Carver chainsaw how to change. Cost of spare parts and equipment

Carver 25 12 replacement of fuel hoses

Dismantling of a chainsaw is an important process that allows it to complete its complete cleaning of dust and dirt, to repair its individual components and mechanisms, to re.Keep this power tool after wintering, etc.D.

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Complete disassembly and assembly will require you from knowledge, skills, and most importantly, attention to trifles and details, because after you have dismantled the chainsaw, it must be collected so that there are no extra screws and bolts.

And if you have no experience in disassembling this power tool, we strongly recommend that you first watch a few training videos on this issue. Fortunately, now on YouTube sufficient number of similar videos dedicated to all popular brands of chainsaws.

You will also need disassembly in order to install new spare parts for chainsaws, which you can also purchase in our online store, in return.

Malfunctions of chainsaws and how to repair the tire with your own hands

Chainsaws are a necessary thing in home and garden economy, which helps to quickly and efficiently perform various work with a tree. Like any electrical device, it periodically fails and requires diagnosis. The result of the latter event is often a conclusion about the need to repair the tire of the chainsaw. A mechanism experiencing most of the load during operation.

Details of the carburetor, preparation for setting and security measures

Before adjusting the carburetor, you definitely need to make sure that the air and fuel filter is clean. Also, make sure that there is no air leak into the motor from the side, otherwise it will not work to adjust the carburetor correctly.

The almost any carburetor in the chainsaw is adjustable using three screws:

  • The bolt of the chief nozzle, which is usually displayed using the letter “h”, is used to set maximum engine speeds;
  • A bolt of the idle nozzle, which has the designation “L”, and used to set low revolutions or idle revolutions;
  • Bolt of the idle stroke, which is indicated in different ways: “s”, “la”, “t”

Of course, you can find carburetors with fewer screws. Such carburetors, as a rule, are developed specifically to protect their products from incorrect tuning.

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Checking the carburetor and signs of the need to adjust it

The nominal power of the engine and saving of fuel resource consumption depends on the good state of the carburetor. The carburetor of the chainsaw of a functional difference from the car does not have. He mixes the vapor of gasoline entering through the pipe and serves them further into the chamber for combustion.

  • Air duct or tubes for air supply;
  • Fuel pipeline or fuel tube for mixing it with air;
  • Air damper.

A sign of the need to adjust the carburetor:

  • Strong vibrations in view of screwing screws. The engine with a serviceable carburetor works evenly, the sound resembles a move of four tacts;
  • Damage to the cap of protection;
  • Wear of the piston system, which already requires a different mixture in composition;
  • Involuntary drowning of the engine, the impossibility of its repeated or initial launch;
  • Unreasonable increase in gasoline consumption, while the engine power may remain the same, and most often decline;

Carver chainsaws: description, models, properties and reviews

For each owner of a personal house and a suburban area, a chainsaw is the right inventory

, But her choice may be a truly difficult task, because the sale of gasoline saws in a wide variety are now presented on sale. Through this tool, of course, to prepare firewood, trim the trees, also carry out work on the construction of verandas and arbors.

Not so long since the craftsmen used hacksaws and hand saws, but the development of progress made it possible to create a chainsaws that are now available for an ordinary consumer. If you also decide to acquire similar equipment, then it is fundamentally to control the most important properties, in addition to find which manufacturer is the best in your own area.

Carver chainsaws today can be safely called very popular, they are represented in various classes, in addition with different set of functionality. To perform household tasks, there is an option to prefer a chainsaw of an amateur level, however, semi.Professional and professional saws are suitable for construction professionals.

DIY Carver chainsaw

Details: Carver chainsaw repair from a real master for Olenord.Com.

Chainsaw. A worthy replacement of manual saws and axes. Today this tool is available in almost every household. It is indispensable when arranging a personal plot, construction and repair work. Intensive operation and improper care of the tool can lead to premature failure of it. However, the owner of the chainsaw is not at all to immediately contact the workshop. Many of the malfunctions that can happen to it during operation, it is quite possible to eliminate it independently.

The main condition for successful repair is the correct diagnosis. Therefore, in order to determine why the chainsaws were out of order and, most importantly, how to force it to work again, first of all you need to know the features of its design.

It should be noted that it does not differ in particular difficulty, as it includes:

In order to simplify the diagnosis of malfunctions, it is customary to distinguish them into two main categories:

Most often, malfunctions occur in engine systems, however, the rest of the tool due to intensive operation or improper care can fail at any time. How to determine exactly where the breakdown happened? Simple logic will help us with this.

