Bosch art 23 easytrim to change the blade

Tucking the fishing line into the grass trimmer for grass.

Today’s article I want to devote to the painful theme of dacha owners and gardeners all over the former Soviet Union “How to tuck the line into the trimmer for the grass”. Not many trimmer manufacturers answer this question in their operating instructions. That’s why it’s hard for ordinary gardeners to figure out how to do it right.

I want to start with a brief description of the technical characteristics of trimmers.

So, grass trimmers for grass are electric and gasoline. The cutting element in trimmers can be a fishing line and a knife. The fishing line can be ordinary, four. pentahedral and intertwined (pigtail). Blades come in 2, 3 and 4 blade blades. Blades can also be plastic or metal.

Grass trimmer’s line feed system for grass comes in manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

Design engineers, who create new models of trimmers, clearly calculate the diameter (thickness) of the line and the number of blades of the blade, according to the power of trimmers. Otherwise, the engine is overloaded, resulting in engine failure. And this is an additional and substantial expense.

Today the market has grass trimmers for grass:

With one attachment, only the line. With two nozzles. fishing line and three-four blade knife. With one attachment. only the three- to four-blade blade.

Our craftsmen learned a long time ago to improve any mechanism. So, for example, some gardeners, make successful, in their opinion, replace the fishing line with a metal cable, or fishing line. But at the same time do not think about the safety of their own and their loved ones, because the cable at the power of working grass trimmer can easily break free and not only injure the mower and others, but leave a cripple for life. Using fishing line can and gives a better effect, I’ve never personally tried than a fishing line for grass trimmer for grass, but such work has a number of inconveniences: in contact with solid objects rassatatyvaetsya or can just limitlessly pulled out of the spool.

So, what is called closer to the subject. Here is an example of how to thread fishing line into a weed trimmer (Bosch Art 30 weed trimmer). It is very easy. Started.

Once you have chosen the line for refilling, you need to cut the necessary amount of line, because all the line in the coil will not wind up in the spool.

Removing the spool and the protective cover from the spool.

Retrieved from. We attach one end of the fishing line to the gap and gently and evenly wind the line.

The amount of line should be such, that the protective cover of the spool closed and the line on the spool unwinds a little by itself.

Insert the other end of the line through the hole in the blade guard.

Then we take the spool and the spool guard. Let the end of the line slip from the spool through the hole in the metal cover of the spool. Slightly tighten the line.

Put it all on the grass trimmer for grass. Turn the spool clockwise until you hear a click.

Secured. Now we connect the grass trimmer to the mains. Place the grass trimmer in its original operating position. Turn on the grass trimmer for grass. Excess line length will be cut off against the trimmer blade.

My trimmer has a standard line for mowing lawns and a thicker line for cutting through tough weeds. The line is shaped like a pigtail, i.e.е. The three lines are tightly intertwined with each other. This line has its own spool.

Thick fishing line

It is stored in the upper part of the body of the grass trimmer for grass.

Storage for spare spool

Installing this line in the spool is very simple. by internal circuitry inside the spool. The center of the line with a metal fastener is inserted in the upper part of the spool, and the ends of the line through the grooves and outward.

Heavy-duty line in spool

It’s attached to the grass trimmer reel in the same way as a normal line reel.

How to wind the line on a Bosch grass trimmer

Grass trimmer for grass is the most common unit used for cutting grass and cutting small bushes. This machine has its own ease of maintenance, easy operation in its time of operation, and thanks to the low weight even ladies can handle the baby. It’s no secret that high-quality grass-cutting jobs require the right cutting attachment. For the latter, trimmers use special cutting heads (disks, knives) or trimmer head with a fishing line inside. Nozzles and fishing line. it is an expendable tool, if the knives are an option to sharpen, then the consumption of fishing line requires its replacement. Below we will very carefully tell you how to correctly change the line.

A grass mowing head is essentially a cylindrical body in which a spool is inserted with the line (cord) tucked in. This design can be installed on both gasoline and electronic trimmers. Heads differ in the method of filing and filament feeding and come in 3 types.

  • Automatic. Cord feeding is done when user lowers RPM of motor. Although automatic filament feeding and comfortable, if you make a huge amount of work, these bobbins have one drawback. a large consumption of thread.
  • Automatic. Implementation of this type of head does not require the user to perform complex manipulations. The way they work is that the cord is lengthened by an automatic, like an office bobbin, when the machine is running at full speed. Just a little hit the grass trimmer head for grass on the ground (this removes the lock cord), and the line thanks to the centrifugal force is pulled out of the bobbin, and then cut to a suitable length knife, placed on the protective casing.
  • Manual. To extend the cord requires the machine to stop, once completed, the line is stretched manually.

From the considerations above, automatic bobbins are the best option. It should also be noted that the grass trimmer spool for the grass are single-tool (used only for trimming grass) and double-tool, which are used to mow the highest grass and small, with thin trunks of shrubs.

Long before you begin the process of changing the filament, trimmers must remove and disassemble the spool. Let’s see how to do it.

Grass trimmer mowing head consists of several parts: cover, spring (not all models), bobbin with cord and cover.

