Changing a fishing line on a Huter trimmer

Question: How to replace the string in a lawn mower?

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Replacing the cord on your trimmer or brushcutter

To change the line on your trimmer or brushcutter (cord, string) you first need to know its thickness. If you don’t still have the cord, check out our machine data sheet. Sometimes the right information can be found by carefully inspecting the mower spool, the range of diameters can be marked on its surface. If our search is unsuccessful, then simply assess the diameter of the outlet hole on the spool. The line should move in it effortlessly. I don’t recommend widening the holes to use thicker string to increase the performance and capability of your gardening equipment. String thickness is calculated by the manufacturer based on engine power.

To change the filament on most models you need to disassemble the mowing reel by pressing on the catches. Sometimes at the same time as pressing the latches, you have to turn the top of the coil as well.

Standard bobbin can hold 5 to 6 m of thin line or up to 3 m of thick line. Figures are approximate, depending on the size of your mowing head. If it overheats while mowing, it is better to use less mowing line. Chances are it will sinter and you’ll just throw it away.

The simplest trimmers and brushcutters have a non-automatic spool with a single bar. It’s easy, you put one end of the line in the slot inside the bobbin. Then wind on the arrow as much cord as will fit under the protective cover. 10 cm of cord through the holes in the protective casing and spool and assemble it.

Non-automatic spool with one tendril

Semi-automatic one-spool with 2 tendrils

Semi-automatic 2-section spool with 2 tendrils

If a line on a trimmer has two strings, the line is folded in half before winding, shifting the edges by 5 to 10 centimeters. Bobbins come in a variety of designs, but each has some kind of catch to hold the middle cord in place. If the bobbin is single-section, there is a hole where you need to put one end of the line and center it again. If you use a two-section spool, there is a cutout in the baffle.

Как намотать леску на катушку триммера HUTER

Wind-cord and winding direction arrow

The word “Wind-cord” and the arrow show us the winding direction. If there is no arrow, we wind the line to the opposite side from the direction of rotation. One hand holds the edges of the cord and the other hand rotates the bobbin, winding the line, each side on its track. The string is put quite tight, it is not necessary to be perfectly straight, the main thing is not to allow crossings. It’s going to take care of itself when it’s working. When about 10 centimeters remain, secure the edges in the slots. We insert the line through the holes in the body of the reel. Pull the line alternately lightly so that no loops are formed inside and insert the bobbin into the spool. Then reassemble the mowing reel. Sometimes the spool is so designed that the edges of the line have to be loosened from the slots on the bobbin when assembling it. Check the correct assembly of the semi-automatic head of our garden equipment can be simulated by tapping the grass trimmer on the ground. Press the button in the middle and at the same time pull on the ends of the line. If everything is in order, the tendrils are pulled out slightly.

On Oleo-Mac brushcutters, the cutting reel doesn’t need to be disassembled at all. Just put the string through the holes. You wind the cord by twisting it in the direction of the arrow and center it. Changing a line on a trimmer is very fast, this design is becoming more and more popular.

I hope you will find the article on the correct selection of fishing line for your garden equipment Forest for grass trimmer, string, cord for electric and brushcutter.

You will need

Preparing for replacement

The mowing head (bobbin) was removed from the brushcutter for clarity. It is not necessary to remove the bobbin to change the line. This does not take much time.

Dismantle the grass trimmer bobbin. it is held on the latches-clips. Remove the cover by pushing on the latches. If your hands are not strong enough to do this, use a screwdriver.

The bobbin consists of the following:

The principle of operation is as follows. Pressing the button, the bobbin presses on a spring and comes out of the fixing grooves in the cover of the bobbin. Holding the bobbin in this condition, the spool can be twisted, thereby adjusting the length of the line. When the button is released, the body spring returns the bobbin to its original fixed state.

There are several holes on the bottom of the reel for different line diameters. This may vary from trimmer manufacturer to trimmer manufacturer. In some cases (like here) they are signed, in others they are not.

These holes are designed to hold the line in place when changing it. After winding the line on the reel, the line ends are inserted. This is to prevent the line from unwinding when the reel is installed in the grass trimmer body. In other words, it makes it easier to change the fishing line.

There are models without indication of consumable diameter. Then to find out what is the maximum line diameter you can use, try it on the holes in the line lead out of the weed trimmer’s bobbin case (see Fig. figure below).

Reel has two sections for fishing line, separated by a partition. There may not be any. They are only needed to distinguish and facilitate the winding of the consumable.

First determine the length of the line you need. The last is wound into one of the sections of the reel so that it does not extend beyond its limits. In this case it was wound 3 mm, the length was about 2 meters. Т.е. for two sections you need a 4 meter length, that’s for the 1st method. For the second method, two 2-meter bars are needed.

