Bosch microwave oven error e3 how to fix

Bosch. error codes

In Bosch electric stoves, hobs and induction hobs with a digital display, an error code of the Er-X or F-X, E-X type is displayed when a malfunction occurs. This means that it is necessary to eliminate the fault indicated by the error code. After this time the power tiller continues to work normally. In some cases a software error code reset is required.

Error code Description
E Error E on Bosch induction stoves indicates a foreign object on the sensors or a dirty surface.
E0 Error E0 in Bosch induction hobs means there is a fault in the burner control module. Check inverter module connection with burner and burner failure.
E1 E1 error in Bosch induction stoves. Inverter defective, needs to be repaired or the inverter unit replaced.
E3 Error E3 on Bosch induction stoves indicates a power failure. The stove must be switched off and on again.
E4 Error E4 in Bosch induction stoves indicates a defect in the induction coil. The safety resistor and fuse must be checked. Error can also occur due to poor quality cookware.
Er-12 Error Er-12 in Bosch Cooker. relay module defect. The relay unit must be repaired or replaced.
Er-22 Error Er-22 in the Bosch cooker hob indicates a faulty control panel sensor unit. Moisture on the burner hob is possible.
Er-25 Er-25 error in the Bocsh cooker hob. fault of power board. Repair or replacement of electronic module necessary.
Er-26 Er-26 error in Bosch Cooktop indicates incorrect burner switching. Relay board needs to be repaired or replaced.
F4 Error F-4 in Bosch induction stoves. burner overheating. You must allow time for the burner to cool down. The burner temperature sensor should be checked.
  • Free advice by phone if there is a fault. According to the indicated symptoms of malfunction master will inform you about the possible damage and the approximate cost of its repair. But final cost of repair is formed only after diagnostics of malfunction at home.
  • Free diagnostic and expert visit. You do not need to pay for diagnostics and departure of a specialist in case of completed repair.
  • Repair at Home. You do not need to transport your washing machine to a repair shop. All kinds of repairs are done at your place, because our specialists always have all the necessary equipment and spare parts with them.
  • Work schedule. 9 to 20 hours, seven days a week, seven days a week without holidays. We will accept and process your request even late at night or on a weekend.
  • Convenient repair time. The master will come to a call on the day and hour that is convenient for you.
  • Original spare parts. Only “native” spare parts approved by the manufacturer will be used (if required by the fault) for repair.
  • Guarantee. Your service technician will issue you with a Warranty Card after the repair.

To call a master at home you need to inform the dispatcher by phone the following information:

  • The brand and model of your appliance if possible. You can find it out from the manual to the device or from the information plate on the case.
  • Tell what happened and what are the symptoms of failure. So the repairman knows in advance what he will face, and what equipment and spare parts he will need. For example, does not fill or drain the water, does not turn on, does not cool, does not heat, etc.д.
  • To specify convenient day and time for repair.
  • Address and contact phone number (mobile and / or home).

The master within an hour will contact you by phone and once again specify convenient for you time of his arrival.

As a rule, any problems are fixed at home within 1-2 hours. After that, your appliances are ready to work again. In rare and especially complex cases of repair may require more time (eg, replacement of bearings and oil seals) or a second visit of the wizard (eg, repair of electronic module).

After repair the master will show you the operability of all functions of the device and issue a warranty card. The warranty covers the spare parts installed during repair and the work performed. In exceptional cases of repeated failure (in our experience this happens very rarely) home appliances are repaired free of charge under warranty.

LG error codes

LG microwave ovens with digital display show error code type E-X, F-X or H-U. This means that the fault indicated by the error code must be repaired. After that the microwave oven continues its normal operation.

