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Rating of gasoline trimmers

To date, the gasoline trimmer for the grass has become an integral attribute of most personal farms. This unpretentious unit will help to cope with unnecessary vegetation on the site, and it is able to mow not only grass, but even thin branches of trees. To determine which unit is better than others, we will give a list of the best trimmers manufacturers, as well as the TOP-10 devices, which, according to many users, are worthy samples in their classes.

Обзор мотокосы PROCRAFT

The most popular models are developed by several brands.

  • The first manufacturer of the famous StiHL brand produces extremely reliable and affordable gasoline trimmers for grass. The company’s office is located in Germany, the instrument production plant is located in the Chinese People’s Republic. This brand is loved and appreciated for quality, reasonable price tag and excellent performance characteristics.
  • The next is the equally known company Echo. This brand has been present in the gasoline trimmers market for a long time to come to a compromise as and comfort. The company relies on maximum comfort when ending the grass. This is largely ensured thanks to a thoughtful anti.Vibration system. The cost of trimmers for mowing grass from this brand is slightly higher than that of models from the brands of the second echelon.
  • Husqvarna. Almost any summer resident, at least once in his life, holding a gasoline trimmer for grass in his hands, used or at least heard about the products of this brand. Husqvarna trademark is very popular in our country. Reliable and durable devices that are unpretentious in maintenance are all about them. The manufacturer’s headquarters are based in Sweden, the production of components and devices themselves is scattered around the world.
  • As you know, American hardware, as well as devices for caring for a personal plot are very popular all over the world. For connoisseurs of gasoline trimmers from the United States, there is a brand Patriot. These are unpretentious and reliable devices that you really can rely on. The technique from the Patriot will serve faithfully for more than one year, and the volume of mowed grass can be measured by football fields. Initially, the production of parts and devices was based in North America, then it was transferred to mainland China.
  • FORESTER. Many buyers, having come to the store for the next gasoline trimmer, ask the question: what is it? Representatives of the company have to explain that the “forester” is a joint venture uniting Chinese and Russian business. The Russian representative office of the company provides branding and positioning in the market, and Chinese partners are responsible for the material part of the project. Production. First of all, the Forester brand is known for its availability. In terms of price, the company is serious competition for eminent European and American brands. Also, the Lesnik has a perfectly developed service of warranty and post.Warranty services throughout the country.

All these manufacturers have earned the trust of customers due to the stable high quality and reliability. But good units are found in other brands. Below we will consider 10 successful trimmers, give their pros and cons, as well as the main technical characteristics.

Budget for a summer residence

For periodic mowing grass on the territory of a summer cottage, it makes no sense to buy an expensive tool. It is recommended to pay attention to budget models of trimmers. This group includes trimmers for low.Power and performance grass, most often equipped with two.Stroke engines. Below will be presented top gasoline trimmers of 2021 according to customer reviews.

Caliber BK-1800

Inexpensive gasoline trimmer for grass, 2.4 l.With. Equipped with a two.Stroke engine, which is located in the upper part of the tool. Allows you to mow grass with a strip of 44 cm width. A separate grass collector in the design is not provided. There is an opportunity to install a bitch or bushores on the working part, which significantly expands the capabilities of the trimmer for the grass. The fuel tank has a volume of 1 liter, there is a brake for the engine. The case and deck are made of plastic. The handle can be adjusted in height. In shape T-shaped handle. A belt, a knife, a fishing line for a trimmer are delivered in the kit.

  • Affordable cost;
  • High power for their price;
  • The possibility of connecting a bush cutter and a bitch;
  • Simple and reliable design.

Huter GGT-1500S

Portable gasoline trimmer for grass with a capacity of 2 liters.With. Engine volume. 43 cm. Cubic, type. Two.Stroke. The engine is located in the upper part of the tool. The maximum engine speed is 7500. Tank holds 700 ml of fuel. There is an engine brake. A separate grass collector in the design is not provided. T-shaped handle, it is possible to adjust its height. The case and deck are made of plastic.

There is an additional anti.Vibration system that increases the level of comfort and convenience when working with a trimmer.

The owners do not note serious disadvantages when operating this tool.

Champion T256-2

Portable gasoline trimmer for grass, with a capacity of 0.95 l.With. Engine volume. 25 cm. Cubic. Maximum engine speed. 7500. The fuel tank has a capacity. 750 ml. Can download the grass with a strip wide up to 41 cm. Engine type. Two.Stroke. The grass collector in the design is not provided. T-shaped handle, it is possible to adjust the height. The structural feature of the handle is the folding, which simplifies the transportation of the tool.

