CAIMAN Motoboblock Air filter cleaning. Caiman 330

CAIMAN motor.cultivator with Subaru malfunction

Caiman trademark of garden equipment belongs to the Italian company BCS S.P.A, also represented by Ferrari and Pasquali brands. Motobobes of this company are widely known in and managed to prove themselves well with ergonomics, reliable Subaru-Robin engines and a wide range of work performed.

A number of technical solutions used by the company are extremely interesting: for example, the motor blocks of the Caimanvario family are equipped with a unique automatic transmission Varioautomat, which does not require the transmission of the gear ratio of the transfer of the transfer number in accordance with the load on the uniform tractor.

A number of CAIMAN motoblock models are equipped with a rotary steering wheel mechanism, which, when putting the handles by 180 degrees, automatically changes the direction of motion of the walk.behind tract.

Read more about the CAIMAN motornote look at

Possible malfunctions and repair

Thanks to the reliable and thoughtful design, the CAIMAN motornels are not known for large breakdowns, so most of the works that will have to be performed by the owner of the unit for its adjustment are small adjustment work and replacement of consumables.

Spare parts for CAIMAN motor blocks are not inaccessible, and even in the absence of the necessary part in stores, it can be easily ordered via the Internet. Things such as drive belts, spark plugs are available in any specialized store.

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On light motoblocks, such as Caiman Unoa Caiman and Caiman Mario, as in most units of this class, a wedge belt is used to transmit torque to the transmission. It also serves as a clutch. weakening its tension, the engine operator interrupts the transmission of power from the motor to the gearbox.

Over time, the belt wears out, which leads to its slippers at high loads, for example, with plowing plow, and the likelihood of a gap is also significantly increased.

Caiman motoring belt replacement is not a technically difficult task.

  • Remove the side plastic cover that closes the belt;
  • Squeezing the clutch lever in order to take the tension roller, turn part of the weakened belt outside the pulley rebid and, turning it, remove the belt;
  • Put on a belt on the driven pulley and similarly to the procedure for removing a new belt on the leading pulley;
  • Release the clutch lever and return the protective cover to its place.

Operation of motor blocks Caiman, Sadko, Don, Huter, Profi, Lander, Champion with the removable cover should not be allowed, since the hit of foreign objects can lead to a belt break.

It should be noted that the CAIMAN motor blocks use belts similar to the profile of the domestic profile “A”, and, therefore, replacing an original belt at a price of more than a thousand can always be found in stores specializing in spare parts and RTI for agricultural machinery at a much lower price.

Another common problem for motor block owners is malfunctioning systems of ignition and power systems. If your CAIMAN unoa tractor does not start, the list of checks will be as follows:

  • Check the presence of fuel in the tank and its free admission through Benzokran. Clogging of a fuel net is the most common cause of failure. If the fuel does not come through the crane, blow it, then remove it from the walk.behind tractor and rinse both the tank itself and Benokran.
  • If your one.axle tractor is equipped with a carburetor in a blocked gas.fuel, immediately start with the next point.
  • If the fuel flows freely to the carburetor, hand the crankshaft of the engine several times with a closed starting damper, then turn out the spark plug.
  • Her condition can say a lot. Firstly, it should not be unnecessarily moist, if before that you have not made long-term attempts to start a single-based tractor-this will indicate the extreme re-enrichment of the mixture due to a malfunction of the carburetor or a clogged air filter.

Why do you need an air filter in a walk.behind tractor

The air filter of the motor.cultivator engine cleanses the air that enters the carburetor. When filling the filter element with dust and dirt, its throughput is lost, which causes impoverishment of the mixture. Because of this, engine operation is violated.

note! The contaminated air filter not only makes it difficult to start the engine, but also leads to the loss of the power of the motor.cultivator, increases the consumption of gasoline.

If the filter is damaged or absent, this can lead to a breakdown of the unit.