Attention! Before proceeding to any maintenance actions on the electronic unit, it must be disconnected from the mains.

bosch, easytrim, change, blade

Grass trimmers in most cases use 5 types of mowing head attachment.

bosch, easytrim, change, blade

What to remove the head trimmer for the grass will need a complete disassembly.

    What to remove the cover, covering the inside of the head, you need to put pressure on the locks (latches) located on two sides of her.

This version of the head is screwed on the gearbox shaft. To remove it, you will need this popular rumor shaft will be fixed. For this purpose, similar trimmers, such as devices Huter and Champion, foreseen hole through which there is a variant to stick or narrow screwdriver or iron bar.

What do you need to remove the bobbin, do 2.7 regular steps.

  • Stick a screwdriver in the hole and lock the shaft.
  • Grasp the head body and start twisting it clockwise. You should twist in this direction because the thread cut on the shaft is left-handed.

How long is the project, what model grass trimmer for grass is used, choose the type, thickness and length of the line. Cord cross section a is possible from 1,4 to 4 mm. it is easy to guess that the thicker you tuck the cord, the harder and thicker grass he is able to cut.

Almost always use a universal line with a cross-section of 2.4mm.

In order to find out which line cross-section is used on your mower, there are 3 methods.

  • See the information on the thickness of the cord in the annotation to the machine.
  • Look at the bobbin itself. Here you can see information about possible line cross-sections.
  • Insert the fishing line into the exit hole. If it goes there without effort, then cord of that cross-section to use of course.

The line is wound on a reel in the mowing head. Because first it must be opened (mentioned above). There are 2.7 methods of winding the cord.

bosch, easytrim, change, blade

To find exactly how many meters of line will be needed for a particular spool, you need to wind it on the bobbin in such a way that the coil does not exceed the cross-section of edges. If the fishing line will peek out over the edge of the reel, you can not stick it into the casing. When you have decided on the length of the material, it must be tucked into the bobbin, so do the following.

  • Need to fold the line in half, so that one end was longer than the other by 10-15 cm.
  • You should note that the bobbin is divided into 2.7 part of the central rim, which is where you start charging. Find the groove in it and stick the cord there, bent in half, with a little force.
  • It is important to find the direction in which the line is wound on the spool. If you look closely, of course you can find an arrow or an inscription with an arrow on the bobbin, showing in which direction you want to wind the bobbin. There are cases when there is no arrow on the spool. Under these circumstances, see the arrow drawn on the mowing head and wind the cord in the opposite direction.
  • The winding has to be done carefully with the greatest possible tension.
  • If the cord laying will be completed, it will be necessary to fix the small end of the line at first, inserting it into the matching cross-sectional groove on the sidewall of the bobbin.
  • The 2nd end, the longer one, is fastened in the groove on the back side of the bobbin.
  • After fixing the fishing line, cut the ends, leaving an allowance of about 10 cm.
  • Next place the threaded spool in the mowing head. For this purpose, by alternately inserting and pulling up the thread through the exit and holiday holes of the head, place the bobbin in the casing, after completing, applying the required force, pull the line from the fixing grooves and pull it up.
  • Now of course put on the cover and fasten it with the clips.

Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM grass trimmer

Some spools have a second method for securing the cord: You may charge 3.5 lengths of thread, instead of 1 folded in half. The method of changing the fishing line is as follows.

  • Before you change or charge the new thread in the spool, determine how many meters of it will need the method discussed above.
  • Bend one end of the cord in the form of a hook.
  • Find a hole on the day of the bobbin, created for fixing the line, and stick the end of the thread bent in a loop.
  • Wind the cord in the direction of the arrow up to the required level, not exceeding the diameter of the spool.
  • Do the same for the second cell of the bobbin.
  • Assembly of the head is no different from the method used when we considered the threading of the bobbin folded in half a piece of fishing line.

For brushcutter brand Shtil there is a very common and sharp method of changing the line without disassembling the mowing head, join in which of course, watch this video.

The filament ends protruding from the holes in the cover can be cut to the right length after the piece is installed in the trimmer. This is an option to do 2 methods:

  • turning on the grass trimmer for grass (when rotating the ends of the line will be cut on a knife, secured such purposes on the protective cover);
  • cut the extra ends with scissors so they do not touch the body of the hood.

The 2nd method is used in case the cord has to be of a large cross-section and the trimming blade has no right to shorten it.

If the thread charging in the mowing head is made, but the length of the protruding ends of the cord is missing, then before starting the machine they must be lengthened. this applies to the head with manual adjustment. There are, however, cases where automatic mowing heads are used and the mowing head is not able to extend the mowing line because the length of the projecting filament ends is insufficient. Here you need to turn off the unit (an electronic device must be unplugged), manually press the button at the bottom of the detail, and pull a little line. After this procedure, the cord will be able to move out again due to the centrifugal force, if you set the highest rpm of the spindle.

no matter how thick the line is, you should keep in mind: to avoid daily interruptions in work or even changing the line, you should avoid the areas where the line touches hard surfaces (stones, kerbs, thick dry twigs, etc.) and.д.).

