Bosch wr 10 2p does not ignite

Possible malfunctions when using a Bosch WR gas boiler

Make sure that the gas and water valves are open before turning on the Bosch gas heater. To understand how to ignite the gas boiler Bosch, you need to determine what type of ignition it has. To find out what ignition your model of water heater can be in the instruction manual.

There are three ways to light Bosch speakers:

    Piezo ignition. It is used in Bosch models such as WR 10-2P, W 10-2 P, WR 13-2P, WR 15-2 P. It is necessary to press the power adjustment slide on the front panel and, at the same time, press the piezoelectric ignition button at the bottom. After a few seconds the wick lights up, the slider should be released and select the desired power level (to the right. the heating is stronger).

Then the water supply is regulated by the knob on the right. This type of ignition is called a semi-automatic.

In order for the water heater to work, it is enough to turn on the hot water tap.

Advantages and disadvantages

Gas devices from the Bosch concern have the following advantages:

  • Long life. the devices of this manufacturer work flawlessly for many years;
  • Excellent simplified functionality, which pleases consumers;
  • a huge range of models. you can find a range of simple and advanced models, a considerable number of options and subspecies of devices Bosch allows you to select the most suitable model for home use, office installation or indoor installation in production;
  • Excellent safety system, in addition, proper control of the combustion products removal;
  • Temperature control, as well as automatic operation of the entire device.

Bosch units have disadvantages such as:

Bosch gas stoves: how to ignite a semi-automatic with piezo ignition and turn on the machine, what to do if the wick lights up and immediately goes out, customer reviews

How to ignite a Bosch gas water heater let’s look at the example of models of gas flow-through water heaters Bosch WR10.B, WR13.B, WR15.B made in Germany, for markets in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. These models differ in the amount of water heated.

Before starting, check whether the gas and water valve is open, whether two 1.5 V R type batteries are inserted. These models are equipped with an electric ignition switch, as evidenced by the index B at the end of the name. Electric ignition by means of batteries.

To turn the unit on, you need to press the power button on the front of the unit, the speaker is prepared for operation, is in standby mode. In order to get the heated water, you just need to open the faucet. At this point the ignition flame lights up and after four seconds the main flame lights up, so the ignition flame goes out after about twenty seconds.

These devices do not have a permanent burning wick, which is economical, because there is no constant flow of gas. If the operation is interrupted for a long time, air may accumulate in the gas system and obstruct the correct operation of the igniter and, consequently, the main burner will not be able to ignite.

To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to open and close the hot water tap several times. The water heating is adjusted by reducing its flow, by turning the valve clockwise it decreases, counterclockwise the opposite, the flow increases and the temperature decreases. With low water temperature the gas consumption is reduced and less scale is formed in the heat exchanger.

In the video, in addition to the start-up procedure, you can learn about the setting of the column:

Advantages and disadvantages

Gas appliances from the Bosch concern have the following advantages:

  • long service life. the devices of this manufacturer work uninterruptedly for many years;
  • Excellent simplified functionality, which pleases consumers;
  • A huge range of models. among the range you can find both simple and advanced models; a considerable number of variants and subspecies of Bosch devices allows you to choose the most suitable model for home use, installation in the office or installation in the premises at the production;
  • Excellent safety system, in addition, competent control of the removal of combustion products;
  • temperature control, as well as the auto-system of the whole unit functioning.

Bosch units have disadvantages, such as:

How to set up a Bosch gas water heater

Europe’s largest manufacturer of high-tech equipment Bosch supplies to our market including gas water heaters. Let’s consider the features of these water heaters, and the main issues of choosing a suitable gas water heater.

The usual design of a Bosch gas boiler

Flow-through gas water heater consists of a burner and a heat exchanger installed in the combustion chamber. This basic unit is supplemented by safety sensors:. combustion. temperature of outgoing gases. water temperature, Почему не горит фитиль на газовой колонке Bosch. Основные способы устранения.

whose task is to turn off the heater when it exceeds the set limits, so as not to get burned, or to shut off the gas supply when the combustion ceases.

There is also an electronic control unit, the ignition system (can be different types), connections All fits compactly into the elegant housing, which is hung on the wall.

Models with open and closed combustion chamber

  • with an open combustion chamber, working on a high chimney with natural draught;
  • or with a closed chamber, working under the forced draught with a fan, equipped with an air intake through the caoxial chimney.

The first can be installed only in a room that is provided with rated air and air inlet and equipped with an appropriate chimney. Т.е. Not everywhere, in most apartments, they simply can not be installed, as it is not allowed to release smoke into the exhaust ventilation.

The latter, which are independent of the air supply and the presence of a special chimney, can be installed practically everywhere according to the gas design.

But in the range of firms, according to demand, only one or two models with a closed chamber, the more expensive. The rest. with atmospheric burner for homes under the chimney. Not an exception and Bosch, which now presents a single turbo gas boiler labeled. WT 13AM1E.

