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There may be many reasons to look for a new battery for your car. The main extreme wear and tear or failure of the old: constantly remove the battery to recharge or cigarette lighter car in the morning people quickly get tired of. When modifying the car, you often have to install an additional battery or a higher capacity battery to replace the regular one, it is necessary to power the off-road winch or a powerful audio system of the show car. The best car batteries 2020-2021 are presented in our rating.

What you need to know when choosing a battery? Firstly, the variants of its design:

  • Lead-acid batteries are the simplest and oldest type of. They consist of six cans in which the lead plates are immersed in a solution of sulfuric acid. Such accumulators are cheap, and the possibility of replacing the electrolyte makes it possible to reanimate them in some cases. Some models, however, are produced maintenance free (no possibility to unscrew the plugs of the jars). They tolerate overcharging, but on deep discharge they can irreversibly lose capacity or stop gaining any charge at all (plate degradation occurs).
  • Gel batteries use acid thickened with silicon compounds instead of liquid electrolyte. Thanks to this, they are not only hermetically sealed, but also continue to work at any angle of inclination. Gel batteries are able to function during deep discharging, but are more demanding in terms of charging conditions. They are also the most expensive.
  • Accumulators made with AGM technology combine elements of both standard batteries and gel batteries: they use a liquid electrolyte that impregnates the filler (usually fiberglass) between the plates. They can operate in almost any incline (upside down is not recommended). AGM batteries are resistant to vibration because the filler prevents the plates from collapsing. But unlike conventional and gel batteries, they are sensitive to both deep discharge and overcharge at the same time.

For an older car, the best choice is a cheap lead-acid battery. The owner of a new car, who has no reason to fear the failure of the generator, can be advised the battery, made by AGM technology: despite the demanding conditions of the charge / discharge cycle, it will provide a higher starting current and rapid recovery charge. Gel batteries, because of the high price are most often used for car tuning. Thanks to the high current capacity and tolerance of strong discharge they are often used to power powerful audio systems (the regular battery in this case is responsible for powering the basic electrics of the car).

You also need to know the polarity of the battery, that is, the order of the terminals on its case. Most car models have power leads that are too short or awkwardly positioned for the wrong type of battery. If you turn the battery with the terminals towards yourself, then the positive terminal of a battery with direct (Russian) polarity will be on the left, while the battery with reverse (European) polarity will be on the right.

The starting current of a battery indicated on its label can be measured by a variety of methods:

Тест аккумуляторных батарей в мороз.18. Какое напряжение аккумулятора в мороз Bosch/VARTA/A-Mega

  • EN (European measurement technique): the maximum current a battery can deliver for 10 seconds at temperature is measured.18°C at a voltage of at least 7.5 V;
  • DIN (German industry standard): at the same temperature, measure the average current for 30 seconds and the voltage must not drop below 9 V;
  • SAE (American standard): the current is measured at.18˚C for 30 seconds, maximum voltage drop 7.2V.

As can be seen from this description, the most stringent method of measurement of the DIN standard (battery, issuing current 365A on DIN, according to EN method will be labeled 600A). Choosing a battery, you should be guided by this indicator, which will help to count on a reliable start in winter.

Since car batteries within the same product line can have different polarity, capacity and price, we will base our rating on the most demanded option: batteries with a capacity of 55 to 70 Ah.

Available specifications

WARTA batteries for passenger cars can deliver 12 volts operating voltage. Capacity ranges from 40 to 110 ah depending on the model.

Top 10 popular VARTA batteries:

Model code ETN price Matching car
VARTA blue dynamic 60 D24 560408054 4050 Mitsubishi Lancer IX
VARTA blue dynamic 95 G7 595404083 6650 Kia Ceed
VARTA silver dynamic 63 D15 563400061 5350 Nissan X-trail
VARTA silver dynamic 77 E44 577400078 8300 Toyota RAV4
VARTA blue dynamic 95 G3 595402080 7500 LADA 4×4
VARTA black dynamic 70 E13 570409064 5000 Opel Vectra
VARTA silver dynamic 61 D21 561400060 5100 VW Passat
VARTA blue dynamic 60 D43 560127054 4000 AUDI A4
VARTA black dynamic 56 C14 556400048 3550 Hyundai Accent
VARTA black dynamic 56 C15 556401048 3650 LADA Kalina

VARTA car batteries

To find the right battery for your car, first find out if your car is equipped with the Start-Stop system. If you’re not sure, look in your car’s owner’s manual or talk to a mechanic to find the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendations. For more information click here.

Varta, Bosch, A-Mega batteries reviews. what is the lifetime

Most people, before they buy the battery model they want, will definitely look at reviews about it on the internet. This is correct, since it allows you to get information directly from the consumer. But there is an important nuance! Psychologists say that a person satisfied with the purchase, will share his joy with only 1-3 people, and a person unhappy will share his misfortune with 50 listeners.

That is why there is so much negativity on the Internet, especially on the forums. Although in reality the situation is different.

Hundreds of used batteries have passed through our collection point for recycling. Based on real experience, AKB-OIL service will also try to make a kind of review-recommendation for those who want to buy a battery in the near future.

Varta and Bosch.Both brands are produced in the same plants owned by Varta. The quality is identical and very high. In Ukraine they import batteries from Warta factory in Czech Republic. The equipment used to make the battery is made in Germany, USA and Italy. Modern battery production takes place with almost no human involvement. Therefore the quality of manufacture of plates, assembling, charging is identical at all factories: Germany, Spain, France and Czechia.

The old Varta Silver and Bosch S5 premium batteries that were returned to us for recycling lasted 6 to 8 years. Batteries of these brands, which were delivered to us, under 6 years old, were in working condition. Please note that the longest-living were the batteries from the premium range. The Bosch S3, Bosch S4, Varta Black, Varta Blue, over 6 years old and in good condition were very seldom found.

Customers who have surrendered their old A-Mega batteries to us. we took a new A-Mega Premium The old batteries were 5-6 years old and almost all were in working condition. We have a 7 year old Amega in our office. Its characteristics are only 20% inferior to new.

The leaders of battery rating were long-livers at the same time. These batteries belong to the premium ranges of internationally renowned brands. Among batteries used more than 7 years: Delkor, Bosch S5, Varta Silver.

Batteries from the middle price segment were mainly 3 to 5 years old. Brand names. Mutlu, Ista, Westa. Some of them were in working condition.

Batteries from unknown manufacturers, came to us in the worst condition, broken with leaking electrolyte. Have had these batteries for 1-2 years.

The fact that we have inspected and tested almost every old battery that was handed over to us for recycling, allows us to draw the following conclusions:

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