On the engines of most motor blocks of domestic and foreign production, an air filter of foamed polyurethane (foam rubber) is installed. Such filter elements reliably protect the carburetor and engine from dust and sand.

In the case of motor cultivators, this is especially important, since cutters and plows in the process raise a large amount of land and sand into the air.

Filters from ordinary foams are easily washed with gasoline, they are quite durable, and they are relatively inexpensive (about 200-300).

Regardless of the manufacturer and brand of the walk.behind tractor, timely maintenance of the engine air filter extends the service life of equipment.

How to serve and clean the motor block filter

The maintenance of the motor filters of the motor.cultivator engine should be performed in accordance with the frequency specified by the manufacturer as necessary, if the equipment is operated in conditions of increased dustiness.

The condition of the air filter is recommended to be controlled every 5-8 hours of the motor-cultivator. After 20-30 hours of operation, the air filter must be cleaned (in case of damage-replace).

However, the air filters of some models of motor cultivators are in the oil bath. in this case, it is necessary to pour oil to the level of the oil bath indicated on the oil bath.

  • What kind of oil is poured into an air filter of a walk.behind tractor? For these purposes, it is recommended to use the same motor oil that is flooded into the engine crankcase.

According to the generally accepted standard in the engine engine, as well as in the air filter, motor oil for 4-stroke engines is used.

Depending on the season and ambient temperature, it is allowed to pour seasonal oils of 5W-30, 10W-30, 15W-40 or all-season motor oils with a wider temperature range into the engine.

Consider the sequence of execution of work on the maintenance (cleaning) of the air filter of the most popular in the countries of the former CIS of the motor unit of the MB-1 line:

  • Remove the protective cover of the air filter by turning the mounting nut;
  • Extract a porous element of the air filter from the main paper element (it is made of foam rubber);
  • Rinse the foam element of preliminary cleaning in gasoline, kerosene. If it is polluted slightly, it is enough to rinse the air filter of a walk.behind tractor with a conventional detergent. After that, the foamness must be carefully squeezed, dried;
  • Soak the porous element with motor oil, excess oil slightly squeeze between two palms. In no case should you twist foam. such actions can lead to damage to the filter element;
  • Extract a dry element of the engine air filter;
  • Rinse the dry element first in soapy water, and then in ordinary warm water. Paper filters are also well cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and light tapping on a hard surface;
  • Dry the dry filter in the air thoroughly. It does not need to impregnate him;
  • Clean cotton rag remove all the pollution on the filter housing;
  • Collect the air filter in the reverse order, put the protective cover in place.
  • How to find out that the air filter requires replacement? This will become clear either in its appearance, or by the behavior of the engine.

If the filter element has changed in size (from frequent flushing in gasoline the sponge swells over time) or damage has formed on it, it is necessary to replace the filter.

Why in a walk.behind tractor throws an air filter with gasoline?

Very often, owners of motor cultivators with a 4-stroke engine are faced with such a problem-gasoline gets into the air filter, and the motor does not start. There may be several reasons for such an unexpected phenomenon.

The simplest is a clogged filter (due to dirt, it loses through the throughput and causes impoverishment of the mixture). To determine this, you need to remove the air filter and try to start the engine without it.

Often floods the motor block filter with gasoline due to a malfunction of the needle lock valve in the carburetor.

In this case, the level increased, and the fuel enters the filter through the air channels of the idle system. The problem can be eliminated by repair/replacement of the needle valve.

Remember that only with careful handling of technology can her work highly productive and economical!

Carburetor care, its replacement and repair

Sometimes, in order to bring a carburetor for a walk.behind tractor into a stable, working condition, not enough adjustment, repair or replacement is necessary.

It happens that the air damper of the carburetor does not close completely. To eliminate this problem, the drive operation should be carried out. If you are detected, eliminate them. over, given that the carburetor ensures the supply of fuel and, therefore, sets in motion the same.based tractor, you should carefully monitor the state of this part and properly care for it.

