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Technical details

Equipment Bosch GWS 9-125 S

In the store Strument, you can buy spare parts for angle grinder Bosch GWS 9-125 S. On this page you will find a detailed exploded view of each individual part. There is a part number on the drawing for ordering. To find out the cost and availability of the part you need, you can use the search on our website by entering a part number, leave an application by mail, stating the number and part number, or call us by phone.

We carry out delivery of spare parts for the Bosch GWS 9-125 S angle grinder all over Ukraine by any carrier. You may also take your spare parts for the Bosch angle grinder GWS 9-125 S yourself by coming to our office.

Attention, unfortunately we can not hold the full range of spare parts for the Bosch angle grinder GWS 9-125 S, so before you come and pick up, we strongly recommend to order and wait for a signal from the manager when spare parts for the Bosch GWS 9-125 S angle grinder arrive at our warehouse.

We only sell original spare parts that are identical to the parts you originally had on your tool.

Also, at your request we can pick up similar cheaper parts on the angle grinder Bosch GWS 9-125 S, but we can not guarantee that they are identical to the original ones.

For wholesale buyers of spare parts for angle grinder Bosch GWS 9-125 S we offer individual discounts.

If some part is temporarily not available in Ukraine, you can place an order and we will send you any spare part for the Bosch GWS 9-125 S angle grinder.

If you can not find the details on the tool you need, send us a request and we will send you an email individually. If you don’t understand something in the drawing, call us and we will be happy to advise you.

Why it is profitable to buy spare parts for Bosch GWS 9-125 S angle grinder with us.

-Availability of original and similar spare parts

Bosch GWS 9-125 S Professional angle grinder (0.601.396.102)

Bosch GWS 9-125 S angle grinder. the novelty of 2017, which is very similar to the popular Bosch GWS 850 CE model in terms of its characteristics. This tool features increased motor power, a more comfortable housing shape for better control of the angle grinder during operation, and a 38% smaller gear housing for work in hard-to-reach areas.

Increased engine power makes it possible to carry out large volumes of work without overloading the tool. Enhanced dust protection considerably prolongs the service life of the angle grinder. Speed regulation function for effective grinding and parting-off operations. The Bosch angle grinder GWS 9-125 S is very convenient for work in hard-to-reach places, thanks to the reduced gear housing. Ergonomic body is 187 mm in girth, which allows to hold the tool securely and reduces the load on the hands of the operator even during prolonged work. Helical geared spur gears ensure not only long service life, but also a relatively low noise level. Compact size and less weight than comparable products.

  • Country of Origin: China
  • The manufacturer: Household appliances: Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH, Karl-Weri Strasse 34, 81739 Munich, Germany; Power tools and garden equipment: Robert Bosch GmbH, 70711 Leinfelden Max-Lang-Strasse 40-46, Germany
  • Importer in Belarus: Triovist Ltd. Minsk, Pobediteley ave., 00, office 203
  • Dmitry September 23, 2021 Good stuff, easy to work with. The body is small to hold with one hand. The revolutions are really well adjustable Pros: Easy to operate Cons: None
  • Oleg July 20, 2021 Great angle grinder, small, compact, but at the same time quite a drag. It doesn’t grind concrete floors and cut rails for a long time, but it is not designed for this kind of work. It can cope with everything else! Thin body, the angle grinder is very comfortable in the hand, a soft start and speed control is also present. The tool fully justifies its price and works off every ) Pros: Slim body, soft cord, soft start, adjustable speed
  • Edward July 5, 2021 Great grinder Pros: Soft start, nice materials, Long wire Disadvantages: None
  • Michael June 24, 2021 Great machine. Justifies its money by 101%. Built well and made of materials that are pleasant to the touch. I recommend it. Pros: RPM adjustment. Smooth start. Light weight. Long cord. Cons: Did not find.
  • Alexey June 13, 2021 The machine itself is very handy. I bought two by different checks Pros: Revolutions are good. Cons: Took two videos to get 10 points each. Sent me only once.and should two(((((( Dear Alexei! Thank you for the review and apologize for the inconvenience. We would like to clarify that the second video you sent not to the right product code, for this reason, bonus points were not credited. We hope for understanding on your part and that we will have another opportunity to see you among our regular customers.
  • Eugene June 11, 2021 Good machine all works. RPM switching. Soft start. See how it works. At first glance, all well assembled, all excellent Pros: a great machine disadvantages: a little handy to put the hood but it’s trifles
  • Artem April 28, 2021 Great machine. Good value for money. Quality!The quality is good!Original, checked by a professional.For home use it has enough power and features.The product came quickly.Thanks to 21vek for the service!! Pros: Excellent product Cons: Not found
  • Vitaly April 16, 2021 Great angle grinder for your money. My friend has had it for two years, it’s been working fine. Took it as a recommendation. Starts up softly, the noise is not squeaky. Pros: Speed regulation, long soft cord, light weight Disadvantages: No quick release nut, but that’s a different price.
  • Sergey December 15, 2020 Bought in the garage. One year warranty. Extended the warranty on the Bosch website for another 2 years (all info is in the warranty card). The tool works great. No problems. Long cord, soft. What can I say?? Bosch is Bosch. 2,5 years. The flight was normal. Already changed brushes 2 times. Now only Bosch! Pros: Excellent resource, unlike other brands. Small, powerful, quiet. Speed controller. Cons: Haven’t found any in 2.5 years
  • Nicholay December 6, 2020 Great machine runs quietly without vibration when going downhill no jerk. The speed control is the main reason for this purchase and I was so happy when I bought the tool and it was the right choice. I recommend it maybe a bit pricey for some, but it’s better not to be stingy. Pros: Quality built. The plastic has a pleasant touch and is very durable. Cons: What could be the disadvantage? Robert Bosch knows what he’s doing ))))
  • Vladimir 22 October 2020 Great machine. Pros: Power control, long cord.
  • Vladislav 2 Sep 2020 I bought it for doing home repairs, handy, light weight Pros: Speed regulator Disadvantages: Did not identify it in 1 year of use
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  • Boris November 25, 2021 This model has a soft start? Boris, yes.
  • Andrey 14 Nov 2021 There is a bushing or bearing in the gearbox. Andrey, there is a bearing in the gearbox.
  • Maria October 17, 2021 Please tell me if the handle is not included in the kit? Maria, your grinder comes with a handle. Additional handle is included.
  • Victor October 28, 2020 Why isn’t the case included in the shipment? Victor, the manufacturer does not equip this model with a case.
  • Ilya November 18, 2019 Where is it assembled? Ilya, the current information about the country of manufacture and manufacturer can be viewed on the product page to the right of the characteristics (in the mobile version. tab “Features”).
  • Elena November 27, 2018 Good afternoon! The case comes in the kit?? Elena, the case is not included in the kit.
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Bosch angle grinder GWS 9-125 S 0601396102