Error code Description
H-U H-U error in LG microwave ovens indicates wrong heating element position and convection mode is disabled. To correct the error you need to put the heater in an upright position and check the position sensor.
H-d Error H-d in LG microwave ovens means the heater is in wrong position- should be turned horizontally or check the position sensor.
E-1 Error E-1 in LG microwave ovens indicates no heating. Check sensor and microwave heater function.
E-2 Error E-2 in LG microwave ovens. insufficient heat for cooking. Warm up the oven for a few minutes in convection mode. If error persists, check microwave system.
E-3 Error E-3 in LG microwave ovens means overheating or insufficient cooling.
E-4 E-4 error in LG microwave ovens. moisture sensor error. Check humidity or humidity sensor in heating chamber.
E-5 E-5 error in LG microwave ovens indicates problem with door closure sensors.
E-10 Error E-10 in LG microwave ovens. error in sensor panel. Touch keypad needs to be replaced.
E-11 Error E-11 in LG microwave ovens indicates trouble with inverter. Inverter unit needs to be replaced.
E-14 Error E-14 in LG microwave ovens. movable grill is not fixed in extreme position. Check the motor and the grill position sensor.
  • Free advice on the phone about the breakage. According to the specified symptoms of malfunction master will inform you about the possible damage and the approximate cost of its repair. But the final cost of repair is formed only after the diagnostics of faults at home.
  • Free diagnostics and departure of the master. You will not have to pay for diagnostics and departure of a specialist in case of accomplished repair.
  • Home Repair. You will not need to transport the washing machine in the workshop. All kinds of repair work is carried out at home, as necessary equipment and spare parts are always with masters.
  • Schedule of work. from 9 to 20 hours, seven days a week, seven days a week without holidays. We accept and fulfill your request even late in the evening or on a weekend.
  • Convenient repair time. The master will come to call on the day and hour that is convenient for you.
  • Original parts. Only “native” spare parts approved by the manufacturer will be used (if required by the malfunction) during the repair.
  • Warranty. The mechanic will give you a Warranty Card after repair.

For a call of the master at the house it is necessary to inform the dispatcher by phone the following information:

  • The brand and possibly the model of your appliance. You can find it out from the machine manual or the information plate on the case.
  • Tell what happened and what are the symptoms of the malfunction. So that the repairman knows beforehand what he will face and what equipment and spare parts he will need. For example, it won’t pump or drain, doesn’t turn on, doesn’t cool, doesn’t heat, etc.д.
  • Specify the convenient day and time for repair.
  • Address and phone number (mobile and/or home).

The master will contact you by phone within an hour and once again specify a convenient time for you.

Most home repairs can be made within 1-2 hours. After this your appliance is ready to use again. In rare and particularly complex cases, repairs may require more time (e.g. replacement of bearings and oil seals) or a second visit by a technician (e.g. repair of an electronic module).

After repair, the technician will show you the operability of all functions of the device and issue a warranty card. The warranty covers the parts and works that were installed during repair. In exceptional cases of repeated failure (in our experience this happens very rarely) the appliances are repaired free of charge under warranty.

Bosch cooktop error codes. for all types of surfaces.

There is a lot of information on the internet about error codes, but nowhere to decipher them. On this page you will find a detailed description of each of them, and if not. call us, and we will consult you for free, using our database.

  • Residual temperature display is faulty.
  • Core power switch sensor breakage.
  • No contact on thermocouple.
  • Residual heat. Wait a few minutes. If the inscription is still there, then the residual temperature indicator is defective.
  • Error in electronic unit. Program need to be reset.
  • Loss of communication between display unit and control module.
  • Control relay is damaged.
  • Temperature sensor of a burner doesn’t respond to the signal from the control unit.
  • Thermocouple and temperature sensor do not match each other.
  • System trying to reset EEPROM memory.
  • Capacitor on power supply blown.
  • Blown capacitor in control module.
  • The electronic board is damaged.
  • Electronic module malfunction.
  • Line noise filter defective.
  • The thermostat must be replaced.
  • Possibly wrong cookware. Control module of induction hob can also be defective.
  • Control unit requires repair.
  • Firmware reset required.
  • Thermostat needs to be replaced.
  • Heater element is faulty.
  • Check if the fan is working.
  • System error. Diagnostics of the control board is required.
  • System error. Requires diagnosis of control board.