To avoid a serious breakdown of the carburetor, you must constantly monitor its work. In addition to adjusting the idle, you need to regularly clean the carburetor and replace the worn parts. Since the carburetor interacts with the fuel combustible mixture and air, the cause of its pollution can be either in the first or second source.

To make the degree of pollution significantly less, you can use filters that should be cleaned and changed as necessary. In addition, the quality of fuel also significantly affects. Low.quality combustible liquid can lead to damage to parts and premature replacement. If there is a need, a carburetor for a walk.behind tractor can be purchased on a car market or store. Its replacement, adjustment and cleaning is also carried out by experts.

Recommendations for operation

For the action of this node, the quality of the fuel is very important. The normal functioning of the mechanism is possible only when using high.quality and pure fuel. It is required to change the filter in time, clean the sump.

Among the main recommendations there are also a moment. nodes and mechanisms of this node in the order. It is required to remove dirt, combustion products, regularly make purging air supplied under pressure to eliminate dust. Periodically, the part should be removed and washed with gasoline.

For the normal operation of the carburetor engine, it is important that the air ratio with gasoline is within 15: 1. However, getting a cooled motor with such a composition of the mixture simply cannot work. The throttle helps in this matter, which allows you to enrich fuel by reducing the air flow into the carburetor. You can manually adjust it using the lever on the case. The launch of the motor during normal settings should be performed without error.

After the start of the engine and heating, the throttle should be covered, otherwise the fuel mixture consumption will be very large. It is important to monitor the cleanliness of the air filter. If it is closed, then the air supply will not be sufficient, which will provoke the unstable functioning of the motor. The engine will not be able to gain optimal speed or completely refuse to work.

Typically, the operational resource of the fuel unit is identical to the period of the motor service until overhaul. After this time, you will need to change the mechanism or disassemble it and replace components. When buying a new unit, it is recommended to check its body for lack of cracks and defects. It is necessary to examine the throttle. It is important that it opens smoothly and closes.

Non.mounted equipment

To most fully involve the capabilities of cultivators, use a variety of attachments. For cutting the beds, weeding a row spacing from weeds, hilling of plants, harrowing the soil, many auxiliary tools have been created, with which you can do more work with less physical efforts.

Based on the features of the CAIMAN cultivator model, they choose the necessary attachments:

Thanks to the collapsible design of soil mills, you can choose the optimal soil processing width, if necessary, install pneumatic wheels.

The small mass of Caiman cultivators somewhat limits the owners in the choice of additional equipment, in such cases, metal wheels with primers are used for weighting and better cross-country ability, and cargoes-designs are used.

The Caiman Neo 50S C3 motor cultivator, thanks to a full.fledged gearbox, is able to work with hinged units no worse than a walk.behind tractor. In the configuration with milling cutters, plow, wheels with primer, potato.cutter, the machine shows unique possibilities:

  • Mills and plows will help in processing all types of soils.
  • The coupling allows you to use not only hanging equipment from the official site of the manufacturer, but also from walk.behind shoes.
  • The adapter can turn a motor cultivator into a mini tractor, where the operator will work sitting.
  • Trailers will allow you to transport any load up to 400 kg. at a distance.
  • It is also possible to aggregate potato and potato.cutter for planting and collecting vegetables.
  • Mitch will ensure the cleaning of the territory from weeds, and will also help in hay harvesting.

Operation and maintenance


According to the design, Caiman cultivators are mainly similar, except for light versions. have manual launch, front transport wheel, differ in engines and additional functions.

  • Open the gas pipeline
  • Close the throttle
  • Install gas lever on the maximum position
  • Wipe the starter cord
  • open a throttle and reduce gas.

Культиватор Caiman Roto 60S

The the cultivator involves the lapping and production of the main components and mechanisms of the machine, the chassis and transmission in gentle mode. Therefore, after starting the engine and working at low speeds for several minutes, the 8-9 hour work cycle with 50% load should be launched for several minutes.

Caiman cultivator operating instructions. download.