Now we need to figure out in which direction to wind it. To do this, many trimmer manufacturers put special markings on the reels, such as the one below.

��Триммер Huter, замена лески,головка Garden ��

If such designations were not found, you need to pay attention to the body of the bobbin. There is obligatory an arrow that indicates the movement of the mowing head. The fishing line is reeled in the opposite direction.

The first way

Prepared piece (in this case is 4 meters) is bent in about half. one piece should be 15-20 cm longer, and inserted into a special slit located on the divider.

The line is wound in the previously defined direction. It is done in a pulling motion, the line is accurately distributed. In doing so, it is necessary to wind the section that is longer in the section that is closer to the button.

there are designs that do not have a spool divided into two sections. This does not change anything, the line is wound in a similar way. You only need to ensure that the wire segments do not overlap.

The piece at the bottom of the reel should be the first to finish, i.e.е. the one which is closer to the fixing holes.

This tip is placed in the appropriate diameter hole. The line is fastened securely.

The longest part is reeled in another half-turn. There it is fixed in a similar way. In this case, the wire crosses over the other side of the spool.

The longer section should be wound another half turn

The fixed ends of the wound line are inserted into the holes in the body of the grass trimmer bobbin.

The fixed ends of the wound line are inserted into the holes of the grass trimmer bobbin case

Reel is attached to the body. The ends of the fishing line are tightened with force so that the line, previously fixed in the holes of the spool, would pop out of there. You can easily tell by the clicking sound.

A reel with a button is snapped into the body of the grass trimmer bobbin.

A reel with a button is snapped into the grass trimmer’s bobbin case

The line is replaced successfully. At this point, you need to put it back on the grass trimmer and you can start mowing the grass.

Again, it is not necessary to remove the bobbin from the grass trimmer. this was done to clarify the process of replacing the line. You can disassemble the bobbin on site, wind it up on the reel and put it back.

changing, fishing, line, huter, trimmer

The ends, so they do not hit the hood of the weed trimmer can and should be trimmed.

Method 2. two sections

does not differ in principle from the method The only difference is two strips of line wound instead of one.

there are two special fixing sockets on the reel (see picture above).

A hook, formed earlier on the line, is hooked to it, and start winding the line.

Winding is carried out in a special order

changing, fishing, line, huter, trimmer

Spooling should be carried out in the following order: first the bottom line, t.е. the one closest to the fixing holes on the bottom of the reel, and only then the top one, t.е. The one that will overlap the lower section.

The tips are made into the holes in the body of the grass trimmer bobbin. They are pulled up until they click, which indicates that the fishing line is out of the clamps.

The tips are put through the holes in the body of the grass trimmer bobbin

The reel is clipped into the body. The line in the bobbin has been replaced.

How to wind the fishing line onto the mowing head of a grass trimmer or brushcutter

Changing the line in a trimmer: 2 easy ways

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Preparing to replace the mowing line

Before changing the fishing line, you must remove and then disassemble the head. It usually includes a casing, spring (on some models), a bobbin with a fishing line, a cover. Need to unplug the electronic grass trimmer (or turn off the gasoline grass trimmer), then proceed to remove the spool. It can be fixed by two methods: in the first case you need to disassemble the head completely, and in the second, just remove it from the gearbox shaft, on which it is attached.

  • Locate the latches on both sides, press and remove the cover to open the inside structure of the head;
  • Under the cover is the bobbin, it should be carefully removed from the case (from time to time under it hides a spring, it should also be carefully removed to the side so as not to lose);
  • After removing the coil, the fixing bolt (or screw) becomes visible in the center of the housing, which must be unscrewed in the opposite direction to the clockwise movement;
  • After removing the fasteners, you must, holding on to the housing, remove the spool from the shaft of the reducer with shaking motions.

The 2nd method involves the following actions. The head of the spool is put on the gearbox shaft. To disconnect it, it is necessary to block this shaft. Usually a hole is made in the mowers, for example Champion or STIHL, and a nail, screwdriver or pin is inserted in the hole. After fixing the shaft in a stationary position, hold on to the housing and start turning the head clockwise, because the thread on the shaft usually remains.

Now that the head is removed and disassembled, you need to find the thickness of the cord. You can find out the correct cross section for your own trimmer for grass, looking at the manual or the bobbin itself, this information is usually written on it. Another method. stick the string into the hole from which it is fed. If the turf passes through without difficulty, it can be used in the work.

On a spool with a single tendril

It is painfully easy to wind the line on the spool with one tendril. In such designs, depending on the brand trimmer for grass, fit from 2 to 5 meters of cord. The edge of the line in the spool to tuck into a special hole or groove, then the string is wound in the direction opposite to the rotation of the spool during operation.

After the line is wound, you need to throw a small piece (15-30 cm), put it through the exit hole of the spool and reassemble the head.

