Champion grass trimmer what gasoline. The most important characteristics and parameters

All of the fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass

Any owner of the suburban site had to face the task of mowing. The lawn mower is needed much more often than a chainsaw or a single tractor, because the grass grows faster than trees and shrubs. In this regard, the question inevitably arises, what kind of fuel mixture is poured into a trimmer for grass? A mixture of gasoline and oil should be prepared in the correct proportion to ensure high engine performance. Below are the possible consequences that can be caused by too rich or vice versa, too poor in the trimmer. But first of all, it is necessary to understand what role oil plays for two.Stroke engines, which are most often equipped with benzotrimers.

The main difference between the principles of the work of a two- and four-stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) is that in the case of a 4-stroke unit, lubrication of the rubbing parts occurs using a crankcase and an oil pump. The capacities of the four.Stroke engine allow us to ensure the operation of this unit. And in a trimmer for grass with a two.Stroke engine, a mixture of gasoline and oil for lubricating the entire system (cylinder and pistons, crankshaft, bearings support) is required. To correctly dilute and prepare such a mixture for a trimmer for grass, there is a special classification, more often presented as a table.


The oil in the trimmer is no different from the lubricants intended for another summer cottage technique equipped with a two-stroke ICE. It has the same composition, a package of additives and detergents. Let us consider in more detail the American classification of oils, or, as it is commonly called, API.

  • Группа ТА разработана для использования в триммерах и мопедах с воздушным охлаждением двухтактного двигателя. Заявленный объем устройств от 50 куб.См до 200 куб.Cm.
  • Группа TV так же используется в триммерах и иной садовой технике, только с уже повышенным объемом двигателя.

Надо помнить, что группы ТА и TV не являются взаимозаменяемыми, соотношение бензина и масла в них могут отличаться.


Своя классификация масел существует так же и у японцев. В отличие от общепринятой во всем мире американской классификации, японская рассчитана, в основном, на экологические нормы.

  • Группа FA разработана для использования в триммерах и других приборах для стран, где нормы к выхлопу являются довольно низкими.
  • Группа FB предназначается для триммеров с двухтактным двигателем, где законодательные требования к выхлопу значительно повышены.
  • The FC group for trimmers, where the requirements for the development of gasoline and oil are minimal. Zero exhaust.

The remaining classifications are not intended for trimmers.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев 49

Unine.Based tractor “Mole” I feed 92. Although 76 used to digest well. For 15 years I have never prepared for wintering. Similarly, with a saw and a trimmer. Our country season ends very sharply and unexpectedly, and therefore I can’t prepare. Today, last year’s mixture of liters is 5, everything starts up and works.

Lying for many years good 92.If 2-stroke, then gasoline with butter (it is desirable to strictly pour without overflows and short-legged oil-this is harmful). I pour the mixture only to work. You can’t leave. The mixture does not get drunk for a long time. It is better to bring in small portions to work. If there is not much left, I drain.For the winter. An empty tank only.

In 4-tact, I leave a little gasoline in the winter. But I block the supply of gasoline to the carburetor and wait until it develops the rest.

Oil in a 4-stroke motor block I change every spring before starting work.

champion, grass, trimmer, gasoline

The experience is still small, only one winter. All last season, and that has begun this is 92 gasoline. Champion oil of a Chinese manufacturer. Then I will switch to “Shtlevskoye”. I read the forums. To preserve for the winter or not. I talked with my grandfathers from the forestry, they said do not score your brain. Finished the season, put the whole tool into the garage. I tucked it in the spring, and drove I tried it. Everything is fine, I started it easily.

Do not leave the main thing in the winter, and indeed with a mixture in the tank. Empty and let him modify the rest. The mixture is oxidized quickly.STIHL used. Pontent Dear. Better gasoline 92 normal.

I leave 5 years as there is gasoline and leave it and leave ! The braid for grass and chainsaws work with half a turn

Lew 100 from Lukoil) The pancake began to mow itself))) Of course, 92 Husqvarna oil, I don’t drain Benz for the winter, but I pour a new one before the season, I do not do more than two liters of the mixture.To say benz with butter for a long time nizya!

I keep with benz, then I fill in the new 92, and I change the candle in the season, it leads with half

The mixture is stored no more than 5 days.Then it breaks down and you can’t use it. It is necessary to produce for 5 days. Mix conveniently in 5-liter bottles. If you need little mixture, then in the Stilevskaya special bottle of a liter-item in a nose-starter for oil.Cosha himself with a parapier and pour 92 but 5 years poured 95 and everything is fine. For the winter, conservation with a complete drain of fuel and filling in a cylinder of a teaspoon of two.Stroke oil is necessarily. And pull the starter several times.