Patriot Pt 553 (11)

Budget portable trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine, with a capacity of 3 liters.With. Motor type. Two.Stroke, combustion chamber. 52 cm. Cubic. The maximum speed of rotation of the working part is 8000 per minute. The tool can mow grass with a strip of 44 cm width. Spacious fuel bug. 1.1 liter. A separate grass collector in the design is not provided. There is a built.In anti.Vibration system. Handle-T-shaped, it is possible to adjust the height.

  • The highest capacity for budget trimmers;
  • Affordable cost for their characteristics;
  • Easy to start;
  • Good build quality;
  • The presence of vibrational dashes.

Бензокоса PRO-Craft T5600 4-х. Тактная, замена распредавала. Бензокоса с ременным приводом грм!

Expert-BT 52

The main purpose of this gasoline trimmer for grass is to mow grass and shrubs. Control systems are located on the handle. They provide simple access during maintenance and repair, facilitate operation. The engine is powerful enough to remove the stronger young shoots and hard stems, as well as young shrubs. The collapsible rod allows you to easily store and transport the device. In addition, Expert-BT 52 is able to withstand even shock loads with intensive operation of the knife, noisy and vibrates minimally.

When compared with models in the price segment of up to 5000, this device, despite the best price, is completely in no way inferior in performance by more expensive analogues. A knife (fishing line for a trimmer) can rotate at a speed of up to 8000 rpm and is able to provide a mowing width of 42 cm. At the same time, a trimmer for grass weighs only 7.5 kg, starts very quickly and does not require frequent breaks in work.

Lavada 253

Benzotrimmer cannot be called a light tool. The internal combustion engine weighs a lot in itself, so it can be very difficult to work with a scythe for a long time. But there are very light models, like the one in front of us. Its weight is only 6 kilograms, and almost half as much as competitors with similar characteristics. Yes, the motor is not the most powerful, only 1.7 horsepower, but this will be enough to fight with a shoot of medium height. True, the handle here is standard, T-shaped, which can cause a load on the wrists, but it is found in most similar models.

The quality corresponds to the price. Trimmer for the grass is budget, so there is no need to expect much from it. Another Chinese product, which will probably have to attach its own forces. Reviews often mention that the tool is not started from the box and the carburetor adjustment is required. If this does not scare you, it is quite possible to save.

As we have already said, at the moment there are models with electric and gasoline engines on the market. Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. What kind? Find out in the table.

Ease of use and maintenance

High engine power, which means you can use coarse grass and young shoots of trees

The ability to work anywhere, t.To. There are no wires

Compared to battery trimmers, more autonomous time


In the basic model, this lightweight gasoline trimmer for grass is classified as a professional type unit designed for begging grass and more rigid vegetation. The volume of the fuel tank is 600 ml, so you can work without a break for an hour. Compact and light (weight of 6 kg), it does not create excess load during operation, so women are also suitable.

The well-thought-out design facilitates the maintenance, and functions such as light start (even after a large break, the start of the trimmer for grass is easily) do not require any special skills and the ability to understand the technique. The only thing to consider is that the model is demanding on fuel quality. Only high.Octane gasoline and a certain brand of oil in the right proportions should be poured into the motor, otherwise the engine quickly fails.

Which gasoline trimmer is better for grass

All models presented in the review are worthy of choosing amateurs and professionals. Which benzotrimer is better depends on the scope of application, individual requirements. A powerful tool is not required to work in a small dacha, and only the lawn mower with a direct drive will cope with high loads. Team Vyborexperta.U recommends the following brands:

  • Patriot Pt 553. For a large summer cottage;
  • Elitech T 33R. A convenient collapsible model;
  • Echo SRM-22GES-a light braid for grass for a country house;
  • Sturm! BT8952D. Will delight with its configuration;
  • STIHL FS 250. Choice of a professional.

What to choose a tool from our rating? Any trimmer for grass from our review, and the title of best lawn mower, was awarded the most reliable equipment to cope with correctly set tasks.


When buying a large role, the design and technical equipment of the unit plays. Ergonomics is no less important, because not all types of trimmers are convenient to hold in their hands for a long time. A “dry” mass of some gas can reach 9.5 kg, and even a small constructive trifle can affect the comfort of use. To determine which is better a trimmer for the grass to purchase, you should pay attention to the key parameters of a particular model.

Engine’s type

The vast majority of gasoline trimmers and motorcycle is equipped with a two.Stroke engine, in rare cases, the manufacturer sets a four.Stroke. The difference in the principles of work is not so important, because as a result, the user receives the same thing. A benzoargate for cutting the lawn and weeds. However, when buying, you should understand the practical differences between 2T and 4T engines, this may affect the choice of a suitable model.

