Champila chain lubricant device. Signs of malfunction of the lubricant system…

Chain lubrication system

As a rule, the breakdown of the chainsaw is associated with the failure of the engine or its parts, due to violation of the rules of operation and storage of the tool. Problems of a different nature are also possible, such as, for example, a breakdown of the chain lubrication system, malfunction in the chain brake.

Thus, the main malfunctions of the chainsaws that the masters of our service center are faced in practice are: are:

  • Problems in the ignition system
  • Fuel system malfunctions
  • Carburetor malfunction
  • Falf in the exhaust system
  • Wear or damage to the elements of the cylinder-piston group
  • Damage of the lubrication system of the chain
  • Malfunctions in the work of chain brake

How to install a chain

The long service life of the device is possible not only if the components of the components for it are thoroughly selected, the installation of the chain on the chainsaw should be correct. In addition, sooner or later it may require replacement of the chain. At the same time, it is necessary to think about safety, in particular, carry out work in special protective gloves. To “put on” the saw, you need to perform actions in the following sequence:

  • Prepare the surface for work. You can put the chain correctly on the table or on another comfortable and even surface. Additionally, the surface can be covered with a rug.
  • The lamb nut on the case must be unscrewed, and then remove the sprocket cover.
  • The latter must be turned to the right until it stops. After that, gradually put on a chain over the tire, while it is better to start work with its vertex. At each stage, it is recommended to monitor the correct direction of the chain.
  • Determine the chain so that the tire is on top of it. At this stage, a cutter located at the top of the tire must be facing forward, and not aside. This suggests that the direction of movement is correct, and the location is accurate.
  • Tire on an asterisk.
  • After that, put on the cover of the chain sprocket on the motor block, turn the lamb nut all the way, but at the same time you do not need to tighten the sprocket cover.
  • Unscrew the clamping screw, for which it is necessary to turn it in the direction of the top of the tire, while the chain links should fall into the corresponding recesses.
  • Twist the lamb nut to fixation.
  • Check the part of sagging and pulling, if necessary, pull more or loosen.

Chain lubrication system

To supply oil for lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw, a special pump is used in the tool, which is dosed, depending on the number of engine speeds, supplies the grease onto the saw tire.

The system uses oil for lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw, which has increased adhesion properties, this is necessary for uniform distribution of oil around the entire perimeter of the tire and holding on it even with high revolutions of rotation of the chain. Let us consider in more detail the oil supply system implemented in modern chainsaws.

Field advice

It is not enough to know how to solve problems with a flying or torn chain, because there is always the opportunity to prevent this. Proper care for the saw will help extend the life of the device and its parts. Therefore, it is recommended to observe the advice of specialists:

  • Regularly clean the air filter and lubricate it with oil. Periodically, the filter needs to be changed.
  • Each time before starting work, you need to check the reliability of the twist of all nuts and bolts. Then there will be no failures during operation in the device.
  • You need to lubricate both bearings and asterisk.
  • Regularly clean the candles from fuckers.
  • Lubricate, tighten and pull the chain in time.

High.quality chainsaws, provided that the proper care and timely repair can last longer.

When moving the saw chain of the chainsaw in the tire pier, a large amount of heat is released due to friction. If the oil does not enter the chain of the chainsaw, it is necessary to stop the work and take all measures to eliminate the malfunction of the lubricant system. The combination of large loads and overheating of the headset is accompanied by its accelerated wear and early failure.

  • All the chainsaws and their electric counterparts are equipped with systems of the same type, through which the lubrication of the tire, saw chain and details of its drive is implemented.
  • The standard composition of this device includes a reservoir from which the chain oil is supplied to the input of the pump with fixed or adjustable performance.
  • Further, the working fluid in a dosed amount enters the duct of the tire, in which the saw chain with the tails of the saw chain is evenly distributed throughout the headset and the working surface of the crown of the leading star.

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Tires of productive sets of 400 mm long are equipped with a driven star. Periodic lubrication of the bearing is carried out individually, after 6-8 hours of production.

