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The electric planer Interskol P-110/1100M. features, specifications, instructions, reviews

Electro Planer Interskol P- 110/1100 M. a tool for amateur and professional use. High quality of processed surfaces is guaranteed by high-speed rotation of cutters, balanced center of gravity and mobility of control.

  • Features of the Interskol P- 110/1100 M electric grinder
  • Description of the Interskol P- 110/1100 M electric grinder
  • Technical characteristics of the Interskol P- 110/1100 M

Features of the Interskol P- 110/1100 M electrical planer

  • Model Interskol P- 110/1100 M is a modified exhibit of the previous Interskol P-102, P-102M series tools. The difference of the tool is in the increase of the planing width by 10 mm. For the joinery process this is a significant advantage. The small difference in width will considerably influence the quality of processing of sawn timber with the width of 100mm, because exactly the margin of 10mm will ensure full planing, without the rests of untreated edge, reduces the working time, saves the energy for the unnecessary repetition of the passage.
  • The model is equipped with all the characteristic details inherent in professional models: numerous molded parts, long base, high rotational frequency. The machine handles rough, precise work with ease and productivity.
  • Increased motor power provides advantages when working and processing materials with problematic or rough, uneven textures. No need for extra effort on the part of the worker.
  • The electric grinder can be optionally equipped with classic blades made of high-speed steel. The special characteristic of this type of steel is its mechanical resistance to abrasion: the blade can be resharpened repeatedly, without reducing the cutting capacity of the blade. A professional carpenter can easily adjust the tool after each sharpening. The use of high-speed steel only appears to be expensive for an economy tool at first glance. But in comparison to carbide blades, steel has a tool life that is 100 to 150% longer and does not require continuous sharpening and replacement.
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Description of the electric planer Interskol P- 110/1100 M

  • Powerful, advanced motor technology defines the machine’s area of application for demanding jobs.
  • Metal soleplate of electric planer. It allows you to process surfaces with irregular or sharp textures.
  • Planing width is wider than other Interskol models. Saves energy usage, shortens process time.
  • High frequency rotation. Improves surface finish and increases productivity.
  • Locking system to prevent the electric planer from starting up unexpectedly. Increased worker safety. Compliance with safety regulations.
  • High precision planing. Fault tolerance has been reduced, resulting in more efficient use of the machine.
  • Unique function for depth of planing up to 3 mm. Allows you to use the planer for finishing finishes and bevels.
  • Disc fully covered with protective hood.
  • It is possible to use the electric planer with the knives upwards. Ease of use in awkward planing situations, on awkward surfaces and from any position. Convenient use for large parts. No need to remove and reset the workpiece for further processing.
  • Ergonomic front handle. Additional comfort for the operator. less arm strain and fatigue.
  • Rear handle is insulated with special non-slip rubber. Extra protection against electric shock.
  • Scientifically designed and calculated balance and centering of the machine.

    Compact ergonomic design. Convenient access to the machine from any angle.

Technical characteristics of the Interskol P- 110/1100 M

  • Power rating. 1.1 kW.
  • Voltage. 220 V, Frequency. 50 Hz.
  • Idle stroke. 16 000 rpm.
  • Working width. 110 mm.
  • Chip thickness 0 to 3 mm.

Review: Manual Electric Planer Interskol P-110/1100M. “Smart Hands

In 2017, I bought a manual electric planer Interskol P-110/1100M and after three years of its use I want to share my opinion about this model.

The planer is sold in a beautiful box, which shows the technical information about the model.

The set includes instruction manual in Russian, warranty card and “Interskol” booklet

The manual is made in the best traditions of the USSR. with explanatory drawings, tables and a detailed description of the tool, as well as its preparation for work.

Interskol” advertising booklet directly indicates that it is a Russian manufacturer of tools and power equipment.

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That “Interskol” is a Russian brand, I was also told by the sales assistant.

Meanwhile, on the tool itself I found a small inscription, treacherously hidden in the corner: “Made in China”. The question is why it needs to be hidden?

I have the impression that “Interskol” hides the production of the tool in China.A trifle, but as they say the impression is left.

How to Replace the Blade in Slice Cutters

The planer is made of quality plastic, and there are rubber inserts on the handle.Lockable on-off button.

Cord length 2 meters, fork to Russian standard.

The main technical characteristics of the model:.power 1100 W.-Cutter rotation speed at idle 16000 rpm planing width 110 mm.-weight 4.5 kg.

The actual weight is 238 grams more.

-adapter for vacuum cleaner connectionchange knives-a template for adjusting knives-wedge straightener-change belt

There is also a fixture for stationary installation:

When the planer is in operation, the planing depth is set by turning the front knob-regulator:

Turning clockwise increases the depth, turning counter-clockwise reduces the depth.One turn of the knob equals 1.5 mm. planing depth.

Before setting the planing depth the regulator is set to “zero”.The front and rear platform will be on the same level.

In this photo the regulator is turned to maximum.The clearance between the front and rear platforms is 7 mm.

Roughing is carried out with a good depth of planing and a moderate feed rate of the planer, which is determined experimentally.

Finishing is done with a shallow planing depth and low feed rate.

The planer can be turned into a mini planer with a stationary attachment:

This fixture is attached to the workbench with bolts or self-tapping screws, and a guide ruler is attached to the planer.

The red safety guard automatically covers the rotating blades during operation.Special locking device is provided for the on/off switch to operate upside down.

The biggest problem with this planer is that out of the box the front and back plates are not aligned.This can easily be checked with a ruler.

If you start work without fixing this problem, believe me, there can be no quality woodworking!

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First you need to unscrew the six bolts and remove the rear platform.Then a long and tedious shamanism with small washers, nuts, tin cups and foil follows.

They should be placed in various combinations under the bolts, each time screwing back the platform and checking the result with a tool ruler.

The final result should be a full alignment of the rear platform relative to the front in the horizontal and vertical planes.

The whole procedure took me about two hours and a lot of nerve cells!

After that it is necessary to check the alignment of the blades with respect to the aligned platform.How to do this is described in detail in the instruction manual.

Another problem with this planer is that the presser bar of the knife block is fixed with 4 screws, to unscrew them you will need a custom head of 9 mm.

The manufacturer should supply such a head for their models or at least warn about it!

Never try to unscrew them with a wrench of any kind!The bolts are over tightened and their heads are small and there is a high probability that you just damage them.

Well, in general, I have a double impression of this planer.On the one hand it serves its purpose very well.

Correctly selected planing depth and feed rate provide excellent quality of wood processing. You can work for a long time, the engine does not overheat.

On the other hand the planer doesn’t do it “out of the box” and it takes a lot of time and nerves to get it to work well!

CJSC “Interskol” for some reason decided that all the Russian men are handy and heady, they sleep and see what would bring to mind with a file and some mother!

Meanwhile, I paid for this construction set not small money 5500.I put “three” and will not recommend to purchase!

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