Different ignition system

One of the complex issues of household gas equipment. how to ignite the flame. Bosch presented in their models all kinds of ignition, because there is no consensus as really best yet.

  • Pilot burner in the appliance provides the softest, silent start-up, but who will like the constant flow of gas.
  • Piezo ignition can be from the mains, batteries, or water turbine, but there is a pop when starting. Hard start with a delay (gas quality) some people think. now it’s going to burst.

For example, a model of gas water heater, budget and very popular Bosch W 10 KB, equipped with a battery ignition, it is often called by consumers the best. no dependence on electricity or water pressure. But the powerful and sophisticated water heater Bosch WRD 15-2 G is started by a hydraulic turbine.

The main issue of choice is the performance of the gas boiler Bosch

The most important issue when choosing a gas water heater is its performance. Bosch for domestic applications offers a capacity of 10 to 18 liters per minute at capacities from 17 to 28 kW, respectively.

Capacity is indicated in the marking of models as a number, for example, today’s range of water heaters Bosch. WR 10, WR 13, WR 15, with the addition of these basic codes of different letters, indicating the additional functions.

For example, in the photo Bosch WR 10-2P. a popular inexpensive model.

When choosing Bosch columns are guided by the following

  • The capacity of 10 l / min. the speaker is designed for one tap of hot water, whether it is a shower or a sink, but together they can not work anymore
  • 13 l/min. enough hot water for two parallel running taps at a nominal water pressure of 1. 3 atm.
  • To fill comfortably a bath or a large tub, or to give water to 3 parallel taps, you need to choose units with a declared performance of 15. 18 l / min and capacity of 25 kW.

Pressure stability and operation of the gas water heater

The work of absolutely any gas-fired water heater can seem to be of poor quality due to the fact that the temperature of the water at the outlet changes rapidly. But this is a feature of any ducts operating in the heat exchanger-cock system, where there is a pulsation of initial pressure.

Partially corrects the situation by introducing a pressure stabilizer-reducer into the circuit, as well as downstream of it a hydroaccumulator with pre-pumping at 0.2 bar less than the nominal pressure in the system.

The second technique, aimed at maintaining a stable outlet temperature at varying pressures, is the modulating burner, i.e.е. burner with variable capacity, adjusted to the amount of water flowing through so that only a given water temperature, such as 40 degrees, is produced.

Almost all models of Bosch gas flowmeters are equipped with modulating burners. Only, perhaps, the cheapest and low-power may be with manual power setting. this should be paid attention to when selecting equipment.

At what water pressure Bosch gas water heaters work

The Bosch water heaters under consideration are capable of operating at a minimum water pressure of 0.1 atm. Maximum. withstanding pressure. up to 13 atm. Nominal operating pressure 1.0. 3.0 atm.

If the pressure is higher than the nominal, you should install a pressure reducer, otherwise the heater will not have time to heat water.

It is not so difficult to choose a European level of quality Bosch gas water heater It remains only necessary to have a project and approvals It is not allowed to install such equipment by yourself.

A week ago my mother installed the gas boiler, but she does not use it. Doesn’t know how to turn it on, and she put the manual somewhere and can’t find it. In the evening I will go to her, so I need help, advise how to turn on the gas boiler Bosch WR 10 2P?

The instructions to the boiler Bosch WR 10 2P states that the first start-up it should be done by those who installed the boiler, but if you decide to do it yourself, then follow this order:

  • Release the button on the power regulator and, moving the slider to the left or right, set the desired power.
  • Adjust the water flow with the appropriate regulator.

When you first come to this speaker, it is not really clear how to start it, but then these actions to automatism pass. So, memorize the order of actions:

  • The regulator is in the leftmost position in the “Out” position, so move it to the right.
  • When the regulator reaches the “Piezo ignition” position, the spark symbol on the body and the vertical buttons are aligned.
  • Now it is possible to press the button, but the action must be carried out so sink it with your fingers inside and immediately press the piezo switch on, you will hear a click, it is the piezo element will work.
  • Look at the flame, it should burn with a small candle, this is the ignition flame, it must be held for about 10 seconds. In this interval the flame sometimes goes out, so you have to keep an eye on it, and if it goes out, then repeat the action. The flame goes out due to the accumulation of air in the gas pipe, so do not be alarmed, it (air) just needs to be removed from there.
  • If the flame does not go out, then set the power to the desired value by moving the lever to the right, respectively increase the gas supply.
  • Now the flame will burn constantly with the value that is set, but if you turn on the tap with hot water, the heater automatically begins to heat water.
  • It is easy to turn off, you must move the slider to the left as far as possible, thereby the gas supply is cut off and the flame goes out.

Thanks to a wide range of functions and high quality Bosch gas water heater is very popular around the world. With this unit you can create an autonomous hot water supply in an apartment, a private cottage or holiday home. There is a large abundance of models of this brand on the market, among which an ordinary buyer can be confused and buy a gas boiler Bosch, unsuitable for certain conditions. To avoid such a situation, you should study in detail the principle of water heaters, characteristics and varieties.

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