Chainsaw or saw Electric WHAT to choose. Parameter #2 – regulation of the chain tension

Chainsaw or electric saw: which is better?

Chain saw. An indispensable tool on the farm. It is needed, if you need to cut something, cut, cut. The spectrum of operations that can be performed using this unit is quite wide: work in the workshop, harvesting firewood, pruning trees, caring care, etc. In order for the tool to serve for a long time without failures and breakdowns, you must first choose a high.Quality model that suits the goals of use.

Two types of chain saws are presented on the market: electric and gasoline. This is the basis of the classification of these tools. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, sphere of use. Which one to choose? What other criteria to pay attention to when buying equipment? Let’s try to figure it out!

Advantages of a chainsaw assortment

The main advantages of the chainsaw of all categories are autonomy and the possibility of choosing the optimal working regime, less dependence on rain and snow rainfall.

Independent from stationary and mobile power sources, tools can be used:

  • For landfill and cutting off the decommissioned trees located in remote areas;
  • Clearing forest plantations and other broad.Profile sawing work;
  • To arrange temporary parking lots in tourist engines and long.Range expeditions.

How to choose a chainsaw, its advantages and disadvantages

Good chainsaws are usually equipped with a two.Stroke engine that feeds on a mixture of gasoline and oil.

Advantages of the chainsaw

  • Such devices are characterized by much greater power compared to electric saws, therefore, are usually used for especially hard work (for example, for cutting thick and hard trees).
  • Their design is also more massive, which in itself makes their use wider.
  • Thanks to the above.Mentioned characteristics of the chainsaws are reliable and durable. Overload and mechanical damage are unstressed for it.
  • Another advantage of a gasoline model is that we can use it anywhere, without any restrictions on the length of the cable. Due to its mobility, this is a great option for working in the forest and in remote areas where it is quite difficult to reach electricity.

The disadvantages of the chainsaw

  • First of all, it should be noted that it distinguishes harmful emissions into the atmosphere that affect the environment and the one who uses it.
  • In addition, it works much louder than electric saws. The emitted noise requires the use of special protective headphones.
  • The gasoline saw is also very heavy. Due to the design of the engine, as well as the use of gasoline and oil containers, the weight of these devices may exceed 5 kilograms.
  • In addition, a more complex saw design makes it more expensive in operation. This is mainly due to the need for frequent maintenance of the device and possible repair, which can hit a For this reason, it is important to use suitable gasoline and oil to reduce the likelihood of various types of failures.

How to choose a chainsaw?

To make the right choice, you should pay attention to a number of parameters that determine the performance and capabilities of the tool.

  • Power. Measured in horsepower (l.With.). What power will be appropriate? Of course, it all depends on the goals for which the tool is acquired. For the smallest work. Cutting branches or small trees, saws up to 2.5 liters.With. It will be enough. In the case of cutting large trees, firewood, boards or various types of wooden structures, it is better to choose a saw with a power of 2.5 to 5 liters.With. In the case of professional work and cutting of solid trees, the power should exceed 5 liters.With.
  • The engine volume is directly related to the power and performance of the engine (the larger the volume, the more hard work can be done). Of course, it should be remembered that high.Power engines will require more gasoline and oil, which leads to an increase in expenses. The engine volume cannot be too small, since we will need a lot of time to perform planned measures (which will also increase the use of gasoline and oil) or too much, since burning fuel will be excessive for our needs.
  • The length of the guide is a working element on which the chains of benches and electric saws are installed. The longer the guide, the greater the potential of the saw. Which guide will be enough? In the case of chainsaws, the shortest guides are about 30-35 centimeters. They will seem quite satisfactory during easy work. However, if we go to the forest, we need a guide from 40 to 45 centimeters long. The hardest work will require models with a guide from 50 to 100 centimeters.
  • Weight. The weakest devices weigh less than 4 kilograms. However, saws for difficult working conditions can weigh more than 5 or even 10 kilograms.
  • Noise level. Internal combustion engines usually generate noise level above 110 dB, so you will also need to purchase protective headphones.
  • Features and accessories. First of all, there are a number of systems that facilitate the work. They include, among other things, the ease of starting and tension of the chain, a safety brake, exhaust gas purging system and minimization of vibration. In some cases, it is advisable to purchase a chain saw on a long rod. Thanks to this, we can cut off high branches without climbing the stairs.