Probably the users of trimmers ask: what is the option of changing the cord, usually used in this type of devices? The dangerous experiments are carried out by inserting iron or copper wire, iron cords or ordinary fishing lines into the mowing head.

If you replace the fishing line with a cable made of metal, the grass trimmer for grass is converted into a dangerous device not only for the user, but for the people around. This fact is explained by the fact that in the course of machine operation the metal cord will evenly actuate, its ends will unravel, and small pieces of wire will fly in different directions at high speed.

A similar happens with the use of metal or copper wire, only with the difference that torn off pieces will be larger, and there are variations to cause significant injury.

If you accidentally catch himself or someone else’s foot, working with a machine with an iron cord (wire), the strong and deepest tissue cuts, and sometimes amputation of toes for you secured. The manufacturer does not use nylon for this purpose in vain, as it is quite light and strong, and at breakage does not fly far away and can not even cause injury.

Use a fishing line in the trimmer instead of the standard one, for sure, but it will add extra trouble for you, because it quickly wears out, tears, mows slowly and also for cutting tough grass will not suit. Even so, during the work is missing a long period for the fact that no time to change a broken tool.

Realistically, the installation of ordinary fishing line is justified, if the user is going to mow grass near the fence, especially if it is from the netted rabiza. Here, to save a standard, and from time to time expensive cord from wear and tear, it is changed to fishing line, which is not sorry. Usually to change a cord on a fishing line it is necessary to choose its bigger thickness. 2-3 mm.

When landscaping summer houses, park areas and other places where you want to mow different plants, it is often necessary to change the cutting tool in the trimmer. This is dictated by the fact that the standard cord installed in the mowing head can only handle grass. However, when on the way of an employee appears brush or young growth of trees, the line is unable to cope with such a task, and requires its replacement for a more effective cutting tool.

Manufacturers of domestic trimmers have provided for such situations, and supplemented their products with a mass of nozzles in the form of knives with several “petals” or type of discs similar to circular saws.

If you change the line to a knife with a few “petals ”, this tool can mow both higher grass and plants with thick and dry trunks. And by changing the fishing line to a disc, the brushcutter user can cut down bushes or small trees.

Use the following method to install the blades and discs.

  • It is immediately necessary to remove the mowing head by locking the shaft (turn clockwise), as it is also called a nut with a dust cap, if the machine is not yet used.
  • Install the saw or cutter blade in such a way that they are seated on a small projection (bushing).

For the best way to understand how to change the tool, look for this video.

Users of trimmers, both gasoline and electronic, from time to time have problems with the cord. “Advanced” Those who use it have no problem understanding why it happens, but beginners find it difficult to explain inaccurately. Alas in fact, our client is solved quite easily. The most frequent problems with the line are.

If the line is often torn, it may be a variation of the following conditions:

  • Pebbles, small branches and other hard obstacles are caught in the grass;
  • the user mows the grass close to the fence, if it is netted, it rips off even faster “tendrils”;
  • bad quality of cord (it is recommended to buy a high quality cord)
  • Exit holes in the mowing head are worn out, which causes the line to rub against the sharp edges of the sleeves and break (a complete replacement of the part will be necessary).

Bosch ART 26 SL grass trimmer full video

For the most part, the cord ends quickly if you often bang on the ground with the automatic head, or press it down very hard. The reel is unlocked, and the line, lengthening, is cut by the knife. One more reason why the wire rope is running out fast is that the operator often slows down the engine rpm while mowing. But as we remember, automatic head is arranged so that exactly at each decrease in speed a new portion of the line is fed, because it is quickly consumed.

It happens that the thread unwinds if the spring in the automatic head is loose. The line is continuously pulled out and cut by the blade mounted on the hood, so it increases its consumption. To check this, remove the blade guard and operate the machine. If the line “is loose”, it will be necessary to change the spring.

A precondition for the cord to unwind after starting the machine will also be a spring loosening inside the head. In addition, there are cases where the mowing head breaks when the machine is turned on, and the spring installed here is missing. Inexperienced users don’t notice the absence of spring and assemble this assembly without it. The filament could not hold and fly out due to centrifugal force.

The automatic head should feed the line without stopping the machine. If it does not come out, the following circumstances occur:

  • the line is wound incorrectly in the spool, because of which the latter does not spin;
  • Cord is wound unevenly and the thread can get stuck between the coils (thread should be wound accurately, with a turn of the coil, without skewing);
  • out of the holes very short ends of the thread, for this reason there is little centrifugal force to extract them, and the line is not fed (recommended before starting the machine always adjust the length of the cord, slightly tightening it);
  • the line is stuck together (to be discussed later).


This problem occurs in most cases due to the use of bad cord. During the operation of the machine, the head of the grass trimmer for grass gets hot, and the bad line melts there, sticking to each other. Also sintering of the threads occurs when the line meets a rigid obstacle. Under such circumstances, there is a sudden braking of the cord, then it is pulled into the head, where it is stuck. Some owners of units advise to lubricate the cord with mineral oil or spray it with silicone spray after winding on the bobbin. Others recommend winding less thread on the bobbin. I have had very good luck with my previous trimmer, but I have had very good luck with my previous trimmer.

