Bosch art 23 sl how to disassemble

Bosch art 23 sl how to disassemble

Electric grass mower or trimmer for grass like any electric tool has a limited life. With increasing intensity of use for various reasons, the life of the device decreases.

You should be prepared that at any moment during work, the lawnmower may break, but this can be avoided by regular disassembly, inspection and revision of all important elements of the lawnmower.

Troubleshooting can be very diverse, it may be a breakdown on the electrical part of the engine and wiring as well as on the mechanical part.

In most cases, to make repairs grass trimmer or grass trimmer for grass is not difficult and can do on their own in the case when there is a minimum tool and the basic concepts of technology. Well and for the readers of the site I will reveal the main faults and secrets for fast and reliable repair of your electric grasshopper, consider an example of Bosch and Gardener electric grasshopper repair.

The design of most electric grass trimmers is not a complicated device, the basic components, whether the trimmer for grass or grass for grass, there is an electric motor, power cord, button with capacitor, spool with a line which is mounted on the motor shaft or more complex mechanical versions of brackets where the torque of the engine is transferred to the spool through a flexible shaft, but among the electric versions of the option of such a variant is rare.

Electrical faults

To identify faults in the electrical part, as a rule, not enough just one inspection, you need a multimeter or at least a tester with a probe. These faults are usually characterized by complete inoperability of the motor, severe overheating or jerky operation.

Inspection begins with the power cord, if damaged it is either repaired or replaced. The express check involves checking the voltage of 220 volts on the motor terminals.

The voltage should appear when you press the button, if the voltage is present, then you can safely say that the grass trimmer motor for grass is faulty, it must be unplugged and carefully inspected. Minor soiling the collector plates and brushes is normal, but still better to clean with a soft cloth dampened with alcohol, with the obvious form of worn brushes are better replaced.

Using a multimeter in resistance test mode (the lowest limit. Ohms) touch the contacts of the brushes or the graphite brushes with the feeler gauges, the tester should show a resistance of no more than 100 ohms.

If the resistance is infinite (one on the multimeter) try to turn the motor shaft without removing the feeler gauges. A good motor has a resistance of approximately 10. 40 Ohm, if the brushes are not tested then there is no contact or the integrity of the stator windings is damaged, breakage or burn-out is possible. If the resistance is less than 5 Ohm, there is an inter-type short circuit, most likely caused by severe overheating of the motor.

The following procedure can be used to determine the specific cause of a motor malfunction when the motor brushes do not resonate. Graphite brushes should be pulled out by first taking out the brass inserts or by removing the clamping springs.

Collector motors in these devices so arranged that the windings of the stator and rotor are connected in series, and in expensive models of motors in this serial circuit is also connected and the thermo-relay (110 degrees), such a relay in normal conditions keeps the power contact closed. A separate diagnostic method is to check the resistance on the collector reel plates.

In order to determine the culprit, you must remove the insulation from the PTFE jacket, where the winding and the thermal relay are connected, and use a multimeter to test each winding separately, as well as the thermal relay itself.

Mechanical failure

The most mechanically stressed parts of an electric brushcutter are the bearings and the trimmer (the bobbin). In most cases the device stops mowing because of malfunction of the line reel

The line has run out. The line must be wound onto the spool in accordance with the pre-designed instructions.

Tangled line. If the spool is undamaged, you should trim or unwind the line and, if necessary, rewind the whole spool.

The line is sticking together. Because of the rather intensive work and high overheating, the plastic filaments of the fishing line can fuse with each other. You need to rewind the spool with a new fishing line and inspect the damage to the bobbin itself.

The motor runs, but the fishing line spool does not rotate. Damage to the structure of the filament spool is likely to have occurred. The fastening points on the bottom of the spool may have broken off, you need to disassemble the whole bobbin and if necessary refine the fastening or replace it. In most electric trimmers, the bobbin is simply pressed by its plastic body on the motor shaft, and with severe overheating, when the plastic melts, it can turn or even fly off.

Both devices show no signs of life, the motors do not work when turned on.

The housing of both devices consists of two halves, the self-tapping screws are on one side, which is convenient for disassembly. After all screws are unscrewed, the upper housing is separated from the lower housing by lightly pressing with a flat screwdriver into the slot to open the interlocked plastic locks.

