Boarding tanks for sawing boards. Device for longitudinal sawing

The smallest guide for sawing logs on a benchot with your own hands

Lovers often experience an acute lack of good lumber from deciduous trees. For sale, conifers and bars are mainly presented. If you need a more noble tree, you can make a simple guide beam, and with its help to saw the logs of deciduous rocks on the required lumber.

sawing, boards, device, longitudinal

The proposed design is a guiding beam that is screwed onto the log. A carriage of a conductor with an attached chainsaw is glued over it. Together, they set a direct trajectory when conducting a chain saw bus, from which the cut is almost perfect.

The beam itself can be made from any flat-strict boards with a thickness of at least 50 mm and a width of 150-200 mm. The length of the beam can be any, depending on what logs are required to dissolve.

The conductor itself is made of plywood and an inch board fastened with self.tapping screws. It has a P-shaped shape. Its side sides are cut out of plywood. Their size 30×7.5 cm. The top is made of two boards 12 cm long. Their width should correspond to the guide beam. When assembling the conductor between the upper boards, the gap remains.

In the center of the side of the conductor are drilled. Holes should be located so as not to protrude below the upper boards. Long bolts are inserted into the holes on both sides, which must be connected with an elongated nut. So that they do not spin, you need to fade them. On the bolts, before installing in the conductor, it will be necessary to put the washers made of plywood made using a coronal drill.

The conductor using the screed obtained from the screed bolts must be screwed to the chain saw tire. For this, the latter is drilled.

It is necessary that the saw can rotate on the axis connecting it to the carriage. To do this, between the conductor and plywood washer, the trim of their plastic gaskets are invested, and everything is lubricated with graphite powder.

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In this form, the carriage is already completely ready for use. But before that it is advisable to change the guiding beam so that the sliding on it was with minimal resistance.

To use the device, you need to fasten the guide beam with self.tapping screws on the log laid horizontally on a small elevation. If it has an extension at the beginning, then it should be cut off. The beam should lie down steadily without deflection.

After that, the saw is installed by a carriage on the beam, and moving along it, cuts the first hump. It is important to check that the tire does not reach the ground. Then the carriage is turned over, and the cut is cut on the other side. The result is a workpiece with two parallel planes.

Next, the workpiece is laid on the side, the guide beam is attached from above, and it spreads onto the boards of the required width. It can be cut even easier and faster on a circular table with a parallel emphasis, since the planes on it have already been formed.

Constructive features of a home.made carriage

The riveted carriage is direct and even guides, according to which the tool is fed to the processed material. To obtain direct cut with specified parameters, the saw is rigidly fixed on a movable platform, which, in fact, is called a carriage. The most common composition of the kit includes:

  • guides. Their role is usually played by rails, channel, double. A good solution to the problem is the use of a duralumin ladder;
  • a carriage, which is a clan of a trolley moving along the guides. It has a capture or support site for fixing a chainsaw. There are designs in which only the frame is rigidly fixed, and the engine itself only relies on a special stand;
  • device for setting up lumber thickness. Changes the height of the rise of the cutting organ of the chainsaw, which allows you to quickly and accurately establish the desired thickness of the sawing;
  • The engine feed engine. This element is not required, since large volumes of work on such devices do not perform. In addition, mechanized supply requires the installation of terminal switches and other control equipment. However, many users prefer to install a mechanism to obtain a flat sawing mode that improves the quality of the boards.

There are simpler designs of a carriage, which are a rigidly fixed chainsaw and a restrictive frame. The material is supplied to the moving chain, and the frame calibrates the thickness of the resulting board. This type of carriage is rarely used, since it is extremely difficult to serve heavy logs manually, and the results obtained do not differ in a flat and straight surface. The best option is to feed the tool for a fixed log.

Important! When using this method, a lot of space is not required. the length of the guide carriage should only slightly exceed the size of the workpiece.

Necessary tools

The following tools will be required to make a carriage with your own hands:

  • corner grinder with a cutting circle for metal;
  • an electric drill or a drilling machine with a set of drills for metal;
  • welding inverter with a set of electrodes;
  • measuring tools. roulette, ruler, square;
  • metal pipes of rectangular or square section;
  • sheet metal 3-5 mm thick.