Bosch Microwave Error Codes

  • Damaged wiring.
  • Could be a bug inside the control module.
  • Contact a service center. Electronic board repair required.
  • Damaged temperature sensor.
  • Fault in the time memory location.
  • Error indicates activation of time limiter. System automatically shuts down a cooking zone if you cook on it at the same temperature for a long time. To reset the error, simply turn the burner off and on again.
  • Control panel must be dirty or a foreign object must have been placed on it. The error can also occur if water droplets get on the active sensor. Wipe panel clean with dry cloth, error will clear in 10 seconds.
  • Inverter malfunction. After diagnostics it will be clear whether to repair or replace the inverter.
  • The induction module is faulty. Read more about error E4
  • Wrong configuration in the power supply. Check the line voltage, or better yet, call an electrician. Most likely faulty outlet or power cable.
  • Error F0 (they call it “zero boundary”), or else it’s a blank error. The description will most likely say that the residual heat indicator is defective. But, this is not entirely true. Moisture on heat sensor contacts. The manufacturer allows this operating scenario, so let the stove stand for 5 hours. The moisture will disappear and so will the error.
  • When the stove is on for a long time, its burners overheat. If you don’t let them cool, the heating elements may start to degrade. This error warns of this possibility, therefore, to reset it (the error), turn off the stove, let it cool down.
  • The entire stove is blocked. It can either be a malfunction, or the protection against unwanted touching (children, pets) is on. The lockout can be reset by following the instructions in the service book.
  • The error can be reset by re-flashing the control board. Work is performed at home.
  • Error in reading cooking program data. Reset by disconnecting the hob from the power supply.
  • The burner has been on for 20 minutes without any dishes. It happens when you accidentally turn your stove on or forget to turn it off.

Bosch oven error codes. new and old.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about the error codes, but no decoding. On this page you will find a detailed description of each of them, and if not. call us and we will advise you for free, using our databases.

  • The child lock is enabled. To release the lock, press the power button for 10 seconds. If the error is not cleared, contact service center.
bosch, microwave, oven, error
  • Control module or display module is defective. Oven needs repair.
  • Basic oven cavity cleaning program has been started.
  • Most likely pyrolytic cycle cleaning mode cannot be started because the core probe (thermometer) is connected.
  • The temperature sensor of the lower heating element of the oven is defective.
  • Upper oven probe temperature sensor defective.
  • Oven grill temperature sensor faulty.
  • Oven heating element causes short circuit in power supply when operating. Internal error.
  • Oven grill when operating causes short circuit in power supply circuit. Internal error.
  • Microcircuit on control board, responsible for communication between heating element and temperature sensor, defective.
  • Control module defective. Capacitors on power module must be replaced.
bosch, microwave, oven, error
  • Control module is defective. Repair Required.
  • System requests to press internal reset button. This error is for service technicians and must not be reset.
  • Loss of communication between display module and control board.
  • The thermostat is defective and needs to be replaced.
  • Internal fault on power controller.
  • Clock needs to be set.
  • Possibly loose contact from power cable.
  • Oven is running too long, you need to turn it off and let the batteries cool.
  • Open circuit in power supply between control module and display unit.
  • Starting relay is defective. If the oven doesn’t start again after switching off, the relay must be replaced.
  • There is dirt on the inside of the display. The relay must be cleaned.
  • Oven heating element overheats. It’s necessary to switch it off for 20 minutes, then you can continue to work.
  • Repair relay of electronic module. No signal.
  • Software malfunction. Firmware update is required.

Bosch Microwave Ovens

Model 23

Hello. Bosch BEL524MS0 microwave oven door won’t open and error E3 lights up. I tried unplugging it but it won’t shut off.

Hello. When heating food, the Bosch HMT84G421 microwave turned off completely and then turned on by itself and no buttons.

Good afternoon. Bosch microwave oven gives out: “Internal temperature 60”, please advise how to turn it off? However, other microwave ovens in the oven do not start.

Good evening. The dish in the built-in microwave combined with a Bosch oven won’t turn on. Has been working properly for more than ten years.

Good evening. Bosch HMT85GL53 microwave oven does not work more than 2 minutes and shuts down with a 16A breaker. Water heats up. What is the problem?

Hello, please tell me what to do if our Bosch microwave oven goes on and off?

Hello. Our Bosch microwave does not work the fan, how much to fix it?

bosch, microwave, oven, error

I selected mode, time, then start button and silence, the timer began to count down. Microwave does not turn on. Similarly, the grill: mode, temperature.

