Can I cut tiles with a metal hacksaw?

Cutting ceramic tiles at home

Currently, modern technology offers a variety of devices designed for trimming. They are divided into specialized and amateur, however, such a division is very relative. Each of the selected tools has high functionality, suitable for the best way to cut porcelain stoneware at home. Some of them are small in size, while others are quite bulky. often than not, the choice falls on:

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These options are suitable for tiles with a soft surface. It is worth knowing that a large amount of work performed with such tools will still become too grueling. Although correcting with them will be a great finishing touch.

Important points in the process

In fact, paving stone cutting is the processing of durable concrete products of varying thickness. As a result of such a procedure, elements of the desired shapes, sizes are obtained. And their edges should be flat and neat. It is possible to saw paving slabs in different ways: shape, crosswise, lengthwise, diagonally. It is important to remember that concrete is characterized by high density. It is achieved due to the peculiarities of its production: granite crushed stone is added to the composition, the method of vibrocompression is used. Therefore, all procedures should be carried out with a special tool, to observe the accuracy and correctness of such actions:

The scope of all work, as well as their complexity depends largely on the desired pattern, the initial shape of the paving stone. Usually square or rectangular items are cut crosswise (according to the previously made markings). To create multicolored patterns from complex in shape tiles requires the use of significantly more force. The corner cut, which provides the insertion of elements into a single design, is the most difficult to perform. It is done only with a metal hacksaw.

Attention! Regardless of the cutting method used, personal protective equipment must always be worn when sawing.

tiles, metal, hacksaw

Without cutting the paving stone to lay a complex pattern on the site is almost impossible Source

Marking on a tile

Cutting ceramic tiles with the glass cutter is not very difficult, if certain rules are followed.

After laying it on a flat surface, mark 2 points with a thin marker and hold the trimmer line for the intended cut. For this purpose a ruler or an even rail is used. It should be placed on the drawn line and you can start cutting

It is important to hold the cutter correctly. It should be in an almost vertical position

Pressing on it with force with your index finger, you need to draw a line from the opposite side of the tile to yourself. Accompanying a faint crackling sound and a thin line alert you that you have cut the ceramic tile correctly. If the cutter is blunt or not properly held, small splinters will appear on the line. Before you start, it’s better to practice on small pieces of material and understand how to cut a ceramic tile.

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Cutting of porcelain stoneware

When doing renovations, not only walls are tiled. On the floors in the bathroom and toilet lay porcelain tiles. an artificial material that replaces granite and marble. Its cost is many times less than natural, but in terms of hardness and abrasion parameters, porcelain tiles surpass them. It has recently become ubiquitous. It can also be cut with an angle grinder.

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To do this, you need to know the basic methods of processing the material at home.

  • It is necessary to choose the right cutting tool. It should say on it what it is used for: porcelain tile, hard ceramic, etc.п.
  • To avoid chipping, use a circular saw blade with a continuous cutting edge. The thickness should be minimal.
  • Choose a cutting wheel that has a large height of diamond coating.
  • The angle grinder must have a speed regulator.

After selecting the tool prepare the workplace and begin to cut porcelain tile with an angle grinder. To do this, you need to perform the following sequential steps.

  • Place the material on a flat surface, putting a thin foam or similar material under it.
  • Securely fasten the tile to the surface with clamps.
  • To reduce chips, glue a masking tape and make a marking on which to cut off the excess part.
  • Prepare a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.
  • It is necessary to cut from the front side, moving the grinder in the direction from yourself.
  • It is recommended to cut not along the marked line, but a little to the side. This is done for subsequent grinding of the face of porcelain tiles to remove irregularities and chips.

Following these simple recommendations, you can qualitatively cut the floor tiles with your own hands.

The choice of tool or what you need to pay attention to

What to elect the best hacksaw for metal manual, focus on the following characteristics:

  • Length of tools and blades. Blades have different lengths, but if you choose a device, you need to take one that is comfortable to work with. If the tool is selected for a specific purpose, then remember that the length of the hacksaw should be 2 times the length of the part to be sawed
  • Handle. To choose the best device, you need to take a few models and hold them in your hand. You can feel the difference right away, because some handles are clumsy. It is better not to use hollow handles, because they are not reliable. The handle should be comfortable, and lie perfectly in your hand
  • Blade. The main features of the blades are: the shape of the tooth and pitch. Depending on what part will be sawn, appropriate blades with tooth sizes are chosen. Because in the home not many people pay attention to it, it is better to take a few different products
  • Price. The price depends on the quality and functionality
  • Manufacturer. If you treat the selection of tools strictly, then pay attention to models of well-known companies-manufacturers. A very popular brand for hand tools is IRWIN

Such a reliable tool, such as a manual hacksaw The metal cutting machine is needed in the household, that’s why it is worth to choose it with care and well. After using the blade, do not throw it away, because it can be useful for the production of additional tools: knives, cutters, circular saws and even chisels (provided that the teeth are not worn out and blunted). Everything depends on the imagination of the master, so it is never too late to start implementing your ideas, and do not forget to share your inventions with others. The video talks about the correct operation of hand hacksaws on metal, which is also useful and curious to find out.