If the problem is in the engine, it will be:

As for all other malfunctions, as a rule, they manifest themselves with a normally working motor.

If the chainsaw is not started, the first thing to do is check the presence of a fuel mixture in the tank. By the way, it must be prepared in the proportions specified by the engine manufacturer, otherwise the tool simply will not start.

After making sure that the fuel mixture is correct and is available, you should check the ignition system check. To do this, inspect the spark plug.

Her condition can say a lot:

It indicates that the fuel mixture does not fall into the carburetor, which means the problem is not in ignition;

It is the result of an excess of the fuel mixture, which lies either in violation of the engine start algorithm, or in the irregular adjustment of the carburetor;

This is a signal about the presence of low.Quality oil in the engine lubrication system, incorrect carburetor settings or about incorrectly prepared fuel mixture.

If the candle is sprayed with fuel, after removing it must be thoroughly wiped. You should also clean the fuel supply system. To do this, it overlaps, after which the starter turns on. The candle covered with soot must be carefully cleaned with the help of an awl and emery.

When checking candles, attention should be paid to the distance between the electrodes (the normal gap is 0.5-0.65 mm), as well as the state of the gasket and the presence of a spark. The damaged or worn gasket will have to be replaced, and the spark can be checked by putting on the ignition cable by connecting the cylinder and a candle nut and starting the starter.

If the discharge does not occur, the candle needs to be replaced. In that case, if the spark does not appear with a new candle, then the problem is connected with a high.Voltage wire or in it.

If the fuel mixture does not enter the cylinder, but the candle works normally, this may mean that:

To clean this node, remove the fuel hose and check the stream. If it is weak, the filter needs to be removed through the pouring hole of the fuel tank and cleaned or replaced in case of complete wear.

As a prevention, it is recommended to replace the fuel filter at least 1 time every 3 months.

This is nothing more than a hole in the lid of the fuel tank, which is cleared with the help of an awl.

There may be several reasons for this:

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If at low speeds the chainsaw motor works normally, but on the high ones it begins to stall and smoke, the problem can be hidden in the muffler.

To check the quality of its work, you should perform:

Dry cleaning without means of respiratory protection is not recommended. Chanc seeders present in the Nagar will be released into the surrounding atmosphere in the form of dust, inhalation of which is extremely dangerous for health.

To prevent the muffler blockage during operation of the chainsaw, you should carefully monitor the composition of the fuel mixture and the quality of its components.

If the chainsaw engine does not start or cannot develop normal power, it is likely that in the engine cylinder there is no sufficient pressure for combustion of the fuel mixture. The reason for this can be the wear of the elements of the cylinder-piston group-piston, rings, bearings, etc. In order to evaluate the state of this node, it should be carried out by a visual inspection, having previously removed the muffler.

How to make out a Chinese chainsaw


The small level of technical equipment of many service services and the highest price of their services forces many owners of faulty chainsaw equipment to repair their devices without the help of others. How to disassemble a chainsaw, change faulty parts, also correctly collect a chainsaw with the least time and means?

carver, chainsaw, change, cost, spare, parts

Independent disassembly of a chainsaw implies the presence of spare parts, a corresponding tool and locksmith abilities. It is possible that for the dismantling of individual details, special pullers will be required, the manufacture of which will take more time than the repair itself.

In a number of modern models of household and semi.Professional chainsaws, to adjust the carburetor and dismantling the drive sprocket of the saw chain, special keys that are not included in the attached set are used.

Problems of independent repair

In almost all cases, the inconsistency is complicated by the absence of this information on repair technology. According to the view of foreign manufacturers, after the production of the saw, the saw should be written off in the scrap, therefore the maintainability of many economies of the economy level causes reasonable doubts.

It is more difficult to restore the chainsaw of a profile class.

  • The inconsistent is complicated by the highest price of spare parts.
  • It is possible that to restore the performance of individual nodes and mechanisms, in particular, special equipment will be required to set up fuel equipment.

Replacing expensive branded parts affordable in cost, but in short.Lived Chinese analogues in economically does not justify itself. Practice shows that these components produce a resource at best by 50-60%.

The algorithm for determining the malfunction

The reason for the refusal of the saw or the deterioration of its performance may be:

  • A clogged battleship cover;
  • Air sucker with a carburetor due to the destruction of the gasket or weakening of threaded fasteners;
  • Mechanical sequel of removable saw equipment and other minor defects.

