Bosch serie 6 door will not open

Bosch serie 6 door won’t open

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Bosch washing machine won’t open after a wash? Everyone knows that usually the washing machine needs about 3 minutes after washing, after this time, the hatch lock is removed, and you calmly get your clean clothes. And what to do if more time has passed, and the washing machine does not open?

Do not worry, let’s deal with the causes of this malfunction.

Firstly, the door/hatch of the washing machine may not open due to incomplete draining of the drum. The Bosch washing machines have such a safety system that the door will not open if there is water in the drum to prevent flooding. Then the problem is not with the hatch door, but with the water drainage system, or the water level sensor is defective.

The second of the most common reasons that the washing machine Bosch (Bosch) does not open. Malfunction of the door interlock (ODL). If it is a malfunction of this device, you can check it yourself. Unplug the washing machine for about half an hour, then plug it back in and try opening it. If this is OK, the door lock may not have received an unlock signal from the control module.

Another way to check the program for malfunction. Try a new wash cycle, and the door locking device should receive a signal to lock the door. The machine will make a distinctive click and start the wash. If the washing has started, you do not need to wash the items again, interrupt the program and wait for the door unlock signal.

Even if your washing machine has opened, don’t delay in diagnosing it, this small malfunction could be a signal of serious breakdowns. Call a professional washing machine repairman on time and you will not have to buy a new appliance.

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Replacing the LOSS (Sunroof Lock) from 700 25 to 40 min. Order
Replacing the drive belt from 400 20 to 35 min. Order
Removing a foreign object from 800 25 to 50 min. Order
Replacing shock absorbers from 800 45 to 85 min. Order
Replacement of buttons, switches from 300 From 25 to 55 min. Order
Repair of electronic module from 4 000 60 to 99 min. Order
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Open with a cord

This method should only be used in situations where you know for sure that the door cannot be opened because of a broken handle. To save the laundry you will need a cord or rope with a diameter that is larger than the diameter of the loading hatch.

Bosch Washing Machine Door Stuck and How to Open it

The rope is put in the gap between the board of the machine and the lid. If you need to, you need to use a screwdriver to slip the rope deeper into the gap. Do this across the entire diameter. After pulling firmly but gently on the ends. The door should open.

How to remove the childproof lock?

Button for locking the control panel from children is present in every model of German automatic machines. Enabling this function during the washing process will save the machine from possible malfunctions and breakdowns in case a child gets to the control panel and starts to press the buttons randomly. Also the childproof lock function is designed to ensure the safety of the child. The standard mode of operation of the machine with the childproof lock function activated is as follows.

  • Switch the appliance on.
  • Load the laundry, close the door, add detergent.
  • Select the wash program.
  • Press the child lock button.
  • The “key” icon appears on the display.
  • Start the wash program.
  • Wait for it to finish.
  • Remove the child lock by pressing the appropriate button.
  • Switch the appliance off.

In practice, there are situations in which the appliance has been unplugged before the lock is released. In this case, the machine is blocked the next time it is switched on. The lock cannot be removed by turning the appliance on and off, by setting the selection lever to one or another program. To correct the error, you will need to recall the program in which the appliance was last used. Then turn the appliance on, select the last programme used and press the lockout button. Keep the button pressed until the door clicks into place.

Bosch logixx 6 washing machine the door will not open

If your washing machine handle is broken, then do not despair, you are not the first who has faced such a trouble. Unfortunately, such a problem occurs quite often among washing machine users. it is hard to say what brands suffer from this “disease”, because the handle on the door of the washing machine can break at any machine, even the most high-quality. It is the plastic part of the handle that most often breaks off, it is the most exposed to stress and is the most fragile of all door designs. How to open the washing machine if the handle is broken

The handle usually breaks off at the end of the wash when it is time to remove the laundry. The user walks up to open the hatch and then the handle breaks. What to do in such a situation??

Once the washing has finished, the door of the washing machine will remain locked for some time, don’t try to open it immediately after the program is finished, wait for 1-2 minutes. This is one of the frequent causes of handle breakage, when the user tries to open a locked door by applying force. Also, do not panic and do not make the washing machine stop for an emergency when washing is in progress, let it finish as normal. nothing happens.

