Bosch classixx 5 does not work the drain

Bosch washing machine won’t drain

If the washing machine does not drain, it may not be a trivial problem. You’ll have to check a lot of things before you can find the true cause of the problem, localize it, and then fix it. In this publication we will tell you how to determine from the external signs of failure, where to look for the problem, tell you what parts have to be removed and how to check them, without resorting to the help of a craftsman. We hope it’s interesting.

Bosch washing machine doesn’t drain. let’s find out why?

Problems with water drainage are quite common, as the washing machine is constantly working with water, and when draining the water, there may be various malfunctions. For example, when the spin does not work.

If your Bosch washing machine does not drain, then you have already encountered the problem. It remains to understand the causes of this problem, as well as how to fix it.

During the operation of German Bosch machines, malfunctions occur less frequently than competitors, nevertheless, the manufacturer has equipped each Bosch Maxx model with a special service test, the so-called self-diagnostic mode, which can determine the functionality of all system functions. This function is very useful if several system components are broken.

The diagnostic mode is initiated differently depending on the range: Bosch Maxx 4, Bosch Maxx 5, Bosch classixx 5, etc.

Let’s take the Bosch Maxx 4 series as an example.

Bosch Maxx 4 programs correspond to the following tests:

  • clap 60°. check the electric motor;
  • Cotton 60° economy. drain pump;
  • clap 90°. heater;
  • spin. main valve;
  • drain. prevalve.

To start the program on the Bosch Maxx 4 press the “start” button. Faults are indicated by combinations of LEDs. In the older Bosch Max models, the error codes are displayed.

Bosch washing machines brief instructions for diagnosis and repair

Very often it takes much longer to determine the faulty part than the repair itself. Especially in such technically complex devices as automatic washing machines. Therefore, the developers of washing machines have provided innovative diagnostic systems and control over the washing machine, which allows not only to stop the process of washing in time if there is damage to important parts, preventing the destruction of other parts, but also to diagnose the state of machine components. Having identified the faulty unit, quite often it is possible to repair a Bosch washing machine with your own hands, without involving specialists. But first you need to run the diagnostics.

  • Close the drum door (without laundry) and set the program selector to the “Off” position;
  • After waiting a few seconds, move the selector switch to the “Spin” position. This should cause the “Start” indicator to flash;
  • Press the spin speed selection button and wait for the “Start” indicator to flash, move the selector to the next position (“Drain”);
  • After releasing the spin speed selection button, the test mode is activated.

The digital display or speed indicators on the control panel (for machines without display) will show the code of the last malfunction. Having deciphered the coded service message according to the table given in the description or on the site of the manufacturer, it is possible to determine the possible cause of failure. Keep in mind that once displayed, the error is cleared from the machine’s memory and cannot be viewed again (before starting the wash cycle again).

Before you begin to repair Bosch washing machines with your own hands, it is necessary to make sure that the unit, which breakage corresponds to the error indicated, is really damaged, you can separately run a test of this unit. To do this, use the selector knob to select the appropriate test program. During selection, the indicator light of the “Start/Pause” button should constantly flash.

  • In position 3 (washing the laundry at 60°) will start the test of the electric motor;
  • Set the selector switch to position 4 (intensive washing at 60°), you can check the operation of the drain pump.
  • To test the heating element, set the selector switch to position 5 (90° hot water washing).
  • Drum hot water valve tested in selector switch position 6 (washing 30 mix).
  • When moving the knob to positions 7 (Rinse), 8 (Spin) and 9 (Drain) the operation of the cold water inlet valve is checked.
  • In position 10 (Wool) check if the buzzer sounds.
  • If the selector is set in position 11-13 the automatic test is started.
  • In 14-15 positions, quick tests are performed.

After setting the selector to the desired mark, press the “Start/Pause” button to start the test. Exit the service mode by setting the selector lever to position 0 (Off).

It is necessary to perform diagnostics not only in the case when you will perform the repair of the washing machine Bosch maxx 5 with your own hands. If you report the results of the tests to the master of the service center, when you make a request for departure, for sure the time for troubleshooting will be significantly reduced. he will take with him all the necessary parts and quickly replace them.

Clearing a clog

Of course, when searching for the causes, it is better to begin with the ones that occur more often and are easier to eliminate. First of all, you should check the condition of the filter. It is accessed by a small hatch below the door on the front of the washer-dryer. When opening the lid, it is better to familiarize yourself with how to do it according to the manual, because different models of Bosch slightly differ in the device of this simple unit.