After disassembly we proceeded to the examination of the internals and search for faults.

During the inspection was found on the grass trimmer motor for Bosch, on one of the brushes, which is fixed by a compression spring, a copper wire is loose, which naturally caused the lack of voltage on the brushes and the motor does not rotate.

The wire was restored to its place, and at the same time the manifold pads were cleaned with a soft rag soaked in alcohol, to a copper sheen. Brushes were in good condition and did not need to be replaced.

It was also found that the switch does not create a reliable electrical contact, had to force to clamp the button, it was decided to disassemble the button, its contacts were cleaned of carbon deposits and lubricated with KONTAKT S-61 current protection spray.

The GARDENER electric brace was not all that easy, it had been broken for quite a while, and literally “broken”, its shaft was broken in half at the point of motor housing fastening, apparently so heavy were the conditions of its use.

bosch, disassemble

With the help of perforated plates of metal profile fasteners a new fixing of the engine case to the electric mower shaft was not cunningly made. The integrity of the construction was restored by reliable, if not aesthetic, method, because the most important thing in an electric lawnmower is its functionality.

The motor shaft was visibly hard to rotate, internal inspection revealed burnt-out manifold plates and worn brushes. The plates were sanded down to a shiny finish and the brushes were replaced with new ones.

Due to the long period of operation without lubrication and the subsequent storage of the unit in an aggressive environment, the bearings were a bit stuck and the motor shaft did not naturally rotate with difficulty. Engine bearings were washed with WD-40 spray and then lubricated. As a result the engine began to rotate noticeably better, but still the bearings were already “broken” and when running the engine from the network the sound of its work was not so smooth and monotonous.

Further inspection of the electrical part led to the button, it was broken from its mounting, even though it was pressed, but the tester showed its failure. The button is not demountable, so it was replaced by a new one. I had to repair the fasteners with hot melt glue.

In addition to the broken rod there was a crack on the plastic protection, someone might have dropped it on purpose. the grasshopper could work with it but it was decided to restore the construction of the protection as much as possible.

Naturally, simply gluing such a loaded and shock-prone object with glue would not be a reliable solution. Therefore, using the same metal profile plates made two brackets that created a “monolithic” connection between the two parts of the cracked hull. The plates were connected to the case with aluminum rivets.

When the lawn mower was assembled, it was found that the rod at the mounting points of the handle is poorly fixed and rotated, so the places of pressing the plastic ledges of the housing handle with a metal rod were further compacted strip cloth tape. The construction is now free of excessive looseness.

The most common faults of electro power lines and trimmers are

Spool is out of line. Most spools have semi-automatic line feed, with a light tap on the ground, the line is fed to the output. If the line does not feed, it is necessary to remove and disassemble the reel. bobbin and if necessary wind on a new line.

The line may be too long because the blade used to cut the over-length line is blunted or missing. Length of line should be slightly less than the diameter of the protection.

A big noise and vibration during motor operation can indicate that the bearings need lubrication or have used up their resource. Also the body of the line reel (bobbin) may be cracked and should be inspected for cracks and damage.

Most electric motors in mowers and trimmers are collector-based and do not have a speed regulator, with a voltage decrease in the mains. RPM and power output are reduced. The line reel may not be wound correctly. Perhaps the revolutions are hampered by a stuck rod or rope wrapped around the shaft, you should inspect the design. If the mower is working properly, the shaft should turn easily and without the slightest effort, even after you have loosened it with your finger.

The motor does not rotate? Check if there is power at the electric plug, if everything is all right then the unit should be disassembled. If there is no obvious damage noticeable, start successive testing of electrical circuits of the device.

Using a multimeter (tester), first test the power cord, the fuse, if any, and the button. If button is not working when turned on, it should be replaced or if it is demountable, it is necessary to open and clean burned contacts.

The cord may be kinked, in which case the engine may not start smoothly. The problem of the engine may be the fact that when the button is turned on the motor terminals is the voltage of 220 volts, but it does not rotate.