Why is it not to be used after 5 days suddenly? And what is it split into? On atoms or something! In childhood, Bati in a motorcycle, of course, split overnight, to an almost empty tank. And now what suddenly? There will be no Ioi still something else to start?

Split. This is a modern myth of dick quality. If you remember in childhood, Bati/grandfather Moped “Riga” only did not pour there and it went. And right now.- 5 years keep then split, for the winter.

Then my gasoline is some kind of wrong, since the technique starts with gasoline month ago!

I’m talking about the fact that they go for the ears. From last year everything has been flooded and in the spring. Chainsaw, drill, lawn mower. I don’t drain anything if it remains.

Split. This is a modern myth of dick quality. If you remember in childhood, Bati/grandfather Moped “Riga” only did not pour there and it went. And right now.- 5 years keep then split, for the winter.

For the time being. The piston does not wear out immediately. Can ride but it’s better not to take risks. The technique is expensive and I want to save it. An analogy with Soviet motorcycles is interesting and touching. My Carpathians were also refueling. But with Japanese scooters and Canadian snowmobiles this will not pass, upper. I don’t want to try. Also with high.Tech lawn.Cocked equipment. Here is a bottle. Prepare the mixture-minute. Everything is thought out. Is it really so difficult to follow the recommendations?

What is the difference between oils for different types of engines?

The different principle of operation of the oil system forces the use of lubricants with different properties and characteristics.

In addition, in four.Stroke engines the oil serves the whole season, and in two.Stroke engines it lubricates the details, then burns in the cylinder, which also affects the requirements for it.

Four stroke

According to the principle of operation, the four.Stroke power unit is completely identical to automobile internal combustion engines.

Therefore, the requirements for lubricating fluid are the same as for ordinary motor oil for high.Speed car engines.

champion, grass, trimmer, gasoline

The main parameter of the lubricant for four.Strokes is viscosity, which describes how fluid the oil will be at the operating temperature, and indicate the parameter with the letter “W” and the numbers before and after it.

The numbers in front of the letter describe the minimum negative temperature at which it retains its lubricant, but for trimmers this parameter is not relevant, because it is not used during frost.

The numbers after the letter describe the viscosity at operating temperature. Typically, for four.Stroke trimmers, they take a lubricant 5W30 or 5W40.

Another relatively important oil parameter for four.Stroke engines is the type of lubricant, that is:

Mineral oil is made by thermal distillation (distillation) of oil and heavy oil products. It is cheap, but has mediocre lubricants and low resistance to high temperatures.

Synthetic oil is obtained from various gases emerging from the Earth along with oil. It is much more expensive, but has noticeably better lubricant and resistance to high temperatures. Semi.Synthetics is a mixture of both basics.

However, basic oils of any type have extremely mediocre characteristics, so they are modified using various additives (additives) that change the properties of the finished product.

Over, the requirements for the clock depend on the characteristics of the motor and the conditions of its operation, however, trimmers engines work in noticeably more comfortable conditions than automobile, therefore, oil intended for any engine is suitable for them. For this reason, the API class is not indicated on the container with lubricant fluid for trimmers, that is, compliance with certain automobile engines.


Since oil for such engines works only a few moments, after which it burns in the cylinder, it does not require the same resistance that is characteristic of the lubricant of four.Stroke engines.

In addition, it should have a higher lubricant, because such oil comes to the bearing being very diluted with gasoline.

Since all two-stroke engines of garden equipment work approximately in the same conditions, the oil for them has no divisions in viscosity or some classes.

Two.Stroke oil is suitable for a trimmer for grass, even if it is written on the packaging or container that it is intended for the following two.Stroke devices:

An important condition is complete combustion in the cylinder, otherwise the trimmer for the grass will greatly pollute the environment, and the smell of its exhaust will be extremely unpleasant.

That is why the incorrectly composed fuel mixture gives a thick dark or blue exhaust with a sharp unpleasant odor. The same effect appears when the apparatus with a faulty or non.Configured engine/carburetor appears, as well as with strong encouraging.