Bosch angle grinder GWS 9-125 S 0601396102. Increased motor power, a more convenient housing shape for better control of the angle grinder during operation, and a gear housing size reduced by 38% for work in hard-to-reach places are some of the features of this tool.

Important: product image may differ from the actual product! The correct parameters are listed in the product specifications.

  • Increased engine power makes it possible to carry out a large amount of work without overloading the tool
  • Advanced dust protection significantly extends the service life of the angle grinder
  • RPM adjustment function for effective grinding and parting-off operations
  • angle grinder is very handy for work in hard-to-reach places, thanks to the reduced gear housing
  • Ergonomic girth body is 187 mm, which provides a secure grip and reduces strain on the operator’s hands even during extended periods of work
  • Helical gears in the gearbox not only ensure long life, but also provide for relatively low noise level
  • Compact size and lighter weight than comparable products
Type mains
Voltage, V 220
Mains frequency, Hz 50
Power, W 900
Diameter of disk, mm 125
Max. rpm, rpm 11000
electric. turnover adjustment yes
Spindle thread M14
Weight, kg 1.9

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In preparation for the promotion of the line of equipment, we carry out preliminary work on the selection and formation of a stock of spare parts for maintenance and repair. There are more than 5000 names of spare parts in stock of TSSP Kazakhstan and we work tirelessly to improve the quality of the warehouse and ensure constant availability of critical items for smooth operation of our customers.

bosch, part, number
Power, W 900
Voltage, V 220
Wheel diameter, mm 125
Fitting diameter, mm 22.2
Electric. rotation control no
Speed, rpm 11000
Protection against unintended start no
Concrete (stone) work yes
Tool-free adjustment of housing position no
Vibrating handle no
Complete with box
Weight, kg 1,9
Dimensions, mm 280x100x73
Spindle thread М14

Bosch angle grinder GWS 9-125 0.601.396.022 designed for professional works. Additional handle for easier tool control. Can be mounted on the left or right, depending on operator preference. The protective cover protects the user against sparks and dust.

  • Powerful motor for high performance;
  • Ventilation holes for motor cooling;
  • The protective cover is torsionally rigid;
  • Spindle lock for easy tool changes;
  • Additional two-position handle for securely holding the Bosch GWS 9-125 0.601.396.022;
  • Maximum compact motor housing for easy operation in hard-to-reach areas;
  • Helical gears for long life and low noise level;
  • Advanced internal air extraction system for improved dust protection.

Bosch GWS 9-125 S Professional angle grinder 0601396122 (125 mm, 900 W, 1.9 kg, cardboard)

Sorry this product is not available for ordering. 0 Contact us for pricing and delivery time:

Powerful angle grinder for a wide range of applications!

  • High performance by the powerful 900 W motor
  • Better tool control thanks to compact design and ergonomic features
  • Long service life even with heavy use
  • Excellent functionality due to variable speed


Manufacturer Bosch
Rated input power 900 W
Speed at idle speed 2.800. 11.000 rpm
Diam. wheel 125 mm
Grinding spindle thread M14
Switch Lockable switch
Power output 450
Vibration value 7.5 ah
Inaccuracy factor 1,5 K
Tool size (width) 73
Tool size (length) 280
Tool size (height) 100
Weight 1.9 kg

Package Contents:

Order number 0 601 396 122
Bosch GWS 9-125 S Professional angle grinder
Additional handle.
Protective cover.
Allen wrench.
The box.

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