The main malfunctions

Experienced owners recommend strictly observing the mode: work/rest, regardless of engine power. For the durable operation of the motor, it is necessary after the development of the full fuel tank to give the cultivator rest for 15-20 minutes to cool the engine.

With long.term high loads, the shaft with mills can stop rotating, slipping, it is also a hint that you should take a break to cool the engine.

Air filter cleaning, checking oil level, preventive inspection. basic simple rules for the operation of the cultivator. It is important to give the engine to warm up before work. When processing solid soil, plowing should be carried out in two passes without overloading the car. For the first time, the cultivator will process the soil to a depth of 15 cm, and for the second passage you will achieve 25-30 cm depth.

The main malfunctions:

  • The engine does not gain power. possibly clogging of the air filter, the carburetor adjustment, insufficient compression, clogging of the muffler are disturbed.
  • Excessive heating of the motor. impaired air access for cooling.
  • An unclosed fuel valve with an unemployed engine causes a candle filing.
  • Stopping the motor under load. clogging the fuel filter, the carburetor adjustment is violated.
  • Cutters do not rotate when the engine is running. the occurrence of defects in the adhesion mechanism.

Most often there are problems with belts. the problem is eliminated by replacing new. When eliminating breakdowns, it is necessary to clearly follow the recommendations of the operating instructions. if the manufacturer is possible, the sequence of the necessary operations is indicated by the manufacturer.


It should be borne in mind that Caiman cultivators are demanding on proper quality of gasoline. According to the regulations, the first replacement of the SAE 30 brand is carried out after 5 motorized hours of work, the next. after 25 hours, in the future after 50 motorized hours. Caiman cultivators work on AI-92 gasoline.

STEP Backc reverse gearbox

Unlike many competitors’ models, Caiman cultivators are equipped with professional Step Back reverse gearboxes with gear. This is a more compact and reliable node compared to the usual additional reversing belt, completely eliminating the replacement of the belt during the maintenance of equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages

The CAIMAN unoic tractor and cultivator are well thought out in terms of safety of the work of its working parts:

  • High isolation of static parts and variator (gear switch) with seals eliminates moisture and dirt;
  • Drinking and moving parts (gears, chains) are made of stainless steel, closed, high.quality steel eliminates the stretching of the chain and rapid production of metal.

All models reduced vibration on hand due to good engine isolation and its work with minimal vibration and noise level.

Thoughtful, in terms of convenience, organization of control elements:

  • adjustable in 3 measurements of the handle;
  • The rear gear is between the 1 and 2 front, which facilitates the work when processing virgin and rocky soils;
  • cable protection;
  • adjustable wheelbase.

Всесезонное масло для смазки пильных цепей Caiman CHAIN 1 л.

With a large slope, the filter oil can get into the carburetor. Only men for use only. And of course the cost is 1.5-2 times higher than Chinese analogues.

Instructions for the operation and repair of equipment

Caiman cultivator with the Subaru engine is quite easy to use and care. The sequence of actions at the beginning of work with him:

  • Check the oil level in the device. It should be enough.
  • Pour gasoline into the fuel tank. If a two.stroke engine is installed on the walk.behind tractor, then it is required to dilute gasoline with oil.
  • Check the compounds of the details of the cultivator. They must interact smoothly, without excessive clamping.
  • Run the unit. To do this, open a gasoline crane, switch the suction lever to the “launch” mode. Then it is important not to forget to turn off the ignition for a while and pump it with a manual starter 4-5 times. Only after that the ignition is activated again, pull the manual starter and put the “work” mode.

Having launched the device, you can directly proceed to the land (if necessary, then attaching equipment is attached).

In addition to information about cultivator operation, it is important to know at least the main points for the repair of equipment. In order for the cultivator to last longer, you need to take into account a number of recommendations:

  • Change the oil in time (at least 1 time per year). The best time for this is after winter.
  • Do not forget about changing the modes for “labor-free”.
  • Mandatory monitor the level of oil in the device.
  • Take a plow measured measuredly, preventing the cultivator with excessively overheating.
  • Clean the filtering system.
  • Regularly check and change the lubrication of the gearbox.

