Can roller blinds be trimmed to the width

How to cut the blinds day night

Owners of small apartments and houses with nonstandard size windows order Roman roller blinds from companies.

To save the budget, you can adjust the curtains to any format yourself.

The main thing is to do it accurately, taking into account the texture of the fabric, so the fabric does not warp.

Size does not matter

Unlike traditional drapes, they are attached directly to the frame or upper slope. The blade covers the glass tightly, protects from the sun and curious eyes. If desired, the roller blind can be hung over the open shelves of a cabinet, doorway.

Manufacturers offer a variety of models. The format of standard roller blinds is 200×180 cm, and large roller blinds are up to 350×4.5 m. They are fixed on the upper slope or higher, on the wall. Minicassette long. 2.2 m, and narrow, the minimum width of 0.7 m. On their sides they have mounted guides for the leaf. In such designs, the canvas does not sag. Mansard with a spring insert closes automatically.

How to shorten a roller blind in height and width correctly

Rolling shutters with an open locking system and a bottom weighting element are the simplest design. They are easy to fit, it is not difficult to reduce them to the standard dimensions of window openings in length and width. If the cloths fit the interior design, color scheme, but wider or longer, they can safely be purchased.

Any housewife will be able to shorten the bushpaste, this does not require any special skills. How to cut a roller blind according to the format is explained in detail below. Fitting is less time-consuming. If the curtains are not very long, some people simply untwist them not completely, leaving part of the fabric on the roller. But it’s better to immediately fit soft blinds to the size of the window aperture. Shortened roller blinds are easier to use. They fit tighter to the frame, do not hang down on the window sill.

Recommendations on how to simply shorten vertical blinds

Blinds. convenient modern decor, ideas for the home interior design using stripes are always original. Blades for blinds are made of different materials: fabric, bamboo, plastic. To reduce their number, the lamellar base spread out on the floor, from the side of the lifting mechanism remove the side cover, unscrew the fixing bolts. Take off unnecessary slats, shorten the length of cords. It is practiced to trim fabric lamellae to width, each one is unhooked from the runner, tucked or cut with a termination of the cut.

The number of blades remains the same, but the format changes. The curtain rod is filed on the side opposite to the back mechanism.

Reduction of horizontal blinds

Designs for windows and openings come in two types:

The blinds can be adjusted to the necessary size from below. Remove the locks, remove the required number of lamellae, cut the cord to the desired size. There is no need to adjust the length of the chain thanks to which the slats go up.

Similarly, they reduce the size of assembled constructions. Horizontal structures are easier to turn down than vertical ones.

How to shorten roller blinds in length

The choice of design of small rooms, attics is associated with the problem of decorating non-standard windows. The situation is saved by roller blinds or rolling blinds. They are firmly fixed to the frame. They are convenient and easy to use. One problem. there are no short models on sale, although the width of the roller blind can be matched to size.

Trimming an open construction is simple: just shorten the length of the leaf from above, take it away from the roller, straighten it out, cut it. Fix the edge on the tube with glue.

Some people prefer not to disassemble the rollerball, the fabric is cut from below, leaving an allowance of 5 cm. Make a roll for the weighting material. Without it, the cloth will dangle.

It is more difficult to cut a closed roller blind or a curtain. Carefully take the fabric out of the guide rails, reduce it to the necessary length. The guides themselves also need to be trimmed. Take out plugs, cut plastic with a knife, aluminium with a metal saw or a jigsaw. We remove burrs, we smooth the cut, we tuck the cloth in the guides, we put plugs in place.

Can roller blinds be trimmed to the width

How to cut a roll blinds to the width

It is necessary to cut the fabric, the tube and the weighting material. Spread out the roller blind on the floor, unroll it, take out the weighting agent, it is well probed.

It is difficult to cut a roll blind made of organza or other soft fabrics accurately. Instead of marking the cloth glued on the thermal linen, according to it make the cut.

Reduce the support roller of roller blinds can be made with a hacksaw or electric jigsaw. The support roll should be 0.8-1 cm wider than the fabric to prevent the fabric from being deformed at the edges when curled. It remains to cut the weighting agent. It is made less than the width of the fabric by a few millimeters.

So, let’s sum up briefly. Roller blinds, blinds can be adjusted to the required size on their own. To do this, it is enough to arm yourself with a small set of tools. They are in every apartment. Thinking over the interior, you should not refuse rollers and blinds. They are practical, comfortable, modern.

On how to reduce a roller blind or make two of one

Yes, day-night curtains can be cut. To do this, it is necessary to unfold and mark the fabric itself and the rolls. The shafts are cut with a hacksaw, and the edges are processed with a file. The cloth itself is cut to the right size.