My testimonial: My Bosch ART 26 EasyTrim electric grass trimmer. Quality grass trimmer for the grass for the country house

I didn’t have much luck with trimmers last year. My grass trimmer Bosch ART 23 EasyTrim, after many years of service to me, broke. After that, I bought a grass trimmer for the grass Bosch ART 30 CombiTrim and Electric grass trimmer for grass Huter GET-600, both quickly failed, and I gave the warranty, after which I decided not to experiment and took almost the same grass trimmer for the grass, as the first Bosch, but with a slightly larger diameter for cutting.

Ordered, as well as the last two in Yulmart already closer to the fall last year, around August. It worked for me for about a month last year, and so far it successfully works this year, so it’s safe to express my opinion about this grass trimmer model. The grass trimmer for grass was in a standard box for this trimmer series.

It really was a little larger than the previous model, and in the box it was in a disassembled form.

But once connected once parts of the grass trimmer for grass, it remains indestructible forever. They fit securely and permanently.

The cover also had to put it on by itself, and I will not take it off again, although it is possible.

And this is the reel I have known for a long time. For me, this is the most familiar design.

With years of experience using these reels, I know the pros and cons. The line on such a spool is comfortable enough, you can use a line thickness up to 2 mm. The new reel throws the line when it hits the ground. Over the years, the middle part, the semi-transparent ring, wears out, as it did with my previous trimmer. The Bosch ART 23 EasyTrim and 26 reels are absolutely identical and interchangeable, but it is problematic to order a replacement, although theoretically possible. I never waited last year, I ordered it, it never arrived. The line is fastened and wound easily.

Reel is ready for grass mowing. The line lasts a long time. On tough grass and branches line breaks partially, but while the grass trimmer for grass is new, the line is thrown well, I prefer to turn the grass trimmer for grass, check the line, and lightly pressing the head, it extends.

Easy to reel in, just clicks into place.

This is my personal favorite reel design.

If you compare with the previous Bosch ART 23, this grass trimmer for the grass is slightly larger in diameter mowing, which is a definite plus, but the boom was shorter, as it’s strange. The boom is not retractable. seems to be a minus, but. I’ve tried two grass trimmers with retractable booms before, and they constantly moved out and folded while working. So it works safer with a non-sliding boom. The grass trimmer for the grass is not long, just under my height of 164 cm. It will not be very comfortable for a tall person to work with. Bosch ART 26 shorter.The push-button on the handle is not fixed, you may mow while holding it. It happens when carrying the grass trimmer accidentally turn on, a small disadvantage.

It seems to be only three cm larger diameter mowing, and to work an undeniable plus, the power is the same, 300 watts, the electricity consumes very little, and the power is quite enough.

It can manage with low grass trimmer in one go.Up to.

What I do not like about the device grass trimmer for grass is that the hood is clogged with finely chopped grass, grass trimmer for grass is immediately heavy, and as the work, it has to be manually removed.

The grass trimmer for grass cope great and with overgrown grass, but I prefer to cut the overgrowth with a secateurs, otherwise the line will break all the time.

I have no time to mow, the grass is almost waist high already.

But the grass trimmer is still quick to mow everything. I’ll mow right under the base.

For me as a woman, this trimmer is comfortable to work. It’s light enough, the vibration is minimal, it’s not noisy, I almost don’t get tired. It takes too long to mow, compared to a gasoline mower. If a benzosoy field 2 hundred square meters can cut for an hour, then this trimmer, I’ll do it in three trips, two hours, three, slowly, with pauses. Grass trimmer for the grass and during prolonged work does not heat up at all. I left it out in the open the other day, it was on the lawn in the rain for two weeks. Nothing, it still works. I was worried, but it worked out fine. So we have a lawn mower, too, and with this trimmer I mow under bushes, curbs and small areas, all the work goes faster. The last time we had a lawn mower got cranky, and the grass trimmer for grass helped out, mowed the rest of the lawn.I started the site, the grass is tall for a month.

For a couple of hours with such an area grass trimmer has coped.

In a word, the grass trimmer mows the lawn well, and I don’t need more from it. My plot is not flat, so a lawn mower is not good enough, but the grass trimmer is great for the grass.

weed trimmer for grass. thing indispensable in the country, even if there is a lawnmower or lawn trimmer for hard-to-reach areas for mowing. It seems that this grass trimmer for grass only comes as a curb, but with small areas of even high grass it does well. My 9 acres with plants and buildings, he trimmed, even one, within his power.

Accessories for Bosch grass trimmers

Bosch bobbin case for the reel to reel mower head of the Bosch ART 35 and ART 37 electric mowers.

Bosch ART 23/26/30 Combitrim line body

Plastic case for the high-strength line used on the ART 23 Combitrim, ART 26 Combitrim, ART 30 Combitrim trimmers.

Blades for Bosch grass trimmers, 23 cm, 24 pcs

Plastic blades 23 cm long for trimmers Bosch. 24 pieces per package.

Knives for Bosch trimmers, 23 cm, 10 pcs

Plastic blades 23 cm long for Bosch trimmers. 10 pieces per pack.