Why the chain on the chainsaw is not lubricated. special equipment

All malfunctions of the chainsaws can be divided into two main groups: problems of the motor with all its nodes and systems (ignition, fuel supply system, cylinder-piston group, exhaust system) and malfunctions of other nodes (circuit brake, lubrication system, clutch, tire, etc.).

Engine malfunctions

  • The engine does not start;
  • starts, but stalls;
  • It works unstable;
  • does not develop power, t.e. It works normally at idle, but stalls under load.

When repairing the chainsaws with your own hands, it is necessary to act as an exception. to inspect alternately all the likely prerequisites for the malfunction, starting with those, the verification and elimination of which takes the least time (about the device and operation of a two.stroke motor, see here).

Ignition system. Almost all types of engine malfunctions listed above may be called the ignition system failures. Therefore, when they occur, it makes sense to start searching for a malfunction from the candle. This is all the more justified that the state of the latter can give useful information about the operation of the fuel system. So, when a problem occurs, you need to turn out the candle and inspect it.

The wire is disconnected, and the candle is twisted with a special key.

If the candle is dry, this means that the problem is most likely not in the ignition system, but not admission to the fuel mixture cylinder. You can wrap the candle back and take for the fuel system. If the candle is strongly sprayed with the fuel mixture, then there is its excess. This can happen from the dilution of the carburetor or violation of the launch rules.

The candle is wiped and dried, the cylinder is drained, blocked by the fuel supply and working with a starter. to exert a combustion chamber and remove excess fuel. Lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw. The chain is poorly lubricated. The main reasons why the oil does not come to the chain of chainsaw. What I don’t understand why the oil is not on the chain.

Then set the candle in place and repeat the launch.

The presence of a large amount of black carrier also indicates malfunctions in the fuel system.

The ratio between oil and gasoline in the mixture may be disturbed, the carburetor is not adjusted or poor.quality oil is used. The candle is washed in gasoline, cleaned with a needle or an awl from the carbon, clean the electrodes with a small skin and installed in place.

In all these cases, it will not be superfluous to check the gap between the electrodes of the candle. Depending on its brand, it should be in the interval of 0.5-0.65 mm. You need to check the sealing of the candle. With its worn out or damage, the tightness of the combustion chamber may not be ensured, which leads to a decrease in compression in the cylinder and problems in the engine operation.

Even if in the case of checking the candle there is large reasons to believe that the malfunction is in the fuel system, you need to check the candle for the presence of a spark. At least in order to be sure that everything is in order with this. For this:

  • put on the spark plug on the candle;
  • Using pliers with insulated handles, apply a thread or a candle nut to the cylinder;
  • pull the header’s handle and look. there is a spark or it is not.

In the absence of a spark, you just need to replace the candle. If the new candle does not have a spark, you need to check the condition of the high.voltage wire for the presence of a cliff and contact with the candle.

The reason for the lack of a spark can be a faulty ignition module or a disruption of the gap between it and the magneto pipeline of the flywheel. It should be equal to 0.2 mm. The disruption of the gap becomes especially probable if before this was the disassembly of the saw from the filming of the flywheel and the ignition module. The gap is exhibited with a gasket with a thickness of 0.2 mm placed between the boss of the flywheel and the ignition module. Failed ignition module should be replaced.

By checking the ignition system in this way and without finding a malfunction, you can proceed to the fuel mixture supply system.

Fuel supply system. If the candle with a candle was established that the fuel does not enter the cylinder, you need to consider all the possible causes of this. It can be:

  • not the intake of the fuel from the tank due to the clogged hole in its lid (sapuna), while a vacuum is created in the tank that prevents fuel flow;
  • pollution of the fuel filter installed in the tank;
  • non.admission or insufficient intake of the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder.

To diagnose the first two reasons, it is enough to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see if the fuel flows from it or not. If it flows with a full stream, the sappan and the filter can not be checked, if it does not flow or flows weakly, we can assume that the cause of the malfunction is found.

The sapun is cleaned with a needle. The fuel filter is extracted through the flood hole of the emptied fuel tank, with a wire hook, along with the suction hose, from which the filter is disconnected and cleaned or replaced by a new.

