Bosch art 23 easytrim как снять головку

Bosch art 23 easytrim замена лески

The current article I want to devote a painful topic of dacha owners and gardeners all over the former Soviet Union place How to tuck the line into the grass trimmer for grass. Not many trimmer manufacturers answer this question in their own operating instructions. That’s why it’s hard for ordinary gardeners to understand how to do it right.

I would like to begin with a concise description of the technical features of trimmers.

So, grass trimmers for grass are electronic and gasoline. The cutting element in trimmers can be the line and the blade. The line is ordinary, 4. pentahedral and intertwined (in the form of a pigtail). Blades come in 2, 3 and 4 blade blades. Blades are also available in plastic and iron.

Grass trimmer’s line feed system for grass comes in manual, automatic, and automatic.

Design engineers, who make new models of trimmers, correctly calculate the cross section (thickness) of the line and the number of blades of the blade, according to the power of trimmers. In the unpleasant case of engine overloads, which eventually leads to its failure. And this is an additional and significant cost.

With one bait. only a fishing line. With 2 nozzles. line and three-four-blade blade. With one bait. only a three- or four-blade blade.

Our cranks learned a long time ago to improve any mechanism. So, for example, some gardeners, make a successful, in their view, replace the line on an iron rope or fishing line. But all this does not think about the safety of their own and their own loved ones, so as a cable at the power of running a grass trimmer for grass can just break away and not only hurt the mower and others, but leave a cripple for life. The introduction of fishing line can and gives the best effect, I never personally tried, if the line for grass trimmer for grass, but such work has a number of inconveniences: when in contact with rigid objects rassatatyvaetsya or can just limitless stretching out of the coil.

Bosch 26 easytrim grass trimmer.

So, to get to the point. Here is an example of how to thread fishing line in the grass trimmer for grass (grass trimmer for grass Bosch Art 30). Everything is simple. Start.

After you have chosen line for refilling, it is necessary to cut the necessary amount of line, because all line in the reel will not wind up in the spool.

We take the spool and the guard off the spool.

Removed. We fix one end of the fishing line in the gap and reel it in gently and moderately.

bosch, easytrim

The amount of line should be such, that the protective cover of the spool closed and the line on the spool slightly unwinds by itself.

The 2nd end of the line slip into the hole on the protective cover.

Next, we take the spool and the protective cover of the spool. Let the end of the fishing line slip from the spool into the iron hole on the protective cover of the spool. Tighten the line a little.

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триммер Bosch 26 easytrim.

Put it all on the grass trimmer. We turn the spool clockwise until it clicks.

Secured. Now plugging in the grass trimmer. We put the grass trimmer in the initial position for work. Turning on the grass trimmer for grass. Excess line length will be cut by the trimmer blade.

In my trimmer except for the standard line for mowing lawns still provided a thicker line for mowing heavy weeds. It is shaped like a pigtail, i.e.е. Three lines are tightly intertwined with each other. Such a line has its own spool.

Installed such a line in the coil is painfully simple. on the internal circuit inside the coil. We insert the center of the line with the iron clip in the highest part of the spool, and guide the ends of the line through the grooves and outward.

The line of extra strength in the reel

This reel is attached to the grass trimmer for grass just like a spool of ordinary fishing line.

Why is there an increased vibration and how to get rid of it

We realize that no matter how perfectly balanced with respect to the axis of rotation does not make the vibration. Run-outs occur where there is an imbalance in the factory or where there is a defect.

The mowing head is rather heavy. Because it is often a prerequisite for excessive vibration, but in each case, you need to learn this issue on a particular design.

The owner of a short video clip MasterLom shares his experience of such defect removal on electric mower Tekhmann DCE-2021B. His findings and ideas may be necessary for you in the elimination of vibration. I recommend to look at.

But the vibration can create and lack of lubrication on the spring shaft when it rotates due to the friction on the walls of the compound rod. Take note of this issue, too.