Bosch grass trimmer line for ART 35/37, 2 mm

Bosch line for the ART 35/37 Grass trimmer with 2 mm diameter (e.g. Bosch ART 35 Electric Grass Trimmer 0600878M21).

Bobbin and filament for the Bosch ART grass trimmer

Bobbin with fishing line for Bosch ART trimmers (Combitrim/Easytrim 23/26/30) special exchangeable cartridge with mowing line of 8 m length, 1.6 mm thickness and protection ring.

Buy a bobbin for grass trimmer Bosch ART F016800175 in Kiev or in the regions you can, making an order on our website.

Bosch EasyGrassCut 4m x 1.6 mm bobbin

Self-adjusting spool with 4 m of 1.6 mm mowing line. Suitable for Bosch EasyGrassCut 23, EasyGrassCut 26 EasyGrassCut 18, 18-230, 18-260, 18-26 trimmers.

Bosch bobbin and fishing line for ART 23/26 SL trimmers

Replacement sturdy, nylon line with a diameter of 1.6 mm, 4 m long, wound on a spool, for Bosch ART 23 SL and ART 26 SL trimmers. Weight 0.026 kg.

Bosch ART 23 Combitrim grass trimmer line

A 2.4 mm heavy-duty 0.23 m line is suitable for tough, dry grass and weeds. For the Bosch grass trimmer ART 23 Combitrim. Comes in an amount of 10 pieces.

Plastic blades for grass trimmer Bosch ART 23 Li 06008A5C00

Here you can buy special plastic blades for grass trimmer Bosch ART 23 Li 06008A5C00 (order code F016800371).

Plastic blades for the Bosch grass trimmer ART 26-18 LI 06008A5E00

Here you can buy special plastic blades for the Bosch grass trimmer ART 26-18 Li (06008A5E00) (ordering number for blades F016800372).

Bosch ART 26 Combitrim grass trimmer fishing line

Spare 2.4 mm high-strength, 0.26 m line for the Pro-Tap bobbin. For the Bosch grass trimmer ART 26. Comes in quantities of 10 pieces.

Bobbin and fishing line for Bosch ART 35/37 grass trimmer

The Bosch ART grass trimmer Bobbin with fishing line is suitable for the Bosch ART 35 and ART 37 trimmers and has 7 m of 2 mm thick mowing line.

Plastic cutting line for the Bosch ART 30 Grass Trimmer

Replacement 2.4 mm heavy-duty, 0.30 m line for Pro-Tap Bobbin. Intended for the Bosch ART 30 Combitrim grass trimmer. Supplied in quantities of 10 pieces.

Bosch AFS 23-37 Grass trimmer line for grass, 10 pcs

Sturdy 37 cm nylon line with a diameter of 3.5 mm an essential accessory for the Boschev trimmer AFS 23-37. Delivery quantity 10 pieces per package.

Grass trimmer wheels for Bosch ART 23/26-18 Li

Additional wheels for the ART 23-18 Li and ART 26-18 Li trimmers by Bosch.

Metal blade for grass trimmer Bosch AFS 23-37

Metal three-blade blade ground on both sides, suitable for the Bosch grass trimmer AFS 23-37.

Stiga line 1.6 mm × 35 m 1911-9100-01

Stiga brushcutter line for garden trimmers. 1.6 mm diameter line of 35 m packed in a GGP blister.

Coil cover for trimmers Bosch

Coil plug for Bosch ART 300, ART 23 Easytrim, ART 26 Easytrim, ART 23 Combitrim, ART 26 Combitrim, ART 30 Combitrim electric mowers.

Bosch Combitrim/Easytrim 1.6 mm mowing line for grass trimmers

The Bosch special mowing line for Combitrim/Easytrim trimmers is 1.6 mm thick and 24 m long. Please note that the grass trimmer bobbin only holds 8 m of fishing line, so one reel is enough for three refills.

Bosch reel cover for ART 35, 37

Coil cover for the mowing head of Bosch ART 35, ART 37 trimmers.

Wheels for Bosch ART trimmers Combitrim, Accutrim

Additional castors suitable for Bosch trimmers of the ART Combitrim and ART Accutrim series. For example the ART 23 Combitrim, ART 26 Combitrim, ART 30 Combitrim, ART 23 Accutrim, ART 26 Accutrim.

ART 23 G/GF/GFS/GFSV grass trimmer

1 ART 23 G/GF/GFS/GFSV grass trimmer Safety information Please note! Carefully read the following instructions. Familiarize yourself carefully with the grass trimmer controls and the proper use of the grass trimmer. Explanation of the symbols on the grass trimmer: General danger sign. Read the operating instructions. Protective goggles must be worn. Make sure that other persons in the vicinity are not injured by foreign bodies thrown about by the working trimmer. Keep bystanders a safe distance away from the working power tool. Before adjusting or cleaning the appliance, or if the cable becomes entangled, and whenever the grass trimmer is left unattended for even a short time, turn off the appliance and remove the cable plug from the socket. Do not allow the power cable to come into contact with the rotating filament. Do not mow when it is raining or leave the grass trimmer outdoors in rainy weather. Never operate the grass trimmer with damaged or removed guards or guards. Before operating the appliance, check the electrical cord and extension cord for signs of damage or ageing. If the cable becomes damaged during operation, you must unplug it immediately. DO NOT TOUCH THE CABLE UNTIL IT HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED. Do not use the trimmer if the cable is damaged or if it is worn. Do not mow barefoot or with open summer shoes; always wear sturdy, closed shoes and long pants. Never allow children or people unfamiliar with this manual to use the trimmer. The permissible age of the user may be limited by national regulations. During breaks in operation, store the grass trimmer in places out of reach of children. Never cut the grass when people (especially children) and pets are in the immediate vicinity. The user or owner of the appliance is responsible for any accidents and damage that may be caused to third parties or their property. Before touching the line, wait until it stops spinning completely. The line will continue spinning for some time after the motor has been turned off and could cause injury. 2 Only mow in daylight or with sufficient artificial lighting. If possible do not use the grass trimmer for wet grass.