If you adhere to these basic rules, then there will be no problems when working with agricultural equipment. Caiman cultivator is an excellent assistant who, with proper care, will last many years.

Instructions for the walk.behind tractor “Ugra

Instruction, this is a document that submits the owner full information about the device, including the following:

  • unit device (with diagrams of the main nodes and descriptions);
  • model characteristics;
  • first launch guidelines;
  • descriptions of the;
  • list of stages of maintenance;
  • A list of possible problems.

We offer to briefly familiarize yourself with the information submitted in the instructions.

The device of the walk.behind tractor

“Ugra” consists of the following structural elements:

The device of the engine of the walk.behind tractor

The figure shows a gasoline internal combustion engine in the section:

The device of the four.stroke gasoline engine (Honda) of the motor unit: 1. fuel filters, 2. crankshaft, 3. air filter, 4. part of the ignition system, 5. cylinder, 6. valve, 7. crankshaft bearing.

We list the components of the carburetor engine installed on the Ugra single.based tractor:

  • Fuel filters;
  • crankshaft;
  • Air filter;
  • ignition system;
  • 4 cylinders;
  • valves;
  • The crankshaft bearings.

Gasoline ICE. a complex device that includes several systems at once:

  • Fuel supply system. Provides the preparation of the fuel mixture and consists of the following elements:
  • carburetor;
  • tank with fuel;
  • tap;
  • air filter;
  • Fuel supply hose.
  • Trigger mechanism. The starter is part of the start system, with its participation, the engine flywheel is promoted, and then the crankshaft occurs. Some engines models are equipped with a decompressor that facilitates the launch of the power plant and an electric starter feeding on the battery.
  • The ignition system of the walk.behind tractor “Ugra”. Thanks to this system, sparking occurs on the spark plug with pre.exhibited amplitude. The necessary conditions for the formation of a spark and the ignition of the air.fuel mixture provide the following elements:
  • flywheel;
  • magnetic shoe;
  • magneto;
  • candle.

We offer to familiarize yourself with the electronic ignition circuit:

Launching mechanism and a walk.behind healing system: 1. starter handle, 2. fan housing, 3. protective casing, 4. cylinder, 5. cylinder head, 6. magneto, 7. flywheel.

  • Lubrication. The internal combustion engine has many rubbing parts, therefore, for good and uninterrupted operation of the power plant, the lubricant system is necessary.
  • Cooling system. The cylinders of the power plant during operation are very heated and to protect the motor from overheating and premature wear, it is necessary to take care of the removal of heat and cooling of the cylinders. Air flows created by the rotation of the hook.shaft impeller when rotating the crankshaft cope with this task.
  • Gas distribution system. Is responsible for the intake of the fuel mixture in the well as for the withdrawal of waste gases to the outside. The muffler acts as a gas outlet.

We offer to see the full cycle of the four.stroke power plant:

Carburetor, principle of operation adjustment

The carburetor is used to ignite fuel. This happens like this: the piston moves up, creating a vacuum. The carburetor absorbs the air that goes through the tube. The created vacuum allows the combustible through the connecting fitting to get from the tank to the engine. Further, the fuel passes around the main needle and through the nest of inlets back into the tube.

During pressure on the gas lever, the needle of low revolutions opens access to gasoline, after which the fuel flow is controlled only by the main needle.

The instability of the engine engine speed says that the carburetor needs to be adjusted. To do this, you must first warm up the engine. Further:

At the end of the procedure, the motor starts and warms up for about 10 minutes.

The accuracy of adjusting the carburetor can be determined by what the spark plug looks like after a short work under load. If the working mixture is ideal, then there will be neither a carrier nor traces of fuel on the candle, which speak of too poor, or, on the contrary, too rich combustible mixture.