I bought from the hands of Sturm GC 9937 a three months ago. Not completely satisfied! Weak in power, the starter is small and inconvenient in his hands, there is a primer, but there is little sense from it, I barely starts, they wanted to hand over to the service. We can’t find who would take it, they shrug their hands. But the lubricant functions normally. In short, we are waiting for when it is finally broken, in mind the Husqvarna is gasoline, no more savings are better. It is better to pay once, but to use it for a long time.

Disposable carpenter) ⁠ ⁠

Briefly for LL: buying a saw chain. Check if the connecting link is correctly installed. The arrows on it must correspond to the direction of the circuit on both cheeks of the link.AP: Stihl claims that this is not so, their answer at the end of the post.

I had a chain of the 180th calm. Well, broke and broke, went and bought a new.

chainsaw, electric, choose, parameter

Then I think. But my old is not at all old, it is not even sharpened. Why not repair it? Googled “Repair of the saw chain”, found a long tedious video on how to stuck a chain.But it’s not about him. The author noted in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев that he “set the link wrong” and gave a link to the video (also a long and tedious one: https: // wwww.Youtube.COM/Watch?V = wecirjkqxei)

It tells that the cause of the cliff. Incorrectly set connecting link.Briefly on video and problem: 0. Chains are delivered in the bays. One. For retail in size, they are “cut” (riveted) somewhere in the bowels of the supply channel, they also put the connecting link.2. The connecting link has a direction and is marked with arrows. Cause. The front of the link is higher than the rear, which normally saves the resource of the chain and tires.3. At least part of the employees did not read the instructions or there is no instructions, so the connecting link was put incorrectly.4. A chain with an incorrectly set link is often torn even before the first sharpening.

I went, looked at my old chain. Yes, the link is not wrong. The photo is hard to see. The connecting link differs from the “relatives” rivets, it is easy to find on a new chain.

What You Need to Know About Chainsaws

I looked at the new chain. Similarly. I went to the store to change to normal. Fuck there. Of the 15 viewed, not a single chain was made correctly (which is interesting, because according to the theory of probability to put a connecting link for two ways, in two ways. Correct and incorrect, 1/2 probability of true, the same with a plate, t.E. The probability of correct installation in case of accidental selection. 1/4).

I bought a connecting link and stuck it myself.

The question arises for stihl. Are dealers, bringing and riveting chains for sale, do not have urgent recommendation about the correct installation of connecting links?

Surely there is a problem with other chains, but I have a STIHL, so I consider only this manufacturer and its representatives.I will not even consider the option that unscrupulous representatives of the manufacturer specially do so for large sales. Then all the chains would be with multidirectional links, but in reality there are also multidirectional (one arrow forward, the other back), and incorrectly directed (both back).

Hello! The direction of the direction on the connecting links is an auxiliary element for installing the saw chain on the guide tire in the right direction.The coup of one connecting link has no effect on the saw set (tire and chain stars), nor on the motor itself. Since the link is not subjected to such a load in which it can cause a circuit break. It is permissible to install in any direction.If we talk about asymmetry, then it is due to the use of the same production processes for different types of links. The bevel of the rear heel is important for the cutting links and does not play an important role for the connecting link.If the breaks occur too often, we recommend paying attention to the condition of the chain stars, since its wear can contribute to the ruptures of the saw chain. Wear is allowed no more than 0.5 mm. We recommend periodically check the correctness of the tension of the saw chain and the condition of the guide tire. It is also necessary to use the original chain oil, which is well removed heat and a qualitatively cleansing headset. Additionally, you can check the sharpening of the circuit. If the cutting teeth are poorly sharpened, have different lengths or sharpened at different angles. This can also cause a chain to break off.

The principle of operation of the chain electric saw

Saw. The tool desired in the household, which is often used when cutting branches in the garden, sawing firewood and carpentry work.

A compact and convenient tool does not require the presence of knowledge and skills of handling a gasoline engine

Initially, manual models of chain saws were rather bulky and heavy. It is not surprising that the appearance of electric chain saws on the market among most consumers was perceived with enthusiasm. In addition to the simplicity of operation, a significant advantage of the power tool is that it is environmentally friendly, since it does not emit exhaust gases in the process. This is especially true when sawing materials in a closed space.