Before starting disassembly, you should verify the need for a more volumetric repair.

Repair of the Chinese chainsaw How to correctly disassemble part1

(gypsy) chainsaw. Slowly disassembled.

Dismantling of the Chinese chainsaw

The video examines the disassembly and the correct assembly of the oil pump and the sealing of the oil supply pipe. How.

Independently assemble a new chainsaw after repair with initial quality, most likely it will not be possible. In the design of modern chainsaws, press plantings of conjugated parts are often used, which have minimal maintainability.

Even a partial analysis of a chainsaw with an improvised tool can lead to undesirable consequences. In most cases, to eliminate a malfunction, you can limit yourself to the dismantling of a separate node or system.

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Tips for the dismantling of different nodes and systems

Only general recommendations can be given in the volume of this article, since chainsaws from different manufacturers may have significant technical differences.

Before disassembling a faulty tool, it is necessary to dismantle the saw headset, drain fuel and oil from gas tanks, clean the inaccessible places of the chainsaws from surface pollution.

Fueling system

Disassembling the carburetor requires special attention. This node consists of many small parts, so the removed parts in a given sequence are laid on a clean sheet of paper. After washing all components, the carburetor is collected in the reverse order.

Compression restoration

Less complex repair of the piston group. To dismantle the cylinder, it is enough to remove the threaded fasteners, lay the saw to the side to eliminate the slices of the destroyed compression ring, the piston skirt or other extraneous objects to get into the crankcase of the engine.

The cylinder mirror wears out unevenly, so the installation of a new piston does not give a significant effect. As a rule, during major repairs, after checking the suitability of the crankshaft, a full set consisting of a cylinder, a piston of a compression ring and a piston finger is installed.

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Repair of the starting device

Dismantions of the starter for replacing the cord for an experienced user do not create problems, but the plastic case in most cases is not subject to repair. The Chinese chainsaw assortment for the most part is copies of the most popular European models, so we analyze the Chinese chainsaw according to the standard scheme.

Worn details of the saw headset are not restored.

  • At home, you can shorten a new chain for installation on a shorter tire.
  • The resource of branded components of tires is equal to the resources of three saw chains.
  • This indicator can be significantly reduced by the wrong choice of chain step or a large wear of the crown of the drive star.

Finish work

In a number of models, the engine control elements, launch blocking and emergency stop systems are displayed on the handles, to the operator’s hand seizure place. It is recommended to assemble the chainsaw handle after preliminary cleaning of the contacts of all electrical and mechanical communications.

Self.Assembly of a chainsaw is part of the repair work that requires special attention. The success of the final result is facilitated by the correct sequence of operations, a fairly high quality of parts, gaskets and other consumables.

How to increase the life of a chainsaw

You need to have a couple of tires in stock and at least four chains. For a uniform wear process, the chain must be turned into 180 o through three hours of work, after the same period of time, the chain should be replaced with another.

Timely cleaning of the tool guarantees the absence of a blockage of various holes, which can lead to difficulty or even stopping the supply of the fuel mixture, which will affect the working condition of the chainsaw.

If you are not confident in your abilities and are afraid to ruin the unit, then it is better to contact professionals. They, by virtue of their experience, will always be able to correctly diagnose the problem and qualitatively correct the problems in your chainsaw.

DIY chainsaw repair

All malfunctions of the chainsaws can be divided into two main groups: engine problems with all its nodes and systems (ignition, fuel supply system, cylinder-piston group, exhaust system) and malfunctions of other nodes (circuit brake, lubrication system, clutch, tire, etc.).

Engine malfunctions

  • The engine will not start;
  • Starts, but stalls;
  • It works unstable;
  • Does not develop power, t.E. It works normally at idle, but stalls under load.

When repairing the chainsaws with your own hands, you need to act by exclusion. Check all possible causes of the malfunction alternately, starting with those, the verification and elimination of which takes less time (about the device and operation of a two.Stroke engine, see here).

Ignition system. Almost all types of engine malfunctions listed above may be called the ignition system failures. Therefore, when they occur, it makes sense to start searching for a malfunction from the candle. This is all the more justified that the state of the latter can give useful information about the operation of the fuel system. So, when a problem occurs, you need to turn out the candle and inspect it.