Some of the motors were equipped with thermal fuses, which were built into the motor frame and tripped by overheating or simply went out of operation. A functioning thermal fuse, when the engine cools down, should restore its operation.

Bosch Lawnmowers, Trimmers and Trimmers Overview

The Bosch brand is named in honor of founder Robert Bosch, who was an inventor by profession. He decided to start his own business in 1886, and by 1901, through persistence and hard work, a Bosch factory was established with about 40 employees. Worked on the production of magneto.

The year 1906 was a milestone year for the company, as production ramped up and 100,000 magnetos were produced. The second significant development for the company was the geographical expansion of the company’s subsidiaries. Well, the most important was that workers around the world have achieved the introduction of the 8-hour working day and the first to support this innovation was Robert Bosch. His reasoning for this decision was not so much that he was acting in the name of humanity, but rather that production required attention and care, which only those workers who were well rested could provide. Bosch‘s overriding goal was to maintain quality, not to make a profit through quantity. His motto was “Better to lose money than trust.”. And this attitude toward work was very much appreciated among consumers.

With his tenacious grip and keen intellect, Robert Bosch did not rest on his laurels, but actively expanded his product range. By early 1910, the company was producing all the necessary electrical components used on cars of the time.

The first electric starter was produced in 1914. Further plans for the development of production areas were canceled out by the war. But the company managed to hold out and not only resume production, but also participate in international exhibitions. Further years. a succession of new achievements and successes, but since 1942 already without its parent.

Bosch top models

The top models in the rating are electric lawnmowers Bosch Rotak 37, Bosch Rotak 34 and Bosch Rotak 32. This is confirmed by the number of reviews of these models.

Their technical characteristics are so well combined with their appearance that the use of these mowers has become (judging by reviews) a real pleasure for the owners. In the rating among the top trimmers stand out ART 23 Combitrim and ART 24.

How to disassemble the trimmer for grass Bosch

Trimmer repair is needed when the device does not turn on or does not work correctly. All the owners of private houses and suburban areas are familiar with the discomfort of excess vegetation, get rid of which is sometimes difficult. As it is clear, progress does not stand still and new developments and useful inventions appear in all spheres. It also affected agriculture. You no longer need to mow grass with clumsy old devices, came to the aid of modern petrol mowers that can get rid of vegetation in the most inaccessible places.

Gasoline grass trimmer can mow grass even during cloudy weather. 1.2 how to choose an electric bar can be disassembled into two trimmer for grass Bosch art 23 sl. Look after your garden with this machine is painfully simple, and any adult should be able to cope with this activity.

Despite its versatility, as no matter what technique, grass trimmers for grass tend to break down and fail.

Как намотать леску на триммер для травы BOSCH ART 23 SL

Repair lawn mower with their own hands will not be able to make every person, because this requires the ability to fix electronic devices, but now we’ll try to figure out how to get the trimmer to grass without the starter, and how to generally can debug his work with his own hands.

Grass trimmer breakdowns and troubleshooting

Grass trimmer repair with your own hands involves the elimination of all the problems that interfere with the normal operation of the unit. Among the frequently encountered are the following:

  • Breakage of cylinder-piston group (CPG) of the engine;
  • grass trimmer for grass fails when trying to accelerate;
  • Ignition coil failure;
  • no connection between the engine and the gearbox;
  • There are extraneous sounds when working;
  • engine can not reach a suitable speed.

Failure of the motor may occur due to poor fuel properties or wear of the motor parts. As it is clear, the lubrication of the piston group is provided with oil, which is added to petrol. In the ancient oil grease falls out in the form of sludge, which makes the oil not applicable. If you keep trying to run the trimmer for grass for the grass, you can in a matter of seconds to ruin the engine, and this will incur additional costs to repair the trimmer for grass. This breakdown is considered the most expensive. To remove it, you need to change the piston assembly, to be more precise, it may require substitution of the cylinder, rings, piston and seals. In similar cases, it is unlikely to do without additional help, unless you are a master and understand how to handle similar equipment.

How to wind the line on the Bosch ART 23 SL grass trimmer

Bosch ART 23 SL Weight: 1.7 kg line cross section: 1.6 mm Power consumption: 280 W Line speed: 12500.