    Service. In 2t, the engine is poured with a pre.Prepared mixture of gasoline and oil. In the configuration, as a rule, there is a measuring container, and the technological description indicates the recommended proportions. Before starting a 4t engine, oil and gasoline are poured into separate tanks, which in theory is somewhat simpler. In practice, mix the mixture in a bottle or pour it into different compartments is equally simple, but the service of 4t engines implies more operations.

The principle of operation of the four.Stroke engine

Conclusion: for household purposes or small households, the unit is also suitable with a 2-time engine, but if increased noise is of strong discomfort, you should choose a model with a 4-stroke engine. Among the most powerful representatives in their class there are 2-stroke and 4-stroke-it is preferable to choose the second option here. Such devices are almost always equipped with various systems of reducing vibration, in addition, the 4t engine lasts a little longer.

Power factor

The power of the gas units is measured in l.With., In fact, this indicator determines what loads the technique withstand. The specificity of the upcoming works, the area of ​​the site, the intensity of use affects the choice of the specifics.

Classification of benzotrimers in power:

Low.Power trimmers for grass are designed only for grass on the lawn or small weeds. The aggregate will not be able to cut thick stems: the fishing line for the trimmer will “iron” vegetation, and when using a knife or disk in the engine, speeds will be reduced. For high, thick shoots, medium.Fitting or powerful models are used, the latter can even be coarsely processed by shrubs and young trees, although it is better to use bush for such work.

The cutting part is a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife or disk

Znazok for benzos are nozzles with fishing line, knife or disk. The equipment of lights in power of the devices can only include a cord with a fishing line, in all other cases, along with the trimmer there is another knife or disk.

When working with small grass, it is enough to use a fishing line for a trimmer, its supply can be fully automatic or half.Mechanical. In the second case, to serve the fishing line, you should press the button located on the basis of the cord.

Metal knives and discs are more practical, productive and wear.Resistant. They should be used for mowing grass on hay or to remove high, dense thickets.

It is important to know! Cutting knives or discs is prohibited from lining yourself. In domestic conditions, even with the use of highly specialized equipment, it is almost impossible to achieve uniform removal of the material, which leads to the disk unbalances. The use of such equipment leads to engine breakdown.

The processing width depends on the type of working body. Performance. The larger the indicator, the faster the thicket is removed.

Design and ergonomics

The mass of a gas.Aggregate for mowing grass is from 4 to 9 kg. First of all, the power, engine volume and gas tank volume affects weight. Comfort of operation will depend on the type of belt suspension and handle.

The most compact and lightweight models, as a rule, are equipped with a simple looped handle on the bar, also the equipment sometimes includes a shoulder belt. It is understood that such trimmers work no longer than 20 minutes in one cycle and no more than 2 hours a day, because ergonomics are given little attention: the looped handle is almost always plastic, without rubber linings, and the holding belt is narrow-about 3-4 cm in width in width in width in width.

Large and medium.Power tools are always equipped with an ergonomic cycle of a bicycle type, but the belt suspension can be different: rancum or shoulder. Range. The most convenient, two wide straps are provided in them, and they are worn similarly to a backpack. In this case, the entire load from the lawn mower is distributed evenly, which excludes the rapid overwork of the operator, the load on the spine decreases. Wide shoulder straps are often found in the technique of semi.Professional or farm class, they are much wider than that of simple trimmers.

Sometimes the belt can be supplemented with an additional holding belt.

When buying even the lightest unit, it is better to choose a model equipped with a belt or buy a suspension separately. Additional fixation provides convenience and safety of operation.

Good four.Stroke gasoline trimmers for grass

Champion T374FS

  • Power. 1.36 l.With;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.75 l;
  • The design of the bar is straight;
  • The shape of the handle is T-shaped;
  • Cutting element. A fishing line for a trimmer, a knife;
  • Noise level. 102 dB;
  • Weight. 7.5 kg.

Pros: One of the most affordable gasoline trimmer for grass with a four.Stroke engine is offered by Champion. The T374FS motorcycle machine easily cleanses the territory of weeds and unnecessary vegetation, and when changing the cutting element to the knife can also be used to cut off the branches of trees.

Low fuel consumption, a small amount of exhaust gases and the convenience of a portable model make Champion T374FS a good option for grass for small areas in a private residential sector. The lawn mower copes well with inaccessible areas and allows you to carefully and delicately smooth the lawn next to the trees.