Under the washing machine should be put a rag, it will absorb the water, a small amount of which is sure to run out after you remove the filter. Some Bosch washing machines have a special hose for draining water.

Bosch / Siemens washing machines repair

Door not closed. This error occurs if the door of the washing machine is not closed or is not closed tightly. Try opening and closing the machine hatch again. Check that the laundry load in the machine does not interfere with closure of the door.

No water is fed into the washing machine. Water failure in the washing machine may be caused by various reasons: a closed water supply tap, insufficient pressure in the water supply tap in the washing machine, a clogged strainer in the washing machine hose.

Water not emptying. This error appears if the washing machine has not drained the water from the tank within 10 minutes. There are some possible reasons for the error F03: clogged drain pipes or hoses, the pump does not work, the electronics that controls the water drainage system in the washing machine is broken.

Water leakage. If there is water leakage from the washing machine, it is necessary to check the tightness of connections, fittings and hoses of the washing machine, to identify and eliminate the cause of the leakage.

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The door is not locked. A possible reason for this error is that the door of the washer-dryer is not closed. Naturally, if the washing machine hatch is open, the washing program will not start. To eliminate the problem. close the door.

  • The water tap is blocked (in this case simply open the tap).
  • Clogged filters or ducts. (In this case you need to call a service technician to change the filters or clean the pipes)
  • Water pressure is less than one bar.
  • the heating system is out of order
  • heater malfunction
  • Low voltage in the washing machine circuit
  • Water temperature sensor is defective

Faulty water sensor. The Aquasensor is a sensor that detects the clarity of the water in the machine. If the error F25 appears, it can be caused by breakage or contamination. The defect can often be caused by simple lime deposits on the sensor surface. The error can also be caused by a malfunction of the pressostat or the water drainage system.

Pressure sensor malfunction. F26 error means the defect of the analog pressure sensor (pressostat). This error is critical. If it occurs, the washing program is stopped, the water is removed from the tank, the control processes and indication will be blocked. Reset the error by switching the instrument off and on with the ON-OFF button, check the pressure probe and possible broken wiring.

Wrong calibration of pressure sensor. F27 error means, that the pressure sensor is not set correctly and works according to old values. Check pressure sensor (pressostat) and wiring.

Faulty flow sensor. In case of error F28, the flow sensor is not able to supply the water volume per unit of time. This sensor as well as the wiring must be checked for proper functioning.

No water passage detected in the flow sensor. This defect may be caused by a complex of reasons, connected both to insufficient water supply to the washing machine (clogged pipes, nozzles, filters, breakage of Aquastop magnetic valve) and to the defect of the sensor itself. If there is an error, you need to check all the elements of the water supply sequentially. If there is a certain amount of water in the machine, it should start emptying 5 minutes after the error occurred.

  • The drain pump (pump) is blocked
  • the water drain hose is blocked
  • The magnetic valve is defective
  • The pressure sensor (pressostat) is not correctly set or calibrated
  • The water evacuation system is blocked

Door lock not closed. The error can be caused by a defective lock. There can also be a mechanical obstacle to closing the door. If the error occurs, check the serviceability of the hatch door, the lock, the elasticity of the hatch cuff, as well as the integrity of the wiring.

Malfunction of the sunroof lock. This error signals a defect in the module (triac or relay are most likely defective). This error is a critical error. If an error occurs the program stops and the door locks. To fix the problem it is necessary to check the control module.

Faulty temperature sensor (NTC). If the NTC fails, the washing machine will finish the program without heating. If the error occurs, check the sensor itself and the wiring of the washing machine.

Short circuit of temperature sensor (NTC). In this case, like the previous one, the washing machine ends the program without heating.

Synchronization error. Possible causes: The mains values do not correspond to the permissible values

Engine RPM exceeded. Most likely in this case the control module is defective. This error is critical. Current program is canceled, the washing machine hatch, control and indication processes are blocked. In this case please run a test program and check the control module. This error is most often caused by a triac fault.

  • Tacho generator defective
  • the motor or drum of the washing machine is mechanically blocked (sometimes this error can be caused by laundry stuck between the tank and drum of the washing machine)
  • Control module defective

No backward rotation. Error 44 also refers to control module errors. In this case the reversing relay or triac may be defective. This error is a critical error.

