will take twice as much oil than for a four.stroke engine;
  • Less durable, the production before major repairs is 25% less.

BASTROY with a four.stroke engine

Four stroke trimmers for grass have recently gained more and more popularity due to their superiority in some parameters of traditional models.

Comparative analysis of the weight of the proposed tool with a power of 1 liter.With.:

Benzotrimmer with a two.stroke engine: average weight. 5.85 kg, maximum weight. 8 kg; minimum weight. 4.5 kg;

Benzotrimmer in a four.stroke engine: average weight. 6.4 kg, maximum weight. 7 kg; Minimum weight. 6 kg.

That is, the average difference in weight for a tool with a power of 1 liter.With. about 0.5 kg, which is almost imperceptibly.

  • Separate oil filling into the device crankcase provides a better lubrication of all nodes, so that the engine resource of the motor motorcosa increases (approximately by 25%);
  • Efficiency due to the smaller fuel and oil consumption (the benefit is noticeable in the performance of large volumes of work);
  • Provide more comfortable conditions during operation: insignificant noise level, less exhaust gases.
  • Higher price;
  • Harder than benzotrimers with a two-stroke engine by 10-15%;
  • difficult in maintenance;
  • Engine repair will be more expensive.

Lugger with hard drive

In this variety of tools, rotation from the engine to the working head is transmitted through the gearbox and a hard shaft in the form of a rod, which is located inside the bar. The support for it is roller bearings. The hard shaft transfers significant efforts to the work head.

The gearbox in most models is located in the lower part of the trimmer for the grass. He transfers torque from the engine to cutting nozzles at an angle of 30 °, supporting the operation of a knife or disk in a horizontal plane. At the same time, the gearbox reduces the angular velocity and increases the torque of the shaft, which increases the efficiency of work.

Basically, a hard drive is equipped with high.power models that can tolerate significant loads. Rod motorcosa with a hard drive is always straight.

  • Extended functionality. cutting bushes, weeds. The equipment with a hard drive includes steel knives or saw wheels, and not just a fishing line for a trimmer, with which you can cut grass;
  • Many models have a collapsible design, which simplifies the transportation of the tool to a summer cottage or to the place of mowing;
  • The ability to withstand prolonged twisting loads, which increases the life of the tool as a whole;
  • The presence of a gearbox reduces the load on the engine, which increases the service life of the lawn mower.
  • Higher price;
  • The hard shaft located inside the bar is the cause of more pronounced vibration;
  • The presence of a gearbox, which is part of a design with a hard shaft, increases the weight of the tool;
  • The need for a systematic replacement of the reducer lubrication (once every 10-15 mothers).

Lugger with a flexible drive

If the rod of the tool is curved, a flexible drive is definitely in it. Through it, a rotational moment is transmitted from the engine to the working head. The design of the flexible shaft includes the core and several layers of wire with an alternating direction of the hung.

  • Lesser weight;
  • Less vibration of the tool during operation;
  • The tool is more convenient, the trimmer head is easier to keep in the right position. parallel to the ground;
  • Good maneuverability. a braid for grass is convenient when processing sites with complex relief, as well as areas where obstacles or zones that do not need to be processed are located.

2nd place. EFCO Stark 25

If you need a better quality benzotrimmer for giving, we recommend paying attention to the EFCO Stark 25, designed to care for lawns and trim their edges in garden areas. The body and deck of the model are made of durable plastic. The ergonomic T-shaped bicycle handle has 2 handles, which provides the user with comfort when working with the device.

The Stark 25 works on the basis of a productive 2-stroke 1-cylinder engine with a capacity of 800 W (1.07 liters. With.) and a volume of 25.4 cubic meters. cm. For work, a TAPGO trimmer head with a diameter of 13 cm with a 2.4 mm and a disk (3 teeth) with a diameter of 25.5 cm is used, providing an even slice. For 1 passage, a lanesel knife cuts a strip 38 cm wide. The maximum speed of rotation. 9000 rpm. The gas tank holds 0.75 liters, which is enough for 2.5-3 hours of continuous operation. The Burn Right system provides a low degree of emission of exhaust gases-75% less in comparison with conventional 2-stroke engines, as well as low fuel consumption (40%).

Stark 25 is equipped with a shoulder belt for convenient work without fatigue. Comfort when used guarantees an effective anti.vibration system. Safety when working with a benzocosa is ensured by a convenient casing and an accelerator blocking system, which prevents a sudden launch of the device. The trimmer for grass has a relatively small weight. only 6.2 kg, so it will be a good option for women. Dimensions. 22x185x30 cm. In the reviews, the owners note the high power of the Stark 25 and the exceptional durability of the design, which is extremely important during homework.

  • Ecological engine Burn Right;
  • Manual fuel pump;
  • Durable forged shaft;
  • Accommodated gas tank;
  • Simple access to the filter;
  • Semi.automatic fishing line;
  • Reliable knife for thick shoots;
  • Comfortable 2-hand handle;
  • Low degree of vibration;
  • Nice design.

Как выбрать дешевую, но хорошую мотокосу!!!

1 place. Makita EBH341U

Makita EBH341U. The best gasoline trimmer for grass in the ranking, which has a wide equipment, pleasant design and ease of operation. In order to ensure safety during operation, the gas mowing housing is made of reliable plastic, is ease of use and reliability. A convenient rubberized U-shaped handle is comfortable in the hands and eliminates the sliding of the device.

The productive 4-stroke engine has a high power of 1.4 liters. With. and volume 33 cubic meters. cm, due to which the cutting block makes up to 10,000 rpm and copes even with plants with a thick stem or young trees. Gas tank capacity. 0.65 liters. The design provides for a decompression valve and an electronic ignition system that facilitates the launch. To care for the lawn, a fishing line for a 2.4 mm and 3-lobed 305-mm knife are used for a trimmer for a trimmer. It is made of high.quality stainless steel, is characterized by high wear resistance.

In order to protect the engine from pollution in the EBH341U, a special casing is provided, and comfortable handles with soft inserts facilitate the control process. A characteristic feature of the lawn mower will be its environmental friendliness (a reduced level of exhaust) and a low degree of noise in comparison with analogues from this category. The presence of a convenient cutter belt will be the plus-the mass of EBH341U is evenly distributed, because you will not feel fatigue even after 2-3 hours of continuous work.

Small weight (7.1 kg) of a trimmer for grass guarantees ease of carrying and high speed. According to the owners, the product is quite convenient, reliably and fully justifies its price. The main drawback is that there is no coil for fishing line in the configuration, it must be bought additionally.

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