TAD-17 transmission oil transmission oil TAP-15V

Owners of the Ugra motor blocks are interested in which oil should be poured into the engine? We answer: for power plant, it is best to use the engine oil of the TAD-17I or TAP-15V brand (GOST 23652-79), high-quality motor oils synthetic and semi-synthetic.

We suggest watching a video on how oil is replaced:

Oil is replaced during the planned inspections and as needed.

Reducer device

The gear gearbox is designed to transmit the rotational moment from the engine shaft to the working organs (wheels, mills). We suggest considering the diagram of the gearbox of the “Ugra” motoblock:

What to do if the single.based “Ugra” tractor does not start

We offer to get acquainted with the reasons that affect the launch of the power unit of the Ugra motor block:

  • Lack of fuel: pour gasoline into the fuel tank.
  • Oil ended: add oil.
  • The problem of the spark plugs: smoked. clean and rinse in gasoline; Master. pump and dry, replace the tip; burned. replace the candle.
  • There is no spark: make adjustment of the clearance between contacts;
  • Problems with Magneto: adjust his position if it wedges with blades; Change if it burned.
  • The repair of the Ugra motor block is required: if clogged, disassemble and clean; Flew. replace.
  • Filters (air and fuel) clogged: cleaning or replacement.

Read more: Overview of the Motobog “Ugra” NMB 1N7. Model description, technical characteristics. Service and operation

Review: Unoic tractor Caiman Vario 60 S TWK. The delight began to subside

It has passed exactly one year since the purchase of the Caiman Vario 60 S TWK motornote and now I can actually evaluate this technique.

I add a review 09.ten.2017 (at the end of the text)

Purpose of the purchase: processing of large dilies, virgin lands, mowing grass.

Pros: 1) a sufficiently powerful 6 liter. With. Robin Subaru engine.

2) easy to use. I go to them with a rotary mower “dawn” and do not get tired. Detailed review about the mower “Dawn”. 3) gasoline 92. Consumes a little.4) I mush 25 acres without rest at a time.5) the steering wheel is adjusted to the height under growth.6) there is a back speed (backward movement). When running grass is excellent.7) a lot of attaching equipment.8) The hinged rotary is coming to the “dawn”.9) 2 speed speeds, 1 ago.10) inexpensive consumables??

Cons: 1) only for processing the garden up to 50 acres. This is a minus for me. T. to. The technique was chosen for the personal plot of a large area.2) plowns only cultivated land. Fabras does not take grass at all. First, dug the virgin as a tractor and a cultivator to a loose state of the earth.3) Sausage to the sides and buries in the ground. Heavy lines are needed. It will be hard for a woman to work on the beds with him. Weighs 72 kg.4) passed the season and the motor began to work not stable and dies. Changed the candle. Nifiga. 5) after the fall, the filter box melted. Cost 3000 delivery 60 days from Japan, no substitutes.

Attention: we use technique only for mowing grass. We don’t plow them!Of course, they did not expect that the Unoa Caiman Vario 60 S TWK tractor would fail so quickly with a minimum workload. At the end of the season, you’re drunk in the service. I will complement the review after.

I don’t know to recommend a single tractor or not.If you have a processed area, loose land is like fluff that does not require effort to process, then, probably, you can take it and impress your neighbors. Looks with dignity, beautiful. A lot of hinged equipment for summer residents. Having processed a couple of acres per day, most likely it will last good.

If the virgin lands, unprocessed land, a lot of grass, weeds, the absence of previously created beds, ZU more than 50 acres, which involves a lot of work on Earth, then I definitely do not recommend. He is weak! In this case, you need a tractor driver.

I supplement the review 09.ten.2017.We adjusted the uniform tractor (3600). Waited for 2 weeks. Now it does not bark much and does not smoke, again into battle! The rating increased to 4. TC. one.axle tractor for a summer residence. works good.

Here is my detailed review about the rotary mower dawn with a video of her work with the Caiman walk.behind tractor in the case.

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