Hello, and we do not spin the fan in the Bosch microwave, and what to do do do not know, please help?!

Our Bosch microwave oven doesn’t heat the food and it makes a lot of noise, what to do?

Advice on what to do if the grill works but the Bosch microwave doesn’t heat food, and the light is also not on, what is the problem?

Our microwave doesn’t respond to all buttons, what to do, what will be the price to fix it now?

Hello. What to do if the inside of the microwave goes out and does not light up when working, help, somehow!?

Hello. What to do if the inside of the microwave goes out and doesn’t light up when working, help somehow!?

Bosch BEL634GS1 Inverter Microwave won’t heat food, what’s the problem and how to fix it?

Lately, our Bosch HMT84M461 microwave oven has started not heating food well, what can you do yourself?

Our Bosch HMT84G451 Microwave doesn’t turn the cup inside, what should I do??

Bosch HBC86Q650E microwave oven turns on, but everything else, does not work at all, repair price?

Can you advise me what to do if my Bosch microwave oven has a broken plate, where can I buy a new one??

Hello. Please tell me why the Bosch HMT84G460 microwave oven does not turn on?

Review: Bosch BFL554MBO built-in microwave oven. Good, but you can do better

Good afternoon.Fitted a new kitchen with appliances in 2018, the task was standard. )Went and looked around, looked around, and there are almost no such options (by design we chose black options, functions are not required, mainly heating and defrosting.From what was available for the price was satisfied with the only option. Bosch BFL554MBO, bought for 22.250

Who does not know there are similar models, the difference is the penultimate letter:mBo. Black

mWo. White. Steel (steel inserts)The only difference is the color.

Maximum power 900 W, 5 power settings: 90 W, 180 W, 360 W, 600 W, 900 W.7 automatic programs with product weight setting.4 defrosting modes and 3 cooking programs.Memory for user recipes.Large enough to fit in. 25 liters, 31.5 cm plate, stainless steel inner surface, easy enough to clean.

The panel is simple, a display with numbers, start/stop, power selection, weight, programs, and memory.

I only use the programs when defrosting, threw in the chicken from the freezer, set the weight from the package and run. In fact any program is a control of two parameters. power and time. I mostly reheat in it, less often cook when I need to do something really quick, like jacket potatoes. washed in a minute, put it in a bag, pierced the bag with a toothpick in several places and tied, power to 900 and 10 minutes. While chopped loaf, vegetables, got sausage, plates. The potatoes are ready.After cooking the fan rustles for a while until the body cools down.

The reviews say that the beeping sounds for a long time when the time is up, and as usual, no one reads the instructions. By default it will beep for 30 seconds, but can be changed to 3 alerts. To do this, turn off the clock (so that nothing is lit on the panel), press and hold down the Start button until the beep (more than 5 seconds), the microwave will beep, you can let go.

The knob can be pressed into the housing.The control knob is reversible, i.e. е. The faster you turn the knob, the longer the time elapses, so a couple of strokes can be set to exactly 30 minutes or 30 seconds, very convenient. The default setting is 1 minute, this is the time I use to warm up. Pressed power and immediately start.

There is a trough under the door for liquid, if a lot leaks from the glass dish, some of it may be trapped in the.

Anyone interested in what the furniture pillar abutments look like, upper left corner

The size of the microwave and the size of the cabinet to be built in

Now about the minuses.Buzzing like all microwaves.Glossy glass surface, beautiful but not practical, it leaves your fingerprints, especially on the black background. No oleophobic coating for this price (

The lid is touch sensitive, pressing the icon triggers either an electric or magnetic lock and the door opens. There is a periodic problem with this opening. Once every 2 to 4 months, the door after pressing it does not open, the microwave beeps and the display shows error E3.

To open the door in this case can only be mechanically, by sticking your fingers on top of the lid and pulling.

As I understand it there is a time limit for opening the door and if the opening does not fit in this period, an error is displayed. Mechanism works. The first time I got upset, I read on the Internet about this error, it’s not a big deal. The error is reset by turning off the power. Well I have an outlet in the kitchen apron and microwave connected through a separate circuit breaker in the switchboard, clicked the machine back and forth, the error is reset. But still tense, because the settings after power off in this microwave is not saved, you have to re-set the time and reconfigure the thirty-second alerts to 3-second.Score 4 for this.

