Chainsaw Poulan 2250 does not start reason

Chainsaw. it is simply an indispensable and integral part of our life activities in the field of agricultural work.

Different manufacturers are producing a wide variety of chainsaw models on a daily basis. From ordinary ones, designed for light domestic works on the territory of gardens and summer cottages, to the highly professional representatives of this technique, which have super high power and functionality. See our rating of high-quality chainsaws.

Undoubtedly, the range is huge and everyone will be able to pick up the most suitable model for his activity. Today on store shelves you can find models from different manufacturers, world-renowned and those who have only recently begun their production. And the choice is yours to choose a time-tested chainsaw brand or trust the “newcomers” in this business. Read our article about how to choose a chainsaw.

In this article you can get acquainted with one of the most popular electrical equipment companies. Poulan. As well as with its latest and most unique models of chainsaws. And maybe one of them will “fall” your choice. So here we go.

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Installing a chainsaw carburetor. Or how not to pay repairmen!

Using a chainsaw greatly simplifies the life of even an amateur, and in some professions this tool is practically indispensable. However, like any relatively complex device, the chainsaw requires periodic maintenance. Various malfunctions can occur due to untimely or inadequate maintenance and due to exposure to both planned and excessive loads. For professionals, interruptions or erratic operation of the saw reduces efficiency or can lead to a ruined work day. One of the most common malfunctions is an improper carburetor setting on a chainsaw, which is thrown off by failed adjustment attempts or by switching adjustment screws for other reasons.

Symptoms of malfunctions and failures in which a carburetor adjustment is required.

The following signs and malfunctions indicate the need for carburetor adjustment:

  • the engine starts with a warp and stops almost instantly;
  • gasoline consumption is excessively high, the exhaust is too thick, the combustible mixture in the cylinder does not burn completely;
  • The chainsaw’s carburetor settings have been adjusted at the factory (due to vibrations or faulty adjustment attempts);
  • A malfunction in the air-cleaning system, causing debris to enter the fuel distribution mechanism;
  • considerable wear of the piston group. carburetor tuningin this case acts as a temporary measure.

It is clear that when dirt enters the fuel system with one unit, the problem cannot be solved. flushing is necessary. In the case of a worn piston, an overhaul is required. However, in all of these cases, the carburetor is also tuned.

Purpose, design and principle of operation of the carburetor.

The carburetor is needed to prepare the fuel-air mixture for the engine’s power. If the proportions in this mixture are incorrect, engine operation is interrupted. If the proportions to the fuel increase are not observed, the mixture is called oversaturated, if the fuel, on the other hand, is unlikely. On the work of the engine, both are not the best way.

In different models of chainsaws the carburetors differ in design, but they are in principle similar in action. High velocity air travels in the air duct. A damper blocking the duct allows you to change the speed of the air stream. Fuel is fed into the channel through the atomizer, where it mixes with the incoming air to form a fuel-air mixture. The resulting mixture enters the engine.

The pressure in the float chamber, where the fuel is before mixing, is almost equal to atmospheric pressure. But the air duct creates a vacuum, so that the fuel is drawn into the air flow. The more the flap opens, the faster the air moves, and the amount of fuel increases. the engine speed increases. So it’s easy to imagine the principle of a carburetor.

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To summarize.

In this article you could get acquainted with two models, we can even say without exaggeration, two “giants” of electrical engineering among the huge Spectra of this manufacturer. Everything can be, because perhaps now, after reading this information, you have found the tool you were looking for. As we have said that the range on the world market has a huge scale and as they say to choose from what is. Also do not forget to take care of the engine, to find out how much oil to add in gasoline for gasoline chainsaw read this article. But do not forget that before you buy a chainsaw for yourself any manufacturer to start with, get acquainted with its reputation, as well as assess what its characteristics. To do this you can simply visit forums on the Internet (and there are many), where each owner of a particular chainsaw model indicates both its disadvantages and advantages. Believe me, this way it will be easier for you to make a choice about the purchase. Or you can take a look at our rating of the best chain saws.

Comparison of technical and operational advantages of different models

Branded chainsaws Poulan deserves a separate consideration.

Poulan 1950 chainsaw

In its category this inexpensive model is the lightest and most compact. Drive comes from a 36.3 cm3, 1.3 kW carbureted engine. The weight of the machine with the saw unit mounted does not exceed 4.7 kg.