Mastery manufacturers recommend changing the fuel filter every 3 months.

Reasons for the cessation of oil supply in the chainsaw

A brief overview why the oil in a chainsaw stopped supplied to the tire from the tank support our channel than it could.

Insufficient intake of the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder or a violation of the correct ratio between fuel and air mixed in the carburetor can occur for several reasons: due to the air filter, unexplored carburetor, clogging its channels or mesh-filter.

As a rule, the repair of the chainsaws is not complete without cleaning the air filter, since it is polluted quite quickly. When this happens, the flow of air into the carburetor decreases, the fuel mixture at the exit from it is too enriched, which violates the normal operation of the engine. Removing a dirty filter for cleaning must be carefully so that the dirt from it does not get into the carburetor. The filter should be cleaned or washed in water with some detergent, dried and installed back.

Carburetor’s resolution is eliminated by its adjustment. This is usually done using three screws. maximum and minimum revolutions and a blank screw.

How to adjust the oil supply to the chain of the chainsaw. an expert on technology

I start a heading called “Likbez” in which I will talk about the details and nodes of the chainsaws, their design, the reasons for the failure and about the methods of repair.

Open this section of the oil pump. Oil pump in a chainsaw is necessary for lubricating the saw chain during operation. In most cases, a plunger oil pump is installed. Located an oil pump under clutch.

The device of the oil pump of the chainsaw:

To get to it, you need to remove the clutch (the whole process can be seen in detail on the video. Thanks to the author of the video Evgeny Kravchenko for the detailed story!).

This is what the oil pump looks like after filming:

The figure is very clearly visible a plunger in which there is a groove on the tail. This groove is needed to capture the necessary portion of oil and supply it through the hose to the saw tire and further to the chain. Rotation of the plunger is given by an asterisk of the clutch drum. Accordingly, we get the required amount of oil at any engine speed, since the engine speed and the plunger rotation frequency are interconnected.

Many chainsaws have the ability to adjust the amount of oil supplied. The adjustment is carried out by rotating the screw, which reduces or increases the amount of oil captured by the plunger. The screw is located below the pump. (cm.a photo).

Malfunctions of the oil pump and lubrication system:

  • The most common reason why the oil lubrication is ceased to be supplied is the output channel clogged. In this case, you just need to blow the channels. The channels can also be clogged on the bus. Just clean it.
  • Oil flow during downtime. Several reasons are possible here: 1.Cracks in the oil pump body.2.Check the integrity of the hoses and their fastening.
  • Insufficient lubrication of the chain. As I already wrote above, on some chainsaws, it is possible to adjust the amount of oil supplied. If there is no such adjustment, then again several Air leaks through cracks in the hoses, pump housing, or in places of attaching hoses.2.The boots were erased on the oil pump drive. In this case, replacement. This also applies to the plunger.
  • Large oil consumption. This malfunction may occur due to: 1.Incorrectly installed tire2.Oil pump output. In fairness, it is worth noting that many chain oil consumption for the lubrication of the chain is great in nature. Reduce its consumption, using specialized oils for lubrication of circuits.

Diagnostics and repair of the oil pump and the lubrication system of the chain of the chainship

Device and repair of the oil pumping pump

Any chainsaw, regardless of its class, power and other technical characteristics, has, in addition to other main functional nodes, the lubricant system. It contains an oil pump that is responsible for pumping consumables to a saw set for its lubrication and reduce wear of a carved element (wear is inevitable due to friction force).

This important node can break, which is why the operators of the power unit have to diagnose the breakdown for sure, and then, repair the oil pump of the chainsaw. The latter is really to do it independently without the need to contact the service of the center.

Practical recommendations


Before starting to operate the chainsaws, you need to check the lubricant system of the chain of the chain of the chain. For this purpose, it is necessary to hold the end of the tire, putting a paper sheet under it. When the speed is added, the oily strip should form on the sheet.

Proper lubrication of the chain greatly increases the duration of the headset of the chainsaw. If the oil is not enough, then the operation of the device will be carried out dry. The cutting headset will quickly break. The friction of the details should be minimal in nature, so all guides, articulated joints should be covered with an oily film.

