Bosch gbg 35 15 060127a300

The Bosch GBG 35-15 sharpening machine

Bosch GBG 35-15 060127A300 is designed for domestic use. The pluses of the design is the rubber padding under the base, which absorbs vibrations, dustproof switch and low noise level. Small dimensions of the device allow placing it even in a small room. Both disks are covered with metal covers.

  • Motor power, W: 350
  • Voltage, V: 220
  • Grinding frequency. circle, rpm: 3000
  • Grinding wheel grit: 24, 60
  • Type of motor: asynchronous
  • Dimensions, mm: 325x175x200
  • Weight, kg: 10
  • Seating diameter, mm: 20
  • The size of the grinding wheel, mm: 150
  • Size of the second sharpening wheel, mm: 150
  • The thickness of the circle, mm: 20
  • The thickness of the second circle, mm: 20
  • Seating diameter of the second circle: 20

Warranty: 12 months unconditional guarantee 24 months with registration on the official website Service Center: Bosch

Country of production: China Manufacturer: Robert Bosch GmbH, D-70771 Lainaelden, Max-Lang-Straße 40-46, Germany Supplier in Belarus: Private trading unitary enterprise “Rud Bud”, Germany. Gomel, ul. Intercity, 7

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Private Trading Unitary Enterprise “Rud Bud” UNP 490316863, registered by the Gomel Regional Executive Committee on 09.12.2003г. for 90316863, the address is d. Gomel, str. Intercity, 7. Internet. The store is registered in the Trade Register of the Republic of Belarus 17817 of 11.09.2014 г.”

Bosch GBG 35-15 grinding machine (060127A300)

1 additional year warranty on condition of tool registration at the manufacturer’s web-site.

Technical data

Power (W) 350
Voltage 220V (1f)
Disc diameter 150mm
Fitting size 20 mm
Number of revolutions (rpm) 3000
Disc thickness (mm) 20
Supplied in a box
Weight (kg) 10.3
Package weight (g) 13393
package size (mm) 250×254
Country of manufacture China

Complete set

Manufacturer: Household appliances: Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH, Karl-Veri-Strasse 34, 81739 Munich, Germany; Power tools and garden equipment: Robert Bosch GmbH, 70711 Leinfelden Max-Lang-Strasse 40-46, Germany

Importer: “ТD Komplekt” Ltd, RB, russian Federation.Minsk, ul. Knorina,e.50,к.302 А

The manufacturers reserve the right to change the appearance, specifications and accessories without notice to sellers. If you notice any inaccuracy in product description or photo, please inform us about the mistake.


Bosch is one of those companies that needs no introduction. Its products are all around us: at home, in the car, in production, and so on. The company was founded in 1886 in Germany and was originally called “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”.

The first big commercial success was connected with the invention of a magneto ignition device for car engines. After that, Bosch introduced the spark plug, diesel fuel injection pump, and more. The company also invented the first battery-powered peorator, the SDS system, the peorator with the most powerful kick, and much more.

Bosch GBG 35-15 Professional sharpening machine 060127A300

You can have your defective warranty tool repaired by using DPD delivery service. This service is for individuals and legal entities and is free of charge. For this you will need:

Have the tool packed in its original packing or in other original packing that will protect it during transportation. Enclose all measuring equipment in the original shipping cases.

Enclose proof of purchase date and proof of warranty: Check (optional), Warranty Card, Warranty Certificate (if issued).

Accept the terms of service.

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Точило Bosch GBG 35-15 Professional

Warranty repair will be made according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Follow the link, fill in the form and order delivery.

Terms of service:

This service is designed for sending defective warranty tools of Bosch, Dremel, CST/Berger brands to the authorized service centers of Robert Bosch LLP.

When using this service, the customer (end-user, sender) is responsible for ensuring that the tool is properly packaged.

In case of warranty repair, return shipment of the tool from an authorized service center to the customer will be free of charge.

If diagnosis determines that there is a charge for repair of the tool (tool breakage is not covered by warranty), an authorized service center will contact the customer to discuss repair and return the tool. Tool return delivery can be performed on a paid basis or by the customer.

Robert Bosch LLP, transport company DPD, authorized service centers are not responsible for the contents of the parcel.

Pickup and return tool delivery is possible during working days only. The courier of the transport company DPD will contact you 30 minutes before arrival.

Description Bosch GBG 35-15 sharpener (060127A300)

Powerful and durable for the toughest jobs

Idle speed 3,000 rpm

Goggles with large, adjustable spark shields ensure safe, accurate operation

Rugged adjustable clamping fixtures provide precise operation

Rubber base reduces transmission of vibrations

Dust protected switch for greater durability

Easy wheel change contributes to efficiency and ease of operation

Powerful asynchronous motor for various working conditions and applications

Compact cast housing with sealed ball bearings keeps dust out of the motor

Sturdy, solid base for a long life and stable working conditions


Powerful motor, watts 350
Voltage, V 220
Grinding speed. rpm 3000
Grinding wheel grit 24, 60
Type of electric motor asynchronous
Dimensions, mm 325х175х200
Fitting diameter, mm 20
The size of the grinding wheel, mm 150
Size of the second grinding wheel, mm 150
Grinding wheel thickness, mm 20
The thickness of the second circle, mm 20
Landing diameter of the second circle 20
Weight, kg 10

Bosch Professional GBG 35-15 grinder

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  • Express delivery in Kiev.
  • By self-delivery from our Bosch stores. vol. Myropilska, 2 (market “Yunist”, the main pavilion, 2nd floor) and Vol. Kirilivska, 126/2.
  • At the offices of the Novo Post.
bosch, 060127a300

Guarantee on the goods:

Double-spindle sharpener Bosch GBG 35-15. powerful (350 W) asynchronous motor, powerful basis, reliable tool, which operates with two grinding discs. For the work fit shlifdiski diameter 150 mm, width 20 mm, grit 24, 60.

Bosch 060127A300 GBG 35-15 sharpener

Grinder Bosch GBG 35-15 060127A300 is designed for household use. The pluses of the design are the rubber padding under the base, which absorbs vibrations, the dustproof switch and the low noise level. Small dimensions of the device allow to place it even in a small room. Both drives are covered with metal covers.

Bosch gbg 35 15 060127a300

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