Although it is in the budget class, the machine is equipped with a fully automatic lubrication and cooling system for the cutting assembly.

400 mm long standard bars and a 3 ½” pitch universal saw chain give the right performance for most types of cutting jobs.

The oil pump is reliable in daily use and has a variable capacity to deliver liquid lubricant to the tire in dosage that is determined by the engine speed. Increased complexity is compensated by up to 50% less chain oil consumption.

Poulan 2150

This model is in high demand in the private household sector. The reason for the tool’s popularity is to extend engine life. The wear resistance of the piston group is increased by applying a special silicon-nickel coating.

In the significant advantages of this development:

  • extensive use of impact and temperature-resistant plastic;
  • simplified maintenance of the nylon filter of the air intake device;
  • Reinforced engine crankcase design;
  • An effective vibration damper and a side-mounted, easy-to-access chain tensioner.

Engine flow and traction characteristics are identical to the previous model.

Poulan 2250

The model features an increased carbureted 1.4 kW two-stroke drive to 45 cc, and an extended to 450 mm guide bar. The headset is supplemented with a reliable inertia brake, there are more comfortable engine vibration and exhaust noise.

The tool with improved power parameters and a large torque reserve is focused on labor-intensive and demanding work, in particular related to sawing dense and frozen wood.

Features of the Series 2250 are as close as possible to the performance capabilities of European semi-professional models.

Poulan 2550

The most powerful saw in its brand Poulan Series 2550 is equipped with a carbureted engine, a working volume of 40 cm3 and a power of 2.4 liters.с. The range of applications of the tool includes felling and crosscutting of dead wood up to 400 mm in diameter.

You can also do large-scale sawing operations to cut firewood and prepare wood for log structures like log cabins or retaining walls.

In the list of the indisputable advantages of this model, the ability of the engine and the saw unit to work continuously at operating speeds, the stability of the performance throughout the life of the assigned time.

Poulan 1950 chainsaw

Suitable for beginners and non-professionals. Can be used for sawing logs, construction tasks and minor repairs that require sawing wooden structures. Fully equipped like previous models.

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  • SuperClean cleaning of the air filter, which considerably prolongs its life;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • high engine power;
  • Oiler with manual adjustment function which allows, if necessary, to increase or decrease the oil flow;
  • handy handles;
  • Inertia-activated chain brake to protect the user against accidental kickback or recoil of the machine;
  • easy-start functionality.

Poulan chainsaw will not start. Can we save it?

Basic equipment and manufacturer

When you purchase the Poulan chain saws themselves you also get:

  • The tire size specified by a particular model;
  • saw chain;
  • case for comfortable and safe storage and transportation;
  • Lubricating oil for the chain and separately for the engine;
  • A universal wrench that is needed for chainsaw assembly, repair, and maintenance.

Poulan is one of the few companies that does not have a production facility in China, but assembles its products in the headquarters region. For example, Paulan chainsaws are assembled in the USA, in the city of Nashville, where more than 1 million gasoline and electric chainsaws are produced annually.

Poulan chain saws: equipment

Sometimes in stores you can find chainsaws Poulan of Chinese or European assembly. It is not recommended to buy such tools, because the only factory for assembly is in the USA. When buying a Poulan chainsaw, always pay attention to the marking of the country of manufacture to protect yourself from getting a low-quality counterfeit.

Recommendations for use, maintenance and prevention of garden gasoline power tools

The basic rules of operation concern the correct tensioning of the chain, the optimal use of power, the use of quality fuel and the proper preparation of gasoline mixture. It is not recommended to use gasoline A-76 or A-98 to fill the tank. Optimally suited for 90-second gasoline. Add oil only with a measuring cup, in the proportions recommended by the manufacturer.

Among dozens of rules of operation it is possible to single out the most important ones:

  • To break-in the saw, alternate between idle speed and power stroke, sawing soft wood;
  • old fuel mixture must not be used (gasoline and oil stratify after a week of storage);
  • Minor malfunctions are best repaired at the first signs of occurrence;
  • Saw timber, logs only at full rpm;
  • correctly sharpened teeth do not require too much pressure;
  • Before starting the engine, check the brake, the tension of the connecting links, the operation of the lubrication system of the bar;
  • After each use, lubricate the chainwheel and turn the guide bar.