When the chain moves along the guide tire, the lubrication system should provide a constant flow of oil. This function is performed by the oil pump. With it, the right amount of oil is supplied to the guide tire and its groove.

The leading links of the chain scatter oil to the total length of the groove. A guarantee of proper lubrication of the chain is considered:

Before starting work, it is necessary to constantly monitor the operation of the lubricant system. The correctness of the supply of lubricating material is determined on the sides of the chain, they must be lubricated all the time.

The need for lubricants is always different. It all depends on the fact that it is necessary to cut. When the cut length reaches large values, the tree has high hardness and thick bark, you must have a large supply.

If the cutting headset is smoke or the chain stops, we can talk about a large heating. The main reason is the lack of lubrication. Other reasons can be:

The design of the chainsaw

Chainsaw consists of several large independent nodes.

  • The internal combustion engine is designed to produce mechanical energy, which is used to drive a chain saw.
  • The gearbox transfers torque from the engine to the cutting tool. Is a set of gears and intermediate shafts.
  • Clutch is an intermediate link between the gearbox and the chain. It is used for a short.term rupture of the “gearbox. chain” chain. Provides the immobility of the chain saw at idle. Interrupts or weakens the transfer moment in emergency situations (for example, drainage of the saw until a complete stop), which allows the engine to work and not stall.
  • Automatic brake interrupts the circuit when it is cut off, bounced from the processed tree, the occurrence of emergency operating modes.
  • Tire. guide for a chain saw.
  • The mechanism of the chain tension.
  • The device lubricant and other elements.

Rotalube Chain Lubricator in animation with oil pump set

Principle of operation

The main node of the system is the pump. The principle of its work is as follows. With an increase in engine speed, the gear installed on the main shaft, through the worm gear, the pump shaft drives in motion. In turn, the rotation of the shaft creates a certain pressure in the oil line, which makes the oil move along it towards the tire.

The end of the oil channel is located at the place of contact of the tire with the tool card, where there is a longitudinal groove on which its oil channel gets when installing the tire.

The groove is necessary to ensure the supply of oil to the tire, regardless of the degree of tension of the chain of the chainships. Simply put, no matter what position the tire is at the time of operation, the oil will fall through the groove through the groove.

Then a chain is included in the lubricant process, on the links of which, depending on the model of the circuit, there is either a groove or a hole through which the oil is accelerated over the entire bus. With an increase in engine speed, the oil supply speed also increases.

Some models of the chainsaws are equipped with pumps, which additionally have the adjustment of the bandwidth, and if necessary, the amount of oil supplied by the lubrication system can be increased or reduced.

This function is satisfied with convenient, t. to. allows you to save and not spend excess oil.

The device for lubrication of the chain of the chain of the chain. Chain lubrication

Chain chainsaw. a tool equipped with a two.stroke carburetor engine. For high.quality and long.term operation of the chainsaw, it is necessary not only fuel. gasoline, but also lubricants, that is, oil. All technical oils, regardless of the principle of action and the scope of use, serve as one goal. the quality of the engine, lubricating the leading parts of the motor, the durability of details, and a decrease in the degree of wear of details.

Important! Motor oil for mixing with gasoline in order to refuel a chainsaw and oil for lubricating the chain of the chainsaw. not the same!

The perfect oil for lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw should meet the following requirements:

  • Being a high.quality, preferably, a known world brand or “family”, which is produced by the manufacturer for its chainsaws;
  • have good adhesive properties, that is, evenly and tightly distributed throughout the area of ​​the chain and the place of contact of the chain with the bus;
  • comply with viscosity standards for the season;
  • not to be smoke.forming;
  • withstand low temperature and do not freeze in frost, which is especially important for working in the winter season.

How to use oil lubrication oil chain?

To supply lubrication to the chain in a chain chainsaw or electric saw, a special pump is provided. With this pump, the oil should be supplied directly to the tire, distributed along the chain, contributing to the quality work of the tool. The degree of oil consumption directly depends on the number of engine speeds. the higher it is, the greater the consumption.