2 2 Switch the grass trimmer off when moving from one working area to the next. Keep hands and feet away from the rotating line before turning on. Keep hands and feet away from the spinning line during operation. In no case is it allowed to use a metal thread in this trimmer. the grass trimmer requires regular inspection and maintenance. Have repairs to your grass trimmer performed only by an authorized service center. The ventilation slots must be kept clean and free of grass residues at all times. Beware of being injured by the line trimmer blade. Always return the grass trimmer to its normal operating position before turning it on after the line is released. Unplug the grass trimmer and unplug it whenever you leave it unattended, before checking or manually extending the line (ART 23 G), before replacing the bobbin and line, in case of cable entanglement, before cleaning or performing maintenance work on the grass trimmer. To ensure safety, worn or damaged parts must be replaced in a timely manner. Before carrying out a replacement, please ensure that you use original Bosch spare parts. Technical data Grass trimmer ART 23 G ART 23 GF ART 23 GFS ART 23 GFSV ordering code rated power consumption 220 W 220 W 220 W idle speed rpm min min.1 line extension manual automatic. automatic. automatic. adjustable handle change direction / cutting height line thickness 1.4 mm 1.4 mm 1.4 mm 1.4 mm diameter cutting area 23 cm 23 cm 23 cm 23 cm weight (without accessories) 1.4 kg 1.5 kg 1.8 kg 1.9 kg protection class / II / II / II noise level / local regulations This product operates at a low noise level which complies with the regulations in force in your country. Purpose The appliance is designed for cutting grass and weeds under bushes and hedges, as well as on slopes and edges not accessible to lawnmowers. Introduction This manual contains instructions for the installation and safe use of your appliance. It is essential that you read the instructions carefully.

3 3 Shipping contents Carefully remove the grass trimmer from the packaging and check it for completeness. The following parts are included: Grass trimmer blade blade guard adjustable handle (mounted). If you find any parts missing or damaged, please contact your local dealer and ask for a replacement part list. Parts of the appliance 1 switch (ON/OFF) 2 handle 3 guide handle 4 adjustable handle (ART 23 GFS / GFSV) 5 pipe 6 grass trimmer head 7 ventilation slots 8 protective cover 9 clamping device (ART 23 GFSV) 10 clamping handle (ART 23 GFS / GFSV) 11 plug connector Some of the accessories shown or described here may not be included. For your safety CAUTION! BEFORE CARRYING OUT ANY ADJUSTMENTS OR CLEANING OR IF THE CABLE IS CUT, DAMAGED OR TANGLED, UNPLUG THE APPLIANCE AND REMOVE THE PLUG FROM THE SOCKET. AFTER THE WEED TIMER IS TURNED OFF, the BLOWER BAND CONTINUES TO DRIVE FOR SEVEN SECONDS. CAUTION: DO NOT TOUCH THE ROTATING SCAFFOLDING. Electrical Safety For your safety, your appliance is double insulated and does not need to be grounded. Operating voltage V ac, 50 Hz. Only approved extension cables should be used. Consult an Authorized Service Center in your vicinity. For increased safety, the use of a residual-current-operated circuit-breaker rated for no more than 30 mA is recommended. Before each use, check the condition of the automatic gas burner control. WARNING: Your safety precondition is as shown in Fig. D Connect the plug 11 of the appliance to the extension cable 12. The muff of the extension cable must be splash-resistant and made of rubber or covered with rubber. Use extension cable with a locking mechanism to prevent mechanical stress on the cable. The connection cable must be inspected at regular intervals to ensure that it is undamaged and in perfect working order. A damaged connection cable may only be repaired by an authorized Bosch workshop.