Inexpensive grass trimmer for grass Bosch ART 23 SL

In this video shows how to disassemble the reel at the gasoline trimmer for grass, as well as how to correctly wind.

Repair lawnmower with their own hands can be done if she starts up and works at idle speed, but later zabuhankayutsya when you try to increase the speed of work. To remove the fault, you need to repair the carburetor or clean the muffler or gas filter. At first glance, everything is easy enough to solve, but if after you clean the clogged parts of the grass trimmer for grass, it did not work, then you may need additional diagnostics.

Replacement of the ignition coil

The main sign that the ignition coil has failed and trimmer repair is required is the lack of spark on the spark plugs. It is very important in this failure not to rush with the substitution coil, almost always the cause of the breakdown is the lack of contact in the button switch, which may be broken, or a mismatch in the very candle. It should be checked by all means, maybe somewhere punctures current or there are gaps or soot.

If the grass trimmer engine for grass can not develop a suitable speed, it is entirely possible that the air filter is clogged or trash is in the engine itself. The solution to the problem is immediately understandable. clean the engine and filter, in some cases you may need to replace the filter.

Knocking and noise

While working, most users of trimmers faced with constant noise. If you hear the corresponding knock, like the metal, it is entirely possible that the engine in the trimmer overheated, or the fuel does not pass. To stop the noise you need to add gasoline or turn off the mower fast.

Do not exhaust the unit: if it will continually work at full wear, its lifetime will be reduced in a couple of times. If the knock is felt in the engine, the cause is a faulty piston, piston ring, worn cylinder or crankshaft bearing. To stop the knocking you need to change the faulty part in the trimmer.

Sometimes it happens that the engine in the trimmer is working fine, but with all this output shaft rotates very weak or does not rotate at all. This is indicated by the fact that when the weed trimmer touches the grass, it stops working completely and shuts down.

To resume the normal operation of the mower, you need to check the 3 main components, namely:

Gearbox. a very fundamental component, because the grass trimmer repair in this case should be performed by an experienced craftsman, but to avoid similar failures in the future, the gearbox needs to provide appropriate service.

Other common faults

In addition to the faults listed above, other malfunctions can occur, for example, the on button falls off or the limiter falls off from the mowing head. You can change the trigger with a soldering iron, and the limiter can be wired with copper wire. You saw that the line is broken or finished? It is enough to buy a new reel of line of the same cross-section and wind it on the bobbin by taking apart the reel.

If you want your mower to work long and without interruptions, it requires service every day, you can go to a service center or make diagnostics without assistance of others.

For this you need to inspect the bushings of the boom and if necessary change them, the same applies to the spark plugs.

In the gearbox regularly need to hammer a special lubricant, partly disassemble the motor part and cleanse it from accumulated dirt. Almost always a similar service trimmer for grass produce, according to a certain number of hours worked.

Now you are slightly familiar with how to repair gasoline trimmers without additional assistance. But it’s important to note that if you are not confident in your knowledge and skills, it’s better to leave this job to experts.

Review on the Bosch ART 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer (0.600.8A5.000)

In this review I want to talk about the electric trimmer Bosch ART 23 SL, bought in the store Online I have been using the same tool for about 15 years on my summer cottage. Used different models from other manufacturers. But I bought a Bosch grass trimmer for the first time. My impressions.

The grass trimmer for grass comes in a branded cardboard box, which has an unexpectedly compact size and low weight. It is easy to transport it. you can even just put it in a large plastic bag, which Online Trade when buying, and bring it in a package. Here is how the box looks like from different sides.

On the box shows the main features and characteristics of the trimmer for grass. I will name the main. Power 280 watts. Weight 1.7 kg. The diameter of the mowed spot is 23 cm.

Inside the box is a disassembled grass trimmer, a protective cover, a fixing screw (it is in a bag that is taped to the cover), a set of paper documentation. Everything is packed safely and neatly.

Among the documentation there is a thick book. It mainly contains safety rules for working with the trimmer. The procedure for assembling and preparing the grass trimmer for work is not described, but there are a series of detailed pictures at the end of the book.

These are easy to follow, even if you’re inexperienced.

