Changing the blade on mitre saws

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How to make a self-made crosscutting machine (trimming machine) on wood with your own hands

The design of the trimmer is identical to the circular saw mounted above the work table. Its main advantages: compactness not small weight. Using this fact used saws are not so much in the shops, but on construction sites. How to make a manual power saw with your own hands from an angle grinder? Algorithm of making a crosscut saw, stationary and table circular saw. How to make a trimmer for grass with their own hands from the angle grinder. Another time, made by hand

changing, blade, mitre, saws

Tools are fairly bulky not heavy. Operate them comfortably in stationary mode.

Trimming saw is designed for a single task. trimming the ends of lumber at different angles. Due to the fact that at the time of cutting the workpiece on the table is not moving, the cut comes out carefully does not unstained. Masters who deal with the processing of wood, more trust this particular tool. At the same time saws, made without the help of others, successfully used for years.

changing, blade, mitre, saws

Trimmer from the angle grinder

Technical characteristics of a crosscut with a broach assembled under home-made criteria:

The tool is an option to remove from the table does not use an angle grinder for normal purposes.

  • Swivel device tools installed on the axle of rotation of the car wheel (pin), it is held in place by a ball bearing 150 mm (if you can find than just. will do).
  • On the outside of the bearing weld lugs for fixing because of the. How to make an ice drill from an electric screwdriver. It is fixed by means of screws M6.
  • To protect against chips, the casing is covered with a box.
  • We use truck shock absorbers to make the tensioner (broken ones will do). Among them oil is poured, holes are drilled for ventilation, which should be tightened with a net from dust and chips.
  • That at the beginning of work it is not felt jerk, the saw is supplemented with a soft starter module, which slightly reduces the speed.
  • The final step of works is making of cover for a disk.
  • It is very noisy;
  • To adjust the accuracy of wood kerf use scrap bars, after which the pull is fixed aggressively you can work cleanly.

43 Assembly saw from an angle grinder

Al. email. Tel. 8-916-172. three eight four nine. Is it profitable to use biogas at home. How and what to make a bioreactor: installation and start-up instructions. How to make with their own hands from the angle grinder circular saw. Call from 10 to 20 Moscow. In the video

The easiest and most convenient mitre saw from an angle grinder. Pendulum saw from shit and sticks

Very simple, handy metal cutting machine from an ordinary angle grinder

Trimming from various scrap metal

This is a rather languid facing saw on a stationary iron table. You have to use some effort to control it. But as a result, the saw mechanism moves smoothly, without jerks, facing their own forces is simple.

The materials needed for assembly are not tools:

  • electric motor with a power of 900 W;
  • iron sheet;
  • iron corner;
  • channel rail;
  • pivot group;
  • powerful spring;
  • angle grinder;
  • apparatus;
  • rail.

The frame is made of adjustable supports, iron angle not posts from an old bed. Work surface. iron sheet as the surface of the table, where we cut a hole, the edges with his hands

  • Pendulum stand for the saw is welded from a channel set on a sheet of metal, its height is about 80 cm.
  • The stand for the electric motor is made in the form of a movable iron plate mounted on hinges. In the process of mounting the electric motor use the spring as a stabilizer. Dear visitors to the site “on a visit samodelkin” from the author’s master class presented by you will learn how to make your own multi-functional table 3 in 1, where there is a circular. Then many do without a pendulum not belts.
  • Tension belts are adjusted by the usual hinged bolt, the pendulum for the mechanism is also made of metal.
  • In the role of the executive tool for facing tool is set disk diameter of 420 mm.

Tr Trim saw is pretty dangerous equipment, assembling it in a home-made criteria, you need to take care of protective boxes do not cover. How to make with their own hands from the angle grinder circular Make and yourself such a device out of an ordinary soldering iron! How to make a cutter for plastic from a household soldering iron, which will cope with a bottle and a pipe and other plastic products. After all, the errors during the operation of homemade equipment is much easier than industrial.

Advantages and disadvantages of home-made facing tools

  • Making a tool without the aid of others saves money. Nettles, to finalize the angle grinderpolgot about 500. The price of the homemade table is not a sawing mechanism available to most craftsmen;
  • The main features: cutting depth, rotational frequency, blade diameter, motor power, the size of the table are chosen according to my needs;
  • By assembling the tool with their own hands, the craftsman will simply find the cause of the problems will not remove it.
  • The life of the tool depends on the properties of the initial materials, and homemade tools are usually assembled from all kinds of junk;
  • home-made trimmers are rarely quite strong. After all, you need a painstaking selection of parts for the high-quality work of the equipment;
  • with the money saved on the purchase of industrial tools are spent on repairing not refining homemade;
  • craftsmen often save on their own safety by not equipping the table with non-sawing devices;
  • Factory-made saws are equipped with a graduated scale that precisely indicates the angle at which wood is cut. It is difficult to construct such a mechanism on a home machine.
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READ Watt angle grinder with RPM control

Several comfortable not fascinating homemade parts, among which is a good stationary, mobile not made in a few minutes from a few plywood not self-tapping screws:

Changing the blade on a Makita crosscut saw

The younger model is the Makita LS 1040 cut-off saw, and the LH 1040 version is a universal equipment with the functions of a circular saw and end saw. Accordingly, the cost of a Makita combination crosscut saw is almost twice the cost of the LS 1040 model and is about 27-28 thousand.