Choice of motorcycles for various operating conditions

In this section, we will tell with examples how to choose a good apparatus, which will be most effective at minimal costs, and we will also give several examples of the selection of benzos:

  • Mowing herbs near the house, a budget of 10 thousand;
  • Maximum price ratio/quality;
  • Device for cutting trees branches;
  • Trimmer for grass for giving.
champion, grass, trimmer, gasoline

For mowing grass near the house, budget 10 thousand

To perform such work, a minimum power apparatus is suitable in conventional configuration, because for mowing herbs is enough standard coil or a trimmer head. To select a specific model, you can use the search for any online store or sites such as Yandex market.

Enter the maximum cost of a trimmer for grass in the filter and get access to models of the corresponding price range. Then use the filter, having built models in the number of positive reviews or popularity and select models of the upper part of the list. Conduct a comparison of their configuration and technical parameters.

Remember, even if a good suspension system is not included in the package, it can be purchased separately for 1-2 thousand.

That is, you will have to choose what to donate. For example, you can choose a device with a reduced mowing width, because this parameter is important only when choosing a saw disk. After all the cries, there will be several models from which you will have to choose the most you like.

For example, you can choose the following trimmers for the grass:

Hand push lawn grass trimmer gasoline two stroke

    – Power 3 liters. With., The kit includes a saw disk and a charged reel with a fishing line for mowing grass, as well as a good suspended system. A power of 3 liters. With., A three.Lobed knife and a charged reel with a fishing line for mowing grass included, and instead of a suspended system, a regular belt, together with a trimmer, we recommend that we purchase a suspension system for 1-2 thousand, for example, Champion C4004 for 1950.

Maximum price ratio and quality

To choose a trimmer for grass, which has a maximum ratio of price and quality, you must first determine what exactly is considered quality.

If you mean the quality of materials by this, then it directly depends on the cost of finished products, so most Chinese devices are inexpensive.

After all, the manufacturer uses cheap materials, but the device still performs its work and serves for many years.

If by this parameter it means the quality of mowing, then it does not depend on the trimmer for the grass, but on the cutting tool.

Therefore, we suggest by quality to mean the effectiveness or compliance of customer expectations. That is, the maximum ratio of price and quality means that for the minimum cost the buyer will receive the most effective device under his conditions.

Choosing oil mushrooms

As mentioned above, oil mushrooms oil is necessary for lubricating the working units of the engine. The oily fluid when it enters inside spreads through the details, providing light sliding, durability and minimal wear of the technique.

Important! Oil for a 2-stroke engine is categorically not suitable for a 4-stroke engine.

The difference lies in the fact that when the 2-stroke engine is operated with gasoline, but the oil for a 4-stroke engine does not burn, but on the contrary, retains its physical and chemical characteristics.

Important! In no case should you pour car oil into the tank. Lubrices for cars and trucks are designed for water cooling mechanisms. And in the lawnmands, air cooling is used. Therefore, for garden equipment, their products are produced, focused on air cooling.

Lubricants for two.Stroke engines

Manufacturers of lubricants always indicate the label or in the instructions for use for which types of engines this product is suitable. For two.Stroke engines, you can purchase the following lubricants:

Oil for four.Stroke engines

For engines of this type, lubricants with the marking SAE-30, SAE 20W-50 and SAE 10W-30 are ideal. The numbers and letters indicate the viscosity of the lubricant, as well as the weather conditions. For example, the SAE-30 and SAE 20W-50 are ideal for summer time, and SAE 10W-30 is best used in the winter or off-season. For all seasons, it is allowed to use oil marking 5W30. For four.Stroke engines, preference is given to semi.Synthetic or mineral products.

How to refuel a gasoline lawn?

For refueling, pure unhealthy gasoline is used, which was stored for no more than a week in a clean container without oil residue.

It is necessary to pour fuel using a watering can or a special tip worn on the canister to avoid spilling gasoline.

After all, the spilled fuel is a serious fire hazard, and also makes an unpleasant odor and stains hands or clothes.

You can not pour a full fuel tank, because during operation the engine releases a lot of heat, some of which reaches a gas tank of the lawn mower and at least a little, but heats its contents. This leads to increased fuel evaporation and an increase in pressure inside the gas tank, which also leads to an increase in pressure inside the fuel system.

If this happens, then the fuel mixture entering the cylinder will be richer, which means that the fuel contained in it will not burn completely, but will burn out in the engine head and its silencer, which will reduce the resource of these parts.

Before pouring fuel, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions for the operation of a gasoline lawn mower, because there is the maximum level of fuel, which cannot be exceeded.