The wire is disconnected, and the candle is twisted with a special key.

carver, chainsaw, change, cost, spare, parts

If the candle is dry, this means that the problem is most likely not in the ignition system, but not admission to the fuel mixture cylinder. You can wrap the candle back and take for the fuel system. If the candle is strongly sprayed with the fuel mixture, then there is its excess. This can happen from the dilution of the carburetor or violation of the launch rules. The candle is wiped and dried, the cylinder is drained, blocked by the fuel supply and working with a starter. To exert a combustion chamber and remove excess fuel. Then set the candle in place and repeat the launch.

The presence of a large amount of black carrier also indicates malfunctions in the fuel system.

The ratio between oil and gasoline in the mixture may be disturbed, the carburetor is not adjusted or poor.Quality oil is used. The candle is washed in gasoline, cleaned with a needle or an awl from the carbon, clean the electrodes with a small skin and installed in place.

In all these cases, it will not be superfluous to check the gap between the electrodes of the candle. Depending on its brand, it should be in the interval of 0.5-0.65 mm. You need to check the sealing of the candle. With its worn out or damage, the tightness of the combustion chamber may not be ensured, which leads to a decrease in compression in the cylinder and problems in the engine operation.

Even if in the case of checking the candle there is large reasons to believe that the malfunction is in the fuel system, you need to check the candle for the presence of a spark. At least in order to be sure that everything is in order with this. For this:

  • Put on the spark plug on the candle;
  • Using pliers with insulated handles, apply a thread or a candle nut to the cylinder;
  • Pull the header’s handle and look. There is a spark or it is not.

In the absence of a spark, you just need to replace the candle. If the new candle does not have a spark, you need to check the condition of the high.Voltage wire for the presence of a cliff and contact with the candle.

The reason for the lack of a spark can be a faulty ignition module or a disruption of the gap between it and the magneto pipeline of the flywheel. It should be equal to 0.2 mm. The disruption of the gap becomes especially probable if before this was the disassembly of the saw from the filming of the flywheel and the ignition module. The gap is exhibited with a gasket with a thickness of 0.2 mm placed between the boss of the flywheel and the ignition module. Failed ignition module should be replaced.

By checking the ignition system in this way and without finding a malfunction, you can proceed to the fuel mixture supply system.

Fuel supply system. If the candle with a candle was established that the fuel does not enter the cylinder, you need to consider all the possible causes of this. It can be:

  • Not the intake of the fuel from the tank due to the clogged hole in its lid (sapuna), while a vacuum is created in the tank that prevents fuel from flowing;
  • Pollution of the fuel filter installed in the tank;
  • Non.Admission or insufficient intake of the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder.

To diagnose the first two reasons, it is enough to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see if the fuel flows from it or not. If it flows with a full stream, the sappan and the filter can not be checked, if it does not flow or flows weakly, we can assume that the cause of the malfunction is found. The sapun is cleaned with a needle. The fuel filter is extracted through the flood hole of the emptied fuel tank, with a wire hook, along with the suction hose, from which the filter is disconnected and cleaned or replaced by a new. Mastery manufacturers recommend changing the fuel filter every 3 months.

Insufficient intake of the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder or a violation of the correct ratio between fuel and air mixed in the carburetor can occur for several reasons: due to the air filter, unexplored carburetor, clogging its channels or mesh-filter.

As a rule, the repair of the chainsaws is not complete without cleaning the air filter, since it is polluted quite quickly. When this happens, the flow of air into the carburetor decreases, the fuel mixture at the exit from it is too enriched, which violates the normal operation of the engine. Removing a dirty filter for cleaning must be carefully so that the dirt from it does not get into the carburetor. The filter should be cleaned or washed in water with some detergent, dried and installed back.

Carburetor’s resolution is eliminated by its adjustment. This is usually done using three screws. Maximum and minimum revolutions and a blank screw. Adjustment should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions, the non.Compliance of which can lead to engine breakdown. Some saw manufacturers leave only one adjusting screw (idle turnover). To exclude the unwanted intervention of inexperienced users in the carburetor operation. An example of adjusting the chainsaw carburetor See in the article a chainsaw work.

If the adjustment of the carburetor did not help, you need to clean its channels and a filter net, and at the same time check the integrity of the membrane. The carburetor is one of the most complex devices of the chainsaw, so you need to proceed with its disassembly and cleaning with a complete understanding of the responsibility of this operation. It consists of many small details that have a feature to slip out of their places and irrevocably lost, so that, having dismantled this capricious device, you can not collect it.

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