Bosch 037 SMART how to distinguish a fake

The Bosch 037 dual frequency throttle valves application table

On VAZ cars, the sensor of mass air flow is installed between the air filter element and the throttle hose. For today, products from the manufacturer Bosch are very popular among compatriots. Regardless of whether it is a universal sensor Bosch or, for example, spark plugs, the quality of the German manufacturer can always give a head start to domestic products. Let us review the main characteristics of the regulators of models 116 and 037.

DMRV 116 is designed to monitor and convert the airflow that reaches the motor into voltage. Data that transmits the regulator, make it possible to determine the mode of operation of the power unit and calculate the cyclic filling of the cylinders with air flow. This filling is carried out on the steady-state modes of motor functioning, which in their duration are not more than 0.1 second.

At a glance you certainly can’t tell which is the original and which is a fake, whether it’s the DMRV or the ignition coils. But pay attention, the color scheme of the original Bosch is the same on all packages, and the Bosch stripes themselves are the same, and they are the same width and the same spacing. This is true for all Bosch products. The Bosch lettering is the same on all of them.

What is the difference between a fake

If you compare the inscriptions on the package of the fake, you will see that the original has three stripes and the fake has 2, that is, the inscription is larger and the stripes are wider.

The color of the fake is as if burned out, but again, at first glance it is not immediately clear where the fake is, but you need to look at some factors.

There is a pixel code on both products and there is a holographic sticker on both the fake and the original, but it is clearer on the original.

There are stickers on both packs. The original Bosch has no EAC inscription, and note that the fake products also have round edges on the sticker. They used to be always square.

Let’s look inside. The original part is in a brown paper, but a fake lies in a standard bag.

Bosch нам продают фуфло!!!

If you look at the sensor itself, at first glance it may seem impossible to tell the difference without the original. But there are some features that are characteristic only for the original. The original has the Made in Germany lettering in paint, but the fake has the lettering pressed into the plastic.

A characteristic feature of the original Bosch high pressure sensor is that it has these special bolts with a cap, which secure the sensor itself inside the body. The counterfeit bolts are a bit different, not a special bolt but just a regular bolt. In the sensor plug there are two wells next to the connectors. The window of each well looks like a nail head. These are pins for programming of the flexible sensor board of the air mass flow sensor.

On a fake, the bottom of this well is simply soldered and there are no contacts for the flex board programming.

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If you open the cover of the GDV, then you can see the sensors inside, the sensor sensors themselves are made of better quality on the original. the plastic molding is of higher quality

Bosch SMART how to distinguish the original from the fake

There are two types of SMDR on the market 0 280 218 037 and 0 280 218 1161. FMRV, produced in Germany. supplied in oiled paper in a soft cardboard package. On the case of the SMDR there is a factory code 816.2. FMRV, made in Russia (assembled in Russia at OAO Oberhart Bosch Saratov, Saratov, Russia). Engels, from elements made in Germany). comes in a plastic bag with a lock, packed in a porous cardboard. On the body of the sensor there is a factory code 599.

On the market you can buy counterfeit sensors that mimic the DMRV of both Russian and German manufacture.The following are the main signs of the difference between the original and counterfeit DMRV.

The alternation is as follows: first there will be the original, followed by a fake

In the cardboard package is also inserted the product data sheet, at the end of which is stamped by the code of manufacture and quality control stampPackage is made of corrugated cardboard on the sticker with information about the product stamped with the code of manufacturePackage is sealed with a wide adhesive tape, the edges of which are herringbone-shaped

The enclosed data sheet does not have the date of manufacture and the quality control stamp The package is made of thin cardboard without an air gapThe stamp with the code of manufacture may be missing on the information label The package is sealed with tape, the edges of which are flat


Mass air flow sensor how to tell the difference between the original and fake. On the same principle you can distinguish the sensor of mass air flow 0280218116.

On replacement of sensors of mass air consumption.

As a result of the joint work with the manufacturer Bosch-Saratov г. Saratov and Robert Bosch GMBH Germany works on mass air flow sensors (DMRV) the following remarks have been revealed, for which the manufacturer does not accept them:

In the complaint report (RA) the manufacturer was incorrectly indicated (DMRV manufactured by Bosch-Saratov, Saratov, Germany). Saratov. the RA specifies Robert Bosch GMbH Germany), which is a violation of information letter 7. 2002 (ref. 0000. 394 of 26. 08. 02 ).

DMRV is incomplete, there are no protective plastic covers included in the delivery set.

expansion valve was disassembled or substituted, which is confirmed by the following facts:. manufacture date of expansion valve differs from the date of car release for more than 9 months;. difference in dates of release of the case and oil sensor (SE) more than 3 months;. screws for mounting of oil sensor were unscrewed;. breakage of guide lugs on SE;. dummy plate installed instead of SE.

bosch, smart, distinguish, fake

Currently there is only one type of installation on the cars with ECU only 21083. 1130010 10 (Bosch designation: on the body 037. on CE 044 ). Since 2001 GDV 21083. 1130010 01 (Bosch designation: on the case 004. 030) is not installed on cars. Distinguishing features and PME belonging to the casing are shown in photos 2. 3. 4. Dates of manufacturing of the casing and the DMRH are coded as the first 3 digits (the first digit indicates the year, the second and the third. the month), the places of the dates are shown in photos 5 and 6. Explanation of the dates of manufacture of the case and PE of the fuel pressure monitor is given in the appendix.