The device for lubrication of the chain of the chain of the chain

The components of the lubricant system of the chainsaw:

  • oil tank (located in the crankcase, oil needs to be poured into it so that it comes to the chain);
  • oil filter (installed inside the tank);
  • oil pipeline or oil.conducting hose (made of rubber resistant to wear);
  • oil pump;
  • gear of worm gear;
  • The tire of the chainsaw (it contains holes through which oil comes).

What oil to use for the chain of the chainsaw:

Why is the lubrication of the chain of the chainship

Lubricate the chain of the chainsaw for several reasons:

  • Prevention of overheating of the tire;
  • improvement of the chain along the tire;
  • reduction in the wear of the chain, slimming of blades more slowly grinding;
  • stable engine operation (the smaller the load on the tire, the more stable the engine works, with the bus on which there is no lubricant, the saw will not work for a long time);
  • The lubrication of the chain will provide the possibility of prolonged operation at low temperatures.

SKF single-line lubrication systems

What oils are suitable for lubrication of the chain. classification

For lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw, it is recommended to use such types of oils:

  • from the famous world manufacturers (STIHL, Daewoo, Husqvarna and others, on the packages of such oils there is usually a “adhesive” mark);
  • Original chain from the same manufacturer (if they are in the assortment);
  • with a good biodegradability indicator in CEC-L-33-T-82 (95%);
  • with viscosity that meets European quality and safety standards. Example of the Standard: Vitness index 130 DIN ISO 2909, density at 15 ° C. 0.89 g/cm³ DIN 51757, thickening temperature.25 ° C Din ISO

Champion oil adhesive for lubrication of the chain

How to replace?

If you use the oil for the chain of the same name from the manufacturer, there is no way to use the motor oils of known brands that can be replaced by chain. Of course, it is not desirable to use the motor for the chain of the chainsaw, but as a temporary measure, it is acceptable. Manufacturers whose motor oils retain the working properties at temperatures up to minus 30 ° C: premium nanothek, standard, Enkor, Makita, Makita Biotope, Makita Oregon, Stihl Bio Plus.

What oils are not suitable for lubrication of the chain

It is poorly reflected in the quality of the chain and the condition of the chain and tires. The use of such types of oils:

  • falsifications of unknown production (the composition of such oils cannot be analyzed and confirmed);
  • development, which has not passed filtration and upholding (mechanical particles contained in the development, will quickly lead to the wear of the chain and tires), modern environmental norms prescribe that working out should not be used, it should be disposed of according to the rules;
  • transmission (not very suitable option due to the inconsistency of viscosity).

What is the danger of saving in oil?

Why saving in oil for a chain is dangerous for a chainsaw? If you approach the issue globally, then the wear of the chain, tires, the quick overheating of the chainsaw during operation and, ultimately, even the engine breakdown. The cost of the failed spare parts is always much higher than the cost of good oil, so try to constantly fill in high.quality fluids of famous brands in your chainsaw.

TOP-5 popular oils for lubrication of the chain of chainsaw

brands of oils for lubrication of the chain of the chainships. five leading world brands:

  • Ökoplus XS 68. biodegradable, for saw chains made on the basis of vegetable oil. Complies with German biodegradability standards, forestry and manipulations with forestry.
  • Liquu Moly Sude-Ketten Oil 100-high-quality mineral chain oil, has excellent adhesive properties and can be used both at high and low temperatures.
  • STIHL BIOPLUS. for processing high.speed circuits. Used on high.power chainsaws operating in harsh conditions.
  • Vegeil Husqvarna. on a plant basis, as environmentally friendly and biodegradable as possible.
  • Oregon. all chain oils of the latest generation are made on the basis of high molecular weight compounds, retain the chain and tire from wear, protect against corrosion.

Other well-known brands producing chain oils for chainsaws and electric saws: Motul, Ravenol, Dnipro, Scythian ol, Mobil.

The principle of lubrication of the chain and tire

The main organ of the fuel system of the chainsaw is an oil pump. Когда обороты двигателя начинают повышаться, шестеренка червячной передачи дает импульс валу насоса и он начинает движение. The shaft rotates, creating pressure inside the oil mistral. Thus, under pressure, the oil moves along the mistral to the bus.

