Can I use an angle grinder to cut particle board?

Wood disc for angle grinder.

Hello all, on Sunday I bought a disk on the angle grinder on wood. I tried it today, it was a blast It cuts wood, plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, fiberboard, Bakelite plywood, any plastic, textolite, USB board, plexiglass, laminate, plastic windowsill. They say that I can work on nails, but I didn’t. I feel sorry for the disk.Recommended, the price of 695 p. The video is not mine, it is not convenient to shoot one and dangerous.

Is it possible to work with an angle grinder on wood?

A person who is interested in angle grinder discs for wood sawing will inevitably encounter two diametrically opposed opinions. Some will argue that many special tools have been created for sawing wood: a circular saw (aka “parquet saw”), a saber saw, an electric jigsaw, and finally, a sawmill or chain saw. Working with an angle grinder on wood entails an increased risk of injury.

Others respond by saying that they have years of experience using various wood discs on an angle grinder. The main thing. it is competent use and compliance with safety precautions.

angle, grinder, particle, board

Both are right in some respects. Handle with care, skill, use safety equipment.

The danger of using an angle grinder when sawing wood is mainly due to the use of the circular toothed blade with the guard removed. In this case, the angle grinder could blow back and injure the operator.

If all guidelines are followed and the proper grip and cutting is ensured, the danger can be minimized to a normal level.

Cool idea from a angle grinder! I wish I’d known about it before!

It is not recommended to use the angle grinder to cut wood products Therefore, in order to ensure safe and quality cutting of the fiberboard sheet, you should fix the angle grinder on a special strong bracket, which will ensure its secure fixation during the work.

The depth of cut should be increased gradually, do not try to cut everything in one go. The blade guard must not be removed under any circumstances! Wait for the disc to stop after completing work. Do not drop the “angle grinder” with a rotating disc. Do not grasp the tool immediately after stopping it to avoid getting burned.

Chipboard can be cut with any saw, from a hand hacksaw to an electric jigsaw, but the fastest, and the cuts will be much smoother, when using circular saws with “Clean Cut” discs. These are the discs with the greatest number of teeth with carbide inserts.

The easiest way to cut chipboard at home. Use a joiner’s saw with fine teeth. This will allow you to cut evenly and get a quality material with the right dimensions. Move smoothly, do not make any jerky movements, press directly on the board. do not overload.

Sawing particleboard at home If you do decide to saw particleboard yourself, prepare a hacksaw with very fine teeth or, even better, prepare a jigsaw. The coarser toothed blade gives you the smoothest, most accurate cut on chipboard.

How To Cut Wood With Angle Grinder. NOT toothed disc.

The easiest way to cut a chipboard at home. use a fine-toothed joiner’s saw. This will allow you to cut evenly and get a quality material with the right dimensions. It is necessary to move smoothly, to avoid abrupt movements, directly on the plate to press carefully.

The easiest way to cut chipboard at home. Use a fine-toothed carpentry saw. It makes it easy to cut evenly and produces high-quality material with the right dimensions. Move smoothly, avoid sharp movements, press directly on the board carefully.

Chipboard can be sawed with any saw, from a hand saw, to an electric jigsaw, but the fastest, and the cuts will be much smoother, when using circular saws with “Clean Cut” discs. These are the discs with the most number of teeth with carbide pads.

Is it possible to saw wood with an angle grinder? It is possible, but right

Shaped cutting

Curvilinear surfaces of a given configuration to get at home is even more difficult, and you have to spend extra money on a router, which will help you get rid of chips and nicks, formed when you cut the chipboard.

The price of the manual milling machine can vary greatly, depending on the manufacturer, capacity, availability of additional functions. If you are not planning to engage in the production of furniture professionally, it is advisable to buy an inexpensive model.

  • Marked on a sheet of chipboard the contours of the necessary part, cut it out with an electric jigsaw, trying to cut back only a couple of millimeters from the intended mowing line of the cut;
  • We make templates from fiberboard or plywood of the design radius and carefully sand the ends with sandpaper;
  • After placing the template on the piece to be trimmed, clamp it with clamps and trim with a hand-held copy router with a bearing, removing the excess material exactly to the planned mowing line.

it is indifferent, what kind of mill (with two or four knives is used). The only requirement is that the blades must cover the entire depth of the cut to be processed. After cutting, all that is left is to glue the edge on. How it is done. look at

Can I Saw Particleboard with a Metal Disc Grinder How to Cut It Properly?