Faulty flow sensor. The flow sensor is reading too high or too low in this case, which could indicate a faulty flow sensor. The error can also be caused by insufficient water pressure in the supply system or turbulent turbulence in the nozzles and the sensor itself. If this error occurs, check the flow sensor, the valve pressure and the water supply filters for proper functioning.

Incorrect door signal This error detects that the door is open or closed and activates the safety lock. This error is critical. Check door lock mechanism and wiring.

The motor is defective. There are several possible causes for this malfunction: the motor or one of its parts is broken, there may be problems with electronics or wiring.

Incorrect coding of module. In this case the control module must be re-flashed or replaced with a new one.

Click on a model to see the information

The MAXX 4 series includes two common modifications. Speed Edition and Speed Perfect.

WFC 2062 OE, WFC 1664 OE, WFC 1666 OE, WFC 1665 OE, WFC 1667 OE, WFC 2060, WFC 1262 OE, WFC 1263 OE, WFC 1600 BY, WFC 1662 OE, WFC 1663 OE, WFC 2066 OE, WFC 2063 OE, WFC 2064 OE, WFC 2065 OE, WFC 2067 OE.

WLF 16180 OE, WLF 20180 OE, WLF 20181 CE, WLF 20164 OE, WLF 16060 OE, WLF 16062 BY, WLF 16164 OE, WLF 20060 OE, WLF 20170 CE, WLF 20271 CE, WLF 20281 CE, WLF 24271 CE, WLF 16170 CE, WLF 16260 OE, WLF 16165 CE, WLF 16261 OE, WLF 20062 BY, WLF 20160 OE, WLF 20171 CE, WLF 20260 OE, WLF 20261 OE.

WFO 1640 OE, WFO 1261 PL, WFO 2050 GR, WFO 1661 BY, WFO 1662, WFO 2040 OE, WFO 2042 OE, WFO 2051 GR, WFO 2060 BY, WFO 2064, WFO 2264, WFO 2440 OE, WFO 2442 OE, WFO 2450, WFO 2451 GR, WFO 2464, WFO 2840 OE, WFO 2864, WFO 1660 BY.

WFR 2440, WFR 2441, WFR 2466, WFR 2830, WFR 2841, WFR 2866, WFR 3240.

WFH 2061 OE, WFH 1660 OE, WFH 2461 OE, WFH 1260 OE, WFH 1262, WFH 2060 BY, WFH 2460 OE, WFH 2062 OE.

SpeedPerfect and SilencePerfect retrofits. MAXX5 series highlight.

WLX 20462 OE, WLX 2048K OE, WLX 20362 OE, WLX 20364 OE, WLX 20161 OE, WLX 16163 OE, WLX 20160 OE, WLX 2036 KOE, WLX 20361 OE, WLX 20480 OE, WLX 20461 OE, WLX 20370 CE, WLX 24460 OE, WLX 24363 OE, WLX 20460 OE, WLX 24361 OE, WLX 24362 OE, WLX 24462 OE, WLX 24463 OE, WLX 2448 KOE, WLX 20162 OE, WLX 24163 OE, WLX 20363 OE, WLX 24364 OE, WLX 16162 OE, WLX 20463 OE, WLX 16161 OE, WLX 16160 OE, WLX 20163 OE, WLX 24461 OE, WLX 24360 OE.

WVD 24520 EU, WVD 2446 SOE, WVD 24460 OE, WVF 2400 EU, WVF 2401, WVT 1260, WVTI 2841 EU, WVIT 2842 EU, WVT 3230, WVD 24420 OE, WVTI 3240 EU, WVTI 2840 EU, WVTI 2842 EU.

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WAE 2037 KOE, WAE 16160 OE, WAE 20440 OE, WAE 24160 OE, WAE 24360 OE, WAE 24440 OE, WAE 20360 OE, WAE 20370 OE, WAE 16440 OE, WAE 20160 OE.