The Makita LS1040 sliding compound mitre saw in action

On the market there are also versions of both saws, equipped with fluorescent backlighting of the workplace, which allows effective sawing in poorly lit rooms. The marking of these versions is Makita LH 1040f and LS 1040f.

Advantages and disadvantages of the crosscut saw:

  • The tool is characterized by stable operation, reliability, designed for long-term work.
  • The occurring malfunctions are often associated with illiterate use, incorrect working techniques, use of low-quality or blunted circular saw blades.
  • Careless use of a Makita mitre saw may cause the cutting angle to be compromised, requiring you to make adjustments to the angle and angle of cut. You can use the step-by-step recommendations in the factory instructions.

Keep the tool clean, check the condition of the carbon brushes and replace both brushes at the same time. The manufacturer recommends to perform all repair works on elimination of any malfunctions and failures in specialized service centers.

How to change a miter saw blade

Makita LS 1040

Equipped with 1.65 kW electric motor that delivers a shaft speed of 4600 rpm. Saw blade is 255 mm. Sawing table made of cast aluminum alloy, equipped with a convenient swivel ruler.

Makita LS1040 crosscut saw

For comfortable working and keeping work surfaces clean, there is a dust outlet in the dust bag. Double protective insulation on electric motor.

Features of the Makita crosscut saw:

  • Carbide disc effectively cuts laminate, chipboard, drywall, metal profiles, plastic.
  • For precise setting of the bevel angle, a functional rotary table is available in a wide range: from.45° to 52°. There is a convenient lock on the popular 22.5° and 45° angles.
  • Thanks to the pendulum mechanism, the blade guard automatically closes the blade when the lever is lifted.
  • Electronic brake system makes it possible to stop the saw immediately if necessary.
  • Trimmer blade lock against unintentional starting.
  • Vertical adjustment of saw blade from 0° to 45°.


Power 1650 W
Outer diameter 255 mm
Cutting depth at 45° angle 93 mm
Max. cutting depths at 45° angle 67 mm
Max. Cutting depth at 90° angle 95 mm
Speed 4600 rpm
Faceplate diameter 30 mm
Weight 19.71 kg

Makita LH 1040

Because the Makita circular crosscut saw effectively combines the functions of a cantilever saw with a pivot table and a regular circular saw, the unique tool is a versatile combination.

Makita LH1040 mitre saw

Sawing machine is equipped with a 1.65 kW electric motor that provides 4800 rpm. Saw unit has small dimensions, weighting only 14 kg, which makes it easy to transport the sawmill to the place of work. The tool is equipped with a soft start system, emergency brake mechanism. Interlock installed to prevent accidental start of the electric motor. Double insulation allows you to work without grounding the equipment.

Precise and precise cuts are possible because of the rigid construction. Diameter of the saw blade is 260 mm. Due to the high functionality of the equipment it is possible to make right turns in sawing by 52°, left tilt can be in the range of 0°-45°. Popularity and high demand for the combined cut-off saw is explained by the ability to rationally perform sawing of workpieces of any complexity.


Power 1650 W
Outer diameter 260 mm
Depth of cut at 45° angle 93 mm
Max. cutting depth at 45 91 mm
Max. Cutting depth at 90 130 mm
Speed 4800 rpm
Face diameter 30 mm
weight 14 kg

Operating instructions

Makita mitre saws need to be safe when working with power tools. The manufacturer’s instruction manual will explain in detail how to avoid electric shock and fire hazards or other abnormal situations in the workplace.

Circular saw

Changing the blade on a crosscut saw Zubr

Such a tool, as seen mitre, not everyone is familiar with. Despite the large amount of material that this tool can cut, its main purpose is specific. That’s why professional finishers often use such a saw. Not often needed at home. However, if you don’t want to overpay for repairs, it makes sense to buy all the tools you need to make the job easier.

But in this case you need not only to understand the principles of working with it, but also to understand the cost of spare parts of this tool. The main of these parts is the cutting disk.