Depending on the complexity of the design of the carriage, other materials may be required. The listed list does not deliberately indicate the material for the guides, since the choice is due to the possibilities of the owner. In addition, for the supply of a carriage, you need special.shaped wheels, which are usually ordered in specialized workshops or purchased in ready.made form. Most often, it is the trolley that is freely moving along the guides that.

Nozzles for work

How to cut a chainsaw on boards? With the advantages of this method, everything has become clear, and then it is worth noting that the work is carried out using certain nozzles that are suitable for all kinds of works.

There is a nozzle that is used to saw a log along, and it is called quite simply. Dry.cutting nozzle. Naturally, in this case, the entire workflow will take place in a horizontal position. The process of work with such a nozzle guarantees the receipt of boards of the same thickness. Finished materials will have to be dried, after which they can be used for the desired case.

Lightweight nozzle and debarker

Using the longitudinal sawing of the logs, they figured out, and you can go to a lightweight method. It is really very easy to use, since the element is fastened on the one hand. However, this method has lower performance when compared with the first. In addition, the boards will turn out to be somewhat uneven, and therefore they are usually used for secondary buildings.

Another nozzle. This is a drum debrker, or an iconier. The technology of sawing logs on a chainsaw boards involves the use of this nozzle as one of the most suitable material for the dissolution of. It works due to cuneiform transmission. The nozzle is attached to both belts, and for its fixation there are special pulleys in the set. As for the speed of rotation, and therefore performance, it directly depends on the size of these very pulleys. Thanks to this, to change the speed of work in the right direction will not be difficult.

How to cut a log of a chainsaw on the boards correctly? In relation to working with this nozzle, the issue is most relevant, since during its operation it is very important to monitor the progress of work, for which experienced craftsmen can even attract assistants.

How to make a chainsaw.based machine for a quick cut of boards or twigs on firewood

To work with a chainsaw yourself is hard. For example, when you cut firewood from small pieces, you need Partner, which will hold a tree. Therefore, it is good to have a machine for independent work with a tool at hand. In this article we will tell you how to make a stationary machine for a chainsaw with a gas pressing mechanism.

  • wooden stand (goat);
  • metal square pipe;
  • plastic thick.walled pipe;
  • corners with holes. 3 pcs;
  • a bolt with a sealing nut with 3 washers and a check nut;
  • connecting bolts with nuts and wood screws.

The process of manufacturing a machine for sawing firewood

You need to take or make a wooden stand. The people call it “goat”. The height of the stand should be convenient for working with it standing, and the platform has a body for installing fasteners.

We try on the chainsaw to the stand platform, and mark the place of fastening the handle. We fix the handle on the sides by two corners with holes. Install the chainsaw.

To the front of the stand, we vertically attach a square pipe with a hole for connecting the chainsaw tire.

Through the opening on the pipe and the hole on the bow of the tire, we fix the chainsaw to the pipe using a bolt, a sealing nut, 3 washers and a cobura nut.

From a plastic thick.walled pipe, cut 3 pieces in size: 55 cm, 50 cm and 28 cm. These will be levers of mechanical inclusion of the chainsaw accelerator.

From both edges of pipes in size 28 cm and 55 cm, we measure 4 cm and drill the connecting holes. On the pipe 50 cm on one side, drill a hole at a distance of 3 cm from the edge, on the other. 9 cm.

We combine the pipes with bolts with washers on both sides in the following sequence: pipe 28 cm, pipe 55 cm, pipe 50 cm. A 50 cm pipe is attached so that the hole of 3 cm is at the end of the mechanism.

We fasten the pipe mechanism to a stand with a chainsaw.

In one hole of the pipe 28 cm, we screw a long bolt, which will press on the gas. We fix the pipe itself to the goat, in its middle.

On the bottom of the handle between the corners we fasten a wooden bar, to which we fasten another corner. It will be a stopper of gas mechanism.

The end of the pipe mechanism with a hole of 3 cm is attached to the upper hole of the already fixed square pipe.

Small shortcomings of competitors:

We boil the clamp from 4 sides to avoid random poor welding, which is often impossible to control. When it is welded on both sides, there is a great risk that one seam will fall off and then you will have to correct.

There is an unpainted carriage

Horizontal nozzle

Such a nozzle gives higher accuracy. The device is a rigid frame, which is fixed on the tire of the chainsaw on both sides. at the end of the tool and at its base. The device is suitable for logs of small diameter not exceeding the length of the tire.

The longitudinal sawing of logs with such a device should occur only after the log is well fixed, since if it is vibrated during operation, then it will not work to get the smooth surface of the board.