Why the oil is not supplied to the chain of the chainsaw?. machines, welding, metalworking

Chain chainsaw. a tool equipped with a two.stroke carburetor engine. For high.quality and long.term operation of the chainsaw, it is necessary not only fuel. gasoline, but also lubricants, that is, oil. All technical oils, regardless of the principle of action and the scope of use, serve as one goal. the quality of the engine, lubricating the leading parts of the motor, the durability of details, and a decrease in the degree of wear of details.

Important! Motor oil for mixing with gasoline in order to refuel a chainsaw and oil for lubricating the chain of the chainsaw. not the same!

The perfect oil for lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw should meet the following requirements:

  • Being a high.quality, preferably, a known world brand or “family”, which is produced by the manufacturer for its chainsaws;
  • have good adhesive properties, that is, evenly and tightly distributed throughout the area of ​​the chain and the place of contact of the chain with the bus;
  • comply with viscosity standards for the season;
  • not to be smoke.forming;
  • withstand low temperature and do not freeze in frost, which is especially important for working in the winter season.

Clutch clutch device and how it works

Chainsaws are equipped with mechanisms such as clutch couplings. The main purpose of this detail is to ensure the transfer of torque from the crankshaft to the tool chain. The chainsaws use couplings related to friction. They operate automatically, and do not require the use of additional control levers.

When starting the chainsaw engine, the crankshaft rotation. The lack of friction coupling contributed to the constant rotation of the cutting chain. This would not only complicate the start of the engine due to the additional load, but also led to a number of negative consequences:

  • Increase in fuel consumption
  • Unsafe operation of the tool, since at idle speed the chain will rotate, which increases the risk of injuries with a sawmill
  • A reduced resource of an electric motor, since a coupling is a kind of fuse that excludes excessive overload of the internal combustion engine

The design of the clutch coupling is quite simple, and includes a number of the following details:

  • The drum is a transmitted mechanism that connects to the asterisk of the chainsaw, transmitting the force of rotation to the chain
  • Friction linings or worships. tend to move in a radial direction with an increase in centrifugal force
  • Springs. they are represented by different species, but perform the function of pressing friction pads to the shaft of the motor

How one of the key mechanisms of the chainsaw works works? When starting the motor, when it works at idle speeds with a frequency of up to 2700 rpm, the chain does not move. It is necessary for its movement to centrifugal force. This force develops by an engine with an increase in the number of revolutions. As soon as the saw presses on the gas, the crankshaft begins to rotate with a higher speed. At the same time, under the influence of centrifugal forces, overlays or worships include lining or worst, forcing it to move at the same speed. The stronger to press the accelerator trigger, the higher the speed of rotation of the chain. The maximum rotation frequency reaches 13600 revolutions per minute.

Automatic friction couplings that are used on chainsaws have a simple device, which positively affects their cost. If the coupling comes out of the system, then most often this happens due to damage to the spring element. A failed part can be replaced or buy a new coupling for a specific chainsaw model. Most often, the reason for the failure of this mechanism is the frequent jamming of the chain in the sawing workpiece. However, with such jamming, the whole blow takes on the clutch, excluding the failure of the internal combustion engine.

It is interesting! The dumplings of the chainsaw coupling are connected to the asterisk, to which the chain is attached. Stars on the tools under consideration have a different location. from the external or inside, which depends on the model of the chainsaw. Stars are also collapsible and non.vegetable, that is, alloy with a drum or removable.

External collapsible asterisk of a chainsaw

Repair of the Carburetor STIHL MS 180

Repair of the STIHL MS 180 carburetor is a very difficult process. Note that when repairing, the risk of sharp changes in the cylinder.piston group is practically absent.

If the chainsaw is not started, then apply the following actions:

1) open and close the gas tank lid;

2) it is advisable to extract and then drain the candle;

If after this there was no positive results, then it is better to control the condition of the air filter, the process of supplying gasoline and the functioning of the candle.

