Chamfering tools for bolts


Most of the tools for scraping, countersinking and deburring are fairly generic. They are easy to find additional or spare parts. We have the following special parts for you: blades: reinforced and light; extra-hard cobalt; for deburring grooves, intersecting holes, slots, angles, protrusions, etc. д.Countersinks: double serrated, cranked; scrapers: hollow, monolithic, triangular, etc. д.The range of tools and accessories includes: wipers: double-sided, single-sided; holders; handles: ergonomic, cases, universal.

To avoid confusion in such a variety of tools and accessories, please contact our consultants. You’ll get detailed information on each item and advice on what’s best to buy for your particular purpose.

An overview video about the tool is shown below:

Tools made by the Israeli company Grattec are known throughout the world for their high quality and durability. After 30 years in business, the company has developed into an international tooling market. Today their products are used in both domestic and industrial applications, for example in the aviation, metal and automotive industries.

External Chamfer Tool | Drill bit to remove burrs from bolts

Almost all Grattec products are reusable. The design of the tools makes it easy to change parts and use the same handle with different blades. We have a wide range of supplies to extend the functionality of even the most modest starter kit: handles (including ergonomic handles and ones with storage compartments for spare blades), blade holders, blades (different types of blades, shapes, compatibility with materials, etc.), countersinks, wiper blades, blade holders for other materials and many more. д.); countersinks; cleaners; scrapers;

Russian consumers can now make sure of the reliability and excellent quality of GRATTEC products. INTERTULMASH is the exclusive distributor of Israeli tools in Russia. than 140 items of the Grattec brand are now available for customers in stock, and the range will only be expanded in the future.

Chamfering and beveling tools

Guarantee 12 months.

1 Month Warranty.

A 3 month warranty.

Guarantee 6 months.

Guarantee 6 months.

6 months warranty.

Guarantee 6 months.

SIBRTECH device for external and internal chamfering of pipes

Guarantee 12 months.

6 months warranty.

6 months warranty.

6 months warranty.

6 months warranty.

Internal/external for stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel, copper, plastic, 4-36mm

60 Months warranty.

1 Months warranty.

Warranty 6 months.

3 months warranty.

6 months warranty.

Guarantee 6 months.

Chamfering tool Re2ls

Click on the icon in the first picture Chamfering nozzle on the drill. is a unique tool for chamfering bolts and studs in seconds.The tool easily and accurately removes burrs around the threads, preventing sharp metal edges from getting under the skin.

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The scope of the nozzle is very large. It can be used for chamfering screws, studs, pipes, plastic, wood and other materials. Particularly useful for chamfering after a thread has been cut with an angle grinder or metal sander.

  • 100% quality product;
  • Made of high quality high-strength steel, more durable;
  • easy to use;
  • high strength and hardness;
  • quickly restores damaged and rusted bolts;
  • Suitable for stainless and hardened steel, non-ferrous and soft metals, fiberglass, wood, plastic.

Material: Heat-treated, hardened high-strength steel.Working Diameter: 5. 20mmWeight: 30-40 gramsRecommended working speed: 0-600 rpm

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The chamfering device is a convenient and productive counterpart to the chamfering cutter and is intended mainly for use on universal machines.

The chamfering device is a convenient and productive counterpart to the chamfering cutter and is intended mainly for use on general-purpose machines.

Note, that unlike other tools, the KOPAL unit needs to be purchased only once and the knives need to be replaced as they wear out!

A guide cone is fastened to the rugged chamfering tool body and the blade is inserted.

The chamfering process looks like this:

-the device is driven over the workpiece, and it is automatically centered thanks to the guide cone

-cone shifts as it contacts the workpiece, freeing the cutting blades of the knife

-no possibility of blade breakage as with other tools, such as the external chamfering countersink, is possible in this procedure.

Chamfering blade selected from a sufficient list for each type of material and processing, can be sharpened at different angles. the selection is made by means of a clear and easy to read table.

The device is essentially a specialized nozzle for removing the outer bevel and facing. Can be used as a cutter for bar chamfering.

When the above devices are used as the working tool of specialized units, an ergonomic and lightweight chamfering machine is formed to chamfer the bar.

By the way, most pipe chamfering machines are not suitable for the same operations of chamfering on the bar, because they are fixed inside the cavity of the pipe. In the case of the chamfering machine as described above, this problem disappears.

Chamfering machine can have one, two or four working spindles and is a great alternative to expensive stationary equipment for bar chamfering.

With these machines it is convenient to organize serial machining, for example, chamfering of bolts.

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