4 4 Only H05VV-F or H05RN-F extension cables may be used. Note for products sold in England: Your grass trimmer is fitted with a 13 A approved plug (BS 1363/A) and protected by a 3 A fuse (ASTA certificate in accordance with BS 1362). If the assembled plug does not fit into your socket, cut it off and replace it with another suitable plug. To avoid electric shock, the cut plug must be disposed of; under no circumstances may it be inserted into the 13A socket. Installation Do not plug the unit into the socket until it has been fully assembled. Fitting the blade guard Place the blade guard 8 on the grass trimmer head 6. To do this, first insert the rear clip and push it in until it locks (1st click), then do the same with the front clip (2nd click) see. Fig. А. 4 Adjustment Use of the adjustable handle (ART 23 GFS / GFSV models) The adjustable handle can be moved to different positions (see Item 10.2: Disassembly and adjustment of the ART 23 GFS / GFSV models). Rice. B): ➊ To change position, release clamp handle 10 and move handle 4: I parking position, to minimize storage space II handle facing forward, for horizontal mowing with optimum balance and control (see. Fig. E3) III handle is reversed, for one-handed mowing in hard-to-reach areas and use as an armrest see Fig. Fig. E2 IV this position is for wall hanging V handle position for vertical cutting or lawn edge treatment (see Fig. Fig. F) ❷ Return the clamp knob 10 to its original position to lock the knob 4 in the set position. Adjusting the handle length or mowing/edging position (ART 23 GFSV model) ➊ ❷ ❸ Slide the lock 9 down. Move tube 5 to one of the six possible positions corresponding to the different lengths of the handle. If necessary, turn the tube 5 by 180° to bring the grass trimmer head into the correct positions for mowing / lawn edging (see Fig. Fig. С). Mowing and edging: remove stones, loose wood and other foreign bodies from the area to be mowed before work is carried out. The line continues to rotate for a few seconds after you have switched off the grass trimmer. Wait until the motor / cutting line has come to a complete standstill before switching on again. Avoid frequent switching on and off for short periods of time.

5 5 Switch on and off Press and hold switch 1. To switch off, release switch 1. Cutting the grass Move the grass trimmer to the left and right and keep it far enough away from the body (see Fig. rice. Е). The grass trimmer efficiently cuts grass up to 15 cm high. Grass of a greater height must be cut in several stages (in steps). When working on a slope, move the adjustable handle 4 to position III (see “Grass trimmer” on page 31). Figure. E2) models ART 23 GFS / GFSV). Lawn edging (ART 23 GFS / GFSV models) Move the weed trimmer along the edge of the lawn as shown in Fig. F. To avoid fast wear and tear on the line, avoid contact with hard surfaces or masonry. Mowing around trees and bushes Carefully mow around trees and bushes, avoiding contact with the rotating line. Plants may die if the bark is damaged. Use guide handle 3 or adjustable handle 4 for better control. Extending the line The rotating line may wear out and break. A line breakage is indicated by the engine running without load and stopping mowing. ART 23 G Unplug the appliance and disconnect the mains plug. The line should be extended manually: holding the bobbin 13, lift the line and pull it out about 9 cm counterclockwise. Clamp the line between the stops on the bobbin case as shown in Fig. G. If the line length exceeds the maximum size corresponding to the cutting diameter, it will be cut by the blade integrated in the blade guard 8 15. ART 23 GF / GFS / GFSV models Press down firmly with the working trimmer on the rigid base plate and raise it again as shown in Fig. G2 (pressing force)

3 kg). Each such pressure releases approximately 4 cm of fishing line. If the line breaks completely, repeat this procedure twice in a row to obtain a full cutting diameter. If the line length exceeds the maximum dimension corresponding to the cutting diameter, it is cut by the blade integrated in the blade guard 8 15. Maintenance Before performing any work, unplug the appliance from the mains socket. Change the bobbin and floss (ART 23 G model) Secure the bobbin plate 13. Turn the empty bobbin 14 counterclockwise and remove it. Release approx. 9 cm of fishing line from the new / wound bobbin.

6 Thread the new / wound bobbin as far as possible onto the bobbin plate as shown in Fig. G1. Clamp the line between the stops of the bobbin plate, as shown in Fig. G1. Bobbin and bobbin (ART 23 GF / GFS / GFSV models) Secure the bobbin plate 13. Turn the bobbin cover 16 counterclockwise and remove it. fig. H). Remove the empty bobbin from the bobbin cover 18. The line of the new / wound bobbin through the hole 17, and the bobbin itself is placed in the cover of the bobbin. Pull approx. 9 cm of line from the bobbin. Place the bobbin together with the cover 16 correctly on the bobbin plate (bayonet lock), press and then turn to the right until it stops, as shown in Fig. H. Winding the line Remove the bobbin 18 as described above. Squeeze locking ring 19 (see “Replacing bobbin”). Fig. I), slide it forward and remove it through the smaller diameter bobbin element. Reel off and cut off approx. 8m of fishing line. Insert the end of the line into the slot in the bobbin so that it protrudes about 4 mm. Wind the line tightly in layers in the direction of the arrow. Insert the end of the line from the inside through the gap in locking ring 19. Keeping the line taut, place retaining ring 19 on the side of the bobbin with the smaller diameter. Install the bobbin as described above. If, despite careful manufacturing and strict production controls, the unit should fail, have it repaired by an authorized Bosch power tool service. Always quote the 10-digit ordering number on the type plate when making inquiries or ordering spare parts. Accessories ART 23 G F ART 23 GF / GFS / GFSV F Spool with spare fishing line F After use / storage Clean the outside of the grass trimmer thoroughly with a soft brush and cloth. Do not use water, solvents or polishes. Remove any encrusted grass and dirt particles, especially from the ventilation slots 7. Lay the appliance on its side and clean the inside of the protective housing 8. Remove grass clippings with a wooden or plastic scraper. Troubleshooting The table below shows the symptoms of possible malfunctions and helps to remedy them. If you are unable to locate and rectify the fault using this information, please call your local technical support centre. 8 Warning: Before trouble shooting, turn off unit and disconnect plug from power source.