The edges of roller blinds can also be trimmed with edging, which is a fabric band. It is first fixed with pins, then sewn. It is not necessary to shorten the curtains from the bottom.

How to shorten a roller blind in height and width correctly

Roller blinds with an open blockout system and bottom weighting device are the simplest in design. They are easy to fit, it is not difficult to reduce them to the standard size of window apertures in length and width. If the cloths fit the interior design, color scheme, but wider or longer, you can safely buy them.

Trimming the cloth

Any housewife can shorten a roller blind, no special skills are required. How to cut a roller blind to size is described in detail below. Fitting is not time-consuming. If the curtains are not very long, some people just unwind them not completely, leaving some of the fabric on the roller. But it is better to immediately fit soft blinds to the size of the window opening. Shortened roller blinds are more convenient to use. They fit more closely to the frame and do not hang down on the window sill.

Recommendations on how to simply shorten vertical blinds

Blinds. convenient modern decor, ideas for the home interior design with the use of strips are always original. Blinds lamellae for blinds are made of different materials: fabric, bamboo, plastic. To reduce their number, we spread the lamella base on the floor, remove the side cover from the side of the lift mechanism, unscrew the fixing bolts. Remove unnecessary lamellae, shorten the length of the cords. It is practiced to trim the fabric lamellae by width, each unhooked from the runner, tucked or trimmed with the termination of the cut.

Cut too wide blinds (cutting) to size HOW? Shorten, trim width fit window. DIY WITHOUT SPECIAL TOOLS

The number of lamellas remains the same, but the lamella format changes. The curtain rod is filed on the side opposite to the return mechanism.

The way to cut the width of the curtain (photo instruction)

The task of cutting the awning width can be performed by yourself without any special tools. To take all measurements, use a long ruler or a tape measure.

You can shorten the width of the roll as follows:

  • Cut off the roller. To do this, subtract the bracket thickness from the roll width. Measure the desired length of the roll, cut off the excess and install a special plug.
  • Lay out the roller blind and mark out the required width with a batten.
  • Cut the length of the fabric with a knife.
  • To install the material on the roller, it is necessary to remove the film from the self-adhesive strip of the roller. Make sure the roller blind is against the roller on the window opening side. Check where the lift mechanism is located. The awning must be fixed on the shaft in a horizontal direction to avoid twisting. Bend 5 centimeters of the top of the roll to make a pleat. Tape the roller blind to the top of the roller blind.
  • Roll up the roller to the upper edge of the roller blind, wrap it up leaving a ¼ of the free edge, fix the lower slat.
  • Installing it to the bracket has this sequence: first insert the edge with the mechanism, then the other.

Initially, it is not difficult to measure the width correctly, starting from the moment the blinds are installed on the window. But if you need to cut the width of the roller blind, you can do it yourself.

  • Lay out the curtains on a flat surface, disassemble them into components (take out the shaft and weighting element) and unfold the fabric.
  • Trim the roll to the desired width
  • Cut the weighting piece (it must be 10-15 mm narrower than the blinds’ width).
  • Assemble the blind back into one piece and hang it on the window.

How to cut a roller blind to the width? When cutting the roller blinds in width, you must shorten not only the fabric itself, but also the winding roller. Unwind the fabric roll completely, take out the winding tube and the weighting. Measure out the desired width of the awning, start cutting.

  • Remove the awning and unroll the fabric;
  • Take out the lower roller (the cylinder that allows you to change the position of the fabric strips);
  • Mark out the fabric and both shafts.
  • Cut the shafts with a hacksaw, trim the edges with a file.
  • Assemble the awning and fasten the blinds.
  • Hang the roller blind back on the window.

Few people know, but the trimming of a roller blind is possible not only in length but also in width, and to do this you need to: cut the shaft on which the roller blind is installed; trim the cloth.

Cut roller blinds to length, width, without the help of a craftsman

Manufacturers offer a huge range of roller blinds, among which you can pick up products of any size and for any window. But still, sometimes there are situations when the range of roller blinds offered by a retailer does not have the right size for your windows.

This usually happens if the building project was designed with windows of non-standard size, or if the size set of the roller blinds you liked is limited and does not contain a suitable model for you.

In this case, there are two ways out of the situation:

  • Order individual sewing of roller blinds. The most convenient way to solve the problem. With minimum effort on your part and without any trouble you will receive rollup blinds which will completely correspond to your expectations and size of the window aperture. But this method has a significant drawback. the high cost of the finished product.
  • Buy a sun protection system that is as close as possible to the required size, but slightly larger than that, and trim the roller blinds yourself. If you decide to do it this way, you will need to make some effort and spend some personal time, but the blinds will cost you cheap.