Before proceeding with the dissolution of the logs, he needs to give a square shape, cutting all the superfluous. It is clear that there will be much more waste in comparison with industrial production. Performing the longitudinal cut of a chainsaw, it is most difficult to saw off the first board. To do this smoothly, you can use a special frame that will serve as a guide and be a base for the stop. The quality of subsequent boards also depend on how smoothly you make the first cut, since the guide will rely on this surface in subsequent cuts.

How to cut a log along a chainsaw. an overview of the most effective devices

In the process of various works, there is often a need for longitudinal cutting of logs or timber. To do this, a variety of types of equipment can be used. from stationary saws to small installations, but these options cost a lot, and if you need to perform a small amount of work, then sawing logs of the chainsaw will become the simplest and most rational solution.

On the

Advantages of using this option

First of all, we will figure out what advantages this method of cutting has:

The ability to work in any conditions Unlike electrical equipment, which is afraid of high humidity, a chainsaw is able to work in the most unfavorable conditions, and no harm to the design will be caused, because all the nodes in the chainsaw are adapted to the open air and even under the atmospheric precipitation
Performance If you are going to work for a long time, then you will need equipment with a capacity of about 7 horsepower or more, it can withstand significant loads, while the quality of the work will be invariably high
Autonomy Since the device works on gasoline, you are not dependent on electricity and you can build a cutting structure in any convenient place. This is especially convenient when working in places where there are no power lines
Convenience The inertial brake in the chainsaws works faster than in electrical systems, and the smooth start and adjustment of the speed of rotation of the chain provide high quality work, even if you do not have such experience


In addition to all of the above factors, the low cost of the design should not be forgotten, the acquisition of a stationary sawmill will cost several times more expensive.

Another plus can be considered the mobility of the device, you can easily transport it to the right place

Review of some options

We will talk about the two most popular designs that provide the best quality during work, and you yourself will determine which is more convenient and preferable in your case.

Homemade option

First, consider how to make a device for cutting logs of a chainsaw with your own hands.

The work on the work has the following view:

It is best to use a frame from an old school desk or a square of a square section with a side of 20×20 or a little more. First of all, two clamps are made, these are elements with a length of 50-60 cm, on one end of which the crossbar with two holes for the fitting bolts and a small protrusion in the middle for the clamp clamp clasp is welded, the element of the same configuration is attached from above, the photos below are shown ready-made elements, As you can see, everything is quite simple, and having a welding machine at hand, you can make them very quickly.

The clamps should be of such a size that the width of the location of the bolts is slightly larger than the tire height

To produce longitudinal sawing of a chainsaw log, a support frame is needed, the width of which should be 7-8 centimeters less than the length, two elements 10 cm long perpendicular to two of the sides, they should be slightly larger so that clips come in, they need Install two fixing bolts, a hole is drilled for this and nuts are welded to tighten the fasteners in them, a handle is welded in the middle for the convenience of moving. The system is assembled in the following way: first, the clamps are inserted into the grooves, after which the chainsaw tire is inserted and carefully fixed. The distance is selected depending on the thickness of the sawing. To understand how this is done, look at the photo where the design is shown, the price of the issue is several metal elements and renting welding for an hour.

Now we will tell you how to cut a log onto the boards of a chainsaw using this design:

You will need two goats that will serve as supports, they should be so height to ensure the convenience of work. As a guide, a reliable metal rail or durable board is best suited. You can make this element from the corner or other metal products. A log is placed from below, which must be put to the desired height, after which you can start work. After the first passage, the log is raised to the desired height, and the process is repeated.

We recommend: how to wipe, remove and wash off the mounting foam from hand?

The work is carried out quite simply, the main thing is to put everything accurately and fix it reliably


Do not forget that a chain for the longitudinal cutting of wooden products should be installed to work on the chainsaw, this will provide high speed and high.quality sawing.

Ready decision

The option Big Mill Timbergzhig is very popular, this is a special kit for mining mines. Slinging logs on a chainsaw boards using this device is simple and effective.