In order to fill the fuel, you need to do the following:

  • Stop the engine if the grass was mowed before this, then wait 5-10 minutes so that the motor and the surrounding space are cooled (if the mower is only delivered to the place of work, then this item is not required);
  • Clean a cloth to clean the fuel tank cover, as well as the space adjacent to it from beveled grass or dust;
  • Unscrew the lid and remove it to the side;
  • Using a watering can or a special nozzle on the canister, pour fuel into the tank;
  • Put on, then wrap the lid;
  • Wipe the lid, pouring neck and tank with a clean dry rag.

How to prepare a fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass

But such results are real if you know exactly how much oil is added to gasoline for a garden trimmer for grass. The fact is that two.Stroke engines operate on a mixture of gasoline with butter. The fuel enters the cylinder, burns there, creating a working effort on the piston, and that part of the oil that did not have time to ignite, lubricates the moving parts of the piston group. When preparing a mixture for a trimmer for grass to a liter of gasoline, it is necessary to add a strictly defined amount of oil. If there is too little lubrication, then the friction force will become too large and the motor will jam, and in the case of too much, the oil will fill the candle and the engine will staller. Also, with excess oil, the engine power will decrease, it will not develop the required revolutions and smoke much.

When compiling a fuel mixture, it is necessary to calculate how much oil is needed per liter of gasoline, based not only from the standard proportion, but also from which brand of gasoline and oil is used. In the case of two.Stroke engines, it is very important.

Champion T523-2 trimmer or “I want to be a check

I did not write on the blog for a long time, I decided to write about my new acquisition-the Champion T523-2 trimmer. Why is he to me? Mow grass in the country, more precisely, be an auxiliary to Stihl FS250. It should replace it MTD 990, who died with a collapsed knee. It was immediately interesting for me to compare the trimmer for grass for 100 and 300 at. E. In itself, trimmers for grass are very similar in terms of application. 1.9 mares of the champion, 2.2 Shtil.

Why Champion? I had such requirements. It is not difficult to find spare parts and not at the price of a cast.Iron bridge (hello to the woodpeckers from MTD, where the crankshaft is 990 as this trimmer for the grass assembled and the piston rings of 4500), as well as a separate bar, which would be when it is easy to transport a trimmer for grass to another place of work. They are suitable for our Kaluga city realities Champion, Echo, Stihl and Husqvarna. Theoretically, there is SC on Huter and Patriot, but there are all sorts of small ipshniks, but the fate of which is still in the current (post) coronary realities.

Trimmer for grass in the family he is the 4th, the first was Stern GGT950B, which still lies in the form of a bunch of spare parts after the death of the ignition coil. Then the four.Stroke MTD 990 was purchased, which died this year, then the Stihl FS250 was bought, now this champion. Kosim cottage about 27 acres about once every 2 weeks from May to September. So I have some experience in this matter.

Shpule under the fishing line for a trimmer I also saw this typical Chinese miracle in the photo. Those who write that the coil is normal-you have not used a normal coil, such as the Stihl Autocut 25-2 (the coil to the check, but it is not equipped with a reel) or echo z5 (redid it under the MTD 990, which has a native Spool is even worse than Chinese).

I didn’t even put my native spool to try, since I got a good removal from the MTD to the champion. I think it will suit other trimmers with a similar reel.

Mixing canists from Champion chainsaw 256-18 and Champion T523-2. Why is a trimmer for the grass not equipped with a normal canister like their own chainsaws?

For operating experience. A dioecious crankshaft solid advantage. How to determine a dive knee? Starter from the opposite part from the bar. What is a good dioxide? Typical death of one.Open. A broken neck of a connecting rod.

The air filter has one drawback. The case does not hold very well. I knocked it at the first meters of mowing. So you need to follow him.

The handle consists of two halves. How reliable it is, that question is still.

Strange duality here. Mini protection on the gearbox stands on 3 screws on the tops of the triangle, for a typical protection mount. But the fastening and protection of a la STIHL was made, and on a high console, which raises questions to the reliability of this design, in the calm the protection is screwed directly to the gearbox. I think they shortened the usual Chinese gearbox here, but they wanted something different for the flagship (whether they have larger?) models, and blinded the adapter.

The second question is. What kind of protection and plug under the lubricant under the pH screwdriver? The slot will break up over time and fig you will unscrew it. And nearby imbuses (hexagons) everywhere. Not even saving, which would be clear, but it is not clear that.

In the collection. Small tuning in the form of a pillow between the motor and suspension, a la mtd. Significantly reduces vibration.