Preventive maintenance of a mechanized saw does not require excessive effort on the part of the owner. Conducting regular preventive maintenance (at least once a week) is necessary:

  • Check and renew sharpening of teeth, cut depth limiters.
  • Clean sawblade working parts from sawdust, earth, sand.
  • Unscrew and inspect spark plugs.
  • Flush slots, dry saw blade.
  • Lubricate drive sprocket. Use a disposable syringe that is extended with a rubber tube to apply lithol.
  • Check the air filter. If clogged, the filter can be washed, dried and sprayed with engine oil.

Before storing the saw for the winter, the fuel mixture must be completely exhausted and the oil drained. Always disassemble chain and guide bar and store them separately. If you follow these simple rules, you will extend service life of your sawblades. The engine and tire will work without serious breakdowns, complex repairs will be needed only after the natural wear of parts and assemblies.

A chain saw does not start well: how to bring it back to life?

Finding the causes of a bad chain saw start should begin with diagnostic measures To make a diagnosis, it is not necessary to understand the structure of the tool, because the problems are mostly similar.

Most often, a bad start is associated with the malfunction of the following systems:

  • Fuel line. The fuel actuator and diaphragm, acting as a pump, are responsible for getting the gasoline into the carburetor. If these nodes are faulty, the fuel does not flow to the right node, and the saw does not start.
  • Ignition system. The spark plugs that give the tool a spark have a certain service life. Frequent use causes the system to malfunction and gives off a spark.
  • Filters. Fuel line on the feeder and air line on the carburetor becomes clogged with chips and sawdust while the tool is in operation.
  • Breather plug. If the saw stalls during active work, the breather, that is, the pressure equalizer, has failed.
  • Silencer. Deposition of soot on the inside surfaces of the exhaust system leads to poor exhaust outflow.
  • Carburetor. Engine does not start if the nozzles or passages are clogged.
  • CRANKCASE. Wear of the cylinder block is the most serious breakdown. You can verify the condition of this assembly by measuring the engine compression.
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To identify and eliminate the cause of poor chain saw starting, you need to check the operation of all of the above nodes. Often several parts break down at once, so it is impossible to operate the tool normally without repairing them.

Unpacking and getting ready for operation

Before you start working with new equipment, even if you know it beforehand, you should always read the instruction manual. Each company has its own distinctive features in the design and maintenance of a particular tool and to extend the life of chain saws, and most importantly, for the safety of the operator, it is necessary to carefully study all the nuances.

A distinctive feature of American-made chainsaws by Poulan is the presence of only one assembly plant. For this reason, all instructions that come with the tool are in English only. Russian-speaking analogues are quite difficult to find.

For fuel it is impossible to use pure gasoline (for the basis, take AI-92), it must also be diluted with oil (for two-stroke engines), clearly following the ratios and proportions indicated on the oil package. Usually it is a ratio of 1:20. The lubrication oil can be SAE 10W-SAE 30W (all season), SAE 40W (summer) and SAE 20W (winter).

The first start is very important for a chainsaw to work properly and properly. You need to run it in and out before using it. This means that you should start the saw, put it on a flat surface (the ground or the floor) and let it run for a few minutes.

A great advantage of Poulan chain saws is that the carburetor is adjusted in the factory and you get a ready to use machine “out of the box”.

If there is a need to additionally adjust the carburetor should:

  • Start the engine and let it run for 2 to 3 minutes. Screw in adjusting bolts as far as they go, then turn them back a turn and a half.
  • Warm up the engine and adjust the idle speed.
  • Check the engine for acceleration. Depress the accelerator pedal and you should see a sudden increase in speed.


To use the chainsaw properly, you must regularly:

  • Check the amount of oil and fuel mixture in the tanks;
  • check the brake system, oil system, carburetor settings;
  • Clean filters as needed (air and fuel filter);
  • Clean the chainsaw after each use;
  • timely sharpening of chain;
  • adjust machinery.

Chain sharpening

  • Sharpening the chain with a file.
  • Grind with electric sharpening machines. The most popular machines: STIHL USG, OREGON 32653A, Sadko SCS-85 Pro, Einhell GC-CS 85 E, Forte CT3-104. An electric grinder can also be made by your own hands, or an ordinary angle grinder can be upgraded for these purposes.
  • Sharpening the chain with an angle grinder

STIHL MS 170 chainsaw: specifications, reviews, price, analogues

The easiest option would be to use the services of special workshops where sharpening will hold professionals on special machines.

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