WAE 24463 OE, WAE 24164 OE, WAE 24467 OE, WAE 24443 OE, WAE 2049 KOE, WAE 16161 OE, WAE 20161 OE, WAE 20163 OE, WAE 20164 OE, WAE 20361 OE, WAE 24441 OE, WAE 24466 OE, WAE 16442 OE, WAE 20364 OE, WAE 2047 SOE, WAE 24163 OE, WAE 24468 OE, WAE 20363 OE, WAE 16443 OE, WAE 24444 OE, WAE 24462 OE, WAE 24364 OE, WAE 16163 OE, WAE 24442 OE, WAE 28444 OE, WAE 28443 OE, WAE 28441 OE, WAE 24361 OE, WAE 20443 OE, WAE 24363 OE, WAE 20362 OE, WAE 24464 OE, WAE 20442 OE, WAE 16441 OE, WAE 20441 OE, WAE 24465 OE, WAE 2046 SOE, WAE 20444 OE, WAE 16444 OE, WAE 2044 SOE.

details about Bosch washing machine repair WFF 1200/1201 you can consult our specialists: order a call-back.

Vario Perfect in German means. perfect quality. Sensitive. sensitive washing. These two qualities combine in the newest line of Bosch LOGIXX washing machines.

WLM 20440 OE, WLM 20441 OE, WLM 24440 OE, WLM 2445 SOE, WLM 2444 SOE, WLM 24441 OE.

WAQ 20440 OE, WAQ 24440 OE, WAQ 24460 OE, WAQ 24461 SNOE, WAQ 28440 OE, WAQ 28460 SNOE. (AVANTIXX)

WAS 20443 OE, WAS 2474 GOE, WAS 24740 OE, WAS 2044 GOE, WAS 2875 BOE, WAS 24440 OE, WAS 24442 OE, WAS 24741 OE, WAS 28743 OE, WAS 20440 OE, WAS 24742 OE, WAS 24743 OE, WAS 28740 OE, WAS 28741 OE, WAS 24443 OE, WAS 2876 BOE, WAS 24441 OE, WAS 28742 OE, WAS 20442 OE, WAS 20441 OE, WAS 28750 OE.

We service professional machines WBB 24751 EU and WBB 24750 EU.

WOT 24552 OE, WOP 2050, WOL 2050 EU, WOT 20351 OE, WOR 16153 OE, WOT 20152, WOF 1800, WOR 20150 OE, WOT 16152, WOT 20350 OE, WOR 16150 OE, WOK 2031, WOL 2051, WOP 2051, WOR 20152 OE, WOT 24550 OE, WOT 24551 OE, WOT 26483 OE, WOR 20151 OE, WOR 20153 OE, WOT 20352 OE, WOL 2200, WOR 16152 OE, WOL 1650 EU, WOL 1670 EU.

WAN 24060, WAN 20060, WAN 28290, WAN 24260, WAN 24140, WAN 2416 S, WAN 20160, WAN 24290.

WLN 24242, WLN 24261, WLN 24260, WLN 24262, WLN 24241, WLN 24240, WLN 2426 E, WLN 2424 Z, WLN 2426 M.

WAT 28541, WAT 24442, WAT 28740, WAT 20441, WAT 24440, WAT 24441.

WAY 32742, WAY 24742, WAY 28742, WAY 3272 M.

What to do if your washer won’t drain (Bosch Axxis models only)

WLT 24460, WLT 24560, WLT 24440, WLT 24540.

WAW 28740, WAW 32540, WAW 28540, WAW 24440, WAW 28440, WAW 32590.

WAA 12161, WAA 16160 OE, WAA 16161 OE, WAA 16162 OE, WAA 16163 OE, WAA 16170 CE, WAA 16171 CE, WAA 16260 OE, WAA 16261 OE, WAA 2016 KOE, WAA 2016 SOE, WAA 20160 OE, WAA 20161 OE, WAA 20162 BY, WAA 20163 BY, WAA 20170 CE, WAA 20171 CE, WAA 20180 OE, WAA 20181 CE, WAA 2026 SOE, WAA 20260 OE, WAA 20261 OE, WAA 20262, WAA 20263 OE, WAA 20270 CE, WAA 20271 CE, WAA 20272 CE, WAA 24160 OE, WAA 24162, WAA 24163, WAA 2427 SCE, WAA 24270 OE, WAA 24271 CE, WAA 24272 CE, WAA 2428 SCE.