Mannol and 92 gasoline oil from the shell gasoline mixed in a ratio of 40 to 1 mixed up. Yes semi.Synthetics, some can say that mineral water is enough. With normal work, I interfere in the region of 45 to 1, a little with a margin relatively recommended 50 to 1 but in this oil they work calmly from the Tsigan saw to the STIHL FS250 and without problems. And smokes little, even in mixtures 25: 1 and 20: 1. Played a couple of tanks for a pair of tanks in working mode. Well, the pros and cons of Champion T523-2.

Price. Trimmer for grass for about 110 bucks (8050 in rubles). He mows, respectively, his 1.9 mares. FS250 is a little better, but there and 2.2 mares, but not 3 times (Stihl FS250 costs around 300. E. Or about 24 thousand).

Noise. He is relatively quiet, relatively wildly howling. The headphones are pleasantly mutter like a diesel. Without. Howl like a howl. Chemop has a volume more and less working turnover (40.2 versus 51.7 cm3 and about 12,000 RPM versus about 8000 revolutions)

The weight. FS250, it seems, is also not a light trimmer for grass and it will be difficult for women to communicate with it, but this one is even harder than it. It is tangible so heavier.

Heat. There is nothing to get on how to do. Heated to the state “hotly like at Satan’s ball” almost everything. The clutch and the engine casing is hot. FS250 does not have this

Coil. Mow it not to respect herself. Compared to normal coils, this is the bottom. As for the fishing line, mowed the Ekhov red stars 2.4 with Ekhovskaya Z5. For a trail she is thin, which will tear her as much as to do. Mows well, you can try to put 2.7.

Best Battery String Trimmer 2022 �� Top 5 Best Battery Powered String Trimmers Reviews

Conclusion is a suitable unit for its money, even in comparison with the STIHL FS250, which in itself is a rather demanding unit in terms of consumables. But the devil, as they say, in details.

User manual


Champion grass trimmers are designed for long.Term use. In order to extend the service life, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance in accordance with the operating instructions.

After you have completed the work with the Champion trimmer, you need to clean the device of dirt, dust and sticking foliage.

To do this, use water or wet rag. After that, it is recommended to remove the remaining water with a dry rag to prevent corrosion on the benzocous.

The ratio of the fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass

Champion gasoline trimmers work on the fuel mixture of gasoline and fuel. It is recommended to use SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30 as lubricants. Fuel must be used no lower than AI-92. The proportion of mixing gasoline and oil is 25: 1.

Every 25 hours of operation, it is necessary to clean the fuel and air filter from adhering dirt and dust.

Periodically, it is necessary to lubricate the system of attaching a trimmer coil in order to prevent it from jamming and reduce friction.

First start

If you have become the first owner of the Champion motorcycle tanks, you must start working with this equipment correctly. To do this, read the instruction manual. It prescribes the rules of assembly, safe operation and maintenance.

Before the first launch, it is necessary to correctly mix the fuel mixture, pour it, pump up the fuel about 5 times, and let the trimmer work out without load during the first 4 hours. This is done so that the details of the motor are lubricated, friction decreases in them, and they stand in the appropriate grooves.

At the end of this period, drain the remaining fuel mixture and pour a new.

After that, the trimmer for the grass is completely ready for operation.

Rules for using electric models

Many electric models cause distrust among new buyers, since they are tied to a power supply network.

But they have a number of advantages compared to gasoline. They are quieter, more economical, and most importantly cheaper! The only nuance is the presence of a cable and limiting the area of ​​action of its long. But this moment is easily corrected if there is an extension cord.

Electric trimmers for grass are just an ideal solution for owners of small lawns near their own home.

And if you have a battery model? Then you not only get high.Class equipment, but also autonomous. And 50 minutes of continuous work (a full charge of the battery is designed for this) is enough for beating grass on a site with an area of ​​5-6 acres.

The main malfunctions and their correction

Champion brand motorcycles are Russian goods, but only he is going to China in China. Therefore, each owner of this technique must be acquainted with the ways of correcting the most common faults. In most cases, for this it is necessary to have a minimum set of tools and basic knowledge about the structure of motorcycles.

  • Incorrect start.Up sequence (do it as it is spelled out in the operating instructions);
  • There is no fuel mixture (share);
  • The fuel mixture is mixed in the wrong proportion (mix it correctly);
  • Feeling or moisture on the spark plug (clean it or replace it with a new one).

If the trimmer for the grass is launched, but does not give out the necessary power:

  • Incorrect adjustment of the throttle lever (set the air damper drive lever in position “/”);
  • The air or fuel filter is contaminated (clean them);
  • Incorrect tuning of the carburetor (contact the service center).

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