Most of these discs (for metal) have fine teeth, and everything is mandatorily supplemented with diamond or even pobedite chips. This makes it possible to work both with natural stone and metal. For wood such nozzles are dangerous to use, but there are models of discs that have a device that is almost ideal for soft material cutters.

Now, in order to saw wood with an angle grinder with a metal disc, be sure to make sure two conditions are met:

Such a design gives an opportunity to minimize undesirable effects in the course of work, but according to safety rules even this is not enough to use an angle grinder in such operations.

Guys, tips on saw blades?

Here are discs with two types of teeth. What to take for cutting laminate and plywood?

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If you do not saw much take Zubr with as often as possible and frequent tooth inserts, enough for a while, then if you give that sharpen, and more accurately and more likely just correct the tooth, a good sharpening is very time consuming and costs money

From my experience. Buy a branded blade, Makita, Metabo, Bosch, you will not regret it. Yes, it costs 2-3 rubles, but it is worth it.Here’s something like this.

For that kind of money to take the drive for what would bed 20-30 square meters of laminate? a normal person would buy for 500 a disk. For production, yes, it’s better to take a good disk.

I used to saw with Ataka and other Chinese. And after I tried Makita, I realized that I’m a sucker, and tried to push the circular saw with two hands, when you can use one finger 🙂

The more teeth the cleaner the cut!(with cladding!)- pick one

Not so.With a large number of teeth, a very small distance between them. If high RPM, the small chips do not have time to fly out in one revolution and starts to burn the material and the disk. Winning quickly dulls and chipping occurs.That is either less teeth, or lower speed.

Well, that’s a generalized statement)), not literal.I do not see any cogs in 1mm!) such probably do not exist and the speed is adjustable on the circular saw ?) I have not met.)

Look at the markings on the rims. 85mm diameter. Definitely not on the machine))

The man is obviously not interested in these, he is interested in circular saw blades.)

angle, grinder, particle, board

Exactly with these. RPM 6,000. It’s a miniature saw

right) sorry about that.didn’t see the inscription on the discs.))

The second disc, the production uses it, but mostly we use wood chipboard laminated, and Finnish plywood

The first disk is for dissolving boards. It has teeth reaming so it won’t jam.For a clean cut in laminate and plywood you need a disc with pobedite and alternately beveled.

Wouldn’t recommend buying cheap Chinese. Get the pobedite bit in the forehead)

I agree with the previous speaker. A laminate saw (preferably more expensive) and off you go. Saws with ordinary teeth for laminate boards fit in a jiffy.I always trim it to length normally.

Lower one is for plywood. But the sawing will be like a top laminate with a jigsaw with a fine tooth

For straight cuts is not very handy especially longitudinally

angle, grinder, particle, board

I’ve been using a jigsaw since 2001 and have no problems.Well, yes I agree that the length is better than a circular saw, but with a fine tooth that the laminate is not strongly torn

The jigsaw depends a lot on the jigsaw itself. a consumer product for “500” will wiggle the saw blade. here you have a curved “shaggy” cut.

I myself work with such a machine with these discs the second one saws everything.and plywood and laminate and slate and asbestos cement boards and the first one (it was also in the set) I do not understand what for (foil foil)

Cutting wood planks with angle grinder. Can I cut wood using angle grinder?

Of these the second one is the obvious choice. And if you choose not just a blade with tips but one with a negative angle and a trapezoid tooth, as well as with the maximum number of teeth. These are specialized laminate discs. Sawing slowly (because of the negative angle of the teeth), but as cleanly (as possible for the discs).

You’re wrong. The negative angle is needed for sawing aluminum profiles.

As they write “trapezoidal sharpening of the teeth in combination with a negative slope angle is ideal for thin-walled metal and plastic profiles, for high-quality cutting of boards, panels and laminate”. So we are both right.

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