WLF 16180 OE, WLF 20180 OE, WLF 20181 CE, WLF 20164 OE, WLF 16060 OE, WLF 16062 BY, WLF 16164 OE, WLF 20060 OE, WLF 20170 CE, WLF 20271 CE, WLF 20281 CE, WLF 24271 CE, WLF 16170 CE, WLF 16260 OE, WLF 16165 CE, WLF 16261 OE, WLF 20062 BY, WLF 20160 OE, WLF 20171 CE, WLF 20260 OE, WLF 20261 OE.

WFXI 2840 EU, WFB 2001 BY, WFE 2021 EU, WFT 2830, WFK 2431, WFW 3231, WFG 242L GB, WFB 3200, WFB 4001, WFG 2060 BY, WFG 2070, WFX 2440 OE, WFD 2060 BY, WFD 1660 BY, WFO 1607 WFD 2090 EU, WFF 1201, WFG 2420 GB, WFT 2806, WFX 2840 OE, WFXI 2842 EU, WFG 2220, WFB 4800 GB, WFD 1060, WFG 2020 GB, WFK 2831, WFP 3330, WFB 1605 BY, WFF 1401, WFP 3231, WFW 2831.

Service test of washing machines Bosch

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In this lesson, you will learn how to activate the service test of a Bosch washing machine.

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Service test for Bosch MAXX washing machines

Bosch washing machine error codes and start of service mode

Error code Error indication by flashing LED

F16 Fault display without display Device without display Error description Possible cause Possible effect, remedy F16










® These error codes appear in standard program mode, all other codes only appear in Diagnostic mode during service maintenance.
Door not closed Door open? – Washing program doesn’t start. Restart the program, if possible. Close the door
Inlet time exceeded – Water intake tap closed. The water inlet filter is clogged. Pressure at the water inlet 1 bar – Open water inlet tap. Program stops, pump starts draining after 5 minutes. The program can be started again
The water intake time is exceeded – Drain pump is defective or clogged. Level N1 is not reached. Pressostat switch blocking. Faulty water level controller – Clean the drain pump. The program is cancelled and the IMPORTANT FAULT mode is activated if there is no draining within 90 sec.
Water heating time exceeded – Faulty heating system. Thermostop not reached. Low voltage. Lime deposit on heating element or defective heating element – Check heating element and its connection circuits. Program will end without heating
Unexpected heating – F20 Temperature sensor (NTC) defective. Faulty resistance of the heating element. Heating occurs in the period when there should be no heating – Program is canceled and IMPORTANT FAULT is activated
– Control system malfunction. Uneven running of drive motor. Drive motor does not rotate the drum – Triac short circuit.Tacogenerator malfunction. Reverse relay defective – After several attempts to start the motor, the program is cancelled and the INITIAL FAULT mode is activated. Attempts to start motor before end of program
NTC sensor faulty – NTC short circuit. NTC sensor defect. Open connection circuits – Program will end without heating
Water stop activated – Water collected in washing machine tray. Open circuit in connecting circuits -Check the water system for leaks.Check Aquastop.Check connection cables for open circuits
Synchronization error – Voltage supply is not within tolerance
Functional safety problem – Processor defective. Software error Replace control module
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Electronic washing machines can be started in the self-diagnostic (service test) mode to check the full set of machine functions. This mode is not directly accessible to the user, but can be started by pressing a combination of keys, depending on the washing machine model. The self-test sequence varies depending on the model.

The control panel of MAKS-5 series washing machines has a rotary knob to select the washing program (prewash, intensive, delicate, manual washing of wool, etc.). д.), buttons to select additional functions Easy iron, water, Fast wash.

The Bosch Maxx 5-6-7 series washing machine panels are available with either a display or LED.

  • Press the spin speed button (in machines with a display it is at a different location). Wait until Start/PAUSE button light flashes (takes two seconds)
  • Take your finger off the spin speed button. The Last Program Fault is displayed. The last error is displayed. The last fault will be erased from the memory (see 141). further)

Indicator on the Start/Pause button flashes when selected

Start/Pause indicator lights up in test mode

Rinse and spin indicators light up in diagnostic mode

Descriptions of service programs Paul.3 Drive Motor Reverse

The Start/Pause indicator is lit when the test is running

Note: The load imbalance is not detected

Note: serious imbalance limits are defined

Display when maximum spin speed is reached

Test Run indication Drain pump

Indication during the test Heater/TEHN operation

Note. When the fill level is reached, the drain pump starts until the level is reduced

Test running indication Water inlet valve

Floor.10 Test beep Beep beep

Floor.11 Automatic test. Starts with spin. (FCW only) Floor.12 Basic automatic test. For service

d) Waiting until the set speed is reached

Bosch Logixx washing machine service test

To diagnose a Bosch washing machine malfunction, you can use the service test.

