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By what criteria to choose a hacksaw for metal

The variety of metal hacksaws can introduce the buyer into a stupor. How to choose the right one and not overpay than some are better than others? Let’s figure it out.

metal, steel, ways, install

The variety of metal hacksaws can introduce the buyer into a stupor. There are a lot of questions. How to choose the right one and not overpay, than some are better than others, whether it makes sense to take an electrical instead of a mechanical. The following are considered by what criteria a scabbard for metal is selected, as well as recommendations for the choice of expensive, medium and cheap options are given.

Metal hacksaw rating

Taking into account the listed criteria of choice, a rating was drawn up. All hacksaws are distinguished by excellent performance and versatility.

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  • Step of teeth, mm: 24
  • Fabric installation angles, ° C: 90
  • Fabric material: carbon steel
  • Blade length, mm: 300
  • Handle material: two.Component

The best hacksaw for metal with a step pitch 24 mm, a length of the blade 30 cm and the materials of the canvas with carbon steel.He weighs only 610 grams.

A manual hacksaw can be used both in household and professional activity due to the fact that any metal is cut very quickly and as accurately as possible, does not slip out from the hand from the hand.Two.Component handle does not leave the corns after work.

  • High.Quality material of the canvas. Japanese steel 65 MN, is not deformed, not susceptible to corrosion;
  • Prostate a change of knives and a simplified tension system;
  • Ergonomic handle to ensure reliable grip.

Expert assessment of this product: a professional and affordable tool that provides high performance and quality of work corresponds to the declared cost.

Cobalt 246-517

  • Step of teeth, mm: 24
  • Fabric installation angles, ° C: 90/45
  • Fabric material: aluminum
  • Blade length, mm: 300
  • Handle material: aluminum

Step of teeth 24mm; metal frame and canvas; Blade length 30 cm.

A good hacksaw is actively used for cutting metal during locksmithing, reduces the time for further processing of the part due to the provision of clean cuts.For the convenience of operation, a rubberized handle is provided, preventing slipping.

Disadvantage. During operation, blue paint lies from the canvas.

Expert assessment: high.Quality hacksaw at democratic value, copes with any homework.Can become a worthy replacement for an electrician, will provide a cut of metal even in hard.To.Reach places.

GROSS 77604

  • Step of teeth, mm: 24
  • Fabric installation angles, ° C: 90/45
  • Fabric material: bimetall
  • Blade length, mm: 600
  • Handle material: metallic

GROSS. A metal saw with a blade length 30 cm, with a step p. 24mm, with a metal rubberized handle, a bimetal canvas.Has a weight of less than 1 kg.

The peculiarity of the tool in creating a quick and accurate cut thanks to high.Speed steel blades. Thanks to the rubberized handle, it is convenient to hold it in your hands. Additional function change the tension of the cutting canvas, in order to receive a straight and neat cut in each individual case.

  • Tight fixing of the canvas;
  • The presence of an additional nozzle with a small tooth;
  • A convenient canvas tension system;
  • The function of installing a canvas at the angles of 90 and 45 degrees.

Disadvantages: compared to similar models, larger and heavy.

metal, steel, ways, install

Expert opinion: the tool fully justifies its value, is characterized by increased wear resistance and strength.

Cobalt 150 mm 246-548

A mini-saw with 24 teeth per inch, a length of a blade 15 cm, with an aluminum frame has a minimum weight of 0.10 kg.

Despite its modest size, a mini-knitting is a high-strength, wear-resistant tool with an ergonomic handle and a cast aluminum building. In work, she is practical and universal.

  • Light weight and compact dimensions allow you to always take a tool with yourself;
  • Quick cut of various materials and details;
  • Suitable for domestic use.

Expert assessment: if you need a light compact tool for performing small household tasks, then the Cobalt model is perfect for these purposes.The handle with an ergonomic form will provide convenience in work and a reliable grip.

Enkor Osa 20980 300 mm

The model was designed specifically for working with metal products, it provides a convenient canvas tension system thanks to a convenient screw. Creates the most accurate cut, during operation you can not slip out of hands thanks to the rubberized handle.

  • A hard frame does not allow the canvas to bend during the saw process;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • High reliability even in conditions of hard operation.

Expert assessment: adjustable tension force and convenient form will become additional advantages in work, make a multifunctional model.

Topex 250-300 mm

Khosuvka for metal 250-300 mm with a rotation function of the canvas and an aluminum handle-this is a fairly light tool of 0.24 kg.

Productivity made this hacksaw a functional tool due to the possibility of installing a canvas in two positions. The handle has a convenient shape, which is comfortable in the palm of your hand.

Model made of durable, wear.Resistant materials that increase the life of.

Disadvantage: Due to the lack of a rubberized lining on the handle, it can be strongly crushed into the hand during operation.

Expert opinion: A tool with 2 positions of the canvas will become a multifunctional find for domestic and professional use. Resistant to damage and deformations.