But nevertheless, below I want to tell you a little about the order of assembling grass trimmer. I should also note that the book also has a list of accessories for the trimmer: cartridge, fishing line and safety glasses. There are numbers to it, by which you can unmistakably find a replacement.

We will get to the cartridge and the line later.

So, taking the grass trimmer out of the box. It consists of three parts when folded.

These parts cannot be disconnected from each other because there is a wire inside the boom. Remove the rubber plugs on the ends of the boom. They are needed for transporting the grass trimmer in the folded state. Assemble the grass trimmer for grass and snap the locking buttons. It’s easier to assemble the bar than to dismantle it. To disassemble, you have to push the buttons in and disconnect the rods again. Be careful not to damage the cord. No force is needed. If only in small doses.

Now you can remove the cardboard on the grass trimmer handle. And secure the power cord as shown in the photo. Such fastening is useful because the loop on the cord will prevent the cord from being damaged by fraying and in case you pull the cord sharply.

Start the grass trimmer by pressing the red button on the grass trimmer handle. To operate, it must be held in the depressed position. Button stroke is not stiff. no extra effort is needed to hold it. At the same time the button can not be pressed accidentally. The handle is ergonomically designed.

Next, you need to fix the protective cover at the bottom of the grass trimmer for grass. It is inserted into special grooves and rotates about 90 degrees. Further, it is fixed with a screw that comes in a bag on the cover.

Finally, we have to remove the protective tape layer from the blade on the shroud. This blade automatically cuts (levels) the line after it is pulled out of the cartridge and the grass trimmer motor is running.

The electric motor of the grass trimmer is located in the lower part of the. Therefore, the efficiency of its operation is higher than in the case of the top-mounted engine. No cable or other movable part that transmits the rotation of the engine to the cartridge axle.

There is a beautifully engraved Bosch inscription on the motor. This sets Bon apart from other trimmers.

On the back you can read the technical and other parameters.

The quality of materials and workmanship is very good. The design is well thought out.

A little about the cartridge. There is one tail of fishing line sticking out of it. To disassemble the cartridge, you need to press the buttons (with arrows) on both sides of the cartridge and remove the lid. The buttons are just snap-on closures. Inside is a spool of fishing line. Changing the line is easy. You just wind it on the spool in the direction of the arrow on the spool.

The line can be taken out of the reel by pushing the button on the reel. Length adjustment is made with a knife after turning on the motor.

The reel is easy to remove from the axle. Tucking the line into the hole is also very easy.

Here is how the spool looks like from below and the inside of the cartridge without spool.

Line diameter 1.6mm. You can put any line of this diameter. You can buy twisted line, which is less noisy than smooth line. In principle, a line’s consumption is determined by its quality, diameter, the type and density of the grass, how you mow, the amount of foreign matter in the grass, etc.д. Here you understand everything, do not be afraid to experiment.

Grass trimmer requires no special maintenance. It does not need to be disassembled after work. It is necessary to clean from the rest of the grass.

The motor is moderately noisy. No strong vibrations like cheap trimmers.

At the end, a few words on how to mow. Many complain that it does not cut virgin land. It depends on how you mow the grass. If the grass is tall and you mow it under the root, then even a more powerful grass trimmer for grass will zabuhankan. I mow in steps from top to bottom. The pitch is about 10 centimeters from top to bottom. I’ve been able to mow any uncultivated land this way. The grass trimmer mows even thin raspberries that way. Consumption of lines varies greatly depending on the type of grass.

As a conclusion, I want to recommend this grass trimmer for everyone who has a standard-sized plot with grass and electricity. the grass trimmer for grass has a very good quality-price ratio.

Testimonial: Bosch grass trimmer ART 23 SL. Small, lightweight and even mows

I was given, or should I say given, the electric grass trimmer for the grass of the well-known brand Bosch on the grounds that he was weak and did not mow at all.

Factory package grass trimmer for small grass.

Grass trimmer for grass is demountable. Consists of three main parts.

The boom is easy to assemble, on snaps. For compact storage at the end of the holiday season, you can disassemble. But the grass trimmer for grass is very difficult to disassemble.