By purchasing this option, you get everything you need, we will talk about how to organize the cutting of logs:

The design is very thought out and is simplicity and reliability

sawing, boards, device, longitudinal

, As a result, you should get a T-shaped design. This will be a stubborn line in the supply kit there are corners that are designed specifically for these purposes to its ends to attach supports, it is not worth using nails, since it is much more difficult to remove it later by the clamps that also come in the kit, while remembering, you remember, that the cutting line for a trimmer cut does not go along the edge of the guide, but 10 millimeters higher will work so much more conveniently. Fix this position using two supports, if you do not understand something in the description, look at the photo, everything is shown clearly, in addition, instructions are always included with detailed schemes.

The technology of sawing a chainsaw

Before you dissolve the log onto the boards at home, it is necessary to correctly cut it in order to get the maximum number of quality boards with a minimum amount of waste. The rational use of raw materials is achieved when using special cutting schemes. Marking is applied to the tree corresponding to the set target and the type of planned lumber.

Sawing Logs into Lumber

Before starting work, it is necessary to carefully fix the workpiece in order to achieve the high quality of the surface of the boards. Cut logs most often horizontally. The advantage of the horizontal sawing is that it is spent less effort to hold the weight of the motorcycle. You can cut the workpiece along the motorcycle using devices for longitudinal sawing. a wooden stop. a device made by yourself.

When using a nozzle for a longitudinal saw, it is necessary to carefully fix it on the chainsaw housing. Before starting work, it is necessary to take care of creating a basic surface, in parallel of which a cutting will be cut by a chain.

It is necessary to insert the wedges into the longitudinal saw, in order to avoid the clip of the cloth of the motorcycle sawdown with a sawn edge of the board. The saw should move smoothly, you can’t put pressure on it with force. It is better to saw a log together together, since additional hands are needed to move and fix the workpiece to insert the wedges into the cut.

Knowing all these subtleties and features, it is easy to sprinkle the beam or log onto the boards yourself.

Before starting to saw the blank of the chainsaw, it is necessary to take measures to work safely:

  • make sure that the nozzle is mounted on a chainsaw according to the attached drawing;
  • Be sure to know the types of chainsaws and ways to eliminate them;
  • thoroughly prepare the workplace and reliability of fastening the workpiece;
  • When working, it is imperative to wear overalls, glasses protecting eyes from small sawdust, headphones to protect against noise, respirator to protect the respiratory system;
  • The launch of the chainsaw occurs on the ground, the circuit brake must be unlocked before the start of work;
  • Be sure to have a first.aid kit at hand for first aid;

Knowledge and accurate compliance with safety rules will allow the cutting of a chainsaw blanks without harm to health and get high.quality lumber.

Features of the transverse saw

The transverse cut is used only to create firewood or interior elements. The work is carried out on several principles:

  • The log before the work is located in a horizontal position on the supports. The height of its location should be 0.5 m.
  • After that, it is necessary to completely clean the log from the bark.
  • At the next stage, it is necessary to make on the entire log the marks located from each other at an equal distance.
  • Then, on the created marks, you can cut.

For a transverse saw, specialized devices are not required.

Safety regulations

  • Do not use the chainsaw during malaise or in a state of intoxication.
  • Hold the chainsaw with both hands to fully control the tool during unexpected jerks.
  • Hands should be clean and dry, which will provide a reliable grip of the tool.
  • Use a chainsaw only on a stable surface with a sufficient area.
  • Do not work with a chainsaw with high or outstretched hands.

The process of sawing

Slinging the logs of a chainsaw on the board is still not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Yes, to some extent, this method of harvesting building materials can significantly save your budget, but, on the other hand, it requires not only sufficient knowledge, but also additional devices. The manufacture of such devices is not always justified, especially if you need a small number of boards. But at the same time, having made them once, you can use them for a long time.

Another disadvantage is that at home it is not always possible to get a perfectly even saw. This will come with time, but you need to fill your hand before it turns out perfectly. In the learning process, you are likely to spend more than one log, but, on the other hand, you can also train on the Experienced masters can dissolve a log and without additional devices.

As you can see, there is no unequivocal answer to whether it is worth cutting the logs of the chainsaw on the boards at home or to purchase ready.made building materials. Or maybe in some cases it will be more advisable to purchase a homemade compact sawmill? The answers to these questions know only you, and they will depend on your further goals. Perhaps you will want to put the boards on the stream, then the sawmill will be the most rational approach to the harvesting of lumber. Perhaps you will emphasize the board right at the place of cutting down, then it is the virtuoso possession of the chainsaws that will help you. We invent all difficulties ourselves, and until we try ourselves in any business, we will not understand whether it is difficult as it seems at first glance.

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