You need to choose a suitable manual hacksaw not only focusing on the price. It should be taken into account its assembly, weight and dimensions, ergonomic model, ease of further sharpening and most importantly. Performance.

Classification of saws by type of holder

Crossbrushes for metal use several types of holder:

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The pulp of the saw canvas makes the torture more rigid, which in turn provides a saw of high reliability and durability. Of course, there are some locksmith operations that do not require tension from the saw.

  • Hacksaws with a stretch fabric is the vast majority of sawing metal. In such hacksaws, the canvas is attached between the ends of the bracket holder. Saws of this type are equipped with a mechanism of thin adjustment of the sawing canvas.
  • Hacksaws with a canvas without a tightness have a marked area of ​​application. In such saws, the canvas is simply inserted into the handle, and approximately in the center of the canvas there is a stubborn video or supporting bracket.
metal, steel, ways, install

In saws without an tight.Fitting, the cutting part from the center to the opposite handle of the end simply hangs freely. This is done so that a thin gear passes freely in hard.To.Reach places. Yes, the reliability of such saws is low, but in return hacksaws without a tightening of the canvas provide the ability to cut in cracks and gaps.

What else you need to know about the types of scabbard for metal.

Classification of hacksaw paintings according to the material of manufacture

Today, saw canvases are made from various types of steel. In the production of canvases for metal, they can be used:

The type of steel saw canvas for metal determines the area of ​​tasks with which the hacksaw can cope with.

  • At the heart of the classic hacksaw canvas is the high.Speed steel of the brand x6VF. This type of steel demonstrates high strength characteristics.

Of course, steel X6VF is not a standard. This is a high.Speed steel of low quality, which is not so sorry to let in the production of consumables. Nevertheless, this material is able to cope with the saw.

Subject to good hardening, the saw canvas X6VF can confidently cut the workpieces even from alloys of increased hardness.

Of course, the paintings made of fast.Cutting have several significant disadvantages that significantly limit the scope of the saw gear. Hacksaw cloths made of high.Speed steel are very expensive. Additionally, such canvases are fragile, especially in the case of full hardening.

Flaps for metal from high.Speed steel are designed for installation in a professional class hacksaw. Such saws have a whole metal frame that is not playing and not springing when cutting blanks.

  • Linenes made of alloy steel are designed for cutting metal with a hardness of no higher than average. A saw a gear made of alloy steel copes well with the cutting of blankets made of annealed metal, as well as from copper, aluminum and many other materials similar in hardness.

Lesser steel brand used for the manufacture of paintings for metal. Additionally alloyed steel is more plastic, which makes the canvases not so brittle.

A separate series is available for alloyed canvases with a tungsten carbide edge. In such canvases, the saw edge is represented not by traditional teeth, but by special spraying. Tungsten carbide canvases are designed to cut blanks made of glass, faora, ceramics and even concrete.

  • From carbon steel, the simplest variants of saw paintings are made. Low strength characteristics of a saw gear significantly limit the scope of such canvases.

Carbon steel gear can be entrusted with cutting except for soft metals, such as copper, aluminum, lead, tin, zinc, etc. Even with a good hardening, a carbon steel gear is rapidly licked if the hacksaw is dying the blanks of the same alloy or structural steel.

In canvases based on carbon steel have several significant advantages:

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These are the most affordable hacksaw cloths for metal. Carbon steel toothed easily licks, but such canvases almost never burst. Saw cloths made of carbon steel can be safely charged in the simplest varieties of hacksaws, which will play and bend when cutting.

  • The most modern and technologically advanced today are sawdust based bimetal. Such canvases are made immediately from 2 types of steel: carbon and high.Speed.

The body of the canvas is created from carbon steel, and the gear is only a fast.Cutting. The combination of steels made it possible to find the canvas unique properties:

  • High strength of the saw edge
  • Flexibility of the body of the canvas
  • A relatively affordable price
  • Universality of application

In bimetallic canvases for metal, the gear edge is welded on the body of the canvas using electron-beam welding. Such canvases can steadfastly tolerate intensive mechanical wear. Bimetall also copes well with cutting blanks of increased strength, like high.Speed steel.

Bimetallic canvases do not burst. They can be safely used on hacksaws for metal of any type and when processing any blanks.

What are the differences between the tools

All canvases of the hacksaw can be divided by two types. For household and industrial work (in the photo a hacksaw cloth, the difference is visible with the naked eye). The advantages of industrial devices include structures with a rigid base, as well as that they can work at an angle of 55 and 90 degrees.

Household tools are used for lightweight work, during the saw they can “storm” a little. Home option is much cheaper than a professional tool.

Varieties of tools

There are currently three types of metal thread tools:

Home. The most popular and inexpensive option, which is well suited for simple homework (cutting seams, grooves) and stands out by a high level of convenience during use. Quite often, such tools are complemented by wooden handles, which are placed longitudinally to the canvas.