Power grass trimmer for grass 280 watts, 12500 rpm-decent speed, weight 1.7 kg.

Convenient power button without safety interlock.

The power cord is short, as it is on all trimmers.

The coil is semi-automatic. The line pulls up to 8 mm when it is switched on. There’s a button for manually tightening the line. The reel is easy to disassemble, the line is easy enough to change.

Diameter of the line is 1.6 mm, capacity of the spool is 4 meters.

Protective cover on clamps and fastened with one screw. The hood has a blade for cutting the line.

Grass trimmer length is not adjustable, assembled about one meter. It is not convenient to mow with a high growth, you constantly have to bend down. The advantage of the grass trimmer for grass is that it is light.

The grass trimmer can easily handle young grass. Not enough power while cutting dense grass, the engine gets “bogged down”. It is convenient to use it for cutting the grass between bushes, on the edges of paths, near fences. Grip width of 23 cm.

Disassembling the Bosch Art 23 Easytrim Grass Trimmer

2nd plus. The Bosch grass trimmer art 23 easytrim has a very light weight. only 1.75 kg. For example, a lady, an old person or even a child. Anybody can handle a grass trimmer with ease.

The handle is comfortable, not slippery (you can see the anti-slip relief in the photo). The switch is catchy, easy to grip with the hand.

Bosch art 23 easytrim grass trimmer is a third plus. ergonomics. Well-aligned center of gravity and comfortable handles make the grass trimmer easy and comfortable to operate. The weight balance of the machine is designed to help keep your hands free of fatigue.Below you can see the auxiliary handle and cable clamp bracket (below).

Power cord of the machine is absolutely short, but it is for safety reasons, that the place of connection to the network was under your constant control is not lying on the ground.

One-piece mains plug, which also makes the operation of the grass trimmer more non-hazardous.

bosch, disassemble

Ventilation slots to allow the motor to cool down. Motor power 280 watts.

Safety cover protects the operator from flying grass clippings. Here are some photos of the blade guard from different angles.

Cutting width of the Bosch art 23 easytrim is 23 cm.

Right on the body we meet the inscription with the main technical parameters of grass trimmer. The model, weight, power, noise, country of manufacture and other principal properties of the machine are indicated.

grass trimmer for grass Bosch art 23 easytrim designed to work with a line width of 1.6 mm. We experimentally found that the device perfectly takes a fishing line of up to 4 mm in width, even if it’s not a violation of criteria of operation, but it significantly simplifies mowing (if the grass meet thicker and thicker lines)., which is a violation of operating criteria, but considerably simplifies mowing (if thicker and stronger trunks can be met in grass). Be sure to take this tip into account when first mowing!

grass trimmer for grass Bosch ART 23 Combitrim

it is not necessary to take a reel every time, simply replace the line there with a new coil.

Grass trimmer for grass Bosch art 23 easytrim sold in such a beautiful and small box.

Set in the box was the following: instruction manual, protective cover and grass trimmer for grass (consisting of 2 parts).The halves simply and quickly assembled into a complete unit.

It is written in 27 languages! Which just confirms that the model is very popular in almost all countries and is in steady demand for a long period.

In the annotation, as it should be, a table with technical data.

Probable malfunctions and troubleshooting are described very clearly.

For those who understand, there are the measured noise and vibration characteristics of the Bosch grass trimmer art 23 easytrim.

Next. most exciting! Look, how our patch looked like the year before. Overplowed and not even planted land is overgrown with weeds.

We began to bring the site in decent shape on the following scheme: 1. I cut the thickest trunks close to the ground with my hand pruner.4.5. We changed the complete line in the trimmer for a line of width 4.5 mm. A year later, our glade looks much more pleasant.

Beginning to mow the grass that has grown this spring. The picture below shows the process very clearly. The half is mowed, and the other half. not yet.

Here is the treated meadow. Not as much, absolutely, as a lawn, but already very good. В. promptly and practically at no cost))).

I would like to point out that the grass trimmer for grass with its low weight and small size is quite massive for use in uncultivated glades. Bosch art 23 easytrim is good for small areas.