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When replacing the TMRV it is necessary in the reclamation act (RA) to specify in detail the cause of failure (error code, if any), voltage from the TMRV by DST- 2 (the parameter is displayed in the ADC input mode) with the ignition, as well as to pay special attention to the above Комментарии и мнения владельцев and avoid repeated errors. Otherwise, the DMVs will be considered as unreasonably replaced.

How to distinguish between counterfeit and fake FMRP 116 Bosch

The Bosch 116 FMRV, or mass airflow sensor, is a controller designed to control the volume of air that enters the engine. The controller is one of the components of the electronic control system of a fuel-injected engine. In this article we will try to answer the question, what is the difference between the models 116 and 037.

  • Ivory-colored (slightly yellowish) insulator.
  • The sealing ring of the spark plug is not removed from the housing.
  • Nickel-plated housing has a matte finish.
  • The markings on the housing are deeply and clearly stamped.
  • The side electrode is welded to the housing with a reliable and accurate seam.

Bosch is a German brand that produces various household and kitchen appliances: large, small, climatic and personal care appliances. Bosch Company (full name Robert Bosch GmbH) was founded in 1886 in Stuttgart by the German engineer and entrepreneur Robert Bosch.

The difference between the 037 and the 116?

30.03.2015 It is necessary that the sensors, which inform the controller, do not deceive it. only under these conditions, the processes in the cylinders proceed normally, the engine develops sufficient power, without wasting extra fuel and causing great harm to the environment. One of these sensors measures the amount of air entering the cylinders and generates a corresponding signal to the controller. It can be an absolute pressure sensor (MAP-sensor) or a mass airflow sensor (MFRV). we see the latter in many cars, including vazov cars. Failures of the expansion valve regulator naturally result in various engine malfunctions. jerks, failures, hard starts, etc. п Misjudging the amount of air flowing into the cylinders is about the same as clogging the jets of the chrestomathic carburettor. But “calculate” problems with the DMRV, even with serious diagnostic equipment, sometimes it is not easy. In such cases, many people act traditionally: they replace the suspected device with a known good one. but only on condition that the new one is the same model. The point is that on VAZ cars, depending on the year of manufacture and the type of controller, you can find different DMRV.Mass air flow sensor for the engine management system from GMThe sensor Bosch 0280218004 was replaced by GM The first was the frequency DMRV of the GM control system. It was also used in the domestic analog “January” of the 4-th series. These cars haven’t been assembled with this configuration for a long time. the frequency sensor was replaced with analogue one from Bosch. its number is 0280218004. It is not interchangeable with GM. connectors and mounting points are different. German sensor is dismountable, consists of two parts. the case and a measuring element. The last one is fixed in the case with two screws with “secret” heads. It is true that nowadays you can buy the necessary tool in auto spare parts stores. The measuring element is a compact thing and costs much. from 1300 and higher. They could replace it with fake one with a new car, and everything that would follow would be the car buyer’s “personal grief” The market is full of such “DMRV without a case” It is not reasonable to buy the sensor without a case: it is very probable that it is faulty or of wrong model. Bosch sells only complete sensors in the traditional yellow cardboard package. Remember that the bought DMRV of “wrong system” the store can not take back, if the motorist does not provide a certificate from the service, and to get it is often difficult. You will keep the unnecessary expensive unit for memory.The Bosch sensor 0280218037 can be distinguished from the 004 one by the number on the case.The main difference between the 004 and the 037 is inside, the last one is on the right The third variant of the engine’s pressure gauge is the 037. (Here we are talking about the last three digits.) This is a further development of the 004 sensor from Bosch. This sensor is like that on most of today’s VAZ cars, including Niva and Chevrolet Niva. Externally 004 and 037 are almost indistinguishable. use the number as a guide. Recently, additional markings have appeared on the products: now there are numbers on both the body and the measuring element. they must match. The main difference is inside the air pressure sensor. In photo 4 on the right 037 sensor. It has different design of measuring element with distinctive cutout (when buying it makes sense to remove the plug and look inside).The external distinction of 116th from other sensors is a green circle on the caseAdditional marking on the housing and the measuring element of the 116The measuring element of the 116th VRM is on the right, the 037th. on the left But there is a new control system. Bosch-M7.9.7. which has its own, 116th, air mass sensor. It is not interchangeable with the previous ones, although the housing is the same. To avoid confusion, the housing was originally marked with a green circle. There are numbers on the case and on the measuring element. The latter defines the purpose of this DMRV. the design has been changed again.DMRV manufactured by Siemens VDO can not be confused with the “Boshev” one It can not be replaced with the “Bosch” ones, but because of this Siemens VDO is rarely found on the market Table of correlation between the VDOs and the ECU

bosch, smart, distinguish, fake

Three signs that help to distinguish a genuine Bosch SMRV

We have already written about the KeySecure System from Bosch, which allows you to check the authenticity of the purchased products.

Today let’s talk about how else you can distinguish the Bosch mass air flow sensor (DMRV) from a fake.

There are two types of Bosch DMRVs on the market, with serial numbers 0 280 218 037 and 0 280 218 116

  • produced in Germany are delivered in “oiled” paper and a soft cardboard box. factory code, 816.
  • assembled in Russia from German components are packed in a plastic bag with a lock and a box of porous cardboard, factory code 599.
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