Professional hacksaws. Used to carry out long.Term work and obtain accurate cuts, thanks to them there is the opportunity to cut metal into non.Standard sizes. Complemented by comfortable handle for use.

Kryazuovka-hand. Characterized by a special form in the form of a bracket, used to process hard.To.Reach areas. Well suited for cuts of the inside.

If desired, you can familiarize yourself with the photo, the presented options for the scabbard for metal.

Scabbard design for metal

The most common and most simple device for working with metal, of course, is a special hacksaw for metal, which externally differs from a hacksaw on wood. Khosuovka for metal is quite often used in construction and repair work, when it is necessary to accurately and carefully cut not very large wooden and metal blanks.

The design of the hacksaw for metal is quite simple: the hacksaw narrow canvas is stretched between the two ends of the metal P-shaped bracket. The working part of such a saw is the finest canvas with teeth, and it is necessary to work with such a tool with only two hands. The canvas attachment system can be of two types: threading clamp. In this case, the canvas is pulled and then fixed with a nut with a lamb, a lever mechanism. When the canvas is installed and removed using a special lever.

Hacksaws, in which the second method of installation and stretching of the canvas is used, of course, is more expensive than the first option because of its universality, as well as the speed of installation and removal of the canvas. The main advantage of metal hacksaws is that, unlike the power tool, with the help of a hacksaw for metal, you can work in the field, due to the fact that a power grid is not needed. Among other advantages of scabbard for metal. Simplicity in the robot, maintenance and light weight.

Knife shells on sale quite a large number. And, of course, the cost of the paintings is also different. The price of a hacksaw for metal depends on the type of canvas and the number of teeth per inch (bimetallic or with hot teeth). Bimetallic canvases rarely break, more flexible and are more expensive than hot paintings.

metal, steel, ways, install

Choosing a hacksaw for metal

Any tool, whether it is a hacksaw for wood or metal, you need to be able to choose. Remember that you can count not only on the recommendations of sellers, but also on your strength. Avoid the purchase of budget tool options and the most expensive models when you are not sure why this tool is so expensive.

This tool should be practical so that when performing the move in any direction and at different angles you can perform all actions easily, for example, to make metal cut not only with standard movements, but also completely on the contrary. Choose the size of the machine yourself: for standard canvases or for universal functions, which will help easily install canvases in a hacksaw of any size.

When buying for a start, look at the scabbard frame. It can be ordinary; made from composite super.Strength materials, which is distinguished by a long service life and the ability to cut even alloys of increased hardness; and with the possibilities of changing the angle of inclination of the gear canvas for working with hard.To.Reach places.

Pay close attention to the handle of the hacksaw for metal, because you will have to hold on to it constantly when working. The handle should be comfortable, perfectly lie in the hand, to be equipped with special stops for the fingers. The handle should have a minimum of hollow parts of plastic, because a real man will break such a handle at the first attempts to work.

Be sure to pick up the tool, it should not be shook and flimsy. In a hacksaw for metal, everything should be as strong as possible. Not only the integrity of the tool will depend on this, but also the ability to hold the gear canvas in the position that you need, not the tool.

The classic is the location of the lamb for stretching the canvas of the hacksaw at the opposite end from the handle, but this on the other hand is the problem. As a rule, with a stretched canvas, it is very difficult to crank up this lamb without improvised means. Therefore, the best option will be the lever mechanism for pulling the gear canvas.

Rules for choosing equipment

Buying such an insignificant thing as a hacksaw file is a responsible task. So that the user is not mistaken with the choice, he should listen to some recommendations of experienced craftsmen. Read more tips discussed below.

  • There should not be any cracks on top of the paintings, traces of corrosion.
  • Make sure of the elasticity of the file. To do this, you need to bend slightly and release it. High.Quality product will instantly restore the original form.
  • The speed of sawing directly depends on the number of teeth per inch. The more of them, the less time it will take for the operation.
  • Among all the files, a suitable for sawing of a particular metal is selected. Preference should be given to the height of the gland or bimetallic products. The former look like a stainless steel covered with a layer of nickel, but it has dark teeth. The second are painted in a certain color (red, yellow) or several shades. The listed canvases are much more durable than black analogues.
  • The length of the canvas corresponds to the length of the hacksaw, whether it is a manual or electric tool. In order not to make a mistake, it is important to study the marking, which is on the saw and on the canvas of the hacksaw.
  • Do not consider the price for the product the key factor in choice. A dozen cheap black pieces (like Russian X6VF 1.25x12x300 mm, 77707 at a price of 30) will dull and fail until an expensive analogue works (for example, Stanley 1-20-437 300 mm long for 120).

Having made your choice and bought a metal unit for a hacksaw for metal, you have to fix the equipment and start work. It is also recommended to adhere to the rules for storage and operation of hacksaw files. Timely change of exhaust equipment will extend the service life of a manual or electric tool. If you have experience using certain files, share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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