Bosch ART 23 Easytrim videoreview en unboxing (NL/BE)

The machine is very maneuverable, it’s comfortable to use it when mowing grass in holes, on bumps, near fences, around bushes and trees.

With trimmer Bosch art 23 easytrim lawn trimming is not just a difficult and painful experience for us. I consider the purchase of grass trimmer for grass Bosch art 23 easytrim my good buy!

Bosch grass trimmer ART 23-28 SL (280 W, 230 mm) (06008A5003)

The company provides the return and exchange of this product in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Time of return

The return is possible within 14 days after the receipt of goods (for goods of proper quality).

The return delivery of goods is by agreement.

The return of the goods is accepted if the tool is not used, has the original package and the set of documents. Refunds are made on a bank card or bank account within 7 days after receipt of the application for a refund IMPORTANT! Upon receipt of the goods in the office of the New Mail necessarily check the integrity and completeness of the order! If the goods are damaged, you must draw up a claim form with an employee of the New Post, without this act claims are not accepted.

Grass trimmer electric grass trimmer boom device. Features of the design

It should be noted. that the grass trimmer’s cutting head has special arrows. They allow for rotational movements of the reel in different directions. Grass trimmer for electric grass consists of a boom, a good electric grass trimmer will last. If it became necessary to wind the fishing line in the direction of rotation of the shaft, it turns in a particular position. Too much filament wound on the shaft could break the machine. Only imported models have two arrows. One-handed heads are now available on the market.

If the cord is not wound after striking the semiautomatic head, then the previous winding was not done correctly. That is, after the grass trimmer head has been installed, the user has not pulled the line ends out of the grooves. Another unpleasant thing when mowing grass can be sintered coils.Why this happens? This happens when the filament hits a hard object. At the same time, it brakes sharply and with the subsequent movement of the line begins to go inside the device. This puts it on the bobbin and sticks. Because of this, the worker has to take a break and correct the situation. However, this can be avoided. Before installing the reel, you need to treat the line with a special silicone substance.

For different models of trimmers use a semi-automatic head, consisting of two parts. the body and the bobbin. Both elements contain springs. The second part can be performed in several variants:

  • single-section. both parts of the line are wound together;
  • two-sectional. each end is wound on a specific part; this type is most effective because the line does not tangle and sinter.

There is a simple, inexpensive way to turn a one-section bobbin into a two-section bobbin. For this you will need a solid plate. From it you need to cut a circle, the diameter of which should be equal to the thickness of the bobbin. It takes the thickness near the place where the line is wound. This circle moves freely. Next, a cut is made on the ring, put on the bobbin and connected with glue or duct tape.As a result, it is possible to wind the line on the desired section. The grass trimmer head for the universal grass trimmer can have from two to four holes, which are opposite each other. The mowing ends come out of them. In addition to the presented reels, there are heads where a certain size of fishing line is inserted. In this case, the number of whiskers is increased to twelve. Many users believe that such a device is quite convenient. However, not all people are of this opinion.They believe that more line is needed in this situation. In addition, in order to replace it, it is necessary to stop the work process. Electric grass trimmer for grass. Electric grass trimmer for grass consists of an electric motor, a handle. The grass trimmer head for grass, the Caliber of which can be various, is suitable for cutting grass, shrubs and trees. Before you buy a grass trimmer for grass. the terrain, and the specifics of the equipment, must be known. So, we found out what is the universal grass trimmer head for grass and how to fill it correctly.

Grass trimmers for grass and brushcutters

Grass trimmers for grass in our online store offers an assortment of more than 200 positions: from cheap grid 0.25-0.5 kW from Vitals and Kentavr to more qualitative and functional cordless Makita and DeWALT (by the way, the number of them when purchasing free delivery). We are careful about quality: even the cheapest electric trimmers can handle a small area of 4 to 6 acres. We also maintain in stock in Kiev gasoline brushcutters for large areas, which will assimilate plants with thick stems, in addition, independent of the connection to the mains. Some of them can be purchased with payment in installments (including the popular because of the reliability of Hyundai).

Our experience shows that with each subsequent gardening season to buy a brushcutter in Ukraine is going to more and more homeowners. But those who choose this practical tool for the first time often have a quite logical question. which is better to buy.

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