The following types of roller blinds are available for sale:

Their peculiarity is an open shaft which is not protected in any way. These roller blinds are inexpensive, take up little space, and can be fitted over a window opening or to each window sash. They have a maximum width of 1.8 m wide and 2 m high.

Roll blinds of this type are equipped with a plastic box that hides a rotating shaft and protects it and a wound up cloth from contamination and accidental damage. Another difference is their small size. The width of the fabric starts from 0.7 m, the length does not exceed 2.2 м.

These roller blinds are available in lengths of up to 4 meters.5 m wide and up to 3.5 metres and are well suited for large window openings, e.g. panoramic windows or wide windows in office buildings.

Mansard roller blinds are designed for installation on sloping windows. For a snug fit, they are specially equipped with side guides that hold the cloth along the window sashes. Their height. not more than 2 m, width. not less than 0.7 м.

MINI system

For the calculation of the width of the roller blind “Mini” for mounting on the sash is necessary:

  • Measure the width and height of the glass in mm. To the resulting width add 40 mm, to the height. 120 mm.
  • decide on the location of the device to lift the blinds, the best solution is on the side.
  • choose the way of fixing, it can be an adhesive tape, screws, bracket.

The standard width of the roll-fed screen door to mount on the sash is 9 cm greater than the width of the glass. The roller blinds “Mini” is fixed on the sash without any drilling, but with the help of plastic fasteners, Velcro, staples.

Selection tips

Blinds and blinds are important not only to protect the room from the bright sunlight and prying eyes, but also to complement the interior. The right curtains affect the whole atmosphere of the room, uniting the design elements. What are the criteria for the selection of curtains “zebra”??

By size. There are several types of blinds:

How To Cut and Resize Roller Shades. It’s EASY! Why buy custom shades?

  • Mini. It is a small size model, which has a minimum of equipment. It will look compact in the smallest of rooms. These blinds are attached to the window sash with plastic elements. Least expensive of all zebra blinds.
  • Universal. Lightweight, practical model with a box and aluminum guides. The size range of these curtains is wide, so it is suitable for use in a wide variety of rooms. Can be fixed to the window leaf of a plastic window with an adhesive tape or double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Standard. Reinforced model, which is attached to the ceiling or wall with screws. This is a very robust construction, so the fabric can be made of the heaviest fabrics. These blinds are suitable for mounting in non-residential rooms and large rooms.

By fabric type. Strips of “day and night” curtains can be made of natural materials such as linen or silk. Additional strength and durability of the fabric is given by synthetic fibers (such as polyester). Transparent strips are sewn from ordinary tulle. The material is coated with a special antistatic compound.

Typical sizes of loggias and balconies in a panel house

By tint. Choosing the color of curtains “zebra”, guided by your own taste and interior design. The curtains should match the wallpaper and furniture. Their strips can be monochrome, have a pattern or a coating that imitates different materials, such as metal. It is better to choose curtains in the color of the interior (for small rooms) or on the contrary, in contrast colors (for a large room or to give the design originality). Neutral tones that will suit any style are white, cream, light beige. Remember: the smaller the room, the lighter the shade of curtains should be. How to choose the color of curtains depending on the function of the room?

  • For kitchens suit fabrics in lime, pine, autumn foliage, rose, or sea water colors.
  • In bedroom, curtains in mint, lavender, sandy, beige colors or in deeper colors like cherry, wine, coffee, chestnut, purple will harmonize with you.
  • In living room choose curtains in noble colors: silver, platinum, vanilla, bronze, chocolate.

According to the way of fixing. Day-night curtains can be fixed to the wall over the window, directly to the frame or to the ceiling. When choosing a mounting method, take into account the size of the window opening. Curtains must not impinge on the wall and batteries. It is necessary that both in closed and open form curtains do not interfere with the ventilation of the room. If you are not sure if you can hang the blinds yourself, contact a professional company.

How to trim roller blind to size Install video – with Inspire DIY

Zebra roller blinds are practical, aesthetic and functional. They are easy to operate, easy to clean. The variety of color options allows you to use them in any room of the house, store or office. When buying them, you should pay attention not only to the texture and color of the fabric, but also to the size of the cloth in accordance with the window opening and the area of the room, as well as the way of fastening.

The main disadvantage of these models is a fairly high price. The cost of curtains depends on the quality of fabric, type and size of fabric. However, do not spare the money spent: the functionality and design of the model “day and night” will satisfy any, even the most exaggerated, requirements.

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