7 7 Causes Possible solutions Grass trimmer is not working Check and plug plug in Malfunctioning plug socket Use a different socket Damaged extension cable Check cable, replace if necessary Fuse blown Replace fuse Grass trimmer is working irregularly Damaged extension cable Check cable If necessary replace Defective internal wiring Contact customer service Overloading the appliance Too high grass Mowing in several stages The appliance does not cut the grass Shortened/broken line Manually/automatically extend the line Automatic extension Line out of bobbin Check bobbin line does not occur Line entangled in bobbin If necessary rewind Warranty Bosch gives a guarantee on its products according to the legal regulations/standards of the country of destination. The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, overload or improper handling. Complaints will only be accepted if you send the device in an unassembled condition to your supplier or to the Bosch Service Station for air-powered and electric tools. For the environment Thanks to its quiet, smooth operation, the appliance has a minimal environmental impact. Environmentally sound technologies are used for its manufacture. Material recycling instead of disposal The device, its accessories and packaging need to be sorted for environmentally friendly recycling. This manual is printed on paper made by chlorine-free recycling. Plastic parts are marked in order to provide sorting necessary for recycling. Service and advice Russia: 1. Robert Bosch LLC. Moscow, ul. 13 Akademika Koroleva St. Tel Fax LLC Robert Bosch. St. Petersburg, ul.41 Zaitsev St. Tel

8 8 For addresses of regional guarantee centers refer to the guarantee card provided when purchasing the tool in the store. Certificate of conformity The measured values are determined in accordance with Directive 84/538/EEC (4 m radius hemisphere) and ENV The noise level of the weed trimmer for grass, determined with type A weighing circuit, is: Sound pressure level 82 dB(a). Typical measured acceleration value of 2.5 m/s 2. We declare under our sole responsibility that this product meets the following standards or regulations: EN 786, EN in accordance with the provisions of Directive 89/336/EEC, 98/37/EC. Pr. Gerhardt Felten Dr. Eckerhard Strötgen Robert Bosch GmbH (power tools) Noise level certification This device has been subjected to independent noise level tests conducted in accordance with the statutory provisions of the European Community. This certificate confirms compliance with the required standards. We certify that the grass trimmer Category: Electric appliance Manufacturer: Robert Bosch GmbH Type: ART 23 G ART 23 GF ART 23 GFS ART 23 GFSV Series designation: Motor manufacturer: Ametek Motor type: Motor speed during test (min.1 ): Complies with the specifications of the noise ordinance 84/538/EEC. Guaranteed maximum noise level: 92 dB(a)

9 9 cutting attachment type: Nylon line Cutting diameter (cm): 23 cutting speed (min).1 ): Signed in Leinfelden: Date: 1999. Signature: Director Subject to change.

Bosch art 23 easytrim changing the filament

The Bosch grass trimmer ART 23 Easytrim with its powerful engine and innovative multi-cutting system provides you with the best conditions for mowing lawns and wild growth, while the comfortable handles and height-adjustable boom ensure convenient and fatigue-free working.

Where lawnmowers fail, the new Easytrim Grass Trimmers from Bosch help you. The Bosch grass trimmer ART 23 Easytrim and the other models in this series will not only make their way through the overgrown lawn with ease, but also help to get rid of tall and dense weeds. Thanks to its relatively low weight, adjustable boom length and two handles, tackling the grass is especially easy and pleasant.

Why the Bosch ART 23 Easytrim electric grass trimmer (lawnmower) Bosch ART 23 is worth buying right now:

  • Easy combination system with one bobbin for normal and wild grass
  • Vertical mowing and edge trimming for best results in the direction of travel of the grass trimmer
  • Light and ergonomic handling due to perfectly balanced housing and 35 cm telescopic shaft with up to 115 cm length adjustment
  • Easy “click” bobbin change
  • High-performance motor with 280 watts of power
  • Adjustable boom angle for easy work under bushes and benches
  • 90-degree swivel cutting head

The Bosch ART 23 Easytrim Grass Trimmer is well suited not only for cutting different types of grass, but also for different types of tasks. For trimming lawn edges and bed edges, the head can pivot by 90° and switch from horizontal to vertical position. And for more comfortable work in corners, under bushes or on garden benches, the angle between cutting head and boom can be changed. You don’t even have to stoop down to do it, because the foot pedal at the bottom of the screen changes the angle of the line.

Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM Electric Grass Trimmer (0600878A00)

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Power 280 W
Revolutions (rpm) 12500
Handle shape T-handle
Cutting tool type line
Max. fishing line diameter 1.4 mm
Cutting width for line 230 mm
Boom straight
Split boom yes
Motor position bottom
Overheat protection no
Battery powered no
Weight 1.5 kg
Gross weight 2 kg
The country of origin China
Manufacturer’s product codes 0600878A00
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