The concept

Mitre saw. is a tool designed to cut evenly at a given angle. The cutting angle of the saw can be either 90 degrees or 45 degrees. Its main advantage is that it handles long parts and unusual surface shapes. A striking example of this is the floor plastic baseboard.

But this tool has other functions.

The trim saw can cut a large number of the same (specified sizes) angular and straight grooves. This is why it is necessary to choose craftsmen for making and assembling furniture and doors.

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The appearance of this device resembles an ordinary circular saw (circular saw) mounted on a movable bracket. It allows the discs to drop not only vertically, but also at any angle. This tool allows you to cut different materials:

As with any saw, the type and quality of the blade depends on the material chosen. For best performance, you need to choose the right component.


Saw blades have a number of basic parameters that help distinguish them.

Outer diameter is not normally a significant indicator of cutting speed. Responsible for the depth of cut. This can be determined from the inside diameter of the saw. Large wheel (305-355 mm) is not suitable for a product with a smaller body diameter. (For safety reasons, by the way, it is not recommended to remove the guard.) Most often for this kind of saw you take products with an index from 130 to 250 mm.

The inside diameter must correspond to the size of the drive shaft to which the product is attached. If it is larger, when the saw is in operation, the off-centered disc creates large vibrations, which leads to severe wear of the bearings and the shaft itself, as well as damage to the disc or its teeth. In addition, such installation is a gross violation of the rules of employment and is dangerous for humans.

Sawing speed depends on the direct proportion of the number of teeth on the blade. In addition, a large number of them gives a smoother and neater cut. But this approach has a significant disadvantage. Is an increased load on the saw’s motor. There are discs:

The angle of the teeth is very important for a quality cut. This is fixed by the deflection of the cutting edge of the tooth from the radius of the saw blade. This parameter can be:

Finally, the tooth configuration. Each shape is designed for a specific cut. This is why the tooth is highlighted here:

  • flat. longitudinal sawing at high speed;
  • trapezoidal flat (alternating high trapezoidal and low flat tines). Saws in wood, plastic and soft metals (aluminum);
  • interchangeable (teeth alternate in right and left slope). Helps you cut wood, chipboard and composites accurately in both the longitudinal and cross direction;
  • Combination (one flat tool replaces four interchangeable tools). Is absolutely versatile;
  • Interchangeable with the larger slanted side. are used for sharp materials and also for clean cutting at right angles.

As for the thickness of the sawdust itself, it determines the thickness of the cut. Standard. 3.2 mm. If it is higher, it will reduce the amount of material and, if much less, will lead to overloading of the equipment and possible deformation of the disc.

However, when working with each type of material, there are also peculiarities of accessory saws.

How to choose the right one?

Modern repairs often require a miter saw for aluminum, plastic and stone. These materials are actively used to create modern decor.

Changing the blade on a miter saw

To choose a disc for soft metals and polymers, you need to know that there is a difference in spraying a hollow structure or a dense array. The quality of the cut here depends mainly on the number of teeth. That is why it is better to use discs with more teeth to obtain a close to perfect result with hollow structures. Dense material is best cut with a notch.

changing, blade, mitre, saws

An important criterion is the thickness of the disc and the material from which it is made. Solid carbide carbide tip made of hard (high-carbon) metals. better choice. It lasts longer and is suitable for resharpening. The same cannot be said for welded teeth.

This quality is mostly characteristic of European brands. The cost of choosing an expensive brand pays off during use.

Good quality can be noted on the brands Bosch, DeWALT, Makita, CMT. These companies also make construction tools, including saws.

When it comes to angles of inclination, it must be negative for soft materials such as plastic. That gives the cleanest possible cut. The shape of the teeth is quite varied. A universal drive may be a better option. You can never go wrong with this.

Simple metal alloy is not enough for quality stone cutting. This requires harder materials, in which the role of diamond deposition. In this case, the abrasive grit size is the decisive factor in the choice. The larger it is, the less beautiful and high-quality the cut will be. A fine diamond is much more useful and cleaner. But to prevent overheating of the motor, it is better to choose not the smallest value.

It should be noted that the blade of such circles only remotely resembles teeth. Their design is more like a periodically separated monolithic cutting disk. The shape is explained by the fact that the sawing is carried out due to the friction of the abrasive on the hard stone.

Change wheel

Making repairs even at home, periodic material changes also require sawing. This is not difficult to change, but you still need to know the correct sequence for your own safety.

You have to start by putting the protective plastic cover (if there is one) in the upper position. To do this, unscrew the side auxiliary bolt, lift the structure, and then secure it with the same bolt, just in a different position.