The upper location of the motor guarantees its uninterrupted operation. The power unit does not clog and does not overheat, and the fuel tank by 0.75 liters allows you to work without stopping longer. Controls are at hand, on the handles. The ergonomic design of a trimmer for grass does not allow the back to get tired. The maximum comfort of operation provides belt equipment with thigh protection.

Cons: a regular coil is best replaced with a better.

Patriot Pt 415T

  • Power. 1.3 l.With;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 1 l;
  • The design of the bar is straight;
  • The shape of the handle is T-shaped;
  • Cutting element. A fishing line for a trimmer, a knife;
  • Noise level. 96 dB;
  • Weight. 7.8 kg.

Pros: The Patriot PT 415T gasoline trimmer is specially designed for intensive use and work at high loads. The capacity of the four.Stroke engine is enough for mowing grass and lawn on large, uneven areas at any angle of inclination. When replacing the cutting fishing line with a knife, a trimmer for the grass is ready to cut off dry, thick stems and old dry grass.

T-shaped handles are very convenient to handle, and the engine power controls in the handle allow the user to fully control the situation. Adds ergonomics Patriot Pt 415T Ergonomics Anti.Vibration system.

A hard shaft in a non.Vegetable rod gives the design of a gasoline trimmer for grass reliability and durability. The bevel width of the fishing line is 42 cm, with a knife or disk. 25 centimeters. The fuel pump reduces the load on the starter and is indispensable when starting the engine. An unconditional plus of a gasoline trimmer for grass, its four.Stroke engine, which does not require preparing a mixture of gasoline and oil, works quietly and releases less emissions.

Cons: the disadvantage of the design users mark heavy weight, as well as a tight carbine for fastening, which is included.


  • Power. 1.9 l.With;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.71 l;
  • The design of the bar is straight;
  • The shape of the handle is T-shaped;
  • Cutting element. A fishing line for a trimmer, a knife;
  • Noise level. 97 dB;
  • Weight. 5.8 kg.

Pros: the power unit of the German gasoline trimmer for the STIHL FS 131 grass combines the advantages of a two.Stroke and four.Stroke engine: it works quietly, releases less exhaust gases, does not require oil replacement, has good torque indicators. Power of 1.9 horsepower is enough for mowing dense or old grass in large territory.

Decompression system and manual fuel pump make a gasoline trimmer for the grass simple, even after prolonged non.Use. The user can choose one of two cutting elements in the kit: a disk with a diameter of 230 millimeters for thick, old shoots or a three.Millimeter fishing line for a trimmer for grass. Capable of mowing grass on hay.

The anti-vibration system is responsible for the convenience of using the STIHL FS 131, which extinguishes harmful vibrations of the engine, a two-handed ergonomic T-shaped handle and double shoulder straps with soft foam inserts. Such design features facilitate the long work with a gasoline trimmer.

All control elements of the STIHL FS 131 motorcycles are on the handle, and the device itself is perfectly balanced by weight, which makes the care of green spaces light and convenient. A hand trimmer for grass in online stores received from buyers the status of “Choosing customers”, as one of the most profitable purchases of garden equipment.

Cons: glasses that come in the kit quickly fog.

The advantages and disadvantages of a gasoline trimmer for grass compared to an electric trimmer

There are two varieties of trimmers: gasoline and electric. Any of them has advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • Reliability. A gasoline trimmer for grass is able to work without a break during the day. During this period, he will not heat up and can provide the user with the ideal implementation of all goals in any conditions.
  • High performance. The power of a gasoline tool enables the user to work even in hard.To.Reach places. Electric trimmers for grass are not so powerful, so not all vegetation can be mowed.
  • Unhindered movement of the device in any place. The trimmer for grass on gasoline does not depend on the outlet and wires, unlike the electrimmer.

Despite the positive aspects, there are also disadvantages of using a gasoline trimmer for grass:

  • Noise when working as a benzotrimer and strong vibration. Electric trimmers have noise below.
  • Environmental pollution. When working, a gasoline tool forms a large number of exhausts, which can not be said about the electric device.
  • Price. Benzotrimmer is more expensive, as it has increased performance, unlike the electrimmer.

Choosing between gasoline and electric trimmer, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the device. This will help choose the most suitable tool for specific needs.

When selecting a better gasoline trimmer for grass, it is worth having a clear idea for what purposes it is necessary. For the correct choice of a trimmer for the grass, you need to evaluate the site and nature of the work that will be carried out there. And thanks to the rating of the best gasoline trimmers, it will be even easier to do it.

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