For my money not bad, stylish and roomy microwave, cooks, defrosts, heats. You can choose between different facade colors.Fits the interior well.

Errors of Bosch gas boilers: deciphering common errors and their elimination

Are you familiar with the situation when you see an error code and do not even know approximately what it means? Maybe you are always losing your appliance manuals, and searching online for information yields nothing. In this article, we pointed out the errors of Bosch gas boilers, their deciphering and the necessary steps to eliminate. You will need to remember it, if you also have a boiler Bosch and on its display suddenly lit up the error. It will be good if this article helps you when you need it most.

Boiler displays usually do not have much space, so the problem has to be conveyed in short code. Thanks to our material, you will be guided in all the main types of errors. You will not be afraid of the simple letters and numbers that appear on the boiler.

The types of errors and ways to fix them depend on the principle of the gas boiler, its internal structure. In the case of Bosch appliances, there are not many error codes in general, and most of them have been unified for all modern models of this brand.

The main causes of typical malfunctions

Even appliances as reliable as Bosch can malfunction for fairly trivial, everyday reasons, such as loading excessively dirty dishes into the washing chamber. Food debris washed off by the flow of water will clog the filter and cause a blockage.

To avoid this situation, it is better to pre-clean the food left on the plates, and only then put them in the machine.

Bad influence on the dishwasher incorrect connection to the electric network and faulty socket. Too long drain hose or poor quality of fixing in the area of water supply can also create problems, that is why the installation and assembly should be entrusted to professionals.

If you want to do it yourself, you must clearly follow the installation instructions and strictly follow the requirements prescribed by the manufacturer in the certificate supplied with the unit.

A lot of inconvenience, and subsequently and problems, creates the wrong loading of dishes into the washing chamber. Many users do not pay attention to this point and then face various problems.

Before loading plates, cups and cutlery, carefully read the loading instructions and observe all the wishes expressed by the manufacturer.

The dishes, placed correctly, will be perfectly washed and will not require any additional actions from the hostess. In this case, the machine will not feel overloaded and will serve perfectly for the entire operational period.

with the rules of operation of the Bosch dishwasher in order to avoid problems in the future due to their violation.

Problems with water heating

It’s more convenient to consider the Bosch dishwasher error codes decoding in two ways: in the table or within the classification. We have decided that it will be more convenient to divide them into groups according to the nature of the failure, and then consider the decoding as if in relation to each other. After all, as has already been said, a system error does not always “come to the user alone”. Let’s start looking at the error codes, and you will understand our idea.

We named the first group of system errors as “problems with water heating”. This group includes the following codes:

Note! In some Bosch dishwashers, the letter E is replaced by F and the number is the same.

E01 (or F01). The contacts of the heating element are damaged or the continuity of the circuit is broken. If this error appears on the display, there is a high probability that the heating element has burned out and you will have to replace it. In any case start the check with the heating element. Together with the heating element check the temperature probe.

E2 (or F2). This system error can appear interchangeably with error E01. In this case it indicates a defect in the water temperature sensor. In this case the heating element will work at full power all the time, because there is no information from the temperature sensor. In order to check the cause of the malfunction the resistance of the temperature sensor pins must be measured with a multimeter (about 50 kΩ)

E09 (or F09). This code indicates a problem with the heating element. E09 pops up on those dishwasher models where the heating element is located inside the circulation pump. The error can be corrected by replacing the heating element, but first you need to diagnose the unit with a multimeter and make sure that it is faulty.

E11 (or F11). The code indicates that either the sensor is not receiving power or that there is poor communication between the control module and the temperature sensor. This error also indicates an impressive list of causes, so you have to check one by one:

E12 (or F12). This code appears on some Bosch dishwashers when the heating element has a lot of limescale or dirt. Sometimes after resetting the dishwasher the code E09 flashes instead of E12 but in any case this still indicates the same problem.

Important! In some “dishwashers” the heating element can be removed, cleaned and then reinstalled and it will work fine.

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