The main constructive elements of the chain electric saw are:

When the unit is turned on, the engine creates a rotational movement, which is transmitted to the asterisk by means of a conical gearbox or direct drive. The sprocket placed in a common plane with a chain begins to rotate it, so that the cutting canvas easily cuts the wood.

Recently, many manufacturers have equipped with centrifugal clutch models, thereby warning a breakdown of the electric motor and a saw gearbox during a bloating.

Electric models of chain saws are famous for the long service life, which is achieved due to the constant lubrication of movable elements during operation

The chain oil located in a special container by means of pumping the pump enters the tire, from which it spreads through the chain along the stars and the cutting canvas. Many models have the function of adjusting the intensity of lubrication, which allows you to work with materials of various hardness.

The volume of the container on average is 120-200 ml. This volume is enough for 2 hours of continuous work. The task of the operator is to control the oil level in the tank, otherwise, working “in a dry” motor will quickly overheat and the tool will fail.

To facilitate the task of monitoring the volume of fluid, manufacturers make transparent inserts in the housing or provide for a special probe.

chainsaw, electric, choose, parameter

The principle of operation of electric and gasoline saws

The heart of the chainsaw is a 2-clock gasoline engine that feeds the fuel mixture of gasoline and motor oil. A hand starter is used to start it. After turning on, the engine works at idle, and the chain remains motionless until the start button is pressed.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of electric saws:

  • A large selection of models for any task;
  • Relatively low noise, in comparison with gasoline saws;
  • The environmental friendliness and availability of electricity as a cheaper resource, if we compare it in value with gasoline, as you know, powerful chainsaws like to “drink” gasoline and affect the degree of fuel consumption during prolonged use in any way;
  • It is more safe to work with an electric saw, especially in closed rooms. There is no risk to be poisoned by carbon monoxide during long.Term operation;
  • Modern manufacturers produce saws capable of working reliably in the condition of overload, long.Term operation, many of the semi.Professional models function no worse than the saw category;
  • I was drank electric. A good and reliable assistant in small private farms, in the absence of professional tasks for cutting or harvesting a tree, it simply makes no sense to take a chainsaw.

The main disadvantages of electric saws:

  • Electric saw works within the power cable or battery resource (that is, the tool will need to be recharged or constant nearby near the power source);
  • Professional power saws are somehow inferior in power by gasoline;
  • From time to time on battery saws, you need to change the battery, in addition, some models of electric saws are sold without a battery, which automatically increases their total cost.

How to adjust and maintain an electric chainsaw

The main advantages of chainsaws:

  • High power, endurance, ability to transfer frequent operation and heavy loads;
  • The autonomy of the chainsaw (before the production of fuel), which is supported by the refueling of a new portion of gasoline or the oil-Benzine mixture;
  • A huge selection of gasoline saws of various capacities, purpose, for different volumes of work;
  • Simple operation and maintenance of a chainsaw;
  • The ability to operate a chainsaw remotely from source of electricity (unlike electric saws), autonomy.

The main disadvantages of chainsaws:

  • The presence of harmful exhausts (it is good that on modern models of chainsaws this drawback is reduced to a minimum);
  • It is recommended that the chainsaw only work outdoors in order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning;
  • High cost of professional chainsaws;
  • Expensive spare parts, especially if we are talking about the chainsaws of the top world manufacturers.

The financial side of the issue

If we consider the acquisition of electro- or chainsaws from a financial point of view, then electric saws are a more economical option. The cost of electric saws is an order of magnitude lower than their “gasoline” analogues.

At the same time, the repair of electric saws in the event of a breakdown is most often carried out in the workshops, while the gas unit is maintained, as well as minor repairs, you can carry out yourself: https: // diz-cafe.COM/Tech/Remont-Benzopily-Svoimi-Rukami.HTML

Electric devices are more profitable than gasoline due to the fact that for them it is not necessary to purchase such consumables as gas and oil to the engine. In addition, power plants are equipped with a smaller number of components and spare parts than gasoline units. Yes, the electricity necessary for power pipeline will bring its part of the costs, but the cost of electricity is always less than the price of gasoline. Although economical models of modern chainsaws of this price difference allow you to reduce.

Regardless of what type of tool the choice of the owner will dwell on, the saw will become a real “lifting stick”, which facilitates the work to ennoble the site.

chainsaw, electric, choose, parameter
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