Next, take the hexagon that unscrews the clamping bolt in the center. At the same time at the back of the saw press the button for the shaft locking mechanism, which is a stopper. It holds the shaft in motion. So, holding it in place, you can squeeze the central bolt with the hexagon socket. Then you need to unscrew the bolt (you can use your hands), remove the side limiter (similar to the wide washer), and then the disc.

Reassembly is done in reverse order. Place the blade on the shaft and then place the lock washer and screw in manually as far as it will go. To tighten the nozzle, press and hold down the button and tighten the center bolt to the edge of the hexagon.

After installing the saw blade, you can check its strength with a small slope. If there is no play, the installation is complete and you can start cutting.

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The main malfunctions and their symptoms

The following are typical problems with handheld circular saws.

How to Replace the Blade on a Miter SawA Quick Fix

  • Tool does not start. The power cord, power plug, start button, or electric brushes can be faulty.
  • Tool motor is very hot. These symptoms can be caused by an inter-turn short circuit (breakage) in the armature or stator coils, as well as by too intensive operation of the machine.
  • Gearbox in the machine is overheating. Overheating in this unit can be caused by bearing failure or lack of lubrication in the gears.
  • Brushes are sparking. This is usually caused by excessive wear and tear.
  • A burning ring is visible around the motor manifold. If at work of the unit the circular spark around a collector of the engine is observed, its occurrence can cause a failure of an armature winding or a blockage of space between lamellas of a collector by graphite dust.
  • The machine does not develop the required power. Lack of power can be caused by mains drop, defective motor windings, worn electric brushes, defective start button.
  • While the machine is running, you hear a grinding noise and other strange noises. These symptoms can be caused by broken gear teeth or faulty bearings.
  • The motor is humming, but the machine is not running. Geared motor may be jammed.

How to remove the blade from the circular saw?

To remove the blade correctly, the following procedure should be followed:

  • For your own safety, you must unplug the power cord or remove the battery
  • For easier replacement you need to set the tool on a flat, hard surface
  • To unscrew the bolt, the locking spindle must be pressed down to start unscrewing
  • Unscrew the bolt with a special wrench, which is included
  • Pull out the bolt and remove the washer that holds the saw blade
  • Move the lower guide arm to raise the guard
  • Take off the sawing wheel

Circular saw blade for wood Interskol, 25032/30 mm

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Types of Cutting Teeth

Type of teeth There are four planes on the tooth surfaces. a front plane, a back plane, and two side planes.

When they intersect each other they create a single cutting edge which is used to cut the surfaces.

  • Straight Tooth. Most frequently used only for making quick, longitudinal cuts. Quality and accuracy are of little importance in this type of work.
  • Tooth slanting. Its back plane is tilted to the right or left. On saws, these teeth often alternate, causing them to be called “alternate-slotted. These teeth are the most commonly used in tools. Angle size may vary due to surface finish. wood, chipboard, plastic. They are used for longitudinal and transversal movements. The large inclination angle on the tools is used when cutting double-sided laminated boards. It helps to avoid chipping of the material. The more beveled the angle, the easier it is for the saw to pass over the surface. But it greatly increases the likelihood of tooth breakage. On some products, the teeth are not only beveled at the back, but also at the front.
  • Trapezoid tooth. The main advantage of this type is that the edge blunts slowly. But they are rarely used alone, usually alternating with straight teeth. During operation, the trapezoidal teeth are above the straight ones, so they do the basic (rough) work of sawing. The straight teeth do the finishing work. Saw blades of this design are used for cutting plastic, chipboard and fiberboard.
  • Conical tooth. This type of tooth is considered supplementary because it only helps to cut the bottom of the material (most often laminate). This design helps to protect the surface from chipping and cracking. Bevel gears usually have straight front edge, but it can also be concave. This type is used for finishing a cut.

Important! Each type of tooth needs to be sharpened properly. Not allowed to be sharpened at the same angle.

Crosscut, circular, circular saws repair

Circular saws are used for cross and slash cuts in wood, plywood, hardboard, fiberboard, PVC, metal, slate, plexiglass. The first bandsaw for household use was presented by AEG. Modern circular saws are multifunctional solutions that are used for construction and household works. Leading manufacturers of such tools Hitachi, Bosch, Makita, Husqvarna, Metabo.

Trimming saw out of a manual circular saw by our hands

Trimming saw is most often a circular saw, the features of which structure allows the best effect to cut at a particular angle many materials, including metals.

Today we will tell you what is a crosscut saw, what are its characteristics, how it can be assembled with your own hands and what to consider when choosing a ready-made models. It is worth thinking about how to assemble a crosscut saw with your own hands, because it will save you a lot of money.

  • 2 Special features of crosscut saws
  • 3 How to make a crosscut saw with their own hands

3.1 Advantages of making crosscut saws

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