Finishing statement of the material I note that I tried to tell everything I know about the repair of electric trimmer with their own hands. Experience in its operation exceeds 5 years.

If you have met other drawbacks or understand more effective methods of their elimination, write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Your knowledge will be useful to other readers of my blog electrician.

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The rapid development of technology has caused a huge number of different tools that greatly enrich human life. mechanization is especially required in the most demanding fields of work. in the agricultural and construction sectors. Gardening and construction equipment. they are an excellent aid, making hard manual work easier and simpler. But even the highest quality machines can’t stand the crazy pace of work and they may need maintenance from time to time.

There are many reasons why technical tools fail over time. The most common ones are:

  • defects in components;
  • poor maintenance or no service at all;
  • low-quality spare parts;
  • foreign objects in the mechanism;
  • excessive motor heating.

You can entrust Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM repair to the repairmen of our company “Sadtech”, who have huge experience of work with various defects of Bosch technique. They will help you:

  • Clean the mechanism of dust and other debris;
  • Change the oil and treat all movable parts of the tool with grease;
  • repair broken parts or replace them with quality parts;
  • will pick up quality care products (because of the wrong oil the machine performance can drop by 15-20%);
  • provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Entrust your tool to Sadtex service and you will be sure to be satisfied with the result. Of course, everyone promises a good result, but only we give a guarantee on all the work carried out in our workshop. But the most important achievement of ours. is the ability to qualitatively and quickly repair and carry out repair Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM all varieties from any major brands.

Bosch art 23 easytrim how to remove the head

The Bosch grass trimmer ART 23 Easytrim is ideal for trimming lawn edges. The powerful 280 W motor and ergonomic design ensure excellent results everywhere.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic: optimal handling due to optimal balance and weight of only 1.7 kg.
  • Power: High-performance motor up to 280W.
  • Reliable line feed: The Pro-Tap bobbin prevents the lines from getting tangled when changing.
  • Second handle for comfortable guidance in any grass trimmer position
  • Practical cable holder

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Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM grass trimmer

The Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM Grass Trimmer is lightweight and easy to use. The perfect choice for those who need an excellent helper for their home garden in a simple and dependable way. Comfortable body and light weight provides long-lasting work without fatigue to the operator. Lightweight and handy grass trimmer for bottom-mounted engines. Equipped with auto line feed system.

Grass trimmer at edges of lawns, around trees and bushes and for working in hard-to-access places.

All information on this site is for informational purposes only. Specifications and equipment are subject to change by the manufacturer. For more information, please contact our managers. Buy a Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM Grass Trimmer in our online store by ordering online or by phone.

Any petrol-powered trimmer uses an internal combustion engine as the power drive. A rigid or flexible shaft moves the rotational power to the cutting assembly. filament (fishing line) spool or special blade. The shaft is located inside a metal bar with the engine and fuel tank mounted on one end and the cutting head on the other end. Handle fitted in the middle of the shaft. Most often it is on it located keys, buttons and switches, with which to control the work of the grass trimmer for grass.

Controls vary from tool to tool but generally include a button for stopping the engine, a “gas pedal” button for operating the carburetor throttle, and a stop on the button when it is depressed to make it easier to operate the machine if you have to work very hard.

Gearbox. 2. Trimmer head. 3. Protective boot. 4. Gas lever stop button. 5. Switch.

throttle lever. 7. Handle. 8. throttle trigger stop. 9. Boom. 10. Belt loop for attaching carbine.

Air filter. 12. Spark plug. 13. Engine case. 14. Exhaust manifold. 15. Gas tank. 16. Starter.

Trimmer reels types and features

The efficiency and performance of the domestic grass trimmer for the grass on the site largely depends on the quality of the line. It is located in the reel, or trimmer head as it is also called. Manufacturers produce different types of coils. Each of them is distinguished by its own design features and individual principle of operation. After studying them in detail, it will be easier for the gardener to choose exactly the right head for the specific operating conditions.

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