If your handle breaks off and you don’t know how to open the hatch now, use one of the following methods:

Use the emergency door opening. on some models of washing machines under the bottom panel, in the area of the drain filter, there is a special cable or lever that must be pulled to open the door. To find it, remove the bottom panel and look for the cable.

Manually get to the blocker. if you do not have a special cable, you need to get to the blocker through the top of the machine. To do this, remove the top cover of the washing machine, and with your hand reach into the door lock. Try to open it. You need skill to do this, so we recommend contacting a master washer repairman.

Open with a tool. if the handle has broken off, but there is a small piece of it, which is connected to the spring, you can try to open the door with a tool. Take the pliers and open the washing machine hatch.

Open the door with a rope. take the rope and pull it through the gap between the door and the body of the washing machine from the lock side. Next, simply pull the rope at both ends, thus pulling the lock. The door will open. The video below clearly demonstrates all of this.

These ways will help you open the washing machine door, even if the handle is broken. Then you need to replace the handle with a new one.

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First, check to see if there’s any water left in the washing machine? If there is water in the tank, the hatch will not unlock to prevent flooding. It is? Then your problem is probably that the machine doesn’t dump water: we’ve explored this issue in detail in the article “Wet Business”.

  • In case there is no water in the drum, the washing has passed a full cycle, but the door is still not unlocked, take some time: in modern machines, the command to unlock may come to the control panel for 3-5 minutes after the end of work. Therefore, first of all just wait a little and then try opening the door again.
  • If it still remains locked, we recommend that you unplug the washer-dryer for 20-30 minutes (be sure to unplug it from the socket)!), then switch it on and try again to open the door. This measure is due to the fact that sometimes there are failures in the control board, and the signal to unlock the door does not reach the UBL (Door Locking Device).
  • If you suddenly can not wait, there is an alternative to such failures. to run the washing program again. The machine will check that the door is closed: first it unlocks it, then it locks it again and then starts the washing cycle. Do not wait for the moment when the door is locked again. interrupt the program (the fact that the machine has unlocked the door is easy to understand. you will hear the characteristic click).

Our advice didn’t work and your attempts to “free” the laundry have been unsuccessful? Most likely the machine is defective.

The washing machine hatch won’t open. Causes

A variety of faults and software failures can cause UBL to malfunction. Such defects require professional repair with special equipment.

Machine does not open, but door handle moves suspiciously freely.

Door handle broken. Unfortunately, small parts and fittings wear out rather quickly. Particularly if excessive physical force is used.

Handle on the door is functioning, but the washing machine still does not open. Faulty UBL.

The hatch locking device is defective. In this case, it “physically” does not release the door.

It is necessary to force open the door (by yourself or with the help of a mechanic) and replace the UBL.

Door handle does not malfunction but washing machine still will not open. No signal to the LSCs.

The smart module that signals the UBL to unlock the door has failed.

Requires the firming of the control board (in machines with electronic control) or zeroing the programmer (in machines with electromechanical control). In the most complex cases, the control unit will have to be replaced.

As you can see, the reason why the washing machine does not want to return the laundry after washing may be both physical or electronic failure. Only a professional can understand exactly this. Therefore, if your washing machine does not unlock the hatch, it is best to immediately call a specialist for repair, who will diagnose, determine the exact cause of this behavior of your machine and, if you agree, on-site repair work.

Masters of “Bosch Service Moscow” leave in the minimum terms, but if the time is not patient, and you need to get the laundry out of the drum urgently. use our tips.

How to manually unlock the hatch of your washing machine?

  • First, if you have not already done so. unplug the cord from the washing machine.
  • Secondly, open the small hatch on the front panel (drain filter) and check if your machine has an emergency hatch opening cable. It is usually orange in color. If you have a cord, then pull it gently, and the door will unlock.
  • If the cable is not in this place, then to forcibly unlock the hatch will have to remove the top panel, then tilt the machine back, so that the drum under its own weight also moved a little away from the front wall and give you room to maneuver. Next, you need to reach for the lock, to the touch to find the lock and pull it to the side.

Take note! If you are not sure whether you can unlock the door yourself, entrust this work to a master! The blocker is easily damaged, after which it can not be repaired and will require a complete replacement!

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