Of course, you can start by looking for the circuit of the faulty device. But it takes time. Will have to disassemble, analyze, wire and so on.

The display shows all the information you need to determine the fault. In test mode, the errors are not stored. They are overwritten in the memory of the Bosch Maxx Logic 8 washing machine.

P1: Errors last program F: xx (error code)

Select the test program using the and keys

P1: Memory error codes P2: Safety test P3: Auto test P4: Drive motor P5: Card coding P6: Screen P7: Button and programme selector test P8: Water level sensor P9: Turbidity sensor P10: Flow sensor P11: 3D sensor P12: Load detection test P14: Water inlet valve P15: Sound test P16: Drain pump P17: Heater

Press “Start/Pause” to start the test

This is what the initiation of error codes looks like on the display

Bosch Maxx Logixx 8 washing machine fault codes:

F16 drum hatch open, F17 water intake time exceeded 10 min, faulty water supply, valves, aquastop, pressostat F18 drain time exceeded 10 min, faulty drain system. pump F19 heating water malfunction, check the pump, input voltage, relay and fan, control board F20 unintentional water heating.Inspection of the heater, NTC sensor F23 triggered aquastop, water leakage, fault aquastop F25 error aquasensor, check the sensor, pressostat F26,F27 “floppy” pressure sensor F28,F29 faulty water flow sensor, EM valve, pressostat, water pressure F31 water level exceeded, inspection of the level sensor, valves, pump F34 F34 BOPL failure F36 manhole lock failure, check the BOPL circuit and control module F37,F38 NTC sensor, heater F42 high RPM, check the module and engine F43 no engine rotation, check the motor, tacho generator F44 no reversal, faulty motor, module F59 error 3-D sensor. Check the power module. 3-D probe F60 flow sensor error F61 false UBL signal

Bosch washer does not spin

Bosch washing machines are reliable enough in operation, but sometimes their owners are faced with the fact that the machine ceases to perform its spinning functions. Signs of this are as follows:

  • Bosch machine washes as usual, but after the end of the program the laundry is wet;
  • Water does not drain during the rinse phase, but only drains during the main wash phase;
  • The program stops on the drain, the spin does not start;
  • after draining the water the spinning does not turn on.

Your Bosch washing machine won’t spin, there is a solution. Read more in this article.

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Washing and drying machines

The washing machine does not spin the laundry, the reasons. 1:06 Wrong laundry balance, UE error in LG 1:50 One towel wrung out. 2:22 The drain is not working properly, where to look for the clog and the cause. 3:10 Problem with the drain pump. The pump, which is 20 years old 3:35 The resource of a new drain pump or pump. Buzzing while spinning. 4:14 Clogged drain at the junction with the drain. 5:42 Wrong washing programs, short wash, spin speed. 6:40 Bearings humming, backlash in the washing machine tank, effect on the spin. 7:33 tank elipse and why the laundry does not spin. 8:27 Low voltage in the network and full load of the washing machine. 9:19 Problems with the board in the washing machine, BTA16 triac, breakdown symptoms. 10:46 Spins the drum only in one direction (old machines). 11:34 TACHO problems in LG washing machines, solution, symptoms. 12:45 Magnet on the motor (TAHO) unscrewed or touches the winding, does not pick up speed. 13:48 Starts 3 times and stops, no tacho line connection to the board.

bosch, classixx, does, work

Additional causes: Dry working capacitor on old machines. Stretched belt. 100 nF capacitor in the motor power supply circuit is dry, (you can put it down to 0).5 uF in parallel of motor, I did it many times, helps) Unbalance sensor glitches. (LG, Bosch 7kg). Strong sincerity on the motor accounts (noise in the network, glitches) Elipse of an overloaded drum. One of the legs of the machine is loose. And a bunch of individual, rare reasons. which can be infinitely enumerated The second part with the added reasons: Repair of washing machines Bosch

All of the above problems apply to Miele, LG, Samsung, Electrolux, Zanussi, AEG, Bosch, Indesit, Ariston, Candy, Whirlpool and other brands of washing machines. And then the phone rang

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