Tearing the string

  • The presence of hard objects in the cuttings: branches, pebbles, etc. Д., When in contact with which the string is torn;
  • Mowing grass against the fence, and if it is a net, the line tears even faster;
  • bad cord. need to replace it with a new reliable consumable;
  • Worn out holes in the mowing head, which causes the line to break from rubbing against the sharp edges of the sleeves. The part needs to be replaced with the newest.

For grass trimmer with automatic threading

For heads with automatic threading is quite easy to wrap and clamp the edges of the line, and the tool will perform the following winding without assistance from others. There’s no room for error, because the spool itself recognizes how the antennae should be positioned.

Why it is better to buy an electric grass trimmer with a knife?

Manufacturer: HUTERElectric grass trimmer Huter GET-1000S is designed for mowing grass. Helps mow grass around beds, trees and other structures without damaging them.

Voltage: 220 V AC, single-phase Power: 1 kW

Frequency of line rotation (idle) 8000 rpm

What types of trimmer heads are available

Automat. After one reduces the speed of the motor is feeding the cord. This head is very handy for high workloads. Their disadvantage is the high consumption of thread.2. Semi-automatic. Simple in operation and do not require complex work. The cord is fed automatically when the tool is running at full speed.3. Manual. In these, the head is pulled in manual mode.

The best option are considered semi-automatic heads offered at

Type, thickness and length of thread must be chosen depending on the modification of the trimmer for grass. It is clear that the thicker the cord, the harder the grass can be cut. Most often use standard fishing line, its diameter is two millimeters.In order to correctly buy the number of meters of fishing line needed for the spool, it is wound on the bobbin so that the coil does not go beyond the edges. Because if the line extends over the edge, you will not be able to insert it into the frame. After selecting the length of material, the bobbin can be threaded into the fishing line. If you look closely, you can see an arrow on the bobbin that indicates the direction in which to wind. Wrap as carefully as possible with the tension of the thread. Then fasten the short end line. insert it into the groove on the side of the reel. Secure the other end on the other side. Once the line is fastened, cut off the ends. Then we install this spool in the mower. Put on the cover and fasten it with the clips.

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Как заменить леску на тример, мото косе электро косе. Replacing the fishing line with a trimer

Installing a fishing line in a Huter grass trimmer

To implement this method, you will need to prepare the necessary length of fishing line in advance (usually up to 4 meters). It all depends on the thickness of the equipment used, as well as the design of the coil. There’s a simple way to figure out the amount of fishing line you’ll need to refill your reel.

The thicker the equipment you use, the shorter its length will be needed, and vice versa, the thinner, the longer the piece will be needed.

The instructions on how to correctly tuck the fishing line into the tip of the grass trimmer or brushcutter are as follows:

  • To begin with, the section of fishing line, which has been prepared to install in the reel, must be folded in half. At the same time, one edge should protrude more than the second by 10-15 cm
  • Then the second end is taken from the other side and bent in half. Move to it so that the measured 15 cm overhang is retained
  • There is a slot in the inner partition of the bobbin into which the resulting loop should be inserted. The slit in the wall is shown in the photo below
  • Next, find out the winding direction of the line. If you wind the snare the wrong way, it won’t function properly and you’ll need to redo the job. To insert the line and wind it in the right direction, you need to look at the surface of the spool. It should indicate the winding direction (99% of the time this direction is indicated). What the directional arrow on the spool looks like is shown in the photo below
  • This arrow indicator may also be marked as in the example above “WIND LINE” to indicate the winding direction. If there is no arrow on the spool, then you need to look at the head. There is a direction of rotation on the head, and to wind the line correctly, you should wind it on the reel in the opposite direction to the arrow indicator. So, if the arrow is on the lead, you should wind it in this direction, and if it is not there, then you should wind against the direction of the arrow on the surface of the head
  • Having decided on the direction of rotation, start winding. Each end has to be wound in its own groove. If there is no separator, the tooling must be placed in the appropriate distribution order
  • When almost all line will be spooled on the spool, you need to do the following. place in the hole on the side wall of the lead the short part, the overhang of which should be 10-15 cm, and then similarly do the procedure with the other end, placing it in a hole on the parallel side
  • Insert the spool into the head, pre-passing the ends of the line through the holes of the reel
  • Put the reel back in place and by pulling the line ends out of engagement with the temporary catches in the wall of the reel. After that, you can put the cover on until the latch clicks into place
  • This completes the process of how to replace the line on the trimmer, and if necessary, you can only trim the ends (if their length is not satisfactory), and install the reel assembled on the tool

There are no difficulties at all with putting the drum in place. There is a second way to load the mowing tool into the brushcutter. What is different, and how the second method of charging the line on the spool of brushcutter, let’s find out in detail.

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