Cutting peculiarities

Cutting paving tiles is the processing of a concrete block with added granite rubble about 2-8 cm wide. They can be cut in different directions: lengthwise, crosswise and obliquely. Shaped cuts are also possible as needed. When cutting it is necessary to take into account that the concrete has a dense structure because of the peculiarities of production (the main mode of production. vibrocompression) and the material (in the raw material is added the filler, which can be a granite crushed stone). The whole cutting process can be divided into 3 steps:

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The amount of work and its complexity depends on the shape of the tile, the pattern to be created. When using square or rectangular paving stone, only cross cutting is almost always required, which simplifies the work. Difficulties can appear when forming an ornament, or when using tiles of different colors. In such cases, the clarity should be the greatest, which means that it is necessary to make correct calculations and markings.

tiles, metal, hacksaw

Safety precautions when working with an angle grinder

Angle grinder refers to dangerous power tools, if used improperly, you can be injured. When cutting, splinters of dust and debris fly out from under the rotating disc. Therefore, when cutting tiles with an angle grinder, protective equipment is used:

  • Dense body suit, which should cover the body, legs and arms;
  • special glasses, preferably a mask, to protect your whole face;
  • gloves or gloves.

Before starting work, the angle grinder is checked for serviceability:

Change the cutting discs only after disconnecting the tool from the power supply. After replacing the part, check that it is securely clamped, no defects, disconnect the special key. Only after these steps can you reconnect the angle grinder to power.

Used tools and cutting methods

Not everyone in the household has the necessary tools that may be needed for cutting ceramic or glazed tiles. Therefore, we often have to cope with improvised tools. In this section we propose to get acquainted with the details and methods that will come in handy in each individual case.

Using a Glass Cutter

The glass cutter is a simple tool at hand. They try to use it only if it is necessary to cut a thin tile. It is used only for a straight cut, especially for those who have no skills in such matters. To make the right cut, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Take a thin metal bar (a long ruler will also work) and place it at the intended cutting line.
  • Using a glass cutter, scratch through the glaze of the tile, using the same amount of pressure along the entire length of the line.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the beginning and the end of the scratch. They should not be too faintly marked, as there is a risk that the cut will run to the side along the edges.

After making a fine line of marking, you can begin to divide the construction material into fragments. For this purpose, we suggest a few simple options:

  • Using an even, sharp angle. Ideally, if it is a vertical or horizontal metal corner or wooden bar of sufficient rigidity. Before striking, take the tile by two opposite parts from the cut line. Aim for maximum impact on the line on the backside. Then knock once with sufficient force. Choose a corner so that it rose above the surface at 10-15 cm, it will prevent your hand from the surface, which can cause a bevel cut;
  • Using a solid rod. It can be a sturdy pencil, reinforced rod, the diameter of which is at least 8-15 mm. Make sure the length is long enough, so that you can break the entire length at once. Put the tile on the back side of the rod and at the same time with two hands make a blow on both sides of the cut line;
  • Putting them between the clamps. Clamp the tile between the two clamps at the breaking point. For example, you can use as clamps two bars or small pieces of strong plywood. Ensure that the line of the cut is perfectly flat and thin edges. On one side, fasten the two planks with self-tapping screws, and then place the tile between them with a force. After additionally clamp the design under the pressure of your own weight and perform a sharp blow on the protruding area.
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All of the above options for breaks and notches with glass cutters are only applicable to tiled wall tiles. For the fragmentation of porcelain floor tiles, the first method will be unrealizable, as the finishing material is thicker and does not lend itself to such a method of division.

Cut with an angle grinder

Angle grinder has long been considered a universal tool, so it is often used for cutting tiles. In order to make a cut of a tile or porcelain stoneware into parts you will need a whole algorithm of actions. It consists of several of the following points:

  • Prepare for work. For this, wear personal protective equipment. gloves, mounting glasses, a respirator.
  • Then, on the selected area of the tile, make a marking, where you need to make a cut. Use a glass cutter, a sharp diamond drill, or a pobedite drill to make the cut. You can draw a line for the trimmer with a marker. But this variant of marking is unreliable, because when cleaning the dirt, the drawn stripe is wiped out.
  • Lay the tiles on a flat surface so that some of it is on the edge. Cut the top layer of the tile by 2-3 mm, then repeat the procedure until the material is divided into the required number of pieces. You can make a deep cut right away, but in that case it should be done gradually 2.5-3 cm along the line. The help of a helper is mandatory, or you can secure the tile material yourself.

Important! When cutting tiles, be sure to put an old piece of plywood or any other sheet that you do not feel sorry for under the bottom. It will help save the table and any other surface if the cuts are too deep.

But before you start cutting tiles with an angle grinder, you should choose a suitable method for yourself. It can be any of the following:

  • Multiple deepening. up to three millimeters until the complete separation of the tile;
  • the cut to the full thickness when making small cuts. 2 cm each;
  • With a marking on both sides and a cut on the back side. This option will prevent damage to the glaze layer on the front of the tile, if any.

For this kind of work, you should choose only new or perfectly sharpened discs. Otherwise, the fragmentation of the tiles can turn out with breaks.

Briefly about the main thing

To cut tiles at home, tools with carbide cutters, rollers or replaceable discs are used.

Cutting porcelain tiles with a glass cutter is practically impossible. Hand-held tile cutters are used.

With a replaceable diamond discs is acceptable to use an angle grinder, circular saw, electric tile cutter.

Artistic cuts can be made with a hand jigsaw with a diamond wire or a more advanced waterjet.

Holes in the form of a circle are formed using drills, crowns or a ballerina. For a large diameter, resort to an angle grinder or an electric jigsaw.

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