This problem is related to the valve (Slepun), which is clogged, and as a result, vacuum is formed. All about repairing the chainsaws with my own hands, my oil is not flowing from my chainsaw. To eliminate this inconvenience, you need to clean the valve (Sleepun) with a needle.

Systematically check the filter, if the muffler clogs, the device will not be able to give the power that is laid in it.

If the chainsaw was purchased with a guarantee (as a rule, it cannot be another option) immediately hand over it to the service.

Thus, the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is very convenient to use, has good ergonomics and a number of significant advantages.

The device of the lubricating mechanism of the chainsaw and how it works

The tire is a guide for the chain, but both of these devices are made of metal. The rotation of the chain at high speed helps to heat the metal due to friction. If you do not cool the moving chain during the operation of the chainsaw, then this will lead not only to its almost instant wear, but also to the failure of the tire. To exclude the negative consequences, in all types and models of saw (not only gasoline, but also electric), the mechanisms of lubrication of the chain are used. They not only cool the metal when heated, but also reduce the friction of the chain on the surface of the tire.

The lubricating mechanism of the chain of the chainsaw is presented in the form of an oil pump operating in automatic mode. The oil supply occurs only with the engine operating, and the more revolutions, the more often lubrication is carried out. Plunger pumps are used on chainsaws, which are also called piston.

With the question of the principle of operation of the oil pump, we will figure out in detail, after finding out its design:

  • The oil pump case, which is made not only of aluminum, but also plastic. Plastic options for oil pumps are used mainly on household chainsaws
  • Plunger is a cylindrical detail by means of pumping oil. The plunger consists of worm gear, through which it is set in motion
  • Feeding and exhaust channels that are connected to oil pipelines

Now consider the principle of operation of the plunger oil pump of the chainsaw. The plunger shaft of the pump is given due to the rotation of the leading star of the chain. To ensure the transmission of torque, the oil pump of the chainsaw has a toothed gear. The rotational moment is transmitted to the driven gear of the pump only when the chain moves, so on x.X. engine oil does not swing the pump.

  • On the end side of the plunger shaft rests on the stem. This stem on some models of oil pumps is adjustable. The plunger shaft has a design with a wall, as shown in the photo below
  • The reverse side of the plunger, called the working one, has a design in the form of a segment ledge or cutout, as shown in the photo below
  • The plunger rotates, thereby opening the supply channel for the intake of the portion of oil from the oil tank. Next, the exhaust channel opens, from where the portion of the oil comes out, entering the chain lubrication tire. The scheme of the plunger mechanism is presented below

The principle of operation of the oil pump of the chainsaws is quite simple, which positively affects its cost. The oil pump is subject to repair, but with wear of the end protrusion in the form of a wave, a part or mechanism is recommended to be replaced.

It is interesting! Oil pumps in the design can have an adjusting screw through which you can configure the performance of the mechanism. If the oil pump of the chainsaws fails, then it is forbidden to operate the tool.

After launching the chainsaws, check the serviceability of the oil pump in the following way. place a blank sheet of paper in front of the tire, and repay. In this case, oily spots should appear on the sheet.

The device of the chain tension mechanism

One of the simplest mechanisms of the chainship is a chain tensioner. It consists of a pin connected to a screw. The screw is driven through a special tool. screwdriver or hexagonal key. Rotation of the screw helps to move the pin in a special tool for the tool. Together with the moving pin, the tire displacement occurs, while causing pulling the circuit.

The adjusting screw on the chainsaws of different manufacturers can be in different places. from the side, from the bottom or on the end side of the tool. You need to regularly control the quality of the tension of the chain, since the weakened chain can go off the tire groove, which will lead to the tragic consequences for the sawdust. It is also impossible to allow a strong tightening of the chain, as it will work under load, and at one moment it will tear, which is also fraught with a serious injury. You can find out more about chains for chainsaws and tires here.

Having examined the detailed design of the chainsaw, it will not be difficult to repair it with your own hands. You need to understand that chainsaws are the tool that is used not only for sawing wood. Using different nozzles allows you to significantly expand the functionality of the tool. At the same time, do not forget that even the most expensive and high.quality models of tools also break, so they